How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 04

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Trent called the next morning at around ten. I told him that we would be able to make dinner and he said that we should show up around four, and to bring our swim suits. Jason planned a barbeque for us and it would just be the six of us.

Candy called at noon, sounding dreadful. Apparently, after Trent and I left, someone brought out the alcohol and a bunch of them got toasted. Her only questions were about what Trent and I did after we left the party. She flatly refused to believe that he brought me straight home, since he did not turn back up at the club, they all figured that we went parking. I told her to go back to bed and we would talk at school. I think she passed out before she hung up.

At three thirty Mom called me down stairs and said it was time to leave. I came down in my one piece, loose shorts and top and sandals. Both Mom and Susan looked horrified at my clothes. Susan turned me around physically and dragged me back upstairs.

“You can’t go out looking like that. Pull you hair back into a pony tail and get that outfit off.” She was rummaging in my closet; she pulled out the red bikini, a short white skirt and white blouse.

“I can’t wear that.” I stated firmly.

“You can and you will,” said my mother from the bedroom door. “You have a beautiful body and you need to show it off.”

In seconds they had me naked and redressed. The bikini top barely covered my nipples and the thong showed off far too much of my butt. The skirt was no help, it stopped at the edge of my behind, if I bent over, I was going to put on a show for everyone. The blouse Susan tied at my midriff and then they handed me a pair of high heeled sandals. A quick trip to the bathroom to apply a light coat of makeup and we were out the door.

I was mortified at being at the McKabe’s dressed like this, but they did not give me a chance to protest. We arrived at the house only a few minutes after four. It was a large house, complete with a large indoor pool. Trent opened the door for us, he was dressed in a tank top, loud board shorts and flip flops. He led us to through the house to the patio where his parents were waiting.

“Well, how nice to see you,” Jason said as he came over to shake hands, he wore a more subdued pair of shorts and a button up Hawaiian shirt. “I am Jason McKabe and this is my wife Heather.” Jason stopped talking as Heather came over and hugged Mom.

“Karen, it is so good to see you again,” Heather said as she kissed Mom on the cheek, she wore a white bikini and filled it out perfectly. “How long has it been?”

“Ten years at least, since the tenth reunion high school party, you look great.”

“That is what you get for having a personal trainer every day.”

“About the same as being one,” Mom laughed.

“You mean that Karen Holcombe the aerobics instructor is YOU?”

“The one and only,” Mom said proudly.

“I have seen your name at the gym, but I never put it together.” Heather said.

“I take it you two know each other,” Jason said smiling.

“This is Karen Egan from high school.” Heather said.

“You mean that Karen?”

“Yes, this is the other half of the terrible twosome.” Heather said grinning even wider.

“Mom?” Susan asked.

“This is Heather Winston; we went through most of our school years together.” Mom said, “And I won’t tell you the stories about our adventures.”

“Judging from the ‘terrible twosome’, I can guess.” Susan said smirking.

“Well, let’s hit the pool.” Jason said waving us forward. He led us over to the pool, complete with hot tub at the shallow end and a bar. “The changing rooms are over there,” he pointed beside the bar, “Can I get you a drink?”

“I’ll have what you are having.” Mom told him, noting the tall drink on the table.

“Me too,” Susan said.

“Janie, there is soda in the fridge, just help yourself.” Jason said stepping behind the bar and starting the blender again.

Trent pulled off his tank top and dove into the pool in his board shorts. Mom and Susan peeled off their t-shirts and sat down in just their bikini tops and shorts to have their drink with Trent’s parents. I had no choice; I slipped out of my sandals and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to my feet. I unbuttoned the blouse and shrugged it off my shoulders. Placing both over a nearby chair I tried to walk quickly to the pool and hide, but it did not work.

Trent was treading water staring at me open mouthed. I looked over at the table; Heather and Mom had stopped reminiscing as Heather said, “My God, she is gorgeous. I would kill for that figure.” Mom just smiled encouragingly at me and waved to pool, Susan winked. I looked over at Jason and he seemed to have forgotten how mix drinks, he was just standing there with the blender spinning.

“Keep an eye on this lady Trent,” Jason said. “If you don’t treat her right, I just might steal her away from you. I already know that she is a wonderful dancer.”

