Horsecock and a Pudgy Librarian

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Helena walked through the doors of the library and took a deep breath. She loved that air-conditioned, musty library scent. Much of her life had become devoted to books and indoor-entertainment due to certain factors in her life.

The main factor of that was a soft twelve-inches long and swinging between her thighs. The other two factors were about the size of oranges and kept her from wearing any kind of underwear beneath her skirts and dresses.

She had never been one for sports, even if she could’ve worn pants or swimsuits in public. Being in front of people like that made her nervous. Having an enormous horse-cock shaped outline in her swimsuit in front of others would’ve made her faint. She always felt real naughty when she put on her swimsuit to go swimming in her family’s backyard pool. They, of course, had a very tall fence.

Helena was a rather lucky young woman, she was adopted by her family when she was just two, a family that was very wealthy. She never knew her parents, having been taken from her father because of the experiments he had performed on her in her mother’s womb. These experiments were what left her as she was today.

The library was a quiet bastion that she took great solace in. She headed over to the stairs and walked carefully down the thin staircase to the basement. Her long skirt ruffled around her and, as usual, she could feel her cock bumping against her thigh. It’s sheer size made underwear completely impossible and she would destroy any if she got hard anycase.

For a little more than an hour, she perused the shelves and enjoyed herself. Then she headed for the stairs with an armful of books. A young woman in glasses almost bumped into her.

“Sorry!” She said, stepping back.

“No, it’s fine. Go ahead.” Helena said, barely able to peek over her books.

“Hey, wait, you’re Helena, aren’t you? You’re in here quite often. I’ve seen you a lot. I’m Sefi.” She said with kind smile. Helena blushed behind her books, she had seen Sefi quite a few times before. She was part of the reason Helena enjoyed the library so much.

“Y… Yes, I am.” Helena mumbled, trying very hard not to think about Sefi’s body. She swayed a bit and had to take a step back.

“Oh! Let me help you with those! Please!” Sefi jumped forward and grabbed some of the books in her arms.

“No! No! It’s fine! I…” Helena couldn’t stop Sefi from grabbing half the books in her arms, “Alright, okay.”

“Come on, I’ll get you all checked out with these.” Sefi up the small staircase quickly. Helena swallowed and went up after her. She could feel her dick creeping down her leg as blood flowed quickly into it. Without the books in the way, she caught full eyeballs of Sefi’s bouncing backside in it’s tight, tight black skirt.

Sefi’s body was something Helena had spent quite a few hot and bothered moments jerking herself off into the toilet over. She was a classic sexy librarian, pudgy and soft in a hip skirt and turtle sweater. Her body was wide and curvy, hips swaying with each step and enormous breasts threatening to break her bra with every motion.

She stared openly at Sefi’s glorious backside as they climbed the stairs; so much so that she failed to notice her losing balance. Sefi went over backwards and books tumbled all about her. She crashed into Helena and they tumbled painfully to the bottom of the stairs.

Crashing into the floor, Helena cried out in pain. Sefi landed almost right on top of her and the books tumbled randomly about them.

“Ohhh goodness. I’m sorry.” Sefi groaned, pushing herself up on her knees next to Helena.

Helena squeaked quietly, totally paralyzed in fear. Her skirt was hiked up to her hips from the fall and her horse-cock was sitting a stiff sixteen inches, right in front of Sefi’s nose. She gasped and jerked her skirt down, “Nooooo~!”

“H… Horse…” Sefi’s eyes were wide in surprise.

Helena jumped to her feet and fled across the library basement, running down a back aisle and covering her face. She burned with embarassment. For the first time in her life, someone outside her adopted mother and father had seen her genitals. She couldn’t imagine anyone worse to have seen it, her secret crush had gotten a full view of it. There was no way she could ever accept her now.

It’s not like Helena would’ve wished her body different. She liked her dick. It could be a lot of fun at times, it felt really, really good to rub it. Her orgasms were glorious and messy, often cumming a quart or more at a time. Much of her life she had dreamed of finding a girl who would love her for what she was. She knew most, if not all, wouldn’t be able to actually take her cock, but there was still comfort to be had in having a lover who accepted her.

Tears ran down her face and she tried to keep herself from crying out too loudly.

“Helena?” Sefi spoke from the end of the aisle behind her.

“No, go away!” Helena choked, “No way you could mersin escort ever like a weirdo like me.”

