Intrusive Neighbour Ch. 02

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Hank let his cock slide out of her pussy and laid down his naked body in the grass beside Anna. Without thinking much about it, he helped her onto her feet and guided her back towards his house. “We’ll have to climb back up this time, I haven’t hidden a key under a rock.”

“That’s fine. I came in this way earlier.”

“Yeah, about that, how did you get inside from the balcony?”

Anna’s explanation astounded him. Hank realised that she had planned this from the moment she saw him. Letting her climb up first, he noticed the greenness of her back. “You look like you need another bath.” he said from below. “And why did you undress down here?”

“Undress where?”

“Down here! I don’t wear a bra when I’m running!”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

*Didn’t she tell me she got wet, these clothes are dry.* Hank wondered, but took the clothes and shoes up with him.


Anna didn’t feel like telling him the whole story. What she had told Hank, was that she had been showered by the garden sprinklers, waited a long time, then entered via the bathroom window, taken a bath and tip-toed into his bed. Her fourteen year old sister’s involvement might not so smart to mention. At least she hadn’t spied on the two.

Anna walked into the bathroom, closely followed by Hank. He turned on the shower and led her under the falling water. “So, Anna,” he held her tight, “why did you come tonight?”

She looked up at him with her big blue glassy eyes, whilst his hands ran over her backside, washing off the grass. “I couldn’t wait.”

“Why couldn’t you wait?” Hank’s own blue eyes were fixed on hers.

Anna was silent. How do you tell a man you fell in love at first sight? It took her a few seconds till she tried. “I wouldn’t want to risk losing you.” Her voice was quite small.

“Risk losing me?” He was clearly baffled.

“To another woman.” Anna’s voice grew a bit smaller, wondering how he would feel.

“I haven’t been with anyone since my wife died.” What is that in his voice? She wondered.

“I haven’t been with anybody before.” Smaller still.

“Oh.” He just said. Now they stood immobile. His eyes on hers. Her eyes on his. A smile grew on Anna’s face, she felt him grow hard again.

“I’ve barely even seen my father’s penis.” She fought not to sound too confident as he grew even harder. “I haven’t even been kissed.” *Not in this town at least.* She thought as he pressed his lips on hers, kissing her with all the energy he had.

He was rock-hard against her. The kiss held on, lasting forever in her mind. It was Hank, who finally came out for air. “Let’s finish the shower,” he kissed her quickly and reached for the shampoo, “and get to bed.”

She was quite willing to hurry the shower for that reason. Between her legs, she could feel the wetness growing stronger. Anna let the content seep out, leaving space for a new load of his sperm. A quick glance revealed that any trace of blood was gone, if there had been any bleeding at all.

Showering in haste didn’t stop either of them from helping the other with their intimate hygiene. The petting continued as they dried each other off. Anna could only marvel at his toned body, muscled in a way to make young men jealous. Her eyes were in line with his neck, he was tall too. Drying him off, she took in the differences between them. She was mostly shaven, he barely shaved his face, leaving a masculine stubble. Her shape was well rounded, Şanlıurfa Escort wide at her hips. His was chiselled, wide at the shoulders.

Hank led her to the bed, guiding her onto her back under himself. Kissing his way down her torso, she groaned with pleasure as his lips and tongue touched her swollen nipples. Staying with them, he sucked on one as he let a hand play with the other. She felt his other hand go down to her crotch, going to work on her clitoris. “I’m in heaven!” She let out, believing it to be true. She felt his mouth release her nipple, continuing on its route south. Groaning again as the tongue reached her navel, she could hear the squishing between her legs. Hank had let his one hand slide a single digit into the narrow passage, letting the rest of the hand acting like hips, putting pressure behind the lone finger. His lips ended their tour of her torso on her clit, sucking it, like a vacuum-cleaner. Oh God! She could barely think, let alone talk with this intense pleasure spreading from her lower body. She took hold of her breasts, playing with them, as Hank let his other hand rub all over her abdomen.

