Intoxicating Descent Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This story includes watersports, mud, and food play, and may not appeal to all. Additionally, it features characters getting quite drunk: the reader should assume that consent for the events that take place was pre-negotiated and understood by the characters before the night began. This is the second part of a series – other stories in the series will likely get even dirtier. If you have suggestions or comments I’d love to hear them!


Stacy and I had just finished demolishing some pizzas after a rather pissy and muddy walk from the bar to our hotel. We’re both tipsy and working on yet another beer each, and are now looking forward to dessert. In typically over the top fashion, I’d pre-stocked a corner of the room with quite an array of food, after pushing the bed to one side and covering the floor with a big tarp. Two large sheet cakes, a handful of round layer cakes, a half-dozen pies, a few jugs of vegetable oil, a jumbo tub of crisco, several bottles each of chocolate, strawberry, and maple syrup, tubs of miracle whip, ten whipped cream canisters, a bunch of bananas, some cherry pie topping, four gallon-tubs of ice cream, and three 5-gal buckets each half full of chocolate brownie mix. I’d been busy before our date at the bar.

“Cake or ice cream first?” I ask.

“Oooh ice cream!” she responds, panting a bit as she removes the can from her lips after chugging down half the beer. I grab one chocolate and one vanilla gallon bucket by the handles and bring them over to her. Judging by how they’re slopping around they’re mostly melted by now. I set them down between Stacy’s outstretched legs and go back for the other two, as she rips the lids off hers, plunging her hands into them. As I turn back to her I’m greeted with the sight of her licking melted ice cream from her fingers, then cupping her hands to scoop up the sloppy dairy and lapping it up. Some of it must make it to her mouth, but most seems to spill down her chin and forming a nice river of cold cream running between her tits, her nipples obviously hardening. I’m a few steps away and she takes her coated fingers and flicks them at me, a small spray of vanilla landing on my jeans. I pretend this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

“You bitch!” I playfully yell. “I’ll get you for that!”

With that, I rip off the lid of one of my buckets and lift it above her head. Knowing what’s coming, Stacy tilts her head back and opens her mouth. The melted ice cream quickly fills her mouth as I pour rapidly, splattering all over, including on my waist and jeans. It may be melted but it’s still pretty cool! Stacy, her face and chest now completely covered while the melted dessert runs down her brown hair and near nude body, gives a slight shiver, but at the same time swallows and lets out an ecstatic sigh. “Mmmmm now do me with chocolate, Josh!”

She massages her tits in the cold slop while I pull off the lid of the second bucket and repeat the process with the gallon of chocolate. It’s quite an image; her hair and body now a swirl of chocolate and vanilla with barely any skin visible above her knees, liquid ice cream coating her face, tits, and belly rolls. Her lower legs and heels are still covered in mud and sweat from the hot walk over. She runs her hands over her dairy coated hair as though it’s shampoo and gives her head a toss. By now she’s definitely shivering though.

“Babe, you look cold. Need some help warming up?”

A giggle, smile, and nod are all I need for an excuse to let loose with a warm stream of piss. She opens her mouth and I obligingly change my aim til piss spills out and runs down her chubby chin and flows down the rest of her body. It’s quite an interesting color mix of waves of different flavored ice cream and urine! Now empty I give a few shakes (like that matters!) then slide my dick back in my jockstrap.

Stacy shifts position to all fours and begins crawling towards the assembled food, fat ass in the air, tits and belly brushing the dirty tarp. I take the opportunity to strip my soaked, filthy jeans off. Meanwhile she’s reached the first round layer cake, a tall vanilla-iced chocolate one. Of course there are no forks and knives in the entire room and she lowers her face and shovels cake into her mouth by the handful. The exact details of that scene are blocked by her huge ass and thighs, dripping with pizza sauce, ice cream, and piss. This view is also the first time I realize that she’s wearing a massive hollow butt plug under her now filthy and translucent panties – not quite wide enough for me to get my dick in, but plenty big!

“Damn hon, if you’d told me you were wearing that I woulda saved some piss!”

“Well you better drink up then, shouldn’t you? I want you to be my enema bag later tonight!” She retorts between big mouthfuls of cake and icing. Not one to reject an excellent idea when I hear one I quickly polish off another beer.

