Interlude from Work

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I had just turned fifty a few months ago, in the spring. My husband works long periods in the Middle East, in the construction business. He comes home for a week every seven weeks or so – six weeks on, one week off. My one boy graduated college this year and my other is taking a second gap year before starting college. Right now he spends most of the year up in New England, honing his hockey skills. My elder moved back home after graduation and has a full-time job a few miles away while he decides what he wants to do with his life.

I live in the suburbs and have a full-time job which allows me to work from home at least two days a week. I like that a lot, because the commute is well over an hour, one way. It can be up to two hours in bad traffic.

My husband has pretty much lost all interest in sex. When he comes home, he’s usually too tired for the first two or three days, then he starts dedicating every waking moment to pet projects around the house and yard and before I know it, he’s headed back to Oman again. We’re not too badly matched in that respect. When I was younger, I had a fair-sized sex drive, but over the years it’s just dwindled and dwindled. I feel the urge to get off maybe once a month (right before my period) and take care of myself on those occasions, usually in my bed at night before I go to sleep.

There’s no doubt I could afford to lose twenty or thirty pounds. I have a larger frame to start with, so the weight doesn’t look as bad as it could on me, but I can feel the layer of extra flesh all over my torso where I really don’t need it. My boobs never quite shrank back down to pre-nursing size (even after 18 years!), but now they’re not as self-supporting as they used to be and need to be firmly anchored most of the time, with a sports bra being my restraint of choice. A bunch of weight sits on my hips and my butt and my husband often makes fun of me for it (he’s a workout freak). I do a bit on the treadmill most days – if I didn’t, I’d probably look and feel far worse!

What else about me? Brown hair which I sometimes get dyed with auburn highlights, straight and hanging down to my bra-strap in the back. Dark brown eyes and a very strong jawline. My complexion isn’t the greatest, but I almost automatically put on foundation after a shower, to even out the excess of rather large pores in some areas. I think it would be fair to say I never step beyond the end of the driveway without makeup and jeans (I’m very conscious of my legs) on, no matter the season.

So where did I stray from the straight-and-narrow? I’m getting moist just thinking about it again, pressing my thighs together and shivering slightly. I have a very dear friend with whom we’ve enjoyed an on-again, off-again mutual flirtation over several years. I originally met him (let’s call him Graham, here) at work and we would drift together and apart again over the years. Right now, we were closer again, as I was often lonely and Graham lived about an hour away and has no air conditioning in his house. The summer of 2015 has been too hot and humid for his work-from-home comfort on some occasions, so when there’s been nobody other than myself home here, I’ve invited him up to work from here, too. As long as we don’t both have conference calls at the same time (where we both have to talk), we can sit at opposite ends of the kitchen table and work happily. If we do have a conflict, one of us will go into my study and take their call from there.

This was a Monday in August and it was hot and humid. Graham arrived in time to set up for his 7am call and we both got a coffee and settled in for the morning. He was facing down the length of the table toward the patio doors and I was facing up the length of the table toward him (and the front hallway). Lunchtime came and I offered to get us sandwiches from my local Panera, which I brought home and we ate as we continued to work (well, ok – I was surfing more than working during the lunch period!).

Three o’clock approached and the room started to darken a little. Thunder rumbled in the distance and I got up and turned around to look out the patio door. I stood there for maybe a minute or so, watching the dark clouds approach in the distance, with little flashes of lightning now and again. It looked like the bulk of the storm was going to pass to the north. Pity, we could have used the rain.

It was then I sensed someone (Graham, obviously) standing directly behind me. He’s just a tad taller than me and I felt his chin resting on my right shoulder – I was ok with that, hardly the first time. But this time, he also placed almanbahis şikayet his hands around the sides of my waist, just above the waistband of my jeans. Not firmly, but most definitely a presence. I stiffened a bit and felt his breath on my right ear.

Then he kissed me, firmly but gently, on my neck beneath my ear. He withdrew the kiss and placed another one, very deliberately, just a fraction higher. Then he moved right behind my ear, all in the space of a very short time. And this time he whispered “What does it take to get you aroused?” as he stepped closer to me, his groin making distinct contact with my jean-clad butt. He didn’t squirm or move back and forth, or even press in harder. He kept the position as I held my breath, unsure what to do.

When I hadn’t immediately reacted, I suppose Graham took that as a sign of encouragement (or lack of discouragement) and started to slide his right hand around my waist, headed for my belly. His upper arm made contact with the side of my right boob, as my bra held it in place under my pullover. I know he deliberately tensed his arm muscle in order to make my boob jiggle a little. I’m usually VERY picky about whom I let touch my boobs or my butt, but I was like a deer in the headlights, paralysed. I didn’t lift a finger to stop him and didn’t try to step away. I was giving him free reign over my not-the-greatest body! Part of me was wondering where this was leading and how far he’d go. Another part of me was in total denial regarding the intimacy now taking place.

