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Big Dicks

We’d managed to get away to the Keys for a few days, just my wife and I. She was enjoying a little quiet time reading on the beach and I was getting in some much anticipated tarpon fishing. I’d spent the day on a boat with a guide and had great success, landing my first tarpon ever. My guide and I had just parted ways at the dock and I was getting ready to walk back to the hotel to meet my wife. I really had to take a leak, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to go on a small boat. There was a public bathroom right between the dock and the beach, so I decided to use it before walking back.

I walked into the empty bathroom and went into a stall, I’m not sure why I didn’t use the urinal except that maybe I have a little bit of a fascination for some of the graffiti in public men’s rooms. I sat down and began reading the scribbles on the wall of the stall. There was the usual assortment of stupid drivel, but there were also the usual writings of the gay and curious men that often appear as well. These were the ones that interested me. I started to get hard as I read some of the notes men had written of wanting to suck or be sucked, fuck and be fucked. There were some drawings as well that left little to the imagination, but did plenty to stir mine.

I began to slowly stroke my stiffening cock, becoming steadily aroused by the lewd messages and the erotic wanderings of my mind. I was jolted back to reality when I heard the door open and someone walk in. Suddenly I realized that I was sitting in a public bathroom jerking off. I quickly began to try and think of something else and let my hard-on deflate while I heard someone use the urinal and then go to the sink. By the time I heard the guy head for the door and heard it open and close again, my cock was softening and I just pulled my pants back up and got ready to leave, a little embarrassed now.

I walked out of the stall and headed toward the sink. I jumped, clearly startled, when I saw that there was another guy in the bathroom still. Maybe there had been two of them, or maybe he’d just wanted me to think he’d left. I didn’t know, but I was pretty nervous. I just said, “hi” and kept going to the sink. I started to wash my hands and suddenly he pressed himself against me from behind. He pushed me against the sink and I could feel his hard cock against my ass. I panicked and slid away from him, moving over to the paper towel dispenser. I quickly wiped my hands and headed for the door. He came up behind me before I could make it out and pushed me face first against the wall. He quickly pinned me next to the door with a hand on the wall to either side of me and his body pressed against me. He was much bigger than me, probably 6’2” or 6”3 and definitely over 200 lbs.

“Where you going?”, he grunted in my ear.

“Hey, I don’t want any trouble. I was just leaving.”, was my shaky reply.

His hand reached down and moved over my ass as he said, “What are you doing in here if you don’t want any trouble?”

“I just needed to take a leak”, I pleaded.

I could feel him shifting around behind me and heard his zipper while he snarled into my ear, “I think you came in here for more than that and I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to fuck this tight little ass of yours.”

Panic washed over me even stronger. Starzbet Maybe I’d fantasized about other men before, but that was fantasy. “Please, I just wanted to go to the bathroom.”

“Shut the fuck up.”, he shouted and I felt his hands on my belt buckle. I struggled, but he quickly had my pants down around my knees and I could feel his cock pressed against my ass.

“Please don’t”, I pleaded, but I’d hardly said it when I felt the head of his cock at my hole.

He thrust forward and his cock pushed into me hard. My ass burned as my front side was pushed against the cold tile of the wall. “Oh yea, your ass is nice and tight. You’re gonna be a good fuck”, he panted in my ear.

I couldn’t reply. I was in shock from the suddenness with which this had all happened and the overwhelming sensations tearing through my body. It hurt, but mostly it was just the shock. He began to thrust, fucking me hard against the wall. I just surrendered, unable to get away, letting him fuck me.

His breathing was heavy in my ear as he kept me pinned against the wall, filling me with his cock and then sliding nearly all the way out before burying it in me again.

Slowly and without realizing it, my ass began moving back to meet his thrusts. His hand reached around to find my cock hard.

“Yea, you like having your tight ass fucked. I knew you would.”, he scoffed. “I knew you wanted to be my fuck toy.”

I couldn’t say anything still and only realized how hard my cock was throbbing when I felt his hand close around it.

“You like being fucked alright, your cock’s hard from taking me in your ass.”

He stroked me roughly and moaned in my ear, “I’m gonna fill your ass with my hot cum.” He heaved against me and I could feel him stiffen and felt a blast of warmth fill my ass. He continued to thrust in and out of my cum slicked ass as my own cum shot out onto the wall in front of me.

I’d barely finished cumming when his knee pushed into the back of mine, forcing me to the floor. His hand went to the back of my head and he pushed me towards the puddle of cum running down the wall. “Clean up that mess, slut”, he commanded as he pushed my head forward. Obediently, I licked the cum as it ran down the wall.

He moved beside me and pulled my head towards his cock. In a daze, I took him into my mouth. I could taste his cum and the musky scent of my ass and felt his cock quickly stiffening in my mouth. He leaned back against the wall and put his hands on either side of my head and guided my head up and down his growing shaft.

“Oh god, I hit the jackpot with you. You’re a cum loving little cock sucker arent’ you?”

I moaned into his crotch, but wouldn’t take his cock out of my mouth long enough to reply.

“Yea, I got some more for you, keep sucking slut.”

I sucked feverishly, stroking his cock in time with the motions of my starving mouth, craving his cum.

