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Gregory Patrick




Jaiden � Chapters 138


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Greg Patrick


“Peyton, Pete Gray. I had Jamie track down Leon”s mother, and I am afraid the news isn”t good.” “How so, Pete?” “Jamie discovered she had been beaten to death, and she”s buried in Hamblen County, Tennessee. The case is still open, and the police are still looking for the man who killed her. Thankfully, some people witnessed the man beating the lady and gave the police a description, but there is no information otherwise.”


“What did the guy look like, Pete?” “He is around six feet tall, had a heavy dark brown beard, was muscular, and cussed like a sailor. The witnesses said they had never seen a person as angry as the man was while beating Leon”s mother. They said he appeared to be enraged.” “What kind of hair did he have?” “He had dark brown, curly hair with a mullet in the back.”


“Pete, let me talk to my parents and see how they want to tell Leon. I don”t think that is something I need to tell him alone.” “That”s probably a good idea, Peyton. Knowing your mom and dad the way I do, they will fly to Memphis as soon as you call and tell them what has been discovered.”


“I”m sure you are right, Pete, and quite frankly, I am going to welcome their being here to talk to Leon. I”ll give you a call after we talk to Leon and to let you know how he took the news.”


“Now the obvious question, Pete: how much do I owe Jamie?” “Peyton, Jamie said he didn”t have to leave his office to find the information and got it relatively quickly with the computer search programs he uses. He made a few telephone calls and verified the accuracy of what he discovered. I asked him what I should tell you his fee was, and he told me to tell you not to worry about it, that after all you, Jaiden, Dale, and Charlie did for this community, he was glad to help.”


“WOW! Leon is going to freak when I tell him that. Pete, thanks so much for your help; I know I owe you something for your time because that phone call had to take more than seven minutes.” “Damn you, Peyton, you know the lawyer”s secret!” “Yeah, I seem to remember a particular friend telling me how much time an hour was to an attorney.” “You know, I think I was present when that was discussed. Even so, don”t worry about it; glad to help.” “Thanks, Pete. I”ll call you as soon as we talk to Leon.”


“Orange Beach Veterinary Clinic, this is Phyllis Riley; how may I help you?” “Hey, Mom, is Dad around?” “He is, Peyton; what”s up?” “Pete Gray”s investigator, Jamie, found Leon”s mom, and the news is not good. She was beaten to death in northeast Tennessee. I have a description of the person who killed her, and I need to talk to Leon about everything. I was wondering if you and Dad would like to be here when I let Leon know the news.”


“Peyton, your dad is with a patient”s owners. Let me talk to him when he is finished giving them post-surgical instructions, and I”ll call you back.” “Thanks, Mom.”


“Peyton, this is Dad; what”s up?”


“Dad, Pete Gray called today; his investigator got the information on Leon”s birth mom, and it isn”t good.” “Peyton, what did Pete find out?” “Leon”s birth mom was beaten to death in Hamblen County, Tennessee, and while they have a description of the suspect from witnesses, they don”t have anything else to go on. They said he was a tall, husky man with a full, thick beard. Witnesses said they thought he was trying to beat her so badly that she couldn”t be identified, but he didn”t quite succeed as intended.”


“Son, have you told your brother yet?” “No, sir.” “Don”t until your mom and I get there. The rest of the week looks like it will be pretty slow since the weather has gotten cold, so your mom and I will get a flight out as soon as we can get out of here and pack some clothes. The other vets can manage the office until we get back. As soon as I know what time we will fly out, I”ll give you a call.” “Thanks, Dad.” “Your welcome, son. We”ll be there as soon as we can.”


Peyton walked over to Dale and whispered into his ear to follow him to the bedroom and to bring Charley.


Dale took Charley by the hand and walked to Jaiden”s and Peyton”s bedroom. Jaiden was already in the room taking a nap when the guys walked in. Peyton gently woke Jaiden and said he had something to tell him, Charley, and Dale.


When Jaiden was fully awake, he told the three that Pete Gray had called with info on Leon”s birth mom. When Peyton told them the information Pete Gray had given to him, Jaiden was incensed. Charley asked if the police had a description of the assailant; Peyton assured him they did. He also told them that his parents would be there in the early evening to sit down with Leon and let him know about his birth mom”s passing. The information would answer a lot of Leon”s questions, but they had no idea how he would react when he was told his birth mom had been murdered.