Stacy is still working away at the cake, head down and ass pointed to the ceiling so she doesn’t notice when I grab one of the five gallon buckets muş escort full of brownie batter and come up behind her. Taking aim at the hollow plug being swallowed by her ass cheeks I tip the bucket letting out a narrow fountain of the thick batter that mostly hits the fabric of her panties covering the plug. Unable to resist I tip faster, turning her ass crack into a batter waterfall before moving up her back completely coating the wide expanse of her body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” she lets out a huge, contented sigh, apparently having stopped gobbling up cake for long enough to speak. She drops one side of her body to the floor and rolls over onto her back, right into the huge sheet cake that was next to her! I hear some squelches as she settles in the slop. “Do my front now!”

I hurry to grab the second big batter bucket, just giving her time to lift her legs in the air and spread them. Again starting with her crotch, I pour the thick brown liquid over her panties, then up her belly, tits, and neck til I get to her open mouth, filling it until the batter overflows and runs down her cheeks. I finish by completing the coverage, over her closed eyes and coating her hair. She moves to wipe her eyes with her hands, and knowing it will be a moment before she can see and hear fully I take the opportunity to grab one of the smaller round cakes and push it into her face, starting with her batter-filled open mouth and smearing up to add to the mess in her hair. She gives a half-grunt, half-yell, that’s very much muffled by all the sweets in her mouth but before she has a chance to do any more I quickly slide on top of her filth-coated body pinning her down and placing my mouth over hers.

Her eyes wiped, she grabs hold of the back of my head with both hands. We pass back and forth the batter-cake slop between our mouths before eventually I swallow the chewed mess. I grab a handful of cake, press it into her mouth and we repeat the process, a swirl of tongues, frosting, and increasingly chewed and sloppy cake. She lifts my head up from hers slightly and I drool the mess into her waiting mouth, which she then swallows. “We’re going to do that with cum too later, right?” she asks expectantly.

“Of course!”

She releases my head and I slide down her body, giving plenty of oral attention to both nipples. Her skin til tastes a bit of salty sweat, but mostly it’s chocolate, ice cream, and a bit of pizza. Weird, but not at all bad! I continue down her body, my tongue leaving a trail in the mess down her belly. I get to her belly button and slurp up the slop that’s gathered there, then stick my tongue in the fairly deep hole that forms in her fat rolls. She giggles as I wiggle my tongue, her stomach jiggling pleasantly. I continue down her belly and crotch until I reach her panty-covered pussy. The funk is much stronger here, the stink of sweat, piss, and cum mixed with all the slop. For a few moments I lick the mess coating her panties before giving in to my urge to taste her properly. I rip a significant hole in her trashed underwear then bury my face in her fat pussy lips, my tongue lapping from her vagina to her clit. As her crotch has been somewhat protected by her panties until now, the bodily smells are much stronger and I greedily lick at the clumps of pubes that I know are being held together by cum from her other suitors from the past few days. She’s moaning and babbling – nothing that’s easy to make out, but it’s clear she’s having a good time! Then, as my tongue dives deep back into her pussy she releases a flood of piss into my wide open mouth. “You whore!!” I splutter, piss falling from my mouth onto her crotch and wetting her bush still more. But even as I say that I move my mouth back down to the source, first taking in a good gulp of her fluid and then letting the stream rinse all over my face and head.

As her stream cuts off I raise my torso to kneel between her still widespread legs. She has her index finger in her mouth, sucking on it, and lets out a giggle. “So that was fun… what’s next? From where I lie, you’re still pretty clean compared to me!”.

“Stacy, only you would say a guy is cleaner than you when you’ve just pissed all over his head!”

“True”, she says “but we’ve still got all this great food untouched, and you’ve only really gotten covered by rubbing it off of me! It’s time for me to give you a bit of a sploshing! Assume the position over here.”

She heaves herself to her feet, her heels and tipsiness making balance slightly tricky, while I get on all fours about where she was just lying. The tarp is a mess of squished cake and frosting plus the ice cream, batter, and piss that’s run off Stacy’s body. I assume she’ll start by pouring the third and final bucket of batter over me, but quickly realize she has other plans. She gabs the jumbo tub of crisco and takes a full scoop with her hand. I’m still in my jock strap, but of course my ass is hanging completely out and she plasters my ass crack with the grease. She doesn’t just coat my crack but with additional handfuls covers my muş escort bayan full ass, lower back, hairy balls, and upper legs too, then another scoop which she proceeds to push into my waiting asshole. First two fingers, then three and four, then with an additional scoop and a few deep breaths I relax enough to let her whole hand past my sphincter. Thank goodness for chubby fingers but small hands! She works my asshole, loosening it all the while until she’s able to completely pull her hand out and immediately thrust back in. I moan and sink my chest and face to the slop-covered floor while she tells me what a butt slut I am. She isn’t wrong, as the massive erection straining my jock strap pouch can attest to!

