House of Toys: Jamie’s Evolution

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The sequel to “House of Toys: The Boy Toy,” in which Jamie signed up to serve as a male fucktoy to help his best friend, Elise, achieve her dream of being an idol.


Elise made her way down the grand central stairs of the enormous Montgomery House, lost in thought. She had just finished a meeting with her casting agent and it had gone exactly as she had hoped. Still, she felt…uneasy. Her agent, Simon Hawke, had been coherent enough, even pleasant, but there was something off about the way he spoke to her. He seemed distracted, tense, and when things were finished he had rushed her out with barely even a handshake.

She sighed. If only Jamie were here. He might be as new to the business as she was, but he had done an outstanding job acting as her unofficial manager, booking her gigs as Honey*Star, the upcoming idol desperate to break into Hollywood. He was such a reassuring presence, always doing his best to help her follow her dreams of stardom. They had been friends for as long as she could remember, but never had she felt closer to him than now.

But he was gone, at least for the next few weeks, disappearing suddenly with a rushed explanation of a sudden family trip. Elise knew he was lying, badly, but didn’t want to pry into his personal affairs. So, she bade him off with a false smile, hoping everything was alright. Where was he now? Was he in trouble?

Engrossed in her musings, she didn’t notice the woman ascending the stairs in front of her until they had collided. Elise stumbled back and reached out to steady the woman.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention at all. Are you alright?” The woman straightened, taking on an incredibly stiff, proper posture. She was tall, Elise realized, almost a full foot taller than she was, and with cold eyes behind steel-rimmed glasses.

The woman appraised Elise coolly, but didn’t answer the question. After a slightly-too-long gaze, she abruptly resumed her ascent. Elise watched her crest the top of the staircase and disappear into a room down the hall, heels clicking the whole way. It was Simon’s office, she realized, the room she had just vacated. What kind of business was he conducting that had left him so distracted?

She shook the thought from her mind. Focus, Elise. You can sign some papers on your own, without Jamie. And it wasn’t her business what Simon Hawke was up to. He had kept all his promises and helped her get as far as she had.

As she approached the double doors marking the manor’s exit, she was stopped by a sudden voice.

“Excuse me, miss!” someone called out behind her. Elise turned to find a young woman her own age running towards her. She noticed in surprise the girl was wearing an outfit very similar to the one she herself had on. It was clearly made by the same designer. This must be another idol of Phoenix Studios, one of Elise’s peers, she realized.

The woman caught up with Elise and beamed. “You must be Phoenix’s new idol. Honey…Heart, was it?”

“Honey*Star” Elise corrected, “but please just call me Elise. It’s nice to meet you, um…”

The idol posed exaggeratedly. “OnlyAlice, the up-and-coming superstar! A pleasure to meet you. But you can just call me…well, Alice,” she said lamely. “Welcome to Phoenix Studios! How are you finding it? Montgomery is impressive, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s a lovely old house. Do you get to stop by often?”

Alice’s face suddenly darkened. “No, I finished my…time a few months ago and haven’t been back until today. Just to sign some papers, you understand!” she added hastily. “How about you? You’re brand new, right? When does your time start? Must be soon.”

Elise cocked her head quizzically. “Time? What do you mean?”

Alice paused, confused. “The time required as part of your contract with Phoenix. Look, I know you probably don’t want to think about it, but it’s better to just face it head-on. It’s not as bad as you might think; it can even be a little fun.” She blanched as soon as she said the last bit. “Okay, I guess that’s a strecth…”

Elise thought she understood now. “Oh, you mean the training Simon was talking about? I don’t have to do it. Jamie – my manager – talked with Simon and negotiated it out of the contract. So, don’t worry about me!” She gave the more experienced idol a genuine smile.

Alice didn’t seem convinced, but she didn’t press the subject. “Well, let me know if you ever need anyone to talk to. If we’re going to be working together, we should definitely get to know each other better.” She returned Elise’s smile. “Well then, I’m off. See you later, Honey*Star!” With a friendly wave she was gone, disappearing though the main doors.

“Well that was pleasant” though Elise, glad she wasn’t as alone as she had thought. She moved to follow Alice and make her own exit, when something caught her attention in the corner of her eye. Jamie? She thought she had seen his tangled hair, his serious face.

