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His reaches over to gently squeeze my breast. His hands are large, like the rest of him and he can almost cup it all. He flicks his fingers over my nipple playfully the sensation makes me moan gently. We have been dozing here for a while after making love for hours.

I stir and slowly open my eyes, turning my head. He is propped up on his side staring at me, a gentle smile on his face.

I feel my pussy tighten and I squirm a little knowing I want to fuck him again, wondering where the desire for this man comes from, how he can still turn me on after all this time. My eyes chase down to his cock which is semi hard already and I smile back at him.

“Come here” he whispers hoarsely – I shift and gently move from my back onto my side and slightly closer to him. He leans in to kiss me hard and I feel his desire pass through me. My hand moves instinctively down to his cock, which is now fully hard and I stroke him gently as we kiss. I wonder how long he has been staring at me, watching me sleep, what he has been considering.

His arms move around me and he envelopes me and pushes me onto my back his weight pinning me. We kiss passionately and I can feel his huge cock pushing into my sex and I am ready for him and moan as he slides slowly and inside of me. “You can’t get enough can you, you little slut” his voice gravelly and low as he begins to move, sliding his length out almost to the tip and slamming it down into me again. I moan in reply, and thrust my hips up towards him, to meet his rhythm. “Neither can you – harder” I breathe out and he obeys, thrusting down with greater force. Air escapes my lungs and a deep moan follows – I grab his shoulders, and he starts to pound into me, he is moaning loudly, an animal like growl- his eyes are wild and I know he wants to release his pleasure, he has no thought for mine.

“You’re such a fucking whore”, the heat of his words close in my face causing me to sharply hold my breath in anticipation and I grab him tighter wrapping my legs around him as best I can. His hand moves to squeeze my left Mersin Escort breast hard, and he is loud with his rapture as he thrusts into me. I am moaning loudly too enjoying this hard, rough fuck, despite still feeling sore from our earlier session. His hand moves upwards around my throat and he begins squeezing slowly, silencing my moans.

The sensation of his huge cock, the force of his body as he drills into me and the lack of air is overwhelming and I can feel my own pleasure building because of it. I writhe and dig my nails into his back – his pace quickens and his grip tightens briefly before he releases his hold, I gulp some air before he covers my mouth with his hand, sweat drips down from his forehead onto my face.

“You love being fucked hard don’t you whore” he spits those words out and I thrust up towards him groaning my approval as I do, my body on fire, pleasure rippling across it. I do love being fucked, hard, slow and anything in between. What I love more is being completely at his mercy and he revels in it too, feeling at ease to be whoever he wants when we are together.

Suddenly he pulls away, pulling out and roughly pawing at my body – “turn over!”He commands. I am panting, gulping air, And a little frustrated to have my pleasure ended so abruptly. But I do as I’m told quickly and try to move onto my knees. He forces me down roughly, slapping my ass hard as he does. I am laying on my stomach. I want him inside of me again and I moan and wriggle my ass gently. He likes fucking me from behind and I enjoy it too – his huge cock feels even bigger in this position.

I hear him spit and then feel his fingers on me, on my ass, pushing inside of me.

I squirm and try to move ‘no baby’ I shake my head mumbling the words, trepidation taking hold of me at what is about to come. This is not what I had in mind. He moves to pin my body with his, behind me he whispers in my ear, “You know you want it, slut.” I take a deep breath. He will do as he pleases, I know this, but his cock is big and I also know it Mersin Escort Bayan is going to hurt. I am not ready for it, I don’t want it – but my body defies me as my pussy contracts and I let out a moan of acquiescence to what is about to unfold.

He uses his leg to spread mine a little and then I feel him, the tip of his cock pushing into my ass and I try again to move away but it is futile. I whimper into the pillow. He pushes himself inside of me roughly, letting out a deep groan of satisfaction, I scream with the sensation of it as it rips through me. Pain shooting through my body. He is showing me no mercy and the position he has me in makes it even worse. I cannot really move at all and the angle is so unforgiving. I am completely at his will. The pain and sensation of him filling my ass making me almost delirious. He grabs my long brown hair and pulls hard as he fucks me. “I’m going to cum in your ass.”

We have a safe word, if I say it he will stop. But I don’t, I never have. Sometimes I wonder if he pushes the boundaries just to see if I will shout it out, I am sure he is curious just how far he could go. Sometimes I am left with bruises and welts and unable to sit for days. The truth is I enjoy it, I fantasise about it and those fantasies go way further than we ever have……..

I like the pain mixed with the pleasure mixed with the depravity of it. I like the reminder of our lust, feeling him and remembering every time I sit or move. Being completely dominated, relenting completely to him, consciously, has been an awakening for me. I have never experienced such pleasure and arousal and freedom before, it is potent and sometimes I wonder if it is dangerous too.

I trust him implicitly as he does me and so it feels easy to explore these darker sides to both our personalities. The journey here has been a long one – I often wonder where else it will go.

I am moaning loudly, my breathing heavy, every thrust travelling through my body like lightening. I am in a trance almost. The pain real and visceral Escort Mersin but at the same time my pussy is throbbing and I am aroused, the combination intoxicating and addictive. He grabs both of my arms just below the elbow, lifting them slightly and pulling them together so they make a sort of triangle behind my back, gripping them hard, he uses them as purchase so he can fuck me harder, lifting me slightly off the bed as he does. I am like a rag doll.

This feels almost too much “Please cum, baby, I need you to cum” I beg him, plead.

He begins to move faster and then I hear him roar and he slams into me hard, releasing his load deep inside my ass, he pounds again delivering a second load and I can feel it hot inside of me as he pumps 3 or 4 times more, the sound of his satisfaction loud and bouncing around the room, masking my screams, his pleasure obvious and raw. He releases my arms and falls over me pinning me again. His weight on me.

He is still, his breathing heavy and loud in my ear. He kisses my shoulder and finally he pulls out and I cry gently with the sensation and relief. He rolls onto his back next to me, one hand resting on my bottom.

For a moment I cannot move. I am breathing heavily too, my body still in shock from his onslaught. After a while I shift slightly onto my side to face him. My hand moves to my pussy which is soaking wet, my clit engorged. My mind flys to the memory of the first time he fucked my ass – it was so very different to this intrusion, and such a long time ago now. I soften at the thought of it – my desire for my own climax piqued.

He is panting still, sweat glistens across his body and I am covered too in a combination of mine and his. He has a satisfied half smile on his face. He turns to face me.

“How’s your ass?” He jokes.

‘You tell me!’ I throw back.

He laughs and so do I, in between wincing slightly from the pain and soreness he has caused. I move toward him and lay with my head on his chest. He places his arm around me and starts to stroke my hair and skin gently. He lets out a light satisfied sigh – “you are beautiful, my darling” he whispers gently. And I kiss his chest and pull myself even closer to him wrapping my leg over his, grinding my pussy into him, feeling his cum as it drips slowly from my ass, a low growl escaping my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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