Inception Incest

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All characters in this story are 18 or older.

Dreams. Are they the brain’s way of sorting out our day; or a mental simulation of potential disaster? I have a special gift when it comes to dreams, and I’ve been studying them for several years now. I can study them both inside and out, for I have the power popularized by the film Inception.

I was pissed with the movie at first, since many of my secrets were revealed, but in time people didn’t seem to notice when I would invade their dreams. It started with trying to gain control of my mind while I slept since as a young boy I had terrible nightmares about all kinds of hellish creatures.

Eventually was able to control what I dreamed, and eventually was able to cross into the minds of others. In time I was able to master my ability and even create Inception within others. I had to be careful with where I treaded, what I did, and what I left behind since once mishap can leave someone unable to cope, going mad in the process.

My name is Bryce, and I used my dreams to escape my real life. My parents disregarded my theories and research on dreams, telling me that I should get a “real job” like my sister Lori. Only two years younger, and the girl had her life served to her on a silver platter. The parents encouraged her more; she got better grades in school, a smoking hot frame, a loving boyfriend, and got her first career-like job a MONTH out of college. I on the other hand, have written dozens of articles on dream psychology, several were published in prestigious magazines and have gotten…nothing. No phone calls from firms, universities, anything. I tried my own sleep clinic which helps pay some bills, but everyone at home thinks I’m a hack.

As I mentioned, Lori has a great body. She stands about 5’6″, shoulder length light brown hair, size 34C breasts, tight body, and a firm heart-shaped ass. She’s a beautiful woman make no mistake. There’s always been a part of me that wondered what sex with her would be like: two young siblings in their twenties devouring one another. Maybe I wanted to fuck her because I was so envious of her success in life. Maybe it was because our parents favored her so much and I wanted to defile their little princess. Maybe it’s as simple as I was horny as hell and couldn’t get a girl to say yes to a date in years. Whatever the reason, I was going to fuck my sister and make it seem like it was HER idea.

Inception is a high risk process. So many things can go wrong, but if you’re patient, you won’t make these critical errors. One day after work Lori came home feeling tired and decided to take a nap. I know she was out late the night before, so this nap would be a while, the perfect time to manipulate her dreams. I’d waited nearly three weeks for this chance. I went into the living room and slept in the recliner next to her, since proximity is a factor when crossing over in dreams. Sleep-time can go exceptionally quick, so within what seemed like 30 seconds I was in Lori’s mind in her first of many dreams to come. Dreams do come in layers, a key factor to exploit and study. I was sporting a tuxedo in the city of New York at night.

The first dream layer is what we’re most anxious about. Lori had been telling about her upcoming trip with her boyfriend James (I call him Jim), and she was clearly nervous about how the trip was going to go. I could see in the distance her hotel, and I needed to beat him there. I was standing outside a photo developer shop, an element of my creation. I walked into the store, taking a small envelope being handed to me from a curly-haired Arabian man. Most of the time people you meet in the dreams of someone else are your enemy, and will do everything they can to stop you in your progress. This man is also of my creation, my perfect accomplice who I’ve studied in great detail for this purpose.

He is the creator of my instruments for inception, a subconscious handler who I can count on as my only ally. I check inside the envelope: six pictures, all of me and Lori in various sex positions, my cock clearly buried deep in her pussy. My cock tremors at the thought, but time is precious.

When I step outside the store, there is Jim waiting in a limo that is supposed to pick up Lori. He draws a handgun, opening fire on me. Jim is a guardian in Lori’s mind, one of the strongest on this layer who will do whatever he can to stop me. I run back into the photo store, my handler giving me a pair of keys and letting me go out the back. In the back lot is an Audi R4 e-tron ready to roll. I hop into the car and drive off, leaving Jim firing bullets uselessly. He waves his hand, and suddenly squads of SWAT cars are on my ass. Normally driving on roads isn’t a good idea, since number one everyone with a car will suddenly start coming after you, number two, guardians have the ability to change your pathways at will, even making the terrain rise 90 degrees.

Jim forces the road in front of me to become a wall; I make a hard left into oncoming traffic. Maneuvering past every bayburt escort car, taking out mirrors, doors, and scratching the hell out of my ride, I decide to fight back.