She went off. The first orgasm was powerful, leaving her gasping for air until the second one hit her in under half a minute from the first. Feeling a third orgasm build, Anna wanted him closer. “Fuck me!” She pleaded repeatedly. Her pronunciation was blurred, but he heard her. Sliding back on top of her, he took his cock and guided it towards the goal. He kissed her whilst he slid his arrow right into her quiver. Gently rocking back and forth, they settled into a nice rhythm. They both moaned more or less constantly, neither of them being particularly fond off talking dirty. “A little harder.” was all she could muster.


Hank went a little faster and in a few moment the change in pace had her bucking in ecstasy. In may have been a few years since he had had sex but his stamina wasn’t bad. He held on, screwing up the pace to extend her orgasm. Pearls of sweat appeared on her forehead, he could feel his own. Her bucking subsided and he let the tempo follow her down. He kissed her face whilst her mouth drew in air franticly. “Oh, you are beautiful!” His sincerity shone trough.

Anna face was flushed. “So are you. Handsome, that is!” she drew him in for yet another kiss. “You’re a real man.”

“I try to be.” Hank put a little force into his words, pushing hard, moving her nearer to the headboard.

“Try more!” He did. Hank fucked her hard, the sturdy bed beginning to squeak under the pair. Her panting increases in volume and frequency. His did too, but Hank felt his daily exercise pay off. For a while at least. Feeling the pressure build in his balls, Hank endured as best he could, desperately trying to give her a fourth orgasm. He sensed her getting close, but couldn’t hold his release longer. He began shooting his sperm into her womb, still forcing his hips to move back as well as forth. It was worth it, she came hard for a fourth time that night. Squirming under him, she couldn’t help but to let out three little words.

“I love you too.” Hank knew he had to respond that way. And maybe he meant it, he wasn’t sure. Not the way she was. Perhaps he had a more mature approach. Maybe she had a clarity that he had replaced with adult doubt. He kissed her hard to test his own feelings.


Anna knew she pressed it on him. ‘I love you’. Three words that have become so Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan much to so many. She took his answer gladly. Taking it for what it read, more than what lay behind. Breaking their kiss, he rolled off her,resting next to her. Hank slid an arm under Anna and drew her close into his side. She felt so satisfied. They just lay there for the first few minutes, staring into each others eyes. “Will you be missed, if you stay the night?” He was pleading in his voice.

“My parents will think that I am out running.”

“It might have to be a very long run?”

“I hope so!” She made him laugh. “I would really like to run every morning.” She would be weighing the answer.

“Am I a good treadmill?”

“The only one I’ll ever want!”

“The only one you’ll ever need.” The perfect answer for her.

The door to the balcony stood open, letting in the fresh, cooling air. Hank drew the duvet over them both, preserving their combined body heat. Anna felt great, very tired but so comfortable. She had her head on his shoulder, that arm caressed the small of her back. The other arm just lazily played with a boob. It couldn’t have taken long until they were both asleep.


They woke as they fell asleep, closely together. Anna knew she had to get up, even though she dreaded it. “I need to use the bathroom.” She excused herself as she freed her from his grasp. It wasn’t just piss that flowed from between her nether lips, though much of the semen had already dried on her inner thighs. She found a wash cloth and quickly removed the worst of it. She hoped a shower would be wasted right now.

Her wish had to wait a few moments to be fulfilled, as Hank too felt the need to relieve himself. With that done, they were back below the duvet, kissing and petting. She felt him become hard with the help of her hand. “Can I be on top?”

“Sure you can! I don’t have to do all the work like this night.” He helped her settle on top of him, cock in pussy. She rocked gently, there was no haste in her mind. She wasn’t the only one in the house though.

“Daddy, we’re hungry!” Two little girls burst into the room before anything, or anyone, could be hidden. Luckily, they were joined below the duvet. Anna’s hands went to cover her breasts as she dove behind Hank on the far side from the twins. Hank pulled the duvet up to his shoulders, mostly hiding Anna.


“Girls, what are you doing in here?” Hank felt really embarrassed by the sudden exposure.