As his fingers slid under my pullover and inside my waistband just to the right of my belly-button, I remembered to breathe again. The inward breath actually helped his exploration a little, as my tummy drew in, creating more space for his invading hand. Inside my jeans he slid, and also inside the front of my panties. He resumed his gentle kisses around my neck and ear. Still, I did not protest. The sensation of his groin against my butt was starting to change, though. Now I could feel his hardening being pushed against my cheeks as Graham wriggled his hips back and forth a little, seeking the stimulation of touch.

His fingertips made it to the top of my pubic hair, which I keep short and nicely groomed. While I’m far from bald down there, you’ll never find a stray hair in my panties. I realized I was holding my breath again and very slowly let it out and took in another deep one. The area behind my right ear felt almost as if it was burning now, from Graham’s persistent kisses.

“Do you like it when I press against you like this?” he murmured to me, shimmying his package against my butt, making me wobble a bit more than I cared to admit. I could feel the outline of his hardness now, trying to nestle in a vertical position between my too-ample cheeks. “What about when I do THIS?” Graham asked as the tips of his fingers made it down to my mons. I quietly moaned in response. I was so powerless to stop anything. I had never been this turned-on when still fully clothed, standing inside the patio door of my own kitchen.

One of his fingers extended a little further and made contact with the start of my groove. My nether lips are almost insignificant, the short hairs covering the tight slit down there. He shifted round a bit to the right, enabling both him to extend his reach a couple inches, and myself to shift my left foot slightly to open my stance a little, granting him the access we both desired. He was quick to take advantage, too, curling the end of his finger and pushing through my wiry hair into my private crevice. He slipped in very easily, finding me already quite slick. My breathing quickened and increased in intensity.

“I know what you would like”, Graham whispered, as he withdrew his fingertip just enough to find the hood over my sensitive pearl. His finger felt cool to me, but it was probably just in comparison to my own raging heat. I had never been so deliberately helpless and so certain this was what I wanted at the same time. He started little circular motions with the slickened pad of his finger around my hood. I’m sure he could feel my clit starting to grow hard under his touch.

“I know what you would like”, he repeated, with a hint of a smile in his voice. I didn’t answer, but closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations his fingertip was inspiring in my clit. When was the last time I had my period? I figured it was likely nearly a month ago, so it had also been just as long since I had last relieved my own pressures. Maybe the timing was just right all around.

He started gently almanbahis canlı casino thrusting his clothed member against my butt-crack, through two pairs of pants and (I assumed) two pairs of underwear. “You’d like to feel the head of my cock sliding between your butt cheeks, ever so slowly, then pressing upward against your asshole, wouldn’t you?” he went on.

I know I audibly moaned at that. On the one hand, the thought was all but unthinkable, such an action beyond reasonable and certainly not one I had even contemplated during my darkest fantasies. On the other hand, the pure naughtiness and illicit nature of his proposal fired me up even more and enticed me to push my butt back against him, curving the small of my back so he could maintain his ministrations to my emerging clit.

My own husband had never strayed or played “back there”, pronouncing it “dirty and exit-only”. Once in a while, I would rub a fingertip around my exit while “polishing the pearl” up-front. When I was really aroused, it would amplify the erotic sensations coursing through my pelvis.

“Would you like that?” he asked. “Would you be able to stand the naughty feeling of my cock pressing against your neglected little asshole?” God, he knew the words to set me off. I’m sure I was dripping by now, as I felt my panties stick uncomfortably to me.

“Take off your jeans and your panties” Graham instructed. I didn’t give a second thought to the fact I was standing by the patio door – my yard was private anyway, surrounded by a fence, hedges and bushes. I moved my hands from the glass door and unfastened my jeans around his hand, then shimmied them down my legs. My panties quickly followed, sticking a bit as I had anticipated, before plopping to join my jeans on the floor. I stepped out of them with my left foot, leaving them pooled around my right.

With his left hand, Graham had managed to undo his own shorts and let them drop to the floor, followed by his boxers. I felt his member slap against my now-bare butt. His left hand fell onto my left cheek with a thwack, making my flesh jiggle. “Ow!” I let out, “that wasn’t necessary!”

Graham ignored my protest and grabbed a handful of now-smarting butt cheek, pinching it too firmly. I winced again, while at the same time he used his left foot to kick my left foot further from my right. Both my hands were back against the glass door now and I was essentially naked from my waist to my ankles. I felt the heat of his cock pressed between my cheeks and wiggled a little to encourage further exploration. I didn’t have to wait long.

Using the handful of butt flesh in his left hand, Graham slowly pried my cheeks apart and pulled back slightly, allowing his cock to slide forward until the tip was indeed pressed against my private, rear hole. It felt like a hot arrow, just indented enough to give an indication of possible discomfort to come. I moaned again, pressing back onto his cock as his clit-strokes increased in intensity. He jiggled my butt a little, causing a slightly-deeper penetration every few seconds. God, this felt so wrong, but so amazing. The degree of intimacy yet exhibitionism at the same time was a whole new, delicious experience for me.