His hand went to my forehead and he pushed me back slightly. He began quickly stroking his cock as he bent my head back and a low guttural moan escaped me. “Here you go”, he said as his cock erupted. His hot cum splashed on my face. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but several gobs of it landed on my forehead, my cheek and in my hair Starzbet Giriş before his hand released my head as I was straining to get my mouth back to his cock. I took him in my mouth again in time to feel the last pulses of his load fill my mouth with the rest of his hot cum. When he’d finished cumming, he pushed me back all the way to the floor and said, “You can finish yourself now”.

My hand went quickly to my aching cock and within two strokes, my cum was shooting out onto my belly.

“Now clean up your mess and come with me,” he barked.

I wiped my hand across my puddled belly and brought it to my mouth. I licked my hand clean and then wiped the cum from my face toward my mouth, cleaning myself up as best as I could.

He was pulling his pants back up and doing his belt and I quickly did the same. Without a word, he walked out and I followed.

We walked several blocks, him in front and me following behind. Thoughts rushed trough my head, but nothing that made any sense to me, just that I’d been raped by another man in a public restroom and I liked it. No, I didn’t just like it, I loved it and I was following him wherever he wanted to take me because I would do anything for more.

He walked into an apartment building and up to a door. He produced a key, opened the door and went inside. I followed behind. Even in my present state, I was shocked by what I saw. There were several guys moving around the apartment, all of them were naked. In the middle of the room, on the floor, there was a guy tied on his back to a low table with one guy fucking his ass and another fucking his mouth. I stood frozen with shock, fear and most of all arousal. I found myself staring at the guy on the table and realized that all of my emotions had filtered into one thing. Jealousy. I wanted to be in his place.

“Look what I brought”, announced the guy that I came in with.

Several of the guys looked over and smiled. Knowing smiles.

I stood awkwardly watching the scene in front of me as the guy I came in with walked off. I still didn’t know his name, but heard somebody call him Bill.

I just stood there watching the two guys fucking the guy on the table. I could feel my cock stiffening in my pants again. After a few minutes, both the guys came and then walked away, leaving the guy tied to the table, covered in cum.

Bill walked over to me and felt my hard cock through my pants. “You want your turn don’t you?”, he smiled at me.

“Yea”, I croaked through my anxiousness.

“Then put that eager mouth of your’s to work cleaning him up, then we’ll give you all the cock you can handle.”

I dropped to my knees at the end of the table. His knees were tied back, exposing his ass for their use. My mouth went to the inside of his thighs. I licked and sucked all the cum that had been sprayed there and moved to his ass. My tongue started at the bottom of his crack where the cum had run and pooled. I lapped at it hungrily and ran my tongue up his crack and over his reddened hole. I licked my way up over his cum soaked balls and the puddles of cum on his stomach that he had shot on himself. I was vaguely aware of several guys sitting in chairs around me, stroking themselves as they watched me move Starzbet Güncel Giriş up to the stray shots of cum on his chest and finally licking the cum from his face and mouth as I untied him.

One of the guys helped him from the table and led him away as I lay down in his place. It was my turn to be used and my cock throbbed in anticipation.

I put my feet up on the end of the table and looked around at the guys still stroking themselves as they watched me.

Two of the guys got up and moved towards me and each took an arm and moved them into the restraints on the table. Their cocks bobbed just above my face as they tightened the straps. The one that was tying my left hand noticed my wedding band and laughed, “I wonder if his little lady knows what a cock hungry whore her husband is.” I said nothing, just stared at the beautiful cocks dangling above my face. They fastened the straps around my knees and secured them back towards my chest and then each moved to take a nipple into their mouth. My back arched with the aching that shot through my body as their tongues moved over my nipples, alternately licking, sucking and nibbling. Then they moved away and went back to stroking their cocks as I lay there aching.

After a few minutes, they began to taunt me, they stroked slowly, letting me have a good view and asked me if I wanted their cocks. I didn’t hesitate for a moment to beg them to fuck me any way they wanted.

When they’d heard me beg long enough, they moved in and took me, all of them. They took turns fucking my ass. They stood over my head and fucked my mouth and I jerked off anyone I could reach. I don’t know how long it went on for, but remember one guy standing over me and cumming on my face and as he walked away, the room was empty. I lay there completely covered in cum and exhausted. I drifted off to sleep.

It was still dark outside when I awoke to the sound of a door closing. I lookedup and saw my wife enter the apartment. Someone must have gotten the hotel room key out of my pocket and told her where I was. I laid there while she looked at me, not really knowing what her reaction would be. Just then, Bill came walking naked out of one of the bedrooms. He seemed unfazed by her being there and walked up to her and said, “Did you know that your husband was such a slut?”

She looked him up and down and said, “I can’t say as I blame him.”

I guess I had my answer when she dropped to her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. I lay there and watched my wife suck the cock of the man who’d used me all night. Incredibly, my cock began to stiffen again as I watched.

Bill and my wife looked over and saw my rising hard-on and Bill said, “Didn’t you get enough yet?”

My wife smiled and said, “Apparently not”. She moved over to the table where I was laying and knelt by my head. Bill came over and straddled the table over me. My wife began sucking his cock again, just above my face. I lay there and watched his cock move in and out of my wife’s mouth. Bill reached down and untied me so that I could lift my head to suck on his balls. We sucked and licked him together until I felt his balls pull tight and he began to cum into my wife’s mouth. I watched her swallow as much as she could until the rest came out of her lips and dripped into my mouth. She bent to kiss me and pushed her tongue into my mouth along with much of the cum that Bill had shot in her mouth. Bill turned and went back to bed, saying over his shoulder, “I’ll look you up again before you head home.”

My wife replied, “Make sure you find us both.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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