“So that’s…” Sefi mumbled, fiddling with her curly brown bangs, “That’s really your dick?”

Helena bit her lip and nodded weakly.

“Wow, that’s amazing. Can I see it again?” Sefi asked eagerly, walking quickly over to her, “I mean… if it’s too weird, that’s fine. But I’ve always had these fantasies…”

“Wha?” Helena looked up, worried she was going crazy.

“Well, since I’ve seen yours, I guess I don’t mind telling you…” Sefi twirled her bangs again, “I have an abnormally large vagina. I always have to use big toys when I’m… you know… I’ve got ones that are foot long and they are the only ones that really make me feel full.”

“The fantasy?” Helena asked, staring at her.

“Oh! Right! Well, I’m really into this fetish I found online, it’s called futanari. But I guess you know all about that.” Sefi giggled good-heartedly.

“No, I don’t. What does it mean?” She said, cocking her head.

“Well you’re one, a girl with a dick, A real, proper girl with a beautiful face and gorgeous breasts, but with a big, thick cock. I really like the ones where they draw the enormous, practically knee-length shafts.” Sefi cooed lovingly, clasping her hands as she imagined huge, pussy-destroying dicks.

“So you mean you actually would want my…” Helena wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Are you kidding me? You’re my dream girl in everyway. Please, let me take you to dinner some time.” Sefi exclaimed, “I’m sorry we had to find all this out the way we did, but I’m happy about it. Are you?”

Helena nodded, finding herself actually flustered in a happy way. She looked up to meet Sefi’s eyes, “I’ve never had a real friend in my life before. Sure, I had people I talked to at school, but nobody has ever asked me out on a date before. Nobody has ever… known about me.”

“So, what do you want to do for a date?” She asked, taking a step closer to Helena so they were shoulder to shoulder.

“Could we just stay at home?” Helena whispered, “I mean, just come over to my house and I’ll make us dinner. Just us.”

“You really are a shy little thing, aren’t you? That sounds wonderful. Here’s my phone number.” Sefi giggled, pulling a pencil and a scrap of paper from her pocket.


That night Helena was laying in the bathtub and her cock was standing erect out of the water. She ran her fingers over it’s fleshy surface, shivering at the pleasure of the touch. It was really an impressive tool and the fact that there was a woman, not just any woman, perfect woman. Sefi was so sexy, she had such a glorious round ass. Then there was all that she said about her pussy, could she really take a foot-long toy? Someone who had a pussy that big could really enjoy Helena’s cock.

Her hands were quickly becoming a splashing flurry over her dick. She rubbed it with both hands as fast as she could, pulling on the eight inches of thick cock-sleeve that covered half her shaft.

Her hips bucked and she completely lost it. The imagination of driving her dick in Sefi’s glorious pussy, actually feeling a warm cunt around her cock AND having the woman enjoy it… such heavenly bliss.

Drool ran down her cheek and her dick jerked. Thick creamy splooge erupted from her shaft, showering around her crotch and clouding the bath water thoroughly. She sighed happily and slumped down further, watching the thick streams of cum run down the sides of her enormous cock. It’s flared head glistened beautifully and she could only think, before long it would be shining with the wetness of a tight pussy.

Pulling herself from the tub, Helena’s cock slapped wetly against her leg and she grabbed a towel. Her parents were gone on vacation for a week more, which she was thoroughly grateful. She had the chance to have dinner with Sefi and not get embarassed if her parents heard what she would talk about.

Back in her bedroom, which was quite a nice room on account of her parent’s money, she stripped off her robe and stood before the mirror. Her body was very sexy, at least she thought so. Her hips were lovely, her skin was soft. She was a little pale, but it made her pink nipples stand out on her luscuious C cups. She had a flat belly that went down to her horse cock. The first few inches of her dick were a fleshy sleeve that protected her shaft, it matched the color of her skin and was thick with veins. Below that was the sensitive pink flesh and the unique flared equine head.

She stretched her fingers around it’s girth and stroked on it. Pleasure tingled through her as it began to grow, inching downward and out of it’s sheath. The shaft grew rigid at sixteen inches, thicker than her hands could reach around. She put her other hand around it and began to stroke it faster, watching herself in the mirror as her huge balls bounced and jiggled.

“Ahhh~!” Helena moaned open-mouthed kocaeli escort and she humped against her hands in an attempt to stroke more of her cock. What she wouldn’t give for a good, tight pussy that could take at least half of her. It was going to feel so good if Sefi was right and she could handle it.