“We’re hungry!” They repeated and jumped onto the bed. Obviously, nothing seemed to strange in their eyes. “Hi Anna! Can you make us breakfast?”

“I think Anna is on her way home now, she’s not your nanny.”

“Why is Anna in your bed?” Tough question. “Why is Bertha never in your bed?” Well, how do you explain the difference between a hot eighteen-year-old girl and a sturdy sixty-year-old nanny. Hank had some trouble coming up with an answer.

Anna had one. “I was out running and came in to say good morning.” *Better than any excuse I could conceive.* He was somewhat impressed by the young woman next to him, ignoring a face so scarlet, to tell a workable lie.

“Why are you naked?” They hadn’t had a mother for two years. It wasn’t a situation the sisters had encountered before. Hank and Anna looked to each other for answers. None were found.

“Out you go! I’ll meet you in the kitchen shortly.” Hank used his parental Escort Şanlıurfa prerogative to withhold adult information. It worked; they retreated out the door. “I’d better go make them breakfast.” It was a fairly petty voice.

Anna stuck a hand down to his groin and felt his flaccid prick. “Yeah, you better do that.” She said and slid out of bed. Hank also rose and they both found their clothes and dressed. Wearing shorts and t-shirts, with a sports bra underneath, Anna went out the front door, whilst Hank got into the kitchen wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. He noticed the time; it was almost noon. *I hope they slept in.* Thinking of Anna’s parents.


They had. By their standards. Which meant that Anna had been out running for over three hours. Luckily she ran into Beth before her mother saw her.

“You have been gone long.” Sara said, in a tone indicating it to be a question.

“Yeah, I needed the exercise.” Anna retorted, knowing her mother to be smarter than that. “But now, I’m starving!”

“You must be, after running for nearly four hours. Preparing for a marathon, are you?”

“Absolutely! The one for people over eighteen.” She had to stop the interrogation.

“Okay, okay. Sorry for taking an interest!” Anna knew her parents trusted her. As much as parents could. Had it been her father, she may had gotten a generic speech about being old enough to move out.

Having faced her mother, Anna went into the kitchen to find anything to eat. Sara must have been out shopping, because she found everything she needed to have brunch. With the mother gone to do some more unpacking, Beth found her way to the table. “How was it?” She whispered to her big sister.

Anna didn’t really want this conversation; Beth would be much more difficult to shake off. “Good.” She stated quietly between bites. “Lovely morning to be out running.”

“Like a bitch in heat?” Anna knew her sister was testing her calm. Thinking of her menstrual cycle, she could do nothing but blush. Beth could see this, she was all red.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She tried putting her off.

Beth wouldn’t back away. She leaned into Anna’s ear. “You stayed all night. It must have been good.”

Anna couldn’t see the point in further denial. Whispering as low as she could she confirmed Beth’s suspicion. “It was. It’s the best thing I have ever experienced.” Anna held her breath before she continued. “Of course, it could have been better if the the twins hadn’t caught us this morning.”

“They caught you!?” Beth’s voice was a little louder than Anna was comfortable with.

“Shhh! They are too young to understand anyway. It’s just that they come in at a really bad time.” Anna was truly hoping to be correct in her estimate of six-year-old minds.

“But they might talk to Debbie, or Carla, and you now they still tell mum everything!”

“Oh! I hadn’t thought about that bit! Mum might not understand.” And begging the kids not to tell would make sure they do. *Oh crap!*

“You think? You are going to be in so much trouble!” Was that a smile on Beth’s face that Anna saw? She thought so.


Hank didn’t have any embarrassing questions at ‘breakfast’, of course, that didn’t mean the twins were oblivious. They probably weren’t aware of what Hank and Anna were doing, but they would most likely understand that they weren’t supposed to see it. But they stayed quiet, hiding any interest between themselves, waiting to be alone until they would guess about it.

“Can we play with Debbie and Carla?” Asked in unison.

Hank was the one who was oblivious. “Of course you can. Why don’t you go over and see if you can help them unpack?”

“Okay, daddy!” And off they went.

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