It’s Just Not Cricket Pt. 07

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I hadn’t seen Mick or his mates since he hosted a BIG backyard cricket match a few years ago, so it was pretty exciting when we got his Australia Day invite. Walking in the gate, me and Dad were greeted by Mick, decked out in his rugby shorts and singlet, and got a big bear hug from him. He had a lot of strength of a bloke in his 40’s (or maybe 50’s? Hard to tell with Mick).

We went down the line shaking hands or having man-hugs. There was Mick’s mate Don, sporting his blue cap and sunnies and a pair of shorts which barely held in his monster cock; there was Troy, still looking like a bloody male model; big beefy Tully and slender, gentle Bob, always a bit of a surprise they were father and son, and rounding it out were the Jacks, Senior and Junior, both still sporting a little bit of a belly and glasses.

I cracked a beer and started chatting with some of the lads, while Mick worked his magic on the barbie. The smell of sausages was good, but before I could stuff my face Troy grabbed my arm.

“You’re keen aren’t you Timmy?” he said.

“Keen for what?” I asked, totally confused.

“A bit of backyard cricket. We’re just getting teams going.”

I wasn’t sure if he meant an actual game of backyard cricket, or backyard cricket like we played it last time, but either way, I was up for it.

So the game was to be Dads vs Lads, with Troy jumping in with us and Don going

with the old blokes. Mick, gracious host that he was, volunteered to keep score and to keep an eye on the barbie. Team Young Fella was up to bat, but just as we were gonna start Mick walked into the middle of the homemade pitch and held his tongs high.

“One more thing men.” He began.

“This is Strip Cricket. If you get out, you get nude. You get a couple of runs in, the bowler gets nude and swaps out for another team mate.”

We all agreed that was a fine plan. Unfortunately, Don pretty much instantly took out Junior. As he sheepishly removed his clothes his big dick stuck out proudly.

“No worries Junior, he’ll get his!” I called out in encouragement.

Sure enough, Bob turned out to be an excellent cricket player, to everyone’s surprise, getting not only Don out, but also Jack Snr. and my old man.

Eventually though he fell to his own dad, and I took his place to face off against Tully.

As I prepared myself, I noticed my old man standing a bit behind Tully. His eyes should have been on me but they were eyeing off Tully’s arse, tight in his shorts, and I saw Dad subconsciously reach down and give his hard pecker a bit of a slow stroke…

WHIZZZ! I heard the ball go right past me and strike the stumps. Game over.

As part of the rules, we all stayed nude and sat down to the delicious spread Mick had prepared. Only he and Tully got to keep their dacks on, but I didn’t think that would last too long.

As we ate and talked I accidentally knocked a bread roll off the table. Ducking under the table to find it, I was greeted by a virtual forest of hard cocks. Unable to control myself, I crawled further under and, on my elbows and knees, gently lapped at one of the hard knobs in front of me. I heard Don make a little yelp above the table. Mick laughed.

“Found that roll yet Timmy?”

“Found a sausage Mick, tastes great!” I replied, to a chorus of laughter above the table.

“Alright, I can see we’ve put this off too long. Hop up Tim, let’s all get involved.” Said my dad, as I watched each of the dicks disappear above the table as the men stood up.

When I got myself out from under the tablecloth things Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort were already in full swing. Jack Junior was on his back on the grass, legs raised, as Bob gently massaged Junior’s exposed arsehole with his cockhead. At the same time, Junior was eagerly sucking Jack Senior’s impressive meat.

Tully and Troy were on the ground locked in a 69, and as if that wasn’t enough to send me over the edge I heard my old man kneel on the grass behind me, then felt his rough hands gently part my arse cheeks. I presented my hole to him and felt the gentle flicker of his tongue. While my eyes were closed in ecstasy I suddenly felt a giant mushroom cockhead press against my lips. I knew it had to be Don, and I opened wide to let him fill my throat.

“I’m gonna cum!” I heard Bob exclaim, and opened my eyes to see the full display. Mick, who was over by the sausages watching the whole display and yanking himself off, grabbed the skinny young man and pulled him out of Junior’s chute.