Her pleasure reached a fevered peak rather quickly and her cock shuddered. Warmth flooded her body as her orgasm exploded all over the mirror. Thick, messy splatters of splooge burst across the glass and ran down it, marring the image of her in a sexy, whore-like manner. After a couple more grunts, almost the entire mirror had been glazed in cum and the carpet was a sticky mess around her feet.

Her dick flopped against her leg, dripping leftover spunk as it did. She panted heavily and slumped over on her bed, exhausted from the day as a whole.



Helena was incredibly nervous. She stumbled around the kitchen in a frantic rush, whipping together a garlic risotto and trying madly to not burn the steak filets.

Most of her day had been a crazed panic, between trying to make absolute sure the house was perfect and running back to the bathroom to heatedly jerk off into the bath tub. Her dick didn’t calm down ever, staying in a constant state of partial erection. Her skirt and apron were propped up slightly and her only saving grace was that they would be sitting for most of dinner.

The house, a rich two story with a huge yard and a full pool in the back, was not at all small inside. She made sure as much of it as she could was clean before rushing around the kitchen to cook.

Just then, the doorbell rang and her heart skipped a beat. She almost dropped the pan of risotto in her rush to the front door. She opened the door and her eyes widened in surprise. Her clothing was such a stark contrast to her skirts and sweaters. She wore a hip-cut black dress with cleavage cut almost to her belly-button, showing off the insides of her amazing breasts. Her hair was done up in a cute bun behind her and she had light makeup on.

“Hi!” Sefi said, waving happily to her, bringing her out of her trance. “Oh that smells really good! I’m sorry you have to cook for our date.”

“No! It’s fine! I like cooking!” Helena said, quickly turning the other direction so her bulging crotch wouldn’t be visible.

They stood there for a moment, Helena facing the door with a pan of sizzling risotto in her hand. Sefi coughed, “Hey, can I come in?”

“Yes! Yes! Sorry!” Helena squeaked, turning and running back to the kitchen. She put the pan down and quickly tended to the steaks, “Go ahead and sit down in the dining room! It’s almost done!”

“Thanks! How was your day?” Sefi called into the kitchen from the dining room. Helena pretended not to hear her as she fought to keep her dick from getting erect. The plates were dished up and she hurried into the dining room, setting them before each of their seats. She sat as quickly as possible to hide her still-growing cock beneath the table.

“This looks spectacular! I’ve never seen food this good before. You cooked this?” Sefi drooled over the plate and looked up at Helena.

“I’ve lived a lot of life in doors. I read a lot and spend a lot of time online, cooking became a natural hobby.” Helena blushed deeply at the compliments, “Please, eat.”

Helena was thankful Sefi was enjoying the food so much. It kept her distracted while she stared at her. The way her skirt was cut made the leg closest to Helena bare all the way up to her hip, making her wonder if she was even wearing underwear. Beyond that, the fact that they were sitting on two adjacent sides of the table meant every time Sefi moved her arm just right, Helena could almost see in the top of her dress. Her breasts seemed to be screaming to break free of whatever miracle bra held them back without attaching together in the front.

Dinner lasted about a half-hour without a lot of talking, mostly because Sefi was too astounded by the deliciousness of the food. When it was done, they both sat back, contented by the meal.

“So, I know you like books and now I know you like cooking. What else do you do?” Sefi asked, looking around the dining room and the enormous eight-seat table.

“Um… I… Well…” Helena thought quickly, trying to figure out anything interesting to tell her. She didn’t have any other hobbies besides books and cooking. She would swim occasionally, but mostly she just stayed inside. Soon she was going to head to college, her parents practically insisted, and she planned to study culinary arts.

“Okay, how about me then? What do you want to know? Anything!” Sefi said, sensing her growing panic. This question, however, did not help that panic. She suddenly began thinking of everything she had been trying to avoid.

How wet is your pussy? Can you really take my dick? What does it taste like? What color is your samsun escort pubic hair? Do you like my body? Would you ever kiss me with a mouthful of my own cum? That last one was a fantasy that she often dreamed of while scooping up and swallowing her own spunk by the handfuls. The silence continued for a little while longer as Helena fumbled with the edges of her blouse and tried to ignore the enormous throbbing of her cock.

“Oookay… what would you like to do then?” Sefi asked, scratching her head.

