Hellie’s Restraints Pt. 04

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A day later, Hellie waited for Nicolai in his office, and he led her out through the back of the store. He brought her to a mansion.

“This is my house,” he said as they got out of the car. “Come with me.”

Nicolai took her to his bedroom, where huge windows looked out over a sprawling yard. He gave her a red dress to wear, with a deep v that held her breasts snuggly pressed together, and a short, ruffled skirt. He gave her a red pair of strappy high heels to wear and a short, black necklace that looked almost like an elegant choker.

“Oh,” he said, “and Hellie.” He took out a black lace thong. “Wear this instead of whatever you have on.”

Hellie blinked, then smiled. “I don’t have anything on.”

Nicolai returned her smiled warmly and pulled her to him, grabbing her bare ass under her skirt. “You’re such a good girl for me. I should’ve eaten your pussy on my desk today instead of just fucking your throat.”

Once Hellie had pulled the thong on, he took her down to a large room where there were several waiters setting up trays and a few vendors setting up wine tables.

“We have a special red wine table here. Each wine has a blurb. Now look– read these over and taste each of them. They have to be opened anyway, and our clients tonight will have questions about them. Some of them may want you to drink with them, and you need to oblige them.” Nicolai leaned in to whisper in Hellie’s ear. “I’m depending on your sweet ass to sell this.” He leaned away and smiled at her, then paused. “Or maybe your sweet tits, depending on where they first see you from.”

Nicolai was right. As the event began and the night passed, Hellie poured endless cups of wine for interested clients. A small group of waiters made rounds with hors d’oeuvres, winking and flirting with her as the passed her table. Rich-looking, mostly older couples (or at least the men were older) passed her by at first, the men looking approvingly at her sexy legs and ample cleavage. Small groups of men, business associates as far as Hellie could tell, were her first tasters.

As the customers began to gather a buzz, the men became more brazen, even those with their spouses along. She flirted with numerous men who shook her hand for a prolonged period of time and stared at her breasts. One man went so far as to completely miss her hand and grope her breast as his wife looked on, bored. Hellie shot him a smile she hoped he found girlish and naive, and let him feel up her ass as she “accidentally” dropped her corkscrew on the floor.

As the night went on, some of the men came around to her side of the tasting table, buzzed from swallowing too much wine, and Hellie, taking seriously the encouragement to join her customers in a drink, was now a bit wobbly herself. Several men reached under her skirt, whispered in her ear, grab her ass or thigh, and even cup her pussy. One man took the time to fully reach between her plump ass cheeks and thick thighs to pull on the thong and make it go tight against her clit. Hellie, flushed from the attention, giggled and looked at him sheepishly. He grinned, bought a case of the wine, left a 100 dollar bill in his empty wine cup on her table, which Hellie quickly stuffed into her dress. More men left tips as well as handprints on her ass and thighs.

Finally, when the enthusiasm around her table had died down a little and the crowd began to wane, one of the vendors came by, took Hellie’s hand, and led her through the kitchen and into a pantry.

He was a middle-aged, gray-haired man in glasses that Hellie had seen before but hadn’t exchanged more than a hello with. Now he was kissing her hard, his hands all over her ass, pulling on the thong to make it dig into her ass and pussy.

“Hellie,” he said. “I’ve watched so any men touch you tonight, the way I’ve always wanted to.” He kissed her neck. “I had to have my turn.” His tongue leeched into her mouth and Hellie yelped, startled but feeling herself dampening nonetheless. Her pussy had been wet the whole night, and she felt her mouth watering, too.

“I can’t believe you’re wearing a thong,” he said. “This is my goddam lucky night.” He reached down under her ass to abruptly finger her pussy from before, her wetness giving him the easiest access. “Fuck!” He groaned.

“Oooh,” Hellie moaned, her thighs parting.

“I knew you were a tight little skank,” the man muttered. “Always showing off those big sexy tits in the store, and this ass in your tight jeans. I’m going to wrap your sexy fucking legs around my waist and make you see god.”

Hellie couldn’t help herself, she giggled.

“Give me that pussy.” He pulled down her thong. “I’m keeping this.” He put it into his pocket. He pulled the low neckline of her dress apart, exposing her bare breasts. He toyed with them, bouncing, squeezing and pinching them to make her squeak and squeal.

“Big fucking titties,” he said gleefully, pulling at her nipples. He jiggled her tits in his hands, bit at her nipples, chewed at the meat of her breasts.

“Oooh fuck,” Hellie moaned.

He ankara moldovyalı escortlar lifted her up, spreading her legs around him, and after some finagling and grunting, she felt his cock press against her clit just before it pushed into her pussy.

“Oh god!” She cried, wetter than even she had realized. Her clit was buzzing from the wine, extra needy and extra sensitive.