The Riley”s landed in Memphis at 5:30 and called Peyton to pick them up. The three got back to the house shortly after Leon got home from the counseling center. When the Riley”s walked in with Peyton, Leon was delightfully surprised.


“Mom, Dad, why are you here today?” “Leon, we need to sit down and talk to you, and what you have to hear is something we wanted to come from us.” “And?” “Let”s sit down in the dining room.”


“Leon, Pete Gray called today, and his investigator found your birth mom, and the news is not good.” “What do you mean?” “Son, your birth mom was involved in an assault in Hamblen County, and she didn”t make it. The police have an eyewitness description of the assailant. Still, they have no idea who he is, and they don”t have any DNA to identify and track him.”


“Dad, what did they say the man looked like?” He was a big, burly man with a thick dark beard. He was about six feet or so tall.” “Dad, did they say he had a ruddy complexion?” “Leon, we weren”t told about that, but we can call the investigator and find out.”


“Give me a minute; mezitli escort I want to go to my room and get something to show you.” A few minutes later, Leon returned to the dining room, handed the Rileys a picture of his birth dad, and asked, “could it be this person.” “This picture certainly fits the description Pete gave to Peyton.” “Peyton, can you fax a copy of this picture to the investigator in Hamblen County?” “I can, Leon, and we can do it right now.”


Jaiden entered the picture in his computer and faxed a copy to the Sheriff”s department in Hamblen County. No sooner had the fax arrived in northeast Tennessee when Peyton”s phone rang.


“This is Detective Major Sean Peirce, in the homicide division of the Hamblen County Sheriff”s Office. I just received a fax regarding the murder of Shelia Pettigrew. May I speak with Mr. Peyton Riley-Reynolds?” “This is he.” “Dr. Riley-Reynolds, the picture you sent to my office is the man who killed Mrs. Pettigrew. Can you give me more information on the individual?”


“Major, let me let you speak to Leon Riley. He was Mrs. Pettigrew”s son when she disappeared from the home and was never heard from again. My parents adopted Leon six months ago, and he is living with my husband and me in Memphis.”


“Hello, Major Pierce, this is Leon Riley.” “Mr. Riley, can you tell me who the man in the picture faxed to me is?” “Yes, sir, he is my birth father, Sean Pettigrew. He beat my mom and me regularly, and he threatened to kill her many times.” “Do you happen to know where he is?” “Yes, sir, you can find him at his residence located at 5601 Stanislaus Circle, in Memphis. If anyone goes out, he is armed and will fight anybody and everybody, and he will do his best to kill whoever goes to get him.”


“Mr. Riley, don”t let your birth dad know we will have Memphis authorities go out and arrest him. Sir, I won”t, and neither will anybody in my new family. If you will, please call Judge Norman Anderson in the Memphis Superior Court and let him know what is happening. I think he can quickly cut a lot of red tape for you.” “Mr. Riley, I will do that right now. Stay around your home, and I will call you as soon as we have your birth dad in custody.” “Yes, sir, I will; thank you!”


“Judge Norman Anderson”s chambers, this is Selma; how may I help you?” “Ms. Selma, this is Major Pierce with the homicide division of the Hamblen County Sheriff”s Office. May I please speak with Judge Anderson about a murder case we are about to act on in Memphis? Please tell him the case involves the birth father of Leon Riley.” “One moment, Major.”


“This is Judge Anderson.” “Judge, this is Major Pierce with the homicide division of the Hamblen County Sheriff”s Office. We have positively identified a murder suspect in the beating death of Shelia Pettigrew, the birth mother of Leon Riley, with whom I understand you are familiar. We need to get him in custody immediately and return him to Hamblen County to stand trial for First-degree Murder.”


Major, do you have an address where he is supposed to be?” “Yes, Sir, I do.” “Give it to me. I”m going to do a three-way call with the homicide division of our Sheriff”s Department; I promise you”ll get whatever assistance you need. If you don”t, they will not like me � at all!”