“Do it on the food!” he urged, squeezing Bob’s shoulders as Bob unleashed all over the sausages. It didn’t take long for Jnr and Snr to follow suit, then Tully and Troy, and finally me, dad, Don and Mick all stood around in a circle jerk and basted the sangers with our seed.

A little while later, me and dad were off to our next social engagement for the day, happily munching on some extra-flavoured sausage sandwiches as we drove there.

And so, with the taste of several different men’s cum still on our tongues, me and dad got to the nude beach. We strolled across the sand until we saw our crew- there was Gohar, looking like he’d hit the gym a bit since last time, with his 25-year-old son Dale, Mike, still rocking his 70’s porn moustache, chatting to his surfie son Tyler, dad’s neighbour Glenn and his son/my mate Noel, both standing and showing off their giant schlongs, framed by their blonde pubes, Ben and Kyle, two tradies who used to live next to Glenn, and finally, to my surprise, John, an uber driver me, dad and Glenn had met at the footy a while back. We dropped our six pack into the esky and got catching up. After a little while Mike suggested a cricket match on the beach, but Tyler was already out on the waves and me, Dale and Noel decided we’d rather cool off in the surf for a bit, leaving the old blokes and the tradies to throw the ball around.

The water was beautiful, and I loved the feeling of the slightly-cool wetness running up over my sac and up between my arse cheeks. It was hard not to get hard, not that anyone there would have minded. Me and the fellas swam and talked for a bit, with Tyler eventually paddling over on his board.

“What are they doing on the beach?” he asked with a bit of shock.

“They’re just playing a bit of crick- oh.” I said, turning as I spoke to see that the old guard had totally abandoned the plastic cricket gear and gone straight to the post-game fuck.

Glenn was on his back, legs up in the air, as Gohar lay on top of him, rhythmically driving his dark meat into the blonde man’s back passage. The two were passionately kissing while they rooted. John sat on his towel watching them and fondling his rock-hard meat.

My old man, meanwhile, was bent over, hands on knees, getting his hairy hole eaten out by Mike. Bent over and keeping eye contact with dad was Kyle, who was getting quite a pounding already from Ben.

As if in a trance, us young fellas walked out of the water together. I glanced as we left the surf and yep, every one of us hard a growing hard-on jutting straight out.

I looked around- the beach was not exactly deserted, but the other people there were quite happy with the show. One old bird was flicking her bean from a little bit away, and her hubby was staring, slack-jawed, at the display. I could see the beads of pre-cum leaking from his old sausage as we passed.

We got to the fuck fest and dove right in. Dale and Noel interrupted their dads’ sweet moment, as each son forced his cock into his dad’s eager mouth. Me and Tyler parked ourselves next to our fathers, and I dropped to my knees, engulfing the young bloke’s big cock while I used my free hand to jerk off my old man. Eventually dad pulled away and I felt his thick cock, slick with pre-cum, slowly force open my tight hole. Once he was all the way in he started thrusting-hard-and between him and Tyler slamming my throat I was almost overwhelmed by all the cock.

It didn’t take long for dad to fill my guts with his creamy load, and Tyler coated my throat with his salty seed about the same time. The two of them pulled out of me, leaving me feeling a bit empty, but giving me a chance to see what else was happening.

Noel and Dale looked like they were spent, and were now hosing each other down with piss, while Ben and Kyle lay on a beach towel together, looking very sweaty and satisfied. Gohar was still inside Glenn…as was John. The blonde man moaned hard as the two big schlongs filled his arse, but it was a moan of pleasure.

As I watched the display, Mike came and stood next to me, silently running a finger around my aching hole. I did the same to him, and soon we were both tickling each other’s insides as we wanked. We blew at about the same time, which was when we saw Gohar and John pull out of Glenn and have a sword fight in his mouth as they both came, Glenn furiously wanking his seed out onto the sand.

We swam a bit more, drank some more beer, and let our bits get some rest. I must have nodded off in the sand because dad gently shook me awake.

“Come on Timmy, more to do mate.” He said, as I sat up and realised most of the crew were gone.

I chucked on my shorts, noted the pain of my stretched ring had become a kind of pleasant tingle, and hopped in the car.

Final stop for the day was dinner with dad’s neighbours, Charlie and Kath. Me, dad, Noel and Glenn were all invited, and when we got there we saw that their son Andy was there, along with Charlie’s brother Cliff and his twin lads Tony and Jack.