“That’s it,” the man murmured. “That’s it, you big-titty skank! Tell me you love this fat cock.”

“Mmmmm fuck,” Hellie yelped. “I like it Daddy! I like your big fat cock!”

“God,” the man groaned.

He came in her pussy almost immediately, and after gingerly putting her back down on her feet, he left her there, dripping cum, her thong still in his jacket pocket.

As he opened the door, a waiter came in, closing it behind him. He bent Hellie over, took her pussy from behind, grabbed her ass hard as he pounded his cock into her.

“Wait here,” he said after he’d cum in her pussy. He left, and moments later, three more waiters entered the pantry. Each of them took out their cock, and Hellie struggled to jerk and suck and lick all of them, always holding two as she sucked the third. Finally, one of them grabbed her head, fucking her mouth until he came on her tongue, lips, and face. Then he left.

The remained two waiters lifted Hellie and she whispered for them to please fuck her pussy and asshole. They did, the first guy sliding his cock up her pussy as the second guy pushed his dick, wet from the blowjob, into her ass. The first guy shoved two fingers into her mouth, muffling her as they slowly began to find their rhythm inside her snug holes. Gradually, steadily, they began to fuck her in earnest, with Hellie yelping and sobbing between them. The man fucking her ass held her hips tightly, and the man with his cock in her pussy held a titty in his free hand.

When the pantry door next opened, they all looked up, startled, but the men didn’t stop. Hellie bounced helplessly between them, whimpering in pleasure and the delicious humiliation of being caught while she was filled with cock. Then she bit her lip, realizing the man staring at her was Nicolai.

He grinned at her, then simply shut the door.

“Good,” one of the guys muttered. “I’m not done fucking this slut.”

“Goddam fucking straight,” the other man panted. “I’m not stopping til I nut in her pussy.”

Hellie moaned.

“Her ass is so tight,” said the man fucking her ass, and Hellie whimpered again.

“Gonna make you fucking pregnant,” said the man in her pussy. “Oh fuck…fuck!!” He came, pushing his cock in deep. Hellie moaned and shivered as his body shuddered against her, splashing hot cum into her until she felt it gush onto her thighs. As he pulled his cock out, the second guy came in her asshole, groaning and digging his fingers into her hips and ass cheeks.

“Fucking slut,” he grunted. “Right up your tight asshole, you fucking slut!”

The two waiters left her on the pantry floor, leaking cum, breathing deep, unsure whether to go back or wait for the next man to fuck her. After some time passed, she pulled the top of the dress back over her breasts and crept out into an empty kitchen. She managed to find a bathroom, where she cleaned the cum from her thighs and ass crack, knowing that more would soon leak out as she walked down the hall.

When she re-entered the room where the tasting was, there were fewer people, Nicolai was speaking with a couple who looked as rich as anyone else there but seemed to be slightly younger, even the man.

Hellie saw Nicolai gesture to her, and then each of them nodded. Nicolai waved her over.

“Hellie, this is Marlena and her husband, Tino.” He grinned. “Could you take off your dress for them, please?”

Hellie’s pussy gushed, and Hellie swallowed, feeling an excited and scared flutter in her stomach. “He-here, sir?”

Nicolai nodded. “Yes. Here.” He paused.

Hellie stared at him.


“But….” Hellie looked around. Only a few tasters remained, and only two vendors, neither of whom were the man who had her thong. The wait staff seemed to have left.

“Now, slut. Don’t make me repeat myself again.” Nicolai pulled the top of Hellie’s dress open carefully and showed the couple her breasts.

“Oh wow!” Marlena exclaimed.

“Absolutely lovely,” said Tino, reached out to give one of Hellie’s tits a gentle squeeze.

“Off, Hellie,” said Nicolai. “Now, now, now!”

Hellie pulled the dress over her head.

Nicolai slapped her face lightly and Hellie cried out in pleasure.

“Oh!” She gasped.

Nicolai grabbed her chin firmly. “Where is your thong?”

Hellie felt eyes on her exposed body from every direction. “Um..”

At that moment, the vendor who’d used her in the pantry appeared, carrying a clipboard. Hellie waved a hand at him. “Um, it’s in his pocket.”

Nicolai nodded. “I see.” He patted an empty white-clothed table next to him. “Bend over here, please.”

Hellie, naked but for ankara ukraynalı escortlar her high heels, went to the table and bent over, her body resting against the soft table cloth.

Nicolai turned to the couple. “Do either of you have something I could stick in her ass?”

Hellie began to pant.

Tino patted his pockets helplessly, but Marlena reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle of nail polish. She felt the bottle and turned the lid to be sure it was on very tightly.

“That’ll work,” said Nicolai. “Marlena, would you like to lick her asshole?”

“Oh fuck,” Hellie moaned.