I watched a lot of James Bond, so I configured the car to dump caltrops and an oil slick. Several of the trucks chasing me careen into one another, causing chaos in the streets. Jim steals another car and continues his pursuit. I brake hard, steer left to go 180 degrees, shift into reverse, pullout my new Uzi, and open fire on Jim’s car. The bullets bounced and pounded off the hood, the glass, but Jim was able to wave his hand and change the terrain again.

Guardians want to catch you off guard, hoping to make you kill yourself. I shifted the car forward, barely missing Jim in a head-on collision, and heard his brakes screech as he slammed into his new wall meant to claim me. Guardians cannot be killed, but this will definitely slow him down.

I arrive at Lori’s hotel just as she’s exiting her vehicle. Lori is surprised to see me here, wondering why I’m out of breath.

“Bad men chasing me Lori, they got Jim” is what I said between gasps.

“Oh No!”

“Quick, run inside, we need to get to your room.”

The journey of inception becomes a lot easier when you convince the host’s mind to battle and betray its own defenses. Lori saw the SWAT trucks coming for us and ran for the elevator, I followed her closely. Once the door shut, I was able to seal off the base level of the hotel, the stairs and the elevator when we get to the top. I marveled at how Lori looked. She wore a strapless black gown with the front in a heart shape hugging her breasts, and the side slit up to her thighs.

Lori walked me into her hotel room, where she kicked off her shoes, and laid down on the bed. I went over to the window, seeing people trying to get into the hotel and a helicopter in the distance. We still had time, but I had to hurry. I looked for a wall safe, a useful device which will help between layers.

“Lori, this is what they’re after.” I pulled out the envelope from my jacket pocket.

“What is it?”

“We need to hide it. Someplace safe.” I spotted a wall safe and walked over to it.

“Give me a couple numbers Lori.”

“Uh…06-07-08-21” I placed the envelope within and locked the safe using our new combination.

“There. Just remember the combination and don’t tell anyone. You’ve had a long flight. Why don’t you lie down and get some rest?”

She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. I sat in a nearby chair in the corner and did the same, except I was leaning back on two feet on purpose…

I awoke in the second layer of the dream. Investigating my surroundings I knew this place to be Paris, my sister’s favorite city. The second dream layer is incredibly volatile since this is where our best and worst dreams take place, often in a short sequence. I could see Lori’s tour group from when she came here, but the surrounding people were uneasy with my presence. Random civilians kept giving me dirty looks and were ready to attack. As the mob came at me, I started swinging violently, knocking one after another back, but still being overridden by their numbers.

A van screeched past me, knocking out several attackers and stopped suddenly. Several men opened their doors screaming at me in Albanian, but I understood every word.

“Get in get in get in, we have a mission to complete!”

The Albanians threw me a ski mask and an AK-47 to use, and had me get into the front seat. Several of them went out and held Lori’s tour group at gun point…handcuffed Lori and then placed a bag over her head. Lori’s worst nightmare was about to come true.

When maneuvering in dreams, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is truer than it ever is in real life. These kidnappers are my only line of defense against mobs of people focused on protecting Lori’s mind.

They drove to an abandoned house deep in the slums, where they took Lori inside, tying her to a chair. I could hear Lori’s crying and screams so vividly, it took everything I had to hold myself back. In times like these I turn to my tether, an item I use to make sure I’m still dreaming. Exploring dreams becomes so vivid that it’s easy to get lost and forget what is real and what is it. A tether tells you what is real and what isn’t. I use a loaded pair of six sided dice as my tether, as long as I roll a pair of snake eyes three or more times in a row, I know I’m in a dream. I rolled my dice three times, three sets of snake eyes.

I went back to the room where they were keeping Lori. They were screaming at her to give them the combination to a safe, and she kept screaming “I don’t know.”

Once an item such as a safe is locked, only the dreamer can unlock the item. That’s why I had to stand by and watch while Lori was slapped and shouted at to give the combination.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man staring at me. It was my handler, waiting for me to make eye bilecik escort contact with him. He walked briskly over to me, the others never even noticing his presence, and handed me a small roll of film, and just walked away. This was another key piece of inception, something I needed to get into the safe. Lori finally broke down crying, muttering the numbers “06-07-08-21” between her sobs.