But no. It was just gaziantep escort another young woman, dressed in a very…revealing French Maid outfit, walking deeper into the manor timidly. She turned down the corridor before Elise could get a better look. Close behind her followed someone much taller. It was the woman from before, Elise realized, the one with the icy eyes. Before she could examine either woman in better detail, they had both disappeared through a narrow door.

She wasn’t sure what compelled her to follow the couple. It was a combination of Simon’s behavior, of the woman’s cold appraisal of Elise earlier, and of the maid’s mannerisms, acting almost fearful of her chaperone. Something was definitely up, and Elise couldn’t help but investigate. She had been plagued by intense curiosity edging on nosiness for as long as she could remember.

She approached the door the two had disappeared into and hesitantly swung it open. It revealed a long, rather musky hallway that was dimmer than the front entryway. Elise just caught sight of the maid’s black and white corset as they rounded a far corner.

The hallway got shabbier as she proceeded. It was still by all means a fine house, but the back portion of Montgomery had a noticeably less friendly feel. As she approached the bend in the hall, she heard a door slam close, the click-click of heels, then another door open and shut. By the time she rounded the corner, both women were nowhere in sight. She had lost them, but she was determined to find out what secrets this place held anyway. Elise decided to continue snooping and wandered down the hall.

Quickly, she was lost, the corridors more labyrinthian than she had realized. She started to panic. What if she was caught back here? It would be hard to explain what she was doing. It could damage her contract! Worriedly, she began backtracking, trying to remember the path she had taken.

Just as she was considering knocking on some of the many doors lining the hallway, she heard something strange. A surge of voices. Lots of them, shouting raucously. Above them, someone was yelling, muffled through the walls of the manor. It was a yell of pain and somehow familiar, a voice that she knew. Before she knew what she was doing, she had traced the noise to its source, a nondescript door halfway down the hall. Through it, she could make out the noises more clearly now. There were men cheering and, yes, she could hear groans of pain. Resolved, she swung open the door forcefully, determined to put a stop to whatever she found inside.

The room was wider than it looked and was indeed full of men…all naked and covered in sweat. Elise recoiled, embarrassed to stumble across such a scene, but her eyes were drawn to a cluster of men to one side of the room. As they noticed her, the din of the room died down and they began separating, one by one, until she saw what they surrounded.

It was the French Maid from earlier, her outfit much more stained and crumpled than she had last seen it. A man knelt before her, his dick shoved down her throat, while another woman, tall and curvy, knelt at her rear, impaling her from behind with a strap-on dildo. The poor maid was being spitroasted, utterly dominated by her assailants. Her face was twisted in pain as she struggled to breathe.

Wait. That face. Elise knew that face. But why? How? As she at last understood what she had discovered, her mouth fell open in shock. Dimly, she felt her purse slip off her arm and tumble to the ground, forgotten. All the men in the room had fallen silent, staring at Elise, as she beheld the sight in front of her with horror. No one moved for several long moments.

She couldn’t understand it, but she also couldn’t deny it. Crouching before her, body cleanly shaved, dressed in drag, and surrounded by larger men, was…


“Jamie?” Elise squeaked in shock. My world was collapsing. Why? How? What was Elise doing here? Thoughts raced through my mind, piling on top of each other. She had seen me. Seen me at my lowest, in this humiliating outfit, being sandwiched between a strange woman and even stranger man. I was dimly aware of Amelia sliding back out of my asshole, of the man in front of me reluctantly pulling himself away from my mouth. When I didn’t answer, couldn’t answer, Elise’s expression gradually morphed from one of surprise to one of rage. Her cheeks puffed out and she put her hands on her hips defiantly.

“Jamie, what the HELL are they doing to you?” I was shocked, despite myself. I had never heard Elise swear before. She walked towards me, pushing through the crowd of men, none of whom made any effort to stop her. She wore a look of disgust as she slid through the throng of naked bodies, but she soldiered through anyway determinedly.

“Elise, I-” I began, but broke off in a coughing fit, coating my blouse in cum and spit. I tried again. “Elise, you shouldn’t be here. Please, konya escort you need to get out of here.” More than just feeling embarrassed, I was growing increasingly worried by the way the men eyed Elise, their lewd stares lingering too long. She needed to go. Now. I tried to stand, but a wave of dizziness washed over me and I stumbled back down, nearly crashing into Amelia. Elise let out a yelp, ran to my side, and took me in her arms.