Marlena giggled. “Love to.”

Hellie felt soft hands touch her ass, spreading it apart gently. And then, Marlena’s tongue began to brush her asshole. Hellie could feel the tongue, then a wet mouth sucking, slurping, then spitting. And then, pressure, before something– the bottle– poked into her ass.

“Oh!” Hellie gasped.

Nicolai left the red bottom of the nail polish bottle sticking out. Marlena pulled away.

“Yum,” she said with a naughty grin.

Nicolai began to spank Hellie, careful to hit the cheeks of her ass rather than push the nailpolish bottle further.

“You’ve been a badly-behaved little cunt,” he said firmly. “You were supposed to keep that thong on.”

“Oh!” Hellie yelped as he slapped and smacked her bottom. “I- I- oh! I’m so- ah! Sorry! Sorry, sir! Ah!”

“Look at that ass jiggle,” said the vendor with the thong.

“He’s making her deliciously red,” said Marlena.

“Ooh!” Hellie cried as another spank hit her hard, her ass stinging, her pussy dripping.

“Oh, she likes that,” said Tino.

“You’re going to lose that bottle,” said another vendor. “Why don’t you try this?” He handed Nicolai an open bottle of champagne.

Nicolai took the Champagne. “Hellie, stand up.”

Hellie did.

“Drink this,” Nicolai said. He handed her the bottle.

Marlena laughed gleefully. “Yes!”

Hellie closed her eyes a moment, still slightly buzzed from the earlier wine, and nodded. She took the champagne and as she drank it in careful sips, Nicolai repositioned her several time and took the nail polish bottle out of her asshole. He placed it on the table, and two of his fingers took its place in her ass.

“Mmmmff!” Hellie cried as she drank, and dribbled bubbly liquid all over her tits. The small crowd chuckled.

Marlena came over and pulled at Hellie’s nipples as she drank. “Drink faster, slut.”

“Mmm fuck.” Hellie stopped and the two women stared into each others eyes for a long moment.

Hellie, with her copper highlights, her big green eyes, her full round breasts with pink nipples, and her full pillowy lips slightly parted. Marlena, with her exquisite deep brown eyes, her expensive-looking form-fitting cream gown, her long, shining black hair, and her own full lips perfectly painted a dark crimson. Her dress fit her slender body perfectly, and her hair cascaded down in perfect waves. Hellie felt vulnerable, embarrassed, sexy, chubby, desperate, sensuous, and more than anything, horny.

Marlena’s hand came up fast and slapped Hellie in the face, and Hellie, unprepared, yelped and then moaned.

The crowd laughed again, some clapping.

“Finish that bottle, slut,” Marlena said. She slapped Hellie again. “Drink up, you little cunt.” She took the bottle from Hellie’s hand and splashed champagne onto Hellie’s fast and tits. Before Hellie could register what had happened, Marlena was kissing her, licking the bubbly from Hellie’s lips.

Hellie moaned again softly as Marlena sucked her lower lip, and then they began to kiss each other fervently, open-mouthed and hungry. Hellie had been hoping to play with a woman for so long, and now she was over the moon.

“I want to eat your pussy,” she whispered in Marlena’s ear as she kissed her neck.

“What was that?” Nicolai asked loudly. “No secrets here, slut.”

“She wants to eat my pussy,” said Marlena with a smirk, and the crowd cheered. Marlena handed Hellie the Champagne bottle. “Drink the rest of this first,” she said. “And then I’ll sit my pussy right on your dumb-slut face.” She grinned at Hellie, and obediently, Hellie drank.

As she neared the end of the bottle, Marlena reached and tipped it up, pouring the rest of it down Hellie’s throat and making her choke. Marlena giggled and took the bottle.

“Lie down, slut.”

Hellie lay down on her back on the table.

Marlena pushed Hellie’s thighs apart and rubbed her clit.

“Oh god,” Hellie whimpered.

Marlena traced Hellie’s pussy lips with her fingers, rubbing Hellie’s slit to make it wetter and wetter. And then, she slid the narrow end of the champagne bottle into Hellie’s pussy.

“Ohhhh,” Hellie moaned.

Marlena left the bottle about halfway inside Hellie, then climbed up on the table. She peeled off her dress, revealing that she wore nothing under it, and the men cheered again. Marlena came down and carefully settled her pussy on Hellie’s face.

Hellie sincan minyon tipli escortlar licked and sucked hungrily at Marlena’s cunt, licking inside of her pussy, sucking at the lips, stroking it all with her tongue. She licked at the bottom of Marlena’s slit and all the way up to her clit. She sucked her clit into her mouth, warming it with her lips and tongue. She flicked her tongue at Marlena’s clit again and again. She pushed her tongue up into Marlena’s pussy and Marlena began to grind on her face, Hellie’s tongue in her pussy and Hellie’s nose on her clit. She kept grinding until Hellie brought her hands up and, one hand holding Marlena’s ass, began the finger Marlena’s pussy while she focused her mouth completely licking and sucking her clit.