As soon as I heard the numbers spoken, I opened fire with my AK-47 at every standing man in the room. I unloaded my clip, seized another gun and cleared out the building. I cut Lori’s bonds, told her to get up and grab the safe, and hightail it out of here.

“Where are we going?!?” Lori screamed to me in panic.

“To Switzerland, where we can be safe!”

We nabbed the van used to kidnap Lori, and I drove as quickly as I could out of Paris. Once we were outside the city Lori would remember less, and I can make the world in my own image. Several Albanians were in a van chasing us down, and shooting at our van. One pulled up beside me with our mother in the front seat. She rolled down her window, pulled out an AK and shot out the tires to the van. I had to act fast, or we’d be captured, and Lori “rescued” by the second guardian. They’d remove the inception from the idea from the safe, and my plot would be ruined.

“Lori, close your eyes!” I screamed

“What? Why?!?”

“We’re losing control of the van, trust me!”

Lori closed her eyes, and I followed suit. When I opened them, we were now in Bern Switzerland, just outside of an office to one of the famed Swiss banks. We would need to tread carefully, because we still weren’t safe on the outside. I grabbed Lori’s hand and told her “c’mon!”

Crossing the street would have been a death knell. Policemen were everywhere. I would have to navigate using the back alleyways, creating an ever-shifting maze for our followers. We would twist and turn left and right until finally we had a clearing. Just to be safe I pulled on a riot bulletproof shield for cover. I could see the guardian resembling our mother searching for us. This time, she was their chief of police. We ran as quick as we could to the entrance, the police firing their rounds, pounding hard on my shield. It was too close a call, getting into the entrance and requesting protection from the bank’s security guards. Protection was only granted to account holders, so I had Lori give them the numbers to the safe.

The teller punched the numbers into the computer on successfully proved we had an account. I informed the teller we had something to deposit, had Lori open the safe and I inspected the contents. The envelope was still there, and I placed the small roll of film inside.

“All of this for an envelope?” Lori whined.

“It’s a very important one Lori. We need it protected.” I handed the safe to the teller before Lori became too inquisitive, while he placed the safe on a conveyor and stored the safe several floors underground.

Envisioning a room, I asked the teller if we could stay there until the commotion dies down. He searched and consented, giving us a set of keys to let us in. Lori’s clothes were disheveled from her earlier capture, but all she wanted to do was sleep. I agreed, the final phase coming into view. I lied down with her in bed, and went to sleep as well.

I awoke a few seconds later at our cottage we had when we were younger up north. It was in the woods in front of a lake, serene pines in every direction. Lori was walking up the path to go inside for a drink. The third layer is what I call the Fortress, the place where we feel safest, above all else. The guardians here are beyond vicious: fanatics whose only purpose is to root out anyone who doesn’t belong. There’s another catch: altering the environment of the fortress is incredibly dangerous. If the subject doesn’t feel safe here it would induce paranoia to the point of madness.

As Lori walked inside of the cottage, I heard helicopters and trucks coming in all directions. Within seconds I saw soldiers rushing up, being led by our Father. Not being denied my chance, I pulled an RPG and fired at the onrush of soldiers spilling over the hill. I converted it to a stinger launcher and shot down two helicopters, buying myself time to get inside. I soundproofed the house, but time was short now.

“Lori, I need to get something in your room, will you come up there with me?”

“Sure, Bryce” she replied, seeming puzzled.

The fortress always houses the door to the subconscious, something the subject must show me and let me in to. The wall safe was right next to her room, and I asked Lori to open the safe for me.

Lori put in the same combination of 06-07-08-21, opening the safe for me. The envelope and the small roll of film were still there, and I retrieved both of them.

“What are those?” Lori asked curiously.

“Give me a second, and I’ll show you” I teased.

Lori opened the door to her room. There was a single chair, bingöl escort a projector, and a projection screen set up. I handed Lori the envelope and said “Don’t open until I tell you” and set up the projector. Lori sat in the lone chair while the projector hummed to life. I made my way out of the room, pulling the door almost shut. A soldier was braying on the front door, about in.

I looked into the room, images of Lori and I having raw, passionate sex flashing on the projector, I muttered “open the envelope Lori” and shut her bedroom door.