I blushed right down to my toes and stepped into the shallow adana escort end of the pool, walking down the wide steps. I could and did dive well, but I wasn’t taking any chances with this bikini. I had already double knotted all the strings, but I was still worried.

For the next two hours, everyone was in and out of the pool. Trent and Jason started a splash fight and Mom and Heather challenged everyone to races. I won of course, I had better training. Finally, it was just me and Trent in the pool. The adults had decided that they had enough and went back to the bar. Jason led the ladies out onto the deck in the yard and started the grill.

Trent chased me around the pool and I finally let him catch me under the diving board. He pushed me back to the wall and tried to hold onto me, but the mechanics just did not work out. I had a better idea.

“Hold on to the board.” I told him. He did as I said and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He leaned forward to kiss me and I pushed my tongue into his mouth. I loved the feel of his body against mine and I wanted more. I was tight to the wall and against his body, so I started to grind my hips against him. Our kisses became more intense as I worked my hips up and down his crotch. I could feel his throbbing staff against me and I wanted it inside me.

His tongue chased mine around my mouth and licked my teeth. I thrust mine into his mouth and licked roof of his mouth. Our moans were getting louder; in fact I think we were getting rather out of control, when there was a knock on the window. We broke apart and looked over but everyone out there was looking out into the yard. Still we got the hint.

“Your Aunt, or my Mom,” Trent asked as I let go of him and he dropped back into the water.

“I think your Dad.” I said, swimming out into the middle of the pool.

“I am going to hit the hot tub, care to join me?”

“Love to, but I think we better sit on opposite sides, so they don’t get suspicious.” I told him.

We climbed over the low wall and sat in the swirling water. The temperature had to be well over a hundred. Trent set the timer for thirty minutes and sank up to his neck. I did the same across the way from him and our legs collided. He opened his legs and let mine stretch between his. We were both sideways to the glass wall and could see Mom and Heather talking animatedly and looking over at us often. Jason was working the grill and Susan was sipping a drink and talking to him.

I stretched my legs out and found that I could easily reach his groin with my feet. I slid my feet up his inner thighs and stroked his pole with the sole of my right foot; my left tickled his balls through his shorts. Trent looked over sharply at me and I smiled sweetly, the look of innocence as I stroked him beneath the water. A quick look outside to ensure that we were unobserved and Trent moved my feet off of him.

I pouted at him for stopping me, but he just winked and shifted in his seat. Then he reached for my feet and put them back into his lap. I felt my feet contact his bare flesh and realized that he had removed his shorts. Blowing him a kiss I resumed stroking him under water. My right foot wrapped around his shaft, the ball of my foot on the top side of his shaft pushing him down. My left foot was pressing against the underside, my big toe on one side and my next toe on the other, jerking him off. I had never done anything like this before, but it did not take me long to get a good rhythm going.

“What are doing to me?” He asked me through gritted teeth.

“Well, I left you unsatisfied last night; I could not do the same thing today. You might get the idea that I am nothing more than a tease.” I slowed down my feet, letting him calm down and come back from the edge. I rubbed my right foot over the crown of his penis and he shuddered.

“Does that feel good?” I teased.

“Very,” was all he said as he laid his head back.

“No, no.” I said stopping my feet, “look at me, we have to talk.”


“Yes, now. We don’t want them to think we are up to something. If we look like we are talking, they will leave us alone. Now, what is this about a Halloween party?”

“Oh,” he groaned as me feet started stroking him again. “Mom told you about that did she? Well, there is the dance at school the Friday night and the club party on Saturday. I thought maybe we could…”

“A little presumptuous are you? You have not even asked me if I wanted to go.” My feet sped up again, my right pressing against the top and my left still split around his shaft, clutching him like fingers.

“I was going to ask you.” He said twisting in his seat as I worked him over.

“But you didn’t.”

“Mom beat me to it. So would you like to go to the parties with me?”

“What would I wear?” I said staring off into space, stopping my feet and this time pulling them back to my side of the tub. Trent groaned.

“Janie,” he whined, eskişehir escort and I put my feet back, this time my left foot was at the top and my right rubbed the underside.