“Major Thomason, this is Judge Anderson. I have Major Pierce from the Hamblen County Sheriff”s Office on the line. He is going to fax you a copy of a homicide warrant with the address of the perp. As soon as you get the warrant copy, I want the son-of-a-bitch in jail within thirty minutes. He is armed and dangerous, so you and your officers protect yourselves and do what you must do to get him in custody, understood?” “Yes, sir. The warrant just arrived, and the Lieutenant is getting the squad ready now. The Swat team will take the call with at least 20 officers as backup.” “Great, call me when you get the man. Memphis will fly down and retrieve him tonight.” “Yes, sir, will do, Judge.”


“Major Pierce, is the arrangement I just made satisfactory to you?” “Very much so, Judge, thank you.” “Major, the sorry bastard they are about to pick up all but ruined his son”s life. I and the police are intimately familiar with Leon Riley. I presided over his adoption after I cleared his criminal record.”


“His new mom and dad are relatives of mine. Their other two sons are completing their internships and residencies in Pediatric Oncology and oncological surgery at St. Jude”s. You won”t find more exemplary people anywhere.”


“Judge, that”s what I”ve already heard. Thanks for your help with this case.” “Major, anytime you need anything in this area, feel free to call me, and I”ll make sure you get what you need.” “Yes, sir; have a great evening, Judge.” “You do the same, Major.”


“Judge, this is Major Thomason. We have Sean Pettigrew in custody. He put up one hell of a fight, but he lost. This big black guy at the scene had been in jail with Pettigrew and knew his reputation. When Pettigrew started fighting the police, he walked up to Pettigrew and hit him one time. Pettigrew slept like a baby for about fifteen minutes. When he awoke, the first thing he said was, “damn, what kind of truck hit me?”


“The man from the jail leaned over in his face and said, `it wasn”t no truck, asshole, it was me, and if you mess with Leon again, you and I will room together at whatever jail you are in, and that is a promise! Understand?” I ain”t had me a bitch in a long time, and I sure do need one.”


“Major, tell Bubba I owe him one. ” “I”ll do that, Judge.”


“Now, about getting Pettigrew to the jail in Hamblen County. I called Marvin at first Class Records. They are making their Cessna Jet available to remove Pettigrew from this county. They are waiting on you at the airport at hanger A-51.” “Judge, we are on our way.”


“Thanks, much, Major. You and your guys stay at a fancy hotel and bill the county. If anyone bitches about it, I”ll take care of them. And you better find the best steakhouse in the area and have the most giant Porterhouse steak they have with whatever sides you want, again compliments of the county.”


“You can”t charge alcoholic beverages to the county, but if you guys want a drink, get one and let me know how much they cost and I”ll personally reimburse all of you. You did a hell of a job tonight, and I appreciate your efforts. Oh, and about the dinner, you don”t know anything about it, OK?” “Know anything about what, Judge?” “You”re a good man, Major.”


“Major Pierce, this is Judge Anderson. Pettigrew is in custody. He put up a fight, and an old inmate familiar with our jail was on the scene when Pettigrew fought the deputies. The man likes our deputies and our jail, so when Pettigrew fought the deputies, the guy hit him one time and put him in la-la land.” “Judge, thanks for letting me know he is in jail. We”ll get someone down in to pick him up first thing in the morning.”


Major Pierce, the hell you will! I called a record executive who supports me. He has made his personal jet available at no cost to get Pettigrew to you. They should be landing in Hamblen County in the next twenty minutes.” “Judge, I don”t know what to say. Thanks so much for your help. I”ll let the Sheriff know Pettigrew will be here shortly.” “Thank you much, Major!” “No, pozcu escort thank you, Judge.”


Fifteen minutes after the Judge made his phone call to Major Pierce, he knocked on the door of Leon”s residence. Jaiden answered the door and said, “Judge, this is unexpected.” “Sure is, Jaiden, but I have some news for Leon, and I wanted to tell him in person. “Well, don”t just stand there; come on in. Everybody is in the den.”


“High Phyllis, Jim, gentlemen.” Leon started shaking at the sight of the Judge. “Leon, calm down, son; I”m here to give you some good news. I”m sorry, Judge, I get nervous when Judges and cops are around.” “I can understand the way you have been picked on as a teen.”


“Folks, the only way to deliver the news I have is to just say it: Sean Pettigrew is in custody, and they just landed the jet with him on board in Johnson City. His case will be presented to the Grand Jury on Monday morning.”