“Omigosh, this is terrible, Jamie. What have these horrible men done to you?” She pulled me up against her bosom, still wearing her bright Honey*Star costume. It was strange being so close to her so suddenly, shocking even. Her embrace felt so comforting, so loving. It was something I had dreamed about my entire time at Montgomery, something that had kept me going, but now it felt so wrong. I was half-naked, covered in cum and who knew what else. I didn’t want her to see me like this, this broken Jamie.

“There, there,” she cooed, rocking me in her arms. “Everything will be alright. I’m going to get you out of here.”

“Are you now?” came a strong, cold voice from the other side of the room. We glanced up to see none other than Simon Hawke looming in the doorway, standing straight and powerful as always, arms crossed. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to see him here, interrupting our moment. “And just how do you think you’re going to do that?” he asked, coming into the room.

Elise stared at him in surprise. “Simon?” Her look quickly turned into a glare. “Simon! What’s going on here?” she demanded furiously.

“It’s quite simple, my dear. We own your friend Jamie. He’s our pet. Our Toy. We here at Montgomery can do whatever we like with him, and these nice men here have booked him out for the evening. You are trespassing, spoiling their night.”

Elise’s face was bright red, from anger and embarrassment. “Well, that ends now! I’m taking him home, away from you…you…bastards!” she finished proudly.

Hawke chuckled. “I’m afraid it’s not that simple, Honey*Star. You see, Jamie has signed a contract. We still own him for another twenty days, and it’s all signed away, fair and square. There’s nothing you can do to break something so binding.”

He continued. “And besides, even if he could break our deal – and I assure you, he cannot, I have the best lawyers available – I don’t think he’d want to.” He turned his cool gaze to me. “Isn’t that right, Jamie?”

Elise met my eyes, confused. “Jamie, what’s he talking about?”

I was truly at a loss for words. “I…I…” I stammered, but Hawke cut me off.

“You see, he did this all for you. You didn’t think your recent success came without a price, did you? Really now, Elise, even you are not that naïve.” Elise paled. “No, the contract demanded you to spend a month in Montgomery House as a Toy, a sexual plaything for men like the Bensons here.” He indicated all the men gathered around the room.

“But Jamie stepped in for you, your knight in shining armor. He took on the burden himself, hiding you away from the darkness of this industry. What a hero, eh?” He drew closer to Elise and put a hand on her shoulder. She recoiled immediately, but he stood firm.

“Come now, Elise. You can’t take him away. It would void the contract, destroying Honey*Star and everything you’ve worked for. Not to mention everything Jamie’s done, everything he’s sacrificed. He’s been here for ten days already. Do you know how many men he’s served in that time? How much cum he’s swallowed, how many cocks he’s taken up that sweet ass of his? If you take him away now, it would all be for nothing. All his sacrifices, rendered meaningless. Could you really do that to your dear friend?”

He was right. I hated agreeing with this smug asshole, wanted to run away with Elise more than anything, but I knew that I couldn’t. I had made this choice, and I would make it again. There would be no escape for me, not today. I gently broke away from Elise’s tight grasp, a little piece of me dying as I did so. I grasped her wrists, looked her in the eye, and tried to smile reassuringly. The effect was lessened when I broke out in another coughing fit, but I pressed on.

“He’s right, Elise. I did this for you – and I don’t regret it. It’s not time for me to come home yet. I’ll see you again when my time has been served, and then everything can go back to how it was before. Until then, I need you to leave this place and never come back, before things get even worse.”

She was shaking her head defiantly, but Hawke cut in. “Yes, forget what you saw here. Return to your normal life. This is no place for an idol like you.” His gaze grew cold. “Besides, I haven’t forgotten that you are currently trespassing. You best leave before I decide to call the police…or leave you in here for the Bensons.”

Elise’s face paled further. She looked back and forth between Hawke and I furiously, her eyes welling with tears of frustration. kayseri escort Finally, she turned and ran from the room. As she left, she shouted over her shoulder, her voice catching in her throat, “I won’t forget you, Jamie! I’ll be back!” Then, she was gone and it was quiet again.