“Ok my anal whore friend… I think I’ve worn you like a sock puppet for long enough. Now hold open your ass like a good boy – I have an idea!”

My weight now fully on my chest, one half of my face pressed into the sloppy ground I reach behind me and hold my ass cheeks apart. “No, not just your butt – I said hold your ass apart!”

Pulling at my slippery, well-worked hole I apparently satisfy her and hear a slightly condescending “Good boy” for my troubles. It’s hard to tell exactly what she’s doing but I see her standing slightly oddly over my ass, hear a grunt, and then feel warm liquid splatter my butt. Her aim isn’t great, but I can tell she’s getting at least some of her piss in my open ass. The stream ends and as she moves away I start to release my hole only for her to yell “don’t!”. I comply, and hear her pick up the third brownie batter bucket. Very much repeating my actions from earlier she starts with my ass, and I feel the batter fill my stretched, gaping asshole then run down my crack and start dripping down my balls. Apparently keen to not just spill it on the ground, she moves up my back until she finishes by dumping the remains of the bucket on my head. I’m truly coated now!

She stands back, as if to admire her handiwork. “Goooood… now, stay just like that until I tell you… I have an idea.”

Curious, I continue to hold in that position, though truth be told my arms (and ass!) are starting to ache. Stacy moves back behind me and lays down face up, positioning her head between my legs. Propping herself up a bit on her arms, she raises her head and gives my dick few playful licks through the jockstrap, then further down to lick my exposed taint. I moan again – this sort of thing drives me crazy – and she giggles. “Ok Josh, slowly let your ass go and then push your front up.”

I catch on to what my filthy friend is after – she wants to catch the piss and batter mixture as it comes out of my ass! Just as she asked, I slowly let my ass go, keeping my back arched and hole pointed towards the sky as much as possible. Then I press up onto all fours, and finally move into a full kneeling position. As I do, I feel the slop in my ass slide out into Stacy’s waiting mouth. A grunt and a quick glance confirm her mouth is full, a dribble of brown liquid escaping from both sides and running down chubby cheeks. I immediately move to kiss her and we share the filthy slop between us, even going so far as to gargle it! What can I say – the alcohol has started to really hit us and we’re starting to get a silly! Some of the dirty fluid runs down our bodies but we swallow most of it, sticking out our tongues at each other to prove our perversion.

We each drink another beer while taking a slight breather. The tarp is playing it’s part preventing what could be the mother of all room fees. Where we’ve been playing has a solid build up of goopy slop, while footprints are visible going to the different food stashes and of course the beer cooler. There’s still plenty of food left – one sheet cake, a few round cakes, all the pies, plenty of assorted toppings, the couple jugs of oil, as well as some of our leftovers. There’s also a bag of toys we haven’t touched yet (but always seem to make good use of when we get together), plus a little extra fun I have stashed in the mini fridge that Stacy doesn’t know about yet.

Stacy is still sitting on the floor, legs spread, absent-mindedly playing with one of her nipples while she drinks her beer. Her hair is completely plastered to her back and her normally milky skin is mostly coated brown now, with some spots where icing or another substance peeks through. Her white panties, the only clothing she’s still wearing, are nearly unrecognizable as such – ripped and stained as they are. They’re barely visible under her sloppy belly rolls anyway. I’m pretty similarly coated, my jockstrap only slightly less trashed than her panties though, unlike her newly crotchless underwear, it’s still straining to contain my bulge. She finishes her beer and starts to unbuckle her heels. I knew this would happen sooner or later, and her feet are still muddy from our trek over from the bar, but I still let out a sigh. I just love a big girl in heels!

“Oh fuck your heel fetish Josh! My feet hurt!” she responds to my sigh. “Plus, it’s about to get slippery as fuck escort muş on this tarp.” Can’t argue with that logic! She has both heels off now and tosses them into the corner of the room. She heaves herself slightly unsteadily to her now bare feet. With an exaggerated, over the top stripper motion she peels her ruined panties off and leaves them on the ground, then walks over to the pair of gallon jugs of vegetable oil. She picks both up, one in each hand, and turns to face me holding them up, dangling the big bottles from her chubby fingers.