Then, suddenly, the pressure on my asshole was gone, as Graham withdrew, removed his fingers from my slit, kicked off the remainder of his shorts and walked over to the pantry. I could see his reflection in the glass door as he quickly scanned the shelves, selected his target and returned to where I was shaking slightly. He opened the bottle of cooking oil, poured some into his hand and placed the bottle on the table behind us, next to my laptop.

Slurping sounds, as he stroked his cock through the fistful of oil a few times, prepping himself for an easier entry. Easier? I had no idea if he could even get it in “back there”. As my husband always said “exit-only!”

Content with the degree of lubrication, Graham pushed down a little between my shoulders to bend me over a bit more and I walked my hands down the door maybe a foot or so. My back wasn’t quite horizontal, but it was probably halfway there. Then he resumed his assault on my butt, landing one, two, three firm smacks with his oil-covered hand. Those ones really reverberated around the room and my senses all seemed heightened as a result. I could literally feel the handprints radiating heat from my right cheek.

Then a brief “rummage” (for want of a better word) and Graham’s cock slid easily between my thighs, right past my asshole to my slit. That was soon followed by a quick adjustment to gain almanbahis casino the desired angle and once more I felt the pressure of the tip pressing into my nether hole. I tried not to tense up too much, but this wasn’t going to be easy.

“My cock, in your ass. How would you like that?” he asked, pausing between every word and punctuating his words with short stabs toward that naughtiest of goals. And sure enough, I felt myself open up, a little at a time. It wasn’t exactly pleasurable, but it wasn’t painful, either. Uncomfortable would be a good word for it. I was so not used to being open back there. It almost felt like I had to poop, but not quite.

I was pleased when he took the base of his cock with his left hand and returned the fingers of his right hand to my slit, no doubt finding it awash with my own juices by then. I felt a scooping sensation as three fingers dipped into me, then they retreated to entertain my throbbing clit. That was enough of a nice distraction for Graham to push a little more firmly into my ass. I had expected the initial invasion of the head to be the worst part, but it felt like it was getting thicker and thicker after that, opening me wider and wider. I could feel my rectum being stretched both around and upward as Graham filled me with what seemed a surprisingly large cock. I hadn’t actually seen it, yet!

I have never, ever felt so full in my life as when he stopped feeding it into me. I felt like I was impaled on a fence-post or something of that size. I literally could not move either leg as he just held me there, fingers dancing on my clit and my ass stuffed with his cock, all the way to the base as I felt his groin against my butt.

“Please, please…make me cum!” I begged, as sweat started to pour down my neck and back. He had me right on the edge and he knew it. He had total control over me right then. His fingers scooped inside my vagina one more time and this time he pushed back against the membrane which separates my passages. If I thought I couldn’t feel more full earlier – I was so wrong! I could feel my own juices running down the inside of my thighs. I saw a glop of my natural lubricant fall to the floor next to my jeans. I shook my head in disbelief at the sensations I was encountering, never before.

“Please…” I pleaded again, hoping against hope he would take pity on me and place my satisfaction before his. I needn’t have worried. His middle finger returned to my clit with a new level of intensity, while at the same time he withdrew his cock ever so slightly from my rear passage, maybe no more than a fraction of an inch and slowly slid it back in again. It didn’t take more than a half dozen strokes like that to push Graham over the edge as I felt his cock grow even larger inside of me and spurt one, two, three times into what I assumed was my bowels. Quite a new sensation for me! And lo and behold, that was enough to trigger my orgasm as I once again considered just how naughty we were being. I shook, I clenched, a cramp formed in my right calf, the insides of my ass squeezed down really, really hard on his cock and I must have exhaled for thirty seconds, before gasping for breath and trying to push him out my ass. I was suddenly very uncomfortable back there, feeling like I really did have to poop and not realizing at first the only thing I had to poop out was Graham’s cock and a few gobs of his cum. But I was so tight back there. And he was relentless, in no hurry to withdraw, almost seeming to enjoy my discomfort.

“I could stay here forever”, he whispered, “your ass fits my cock better than any glove I could imagine.” He wiggled a little, causing the slightest degree of a withdrawal. I was hoping he would soften-up soon – it would surely be easier then. He wasn’t softening. He was still hard. He realized this too and started very, very slowly sliding out and in, no more than an inch or so at a time. I couldn’t take much more and was truly starting to get tender back there.

“Please, no more, not today” I asked Graham, reaching around with one hand to press his belly away from my butt. I was on the verge of tears, but not really tears of pain, just of discomfort and confusion. I had cheated on my husband, but not with the passage he would occasionally visit. I had let Graham use me, but had enjoyed the vast majority of it – and I had experienced my most intense ever orgasm. I was so thankful for so much, yet right then all I wanted was to regain possesion of my own body, for myself.

I pushed him more firmly, bearing down as if I really was trying to poop this time, and his cock slid all the way out, still hard. “Please”, I asked Graham as I stood upright, “I think it’s best if you clean up and go now. I need some time to myself.” He smiled at me, leant over and kissed my nose.

“Thank you”, he said, “I was pretty sure you’d enjoy it in the end.”

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