“I want to fuck you!” Helena blurted out, completely unable to stop herself. The second she realized it, her face went beet red and she covered her eyes in shame, shaking her head as if to make it go away.

“Really? You’d do that already? Hell yes! I didn’t think I’d get lucky tonight, but you’re awesome!” Sefi whooped, leaping out of her chair, “Check it! Bare pussy, all for you!”

She sweapt her dress aside to show her lack of panties and her well-trimmed pussy between her plush thighs. Helena peeked over her hands and her mouth opened in surprise, “I… I didn’t mean… I… You…” Her dick thumped loudly against the underside of the table, hard enough to make the dishes bounce around.

“Are you kidding me? Since the second I saw that thing, my pussy has been going like a fountain. I came four times in the car on the way over here. I had to change into my dress in my car so it’d be dry for dinner! You’re lucky I made it this long without jumping on you!” Sefi exclaimed happily, her eyes positively glittering with delight.

“But I didn’t think girls… I mean… I’ve always thought…” Helena was confused, “Don’t boys always want it so much more than girls?”

“Are you fucking with me right now? Helena, trust me, girls get just as horny as guys do. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m a fat librarian with glasses and a love for cheese burgers. I’ve got a bit of a belly on me, guys don’t exactly line up to hit on me. The few that do sure don’t have dicks that can plunge my depths.” Sefi stepped closer and put a hand on Helena’s face, “You, my sweet big-dicked goddess, are a literal gift from heaven to me. Even in my dreams, I have never imagined getting to spend a night with one such as you.”

Her other hand slid over Helena’s thigh and touched her rock-hard horse cock through her thin skirt, “Eeeeep!” Helena squeaked loudly and jumped in surprise.

“Helena, we want each other. Badly. In my case, complete desperation doesn’t even describe it. Please, let me pleasure you. Let me show you what it’s like to have a pussy wrapped around that glorious rod.” Sefi cooed in Helena’s ear, her great breasts pressing to her chest.

“Y… Yes… Please.” Helena managed to choke out, “Bedroom…” She stumbled to her feet, hands clasped in front of her throbbing member, barely able to keep it from bursting through her skirt, let alone actually hiding it.

“Oh you are just the cutest thing.” Sefi giggled as she followed Helena. Up the stairs and into Helena’s room they went.

“So, here we are.” She mumbled nervously, her hands still holding tight to the front of her cock.

“Hey, come on. Lose it all.” Sefi said, drawing her dress over her head. She tossed it on the floor and kicked her shoes off. Helena’s eyes were inexorably drawn to her. The curves of her body, the gentle pudge around her waist, the wetness glistening on her beautiful thighs. Her dick wasn’t going to stand for this resistance any longer. Another throb and there was a great rending of cloth, creating a hole in the front of her skirt for the dick’s appearance. Sefi giggled and clapped her hands like a kid at christmas.

“Eeek!” Helena turned from her quickly.

“Come on, don’t be scared. I know you barely know me, but I’ve spent so much time watching you.” She wrapped her arms around her from behind, “Even before I know you had this, I always thought you were cute. I’ve wanted to talk to you for a long time, but you always seemed so shy… like a skiddish little quail, I thought you’d run away at the first sound.”

Helena turned and looked at her, “Really? I… I watched you a lot too. I could never stop staring. Your body… I just… this.” She gestured to her horse cock.

“Come on, let me help you out of that mess.” Sefi sighed, pulling up on Helena’s blouse. After a few minutes of fighting and a pair of scissors, she was naked and standing nervously before Helena, cock throbbing as hard as ever. Precum was building at the tip and running slowly down her shaft, drip by drip.

“So… I’ve never…” Helena mumbled meekly, holding herself around the middle. Her stomach was churning fearfully as she stood exposed before Sefi.

“I figured that much. Sit down on the bed, let me have some fun.” She smirked, pushing her back. She knelt before her and feasted her eyes on the glorious cock. It was everything she had dreamed of and more. She wrapped a hand around it and was surprised at just how hot it was.

“Ohhh! Your… your hand. Ahhh! Oh god, your tongue feels good.” Helena moaned loudly when Sefi’s tongue touched the tip of her cock. She dragged it up the flat head and slurped up the pre.

“Little sensitive around this huh?” Sefi smiled up at her from beneath the huge shaft. She ran her tongue around her fringe and she cried out in surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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