“So how about it? Ready to get slippery? Think you have what it takes to beat me in some oil wrestling?”

Now I’m a big guy and reasonably strong, but she’s got 100lbs on me and is pretty darn feisty. Our “wrestling” in the past has been pretty even, and usually it’s the one who’s more of a slut in the moment who wins. I eagerly agree to her challenge. I toss my empty beer can, walk over to her, and she hands me one of the jugs. We empty the contents, first onto ourselves, then take turns slopping the oil onto body parts that aren’t as easy to reach solo. I always love feeling oil run down my chest as well as between my ass crack. Stacy has me pour some into her cupped hands which she then runs under each tit. She really likes having her boobs fully coated. She has me pour out a second handful for her, then gives herself a quick ‘pits and privates’ rubdown. Something she hasn’t done in a couple days with water she’s happy to do with vegetable oil!

“All ready and fighting fit!” she declares. “Now I want a good clean fight…” she starts, and we both dissolve into giggles. We’re standing facing each other, each at a slight crouch vaguely reminiscent of wrestlers. My hands are on her shoulders, hers on my arms, and we push and hand fight a bit, but mostly we’re just struggling to keep balance on the incredibly slippery tarp. After a few moments of holding her at arm’s-length I change tack, wrapping her in a forceful bear hug. We both teeter for a bit, then crash to the ground in a heap. She ends up on her side while I land lying across her on my stomach, my head closer to her ass than anything else. Stacy reaches out and starts stroking my cock – still covered with my now oil-soaked jock – and I think she’s done with the wrestling. I let myself slide down off her body, onto my back on the filthy, oil coated floor, giving her much easier access to my cock. Of course, I’ve completely misjudged the situation and fell into my friend’s trap. With surprising speed she swings a massive thigh over my head, trapping my face between her legs.

“I can’t believe I got you with that!” she crows, grinding her fat, sopping pussy onto my face. “You’re losing your edge Josh! Hope you like the taste of my fat cunt!”

I’m truly enveloped now. My nose is somewhere between her pussy and ass, the sides of my head are compressed by her huge thighs, and her hairy twat is pressed against my now open mouth. My tongue is out and I guess you could say I’m licking her, but in reality she’s just grinding her clit against my tongue as I lay there pinned. I’m able to breathe – just – but the stench is overwhelming. I drift into that pseudo-stoned horny state and just allow the sensation and hormones to overtake me, revelling in every filthy sensation. I’m brought back to reality when she shifts her hands. Her weight had been about evenly distributed between my face and her hands on my quads, but now she shifts to be slightly more upright and places her hands on my abs. Not being able to see a damn thing I don’t anticipate this at all, and all that weight just becomes pressure on my beer-filled bladder. Worse (better?) still, she’s really getting into it now, more and more pressure on her hands to allow her to more forcefully ride my mouth. Her already soaked pussy becomes even wetter which I know to be the tell tale sign she’s close to cumming, but it’s now a race between her orgasm and my piss!

Her orgasm just wins out, her bucking hips preceding a gush of cunt juice which I happily lap up, then as she dismounts my face and takes her hands from my torso I let loose with a grunt. She frees my cock from its jockstrap pouch, but in her post-orgasm state is content to simply direct the piss fountain over our bodies until the stream peters out. Much as I love sex-stink I’m pretty happy to breathe freely and let my face adjust to no longer being confined! She slides my jock pouch over my cock again and gives it a pat, then turns toward me with her insatiable grin.

“So what’s next?”

“Well, I’m thinking we need to balance out our diet, you know?” I reply. “We’ve had dinner and all these sweets, now we really should have some fruit.”

She laughs and claps her hands together, and I toss her one banana and pull another one off for me while hanging onto the rest of the hand. While I know we’ll get up to some fun with these I also genuinely want to eat something that’s not all sugar! I polish off one and have another couple peeled, while Stacy clearly doesn’t feel in need of a change in diet. Instead, she’s teasing me, sticking her partially peeled fruit between her tits and then halfway down her throat. I reply in similarly unrefined fashion, chowing down on half of another banana then sticking my tongue out at her, showing her the mushy, partially chewed pulp.

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