Hoosier Heaven

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While on the road for business, I wanted to meet someone so I placed an add at the popular spot.

My advertisement was simple.

M4M looking to host at my hotel, looking to suck cock, not be sucked. You must be clean, ddf, hiv-, and discreet. Prefer that you are married, over 40, nicely hung.

Basically I wanted to meet with a professional business man who loved blow jobs, and whose wife stopped doing that for him long ago.

As usual I received many responses, the usual nonsense which I deleted. One response did catch my eye, it looked sincere.

“If you are still looking, married, discreet, bi, 7×4, love having my cock sucked.” I liked that it was short and to the point so I shot an email right back to this fellow.

“I’m still looking, if you’re for real, I’m at the Holiday Inn Express.”

A quick response said that he would meet me at my hotel parking lot in 20 minutes.

20 minutes later a car pulled into the parking lot and a good looking man got out. He looked over and asked me if I was waiting for a guy who just emailed him. I said yes, we shook hands and he followed me to my room. Having not done this too often I was in a mild state of panic as we walked towards my room.

He looked like a business professional, and he had a nice build, so far I was pleased with my luck. I was silent as we walked to my hotel room hoping that this would go well.

As we walked he quietly asked, “do you always look for men who only want to receive when you travel?”

I just shook my head yes and kept walking.

“Well you found the right man,” he said softly.

As I opened my hotel room door, he stepped Cami Halısı in ahead of me and took a fast look around. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him to make the next move, I didn’t wait long.

I had turned off the room lights and only had a bit of light which came from the bathroom. He slowly removed his shirt and stepped out of his pants.In the darkened room I saw his naked body for the first time, he was in good shape. Once naked he seemed to pose for a moment so I looked directly at his lower waist to see my prize, his overall size and thickness was evident even in the dimly lit room. As I sat he walked past me to lay back on the bed, his cock went right past my face and I know that I smiled. He wasted no time in laying back on the bed and I moved between his already spread legs, he told me to suck his cock.

My fingers fit around his still soft member, but the finger tips did not touch. His scrotum was soft, large, low hangers. I gave it a lick I closed my eyes and smelled his clean member, I rubbed it all over my face and lips, dabbing my tongue out to taste his heat. I rubbed he semi soft shaft all around my lower face and mouth, the feeling was wonderful.

“I’m here to receive, suck my dick cock sucker”. “Have you ever sucked a fat cock like mine,” he teased. “Well tonights your lucky night because I’m in no rush and I want you to worship my cock for me, you’re my cock sucker tonight.”

I held his cock in my hand with the head facing my lips, it was as if his cock eye was looking at me waiting for my next move. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head with slow licks twirling my tongue all Cami Halıları around it.. I was rock hard and I hoped that I didn’t cum in my pants just yet. I had a fat cock in my hand just waiting for me to tease and please it, the power was intoxicating. Next I stretched my lips just far enough to cover the head, softly but firmly. My tongue worked double time now licking around his growing head, I head a load groan of excitement and realized that I made the noise.

“That was good, now suck my cock like you promised, take all of it in you mouth.” he said.

I opened my mouth and slid it in, the head was large and spongy. Like a cheap slut or a man enjoying his work I made my tongue dance all over the shaft until I heard him groan. I took him out of my mouth and used my tongue to paint his shaft from top to bottom. He put his hands on my head and led it back to my mouth.

“Blow me you little cocksucker, swallow me down to my balls. I want to use your mouth like a pussy and fill you with my load.” Not romantic, but very hot. I remember thinking at that moment, why do some women not love sucking cock?

“Talk to me, tell me how you love sucking my fat cock.”

If it was talk that he wanted, he would get it. “You’re cock so thick, fill my mouth for me. I want to lick your balls, get them good and wet and have you wipe them all over my face just like a good cock sucker.”

He grunted, groaned and drove his cock deeper into my mouth until his balls were against my chin. I reached around to grab his ass cheeks which I used to pull him deeper yet. “SLUT”, he called me out loud.

He stood up and told me to get on my knees. I licked his thighs and sucked his balls until he took his stiff member in his hand and said, “open up bitch”. He slowly slid his cock in and out of my mouth as he held my head, I reached up and softly stroked his balls as he did this. I stopped him and slowly frenched kissed his cock head which was now starting to ooze a little pre cum.

As he slowly slid his rod deeply in and out of my mouth I could see an image of us in the hotel mirror above the dresser. Because the room was dimly lit the image almost looked like a shadow. I could see myself on my kness with my head tilted back and him moving his hips into me to drive his cock deep into my mouth. As I watched this happen I was in another world. I finally had what I wanted, a man who craved long slow blow jobs and one who had a nice cock which fit perfectly into my mouth.

I stopped sucking for a moment and said to him, “Come on baby, use my mouth and cum down my throat.” That got the response that I wanted as he drove his shaft deep into my mouth and pushed his hips hard in the direction of my face.

“I’m gonna fill your mouth with cum you cock sucking bitch, uh uh uh”. His balls pulled up as his first spurt him my tongue.

“Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming, keep sucking you bitch!! By now I had already shot my load into my tighty whitie, he didn’t know that.

I could feel his hands tighten on my head, and his cock jerk as he filled my mouth with his load. I kept him in my mouth as he started to soften.

“Suck the last drop out of me bitch!” I did and loved it. He took is soft cock out and rubbed it all over my face, I was in a bit of a daze. When I heard the door shut as he walked out it snapped me back to reality. I was hard again and now I wanted to Jerk off in private while I thought about all that hust happened.

All true, and red hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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