Hawke put a hand on my shoulder in mock sympathy. “You made the right decision, boy. She can run home to her little friends and fans, back to her normal life, while you take on this burden for her.” He checked his watch, then addressed all the other men in the room. “Well now, gentlemen, I apologize for the interruption. I’m a fair man, so your time will be compensated. How does another hour with Jamie here sound, on top of the time you have remaining?”

The men whooped in response. “Excellent! Then it seems like his night is just beginning.” He chuckled, then suddenly unbuttoned his pants, exposing himself before me. “I hope you don’t mind if I join in for a bit, lads?”

He approached me, his dick rapidly growing to its full size. Then, all too quickly, my view was once again filled with nothing but sweaty bodies and cocks, aggressively bearing down on me. I braced myself for a long evening.


Elise was all cried out; no more tears would come. It was hardly surprising, since about all she had done that night was cry. After her flight from Montgomery, she had endured the ride home in barely restrained silence, slowly losing her battle against the tears she could feel welling. When at last she reached the comfort of her bedroom, she had collapsed on her bed and sobbed.

Elise had never been ashamed of a good cry – she felt it was healthy, freeing, in fact – but this was something else. The mixture of emotions running through her was intense, unstoppable. Above all else, she felt guilt, guilt that Jamie had sacrificed so much for her, guilt that she hadn’t suspected anything sooner. Mixed in was humiliation at her own naiveté and blissful ignorance. She felt love and anger towards Jamie in equal measure – love that he was willing to sacrifice so much for her, anger that he had thought she would want this, was worth giving up so much for.

As the night wore on and the tears dried up, though, one emotion replaced all others: rage. A bit of rage at herself for shamefully fleeing the mansion like a little school girl, for abandoning her friend, and even a small bit of rage directed at Jamie. But most of all she felt rage towards the people of the Montgomery House, the naked pigs having their way with Jamie tonight, the businessmen complicit in this house of horrors. She harbored a special, intense feeling of rage for Simon Hawke, the man who had lied to her so easily, betrayed her, the face she could put to the evils of Montgomery. She seethed at the memory of his cocky smile and condescending tone.

Elise was normally a gentle girl, slow to anger and easy to forgive. But when she felt outrage at something, some injustice of society she could not stand for, she didn’t back down no matter what. Once she had discovered that a neighbor was abusing his young children, so in a fit of rage she had told him off loudly and aggressively, had called CPS and personally seen the man taken away in handcuffs and the children to safety.

She felt that kind of rage now, but even more concentrated. She wouldn’t stand for this, wouldn’t be the scared little girl everyone – even Jamie – seemed to think she was. Just because she was an idol with a dream didn’t make her a pushover. She’d make sure Hawke regretted ever bringing Jamie into this mess.

But first, she needed a plan. Despite her conviction, she was still just one woman, barely out of school and new to the idol business. Hawke was undoubtedly a powerful man with big allies – she’d have to tread carefully. She just needed more information, some in into the secrets of Montgomery.

She racked her brain, and the only answer she arrived at was Alice, the idol she had met earlier that afternoon. The girl couldn’t know much, was probably nearly as ignorant as she was, but Elise had to start somewhere and Alice could give her the leads she needed. In any case, it was going to be a long, tenuous thread to follow. Elise sighed and braced herself for a long night, then pulled up Phoenix Studios’ agency site to search for the contact information of OnlyAlice.


I slept restlessly that night, waking up repeatedly from a dream where Elise and Hawke fought over my naked, unconscious body. Amelia had tried to comfort me once we had returned to the sleeping chambers, but it was no use. It was one thing to cut contact with Elise for a month, but now that I had seen her again, and she had seen me? I wasn’t sure I could bear it.

I worked through the following day listlessly, barely registering the clients as they had their way with me. After servicing so many men, for so long this was nothing, barely a thought on my mind.

To my dismay, Hawke reappeared in the middle of the day. My heart sank. This man was never good news. I reluctantly followed him to a side room.

“How’s it going, Jamie? Thanks for the fun last night.” He said it mockingly. I had a sudden, uninvited flashback to the night before, Hawke impaling my ass while another man held me down and fed me his dick. I shuddered.

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