“Oh she’s a hungry little bitch,” Marlena said happily. She moaned, shook, leaned her head back. She came once and continued rubbing her clit greedily on Hellie, using her to masturbate herself.

As Hellie licked the entrance to Marlena’s pussy, she felt a finger come to her clit. Not Marlena, who was fully riding Hellie’s face. Nicolai.

He took the bottle in his hand and began to fuck her with the narrow end, rubbing her clit all the while.

“Oh look at that dirty little slut,” said Marlena. “She’s our little sex doll today.”

Nicolai pushed Hellie’s thighs apart and pulled the bottle out, setting it next to them. He began to finger her wet, welcoming pussy with two fingers, wiggling them deep inside her and making her body jerk and shudder.

“Mmmmmmmggghhhh!” Hellie moaned and cried against Marlena’s pussy, making Marlena moan in turn.

“I like how her titties bounce while you fingerfuck her,” Marlena remarked.

“She’s a bouncy little fuckdoll,” someone else said. Hellie couldn’t see but recognized his voice as the vendor with her thong. “I fucked her in the pantry.”

“No wonder she’s so wet,” said Nicolai. “All filled up with cum. Is that right, slut?”

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm-hmmmm!” Hellie moaned as Nicolai filled her with a third finger. She pulled her finger out and moaned open-mouthed as she licked and sucked Marlena’s juicy pussy lips.

“Can we all fuck her?” someone else asked.

Hellie gasped and began to cum.

“Oh she sure likes the sound of that, don’t you my slutty girl,” said Nicolai, working a fourth finger into her pussy. “But no, you don’t all get to fuck her tonight.” He turned to look at the thong-vendor. “You certainly don’t. You’d better get going, you’re not getting seconds.”

“Aw Nic, you kidding me?”

“Yeah.” Nicolai turned back to Hellie’s pussy and the naked woman riding Hellie’s face. “We’ll see you later.”

“Fuck,” said the man, and left.

“Tino, would you like to fuck her first?” Nicolai asked.

Tino nodded to Nicolai’s long fingers jammed into Hellie’s wet cunt. “You working up to something there?”

“There’s no rush,” Nicolai said, and he stepped aside. “Go ahead. Share the whore with your wife.”

Hellie moaned again loudly. Nicolai slid his fingers out of her pussy gently.

Tino wasted no time in unzipping his pants and taking out his cock. He stood a moment, jerking himself, looking around the room, making sure that nobody missed the impressive size of his cock.

“My husband’s going to fuck you, slut,” said Marlena. “Hope it’ll all fit in that little pussy.” Marlena leaned forward and reached down to slap Hellie’s pussy, making her squeal.

Tino slowly began to tease the head of his cock at Hellie’s entrance, circling it around and between her wet pussy lips, making Hellie quiver. He began to push it just inside her. Hellie whimpered and her thighs parted.

“Mmmmmfff,” she moaned insistently. “Mmmmmm, Mmmmmffff!”

Marlena lifted her ass. “What was that, slut?”

“Please,” Hellie moaned, panting. “Please, please! Please?”

“Please what?” Tino said, feigning cluelessness.

“Please,” Hellie cried. “Fuck me, please fuck me.”

“Oh damn!” Marlena grinned down at Hellie. She moved aside and came down to kiss Hellie, tasting her pussy on Hellie’s face, in her mouth, on her lips and tongue.

Tino slowly pushed his cock further, Hellie moaning gratefully as she felt him fill the open wetness inside her and then begin to stretch her as he got deeper and deeper.

“Oh yes,” Hellie cried. “Please, yes!”

Tino began to pump his hips, slow but steady, leveling his big cock against her cervix and wriggling his hips, pushing it deeper to poke her.

“Oh god!” Hellie yelled.

“That’s where I’m gonna cum, you hot fucking bitch.”

“Oh please,” Hellie whimpered, “please!”

She dissolved into moans and sobs as Tino fucked her, slowly accelerating, building and building until he was going fast and hard. Marlena held Hellie’s hair and whispered supportive things to Hellie, like “Take that fucking cock you little whore,” and “You’re my husband’s fucking fleshlight.”

Hellie loved it, cumming again and again on Tino’s big cock, reaching her own hand down to flick at her clit, making every orgasm bigger.

Tino came hard, grunting and cussing, shouting, “I’m cumming in her pussy, I’m cumming in her pussy!” as he let his balls drain into Hellie’s pussy. Hellie could feel the warm, gooey cum filling her. She realized that she now was unsure how many times her pussy had been filled with cum today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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