“Well, what would I wear?” I repeated.

“Friday I thought that we could go as the Joker and Harley.”

“Do you really think you have the body to wear that Harlequin outfit?” I teased.

“Very funny,” he said. “On Saturday, I really did not have any idea; I wanted to talk to you about it. The club party is usually more formal than school.”

“I like the idea of Friday’s outfit, but Saturday needs some thought. Let me get back to you.” I felt his shaft start to twitch and I sped up again. I wanted him to cum, I wanted to swallow his cum and have him fuck me bow legged, but that would have to wait for now.

“Janie, I’m gonna…”

“Yes, baby, let it go. Cum on my feet,” I encouraged him in a whisper.

Trent bucked against me and I felt the hot spray from his cock against my wet feet. It did not last long as the water swirled it away, but I felt him throb about six times and at least two jets hit my toes as the rubbed the crown of his penis. Finally he fell back against the side of the tub breathing heavily and I pulled my feet back to my side. Swishing my feet to clean the rest of his cum off I sat on the edge of the tub and swung into the pool. Swimming off I shuddered at the cold temperature but I wanted to give Trent a few minutes to collect himself.

I heard the tub shut off and a splash as Trent joined me in the pool. A few minutes later Jason called that dinner was ready and we moved to the stairs. As we climbed out Trent grabbed me and kissed me.

“Thanks, that was the best orgasm I have ever had, and the only foot job.”

“I am glad you liked it.”

Dinner was delicious, steak done to perfection, a light salad, wine for the adults, a soda for Trent and milk for me, Mom insisted. There was fresh bread and a delightful cake for desert. As the rest enjoyed coffee Trent asked me if I wanted to see the grounds. I stepped into my heels and we went into the back yard.

The grounds were beautiful, a rock garden, a pond and enough room to host a carnival. The rest of the five acres was left as woods. Trent explained that Jason had not fenced it in; he had merely hung private property signs every ten feet around the edge. He wanted to let the wild life be able to come and go in their natural habitat. The forest, the only word for it, was not dark and creepy, but well kept, but still after ten minutes we could not be seen from the house.

Trent pulled me into a hug and leaned against a tree. I stayed enveloped in his arms, my head on his chest just enjoying the feel of him. I slid my hands down to his waist and then to the front of his shots, he was hard again. I pushed his shorts down and grasped his member. He kicked his shorts off and spread his legs, letting me run my hands over his magnificent tool.

I kissed him on the lips and then started to work my way down his body. I licked his chest and sucked on both of his nipples. His hands worked the top of bikini up and started to massage my breasts. I continued lower and kept kissing and licking his hot flesh. Finally I ended up squatting between his legs, his staff right before my eyes.

This was the first time I had seen it and I loved it. It was not as big as Coach Withers, but had a wonderful shape. He was circumcised and the head stood out proudly on top of a shaft totaling seven inches long, I measured it later. It was nice and fat and I knew that it would fill me up in the most delightful way when I let him inside me.

I kissed the head and started to lick the length. I had played with his cock before, but this was the first time I had the chance to see it react to my touch. He was leaking pre-cum in a steady stream and I licked the rivulet that ran down the vein on the underside. He was not as sweet as I was, but not as bitter as Jim. I loved the taste and licked the length again. I wanted him completely coated in spit before I took him into my mouth.

My tongue drilled into the slit and I dug for his cream. My hands rubbed up and down and tickled his balls. Pushing his cock tight to his body I licked the length again but did not stop at the base. I continued to his balls and licked them as well. He was not very hairy and I took each ball into my mouth one at a time. My mouth was not big enough to take both at once, but I did try.

Trent was rocking his head from side to side as I worshiped the pillar before me. I used some of the techniques that I learned with Jim and Trent responded even better than he did. I kissed my way back up to the head and sucked it into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it. He shuddered above me and I pushed my head down, taking more of him inside.

Saliva was running down my chin and landing on my chest as I worked to take him all the way. Thanks to my time with Jim I had learned how to deep throat, sakarya escort and Trent was smaller so I had less trouble. The head touched the back of my throat and I swallowed repeatedly. He shivered above me as he slid into my throat and my swallowing reflex massaged his crown.