I went to the recliner just outside the room, lied down, and put the footrest up. The soldiers got in, but they cannot get past the door to the subconscious. They surrounded me in my chair, ready to pin me down. I leaned as far back as I could, go past parallel with my head going to the floor and muttered “let’s make a dream come true.”

In Inception they described the action of riding the kick up through the layers of the dreaming mind. I have become experienced enough to create a situation where I can stop at the layer of my choice. I awoke from my slumber at the first layer, almost falling out of my chair because I leaned so far back. I leaned forward, making myself land on all fours in the chair, seeing my handler with a camera in the corner.

The thud awoke Lori from her sleep, seeming relieved to see me. Inception works best when the idea is implanted deep in the subconscious, then lived out in the first layer, the one we usually wake up from. I saw in Lori’s eyes a woman hungry for sex, lusting after a cock, my cock.

She stood up from her bed as I rose from my chair, and we kissed each other deeply. We stood there devouring each other, our tongues fighting for control. I kissed Lori’s cheek, down her neck, her chest, onto the soft curves of her breasts. I licked across them, ravaging the supple flesh with my tongue, planting wet kisses across. Lori pushes me back slightly, unzips her gown, and lets it slide to the floor. Her body is heavenly, her breasts perfect round orbs, her nipples standing tall, waiting for a hungry mouth.

I moved forward and started sucking Lori’s breasts as if I was a man possessed. My hungry mouth swallowed as much as it could, lathering her breasts with my saliva. I stepped back and began removing my clothing, Lori falling backwards onto the bed, ready for what would come next.

I climbed onto the bed, naked as the day I was born and went for Lori’s pussy. I dived into her hotbox, licking and savoring her flavor. Lori’s juices flowed from her pussy, onto my tongue as I searched for her bud. I took two fingers and buried them into her pussy as well, while sucking for as long and as hard as I could on her clit. Lori placed her right hand on the back of my head, pushing me closer to her clit. I shook my head, licked, sucked, and used my lips to apply the right pressure to Lori’s clit. Her juices flowed freely, flooding my hand and covering my face. Her moans grew louder the more I worked her little nub.

“Bryce…oh Bryce…that feels soooo gooooood”

“Ooooohhhh… ooooooohhhh…”


As she neared her first orgasm my handler took a picture of us together, my face buried in my sister’s pussy. The picture slipped from the camera and floated lazily to the floor.


“Ooooohhhh…I’m gonna cuuuuummmm…!”

Lori’s body thrashed wildly as she orgasm, fingers from one hand buried deep in her pussy, the other and holding her hips down to continue my licking of her fabulous pussy.

I crawled up the bed and kissed Lori deeply again. I placed my aching cock just in front of her warm, eager pussy. I stared into her eyes for a moment and we watched as my cock slid achingly slow into her depths.

I pumped in and out of her, taking her hands into mine and laying her flat across the bed, my cock raking her pussy. Her velvet walls felt like heaven, my forbidden lust being unleashed in one raw act. I grabbed behind Lori’s knees, pushing them forward, watching my cock push in and out, I grab her ankles and hold them high, watching her beautiful face frozen in pleasure. Lori clawed the sheets and moaned her satisfaction. I dropped her ankles and resumed holding her hands, making slow, deep thrusts.

I kissed Lori on her lips, and my handler took another picture of my on top of my sister, buried balls deep into her pussy. “Turn around Lori; I want to see your sweet ass when I fuck you.”

Lori turned around to face the headboard on her hands and knees, presenting her beautiful ass for me to view. I continued my long, slow strokes into Lori, my hands grabbing and molesting her beautiful breasts.

“Pinch my nipples Bryce; I love it when my nipples are pinched…oh, fuck” Lori moaned.

I fondled Lori’s breasts some more, kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders, controlling myself with all of my will to not lose it too quickly. My handler took another picture, my thrill from exhibitionism growing by the moment.

“Bryce…I’m…uuuunnggghhh…I’m gonna come again!”

I continued my long, slow, purposeful pumping into my sister’s pussy as she braced herself for another orgasm to slam into her. I licked my right hand and started fondling her clit to really drive her wild.

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