The nine of us sat down to dinner, and as Kath served out the plates she leaned past me, brushing her D-cup breasts against my arm and shoulder. I had to restrain myself not to reach out and grope her fit, shapely legs and arse, but I couldn’t control my eyes, which darted to her cleavage for just a moment. Through her loose shirt I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her all-over tan showed off her dark, perked nipples.

I felt my cock rising in my shorts and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it to calm down again. After a few minutes of trying to eat and make conversation while sporting this massive throbber, I excused myself to go have a quick wank in the bathroom.

On my way down the hall I was intercepted by Kath, who had discretely followed me. Wordlessly, she pushed me against the wall then sank to her knees, pulling my shorts down as she went. My cock sprang out, hard and ready for her soft, wet mouth.

She enveloped my entire knob, wrapping one hand around the base of my shaft as her other hand disappeared down her skirt. After furiously sucking me she stood up and spun around, lifting up her skirt to expose her hot, wet pussy.

“Fuck me Tim, fuck me hard.” She whispered, looking at me over her shoulder.

I pressed my cockhead against her cunny, gently pushing at her lips. Kath didn’t have time for that and slammed her body back, taking in my full length.

The shock of suddenly being right inside my dad’s neighbour, my mate’s mum, was overwhelming, and I pistoned hard, quickly blowing my seed inside her. Panting, she pulled off me and rubbed her clit, my sperm leaking out of her and dripping on the floor. Bracing against the wall with her free hand, she furiously worked herself, my cum flicking everywhere.

Captivated by the sight, I leaned in like a man possessed. When I was less than an inch from her snatch I opened my mouth and lapped at her vag, scooping my own cum up with my tongue. That sent her over the edge and a small whisper of a scream escaped her lips as her legs buckled and she came.

The whole thing probably took five, ten minutes tops, but we thought we’d been there half the evening. As we returned to the dinner table, fully dressed and looking demure, we realised we could have saved ourselves all the sneaking around…

The dinner had devolved into another orgy. Charlie was riding his brother’s giant cock, sucking off Andy, his son, at the same time. The twins were on the dining table, 69’ing amongst the plates. My dad was copping it up the arse from Glenn while he blew Noel.

The group of men half-stopped to look when we entered, but nobody moved their cocks out of the holes they were currently occupying.

“Oh you boys.” Giggled Kath, immediately stripping off and walking into the fray. I jumped after her as I fumbled out of my clothes.

The debauchery carried on, and between me and Kath every cock there was sucked, but we ended up in a real winning arrangement for the grand finale.

We were gathered around in a circle, some of us on all fours, some of us kneeling behind to deliver the hot cock to the tight holes. My dad was fucking me in long, powerful thrusts, while next to me Kath was receiving a very similar treatment from her son Andy. On the other side of me was Glenn, happily accepting his son’s schlong into his arsehole. Looking around I saw Tony’s backside being stretched out by Cliff, while Tony’s twin brother Jack got his arse stretched by his uncle Charlie.

As each of us came we left the circle, and the partner joined up with another pair. Eventually there was just me and Kath left again, rooting like animals on the floor. She wrapped her legs around me as I pummelled her pussy, and each of the blokes stood around to watch. Some even barred up again. I roared and sunk my second creamy load of the night into her, then collapsed on top of her, panting for breath.

I thought it was all over when I suddenly felt big, strong hands seize my back and pull me to my feet, then lean me over. Unceremoniously my dad thrust his hard prick up my arse, making me grunt and squeal.

“Sorry Timmy, that was just too hot, I gotta blow again.” He panted, blasting his cum into my arse in no time at all, then quickly pulling out.

“Me too.” Laughed Noel, quickly seizing the opportunity to take the spot my dad had just vacated, adding to his load.

“Well if we’re doing it…” said Andy, roughly stabbing my arse until he blew.

Each of them did it- Cliff mercifully used my throat- until I was a dripping, cum-filled mess.

The dinner party was a success and, after a quick shower, I dragged my exhausted, sore arse back to dad’s and collapsed in the spare room.

As much fun as the day had been, I don’t think I could handle that much cricket again. At least not for another year…

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