My head bobbed up and down and he held on to it to keep himself upright. My cheeks sunk in as I sucked, his pre-cum adding fuel to the fire in my belly. I wanted him to cum in my mouth; I wanted him to fuck me until I passed out. For the first time since I started this lifestyle, I was accepting myself as a woman, and I was disappointed that I was not a real woman and could give him all of me.

Trent looked down at me and I looked back up at him with big innocent eyes. I am sure that apart from the cock in my mouth I looked like an angel. That was all it took, he started to cum. I pulled back until only the head was in my mouth; I wanted to taste his semen. He shot six large gobs into my mouth and I thought I would have to swallow before he finished, but he slowed down and I was able to milk the rest of his cum into my mouth.

I slid my mouth off his cock, sucking the rest of his cum with me and opened my lips to show him that I had not swallowed. Looking directly into his eyes, I made a big production out of swallowing his gift to me. Trent watched my gulp down his jism and then pulled me to my feet and kissed me. His tongue drove into my mouth and lapped up the residue of his cum. I was surprised that he was so willing to taste his own cum, but I stuck my tongue into his mouth to share what little I had left.

“That was incredible,” he panted when we broke the kiss. “Now let me do you.” He started to kneel down and before I could say anything Heather hollered that we needed to come back to the house.

“Don’t worry about it baby.” I told him picking up his shorts and wiping the drool off my chin and chest. “I loved doing it for you and you don’t have to do anything for me.”

“But that isn’t fair.” Trent said as he pulled his shorts back up. I pulled my bikini top back down and adjusted the cups.

“Don’t worry darling, you will have your chance, if you really want me?”

“Of course I really want you.” We were walking back towards the house and could see the light from the windows, dusk was here and night would fall soon. “You don’t think I would do all this with just anyone do you?” He asked.

“Well, I don’t know,” I temporized. “You football types have a reputation for using girls like Gatorade.”

“I have never been like that; I hoped that you would know better.” He sounded hurt. “I wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend, but if you think I am like that…”

That was as far as he got. I jumped up and wrapped myself around him again, kissing him deeply. We were right at the edge of the forest and our families could see us, but I did not care.

“Yes, yes, oh yes.” I said between kisses. He held me in his arms and kissed me back. “I was worried that you might not want me to be your girlfriend, I mean you don’t know me at all.”

“I know you, I know all about you. I know you are smart, beautiful, sexy, and loving. I have seen you with my parents and not even they could phase you. I have seen you take on the challenges of a new school, new friends, joining the cheer squad, just be dropped into the snake pit we call the popular kids and you never batted an eye. You help and talk to everyone you meet. You make us popular kids rethink how we treat each other and the rest of the school. You are the best and bravest person I know.”

By the time Trent finished talking I was so red from blushing, you could probably read from the light I was casting. We reached the bottom of the stairs to the patio and looked up to see our Moms looking at us.

“We thought you two had run off to get married or something.” Heather said grinning.

“No, know these two are related to us, they would probably run off to a motel first.” Mom said. Both of us ducked our heads and would not look at them or each other. Mom laughed and said, “Come on Janie, we need to get going. You and Susan have class tomorrow. Kiss your boyfriend goodnight and let’s get going.”

I looked up in shock and Mom winked at me. “With a kiss like that, you two had better be dating exclusively.”

“Yes, Trent just asked me to be his girlfriend.”

“I always knew that boy had good taste.” Jason said as he came to the edge of the deck and smiled down fondly at us.

“Well, kiss him goodbye and let’s get going.” Susan hollered from the patio door.

I did not need another invitation; I stepped up on the stair and locked lips with my boyfriend. His arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me tenderly to him. Our mouths remained closed, but the passion and love was unmistakable. Reluctantly, I pushed away from him and climbed the stairs. Heather hugged me when I reached her and smiled brightly as she kissed both of my cheeks. Jason would not be put off, and pulled me into a gentle hug and kissed my forehead.

“Good night dance partner. I expect another opportunity at the Halloween party at the club.”

“Good night Jason, I am looking forward to it. If only I can think of a costume.”

“Well you and Kelly and Susan put your heads together. I want all three of you to be stunning when you arrive.”

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