“They should return a True Bill immediately upon hearing the evidence in his case. I”ve spoken with the assigned Judge, and the District Attorney is ready to proceed to trial. Sean Pettigrew should be in court within a month, and the District Attorney will ask for the death penalty.”


“Leon, the District Attorney said if you don”t want him to seek the death penalty to let him know, and he won”t. He believes the severity of the case warrants asking for that verdict.” “Judge, he killed my mother and left me wondering why she abandoned me and never tried to check on me. If he gets the death penalty and it is carried out, I want to be sitting on the front row when the drugs begin coursing through his veins, and I want him to look me in the face as he dies. I want his last thought to be of me for a change.”


When Leon said that, Mom Riley placed her hands on his face and said, “Leon, this is going to sound like a foolish question, but I have to ask it: Son, are you OK? Is there something your dad and I can do for you?” “Mom, you have already done that. You are here for me, and so is the rest of my family. I can”t ask for more than you all have already done. I”m so numb right now that I don”t know what to think or say.”


“We”re going to stay through the weekend to be with you, and we will do whatever you need for us to do.” “Leon, that goes for Jaiden, Dale, Charley, and me as well, understand?” Leon got up, hugged Peyton, and said, “thank you, Peyton; I love you so much.” “Ditto, brother, ditto.”


Mom Riley called Jenny to let her know what was going on. They talked for nearly an hour before Jenny, sobbing and speaking incoherently, hung up the phone.


The next day at noon, Peyton”s phone rang. “Peyton, this is Jenny; can you please pick me up at the airport?” “Jenny, you know I can, and I will; I”m on my way.”


“Mom, can you go somewhere with me right quick? We shouldn”t be gone more than a half-hour.”


“Peyton, your eyes are as bloodshot as I have ever seen them; what is going on?” “Jenny is at the airport. As soon as she learned about Leon”s circumstances, she hopped on a jet and got here about 11:30 this morning. We are picking her up at the airport. I am so fortunate to have her as my sister; no sister is as loving as she is.”


Mom Riley patted Peyton on his right thigh and gave him a slight squeeze to say she couldn”t agree more. When they got to the airport, Jenny was sitting in a chair at the pickup lane, tears streaming down her face.


When Mom Riley went to Jenny, embraced her, and said, “Jenny, talk to me,” Jenny let loose with the most guttural cry her mom and Peyton had ever heard come from her. She was crying so hard that airport police had emergency medical technicians check on her. They recognized Peyton and said if he needed their help to let them know. He assured them he would.


Peyton called Jaiden and let him know his mom and he was taking Jenny to a bistro near the hospital to get her some lunch and give her some time to calm down. Jaiden told Dad Riley where they were going and gave him the keys to his car to join Jenny, her mom, and Peyton.


When the four finished lunch, Dad Riley insisted they go to the park to exercise, knowing that would help calm Jenny more than anything else. Walking always helped Jenny clear her mind.


Finally, they got home, and Jenny sat on the couch in the den. Leon walked into the room and sat next to Jenny. She quickly embraced him and held him for over an hour as they cried together. “Leon, I am so sorry this happened to you. I love you more than anything in this world, and knowing you are facing this is tearing my heart up.” “Jenny, I love you too. If it wasn”t for my family, I don”t think I could get through this.”


Everybody was surprised when they heard tires screeching in the driveway. Jaiden looked out the window, and it was Peter coming to check on the love of his life. “Babe, are you OK, at least as much as you can be?” “I am, sweetheart. I”ll always be OK when I”m with you.”


“I hope you don”t mind, but I called my parents and let them know what had happened. The news tore them up, and they said to give you their love.” “Love, we are so fortunate to have the families we have. They have helped me face so much.” Peter leaned over, gave Leon a brief but tender kiss, and held him as he rubbed Leon”s back.


The other adults took the children outside to give Leon and Peter some private time together. While they were outside, the doorbell rang, and Leon answered the door. It was Dr. Till coming to check on Leon. They sat in the dining room and talked for almost an hour. Then, when the good doctor was satisfied Leon was OK and had the support he needed, she returned home.


Not even an hour later, the doorbell rang again. This time, Peyton answered the door, and it was Peter”s parents. Needless to say, everyone was shocked but not unexpectedly so. “Please, come in. Everyone is in the den. When the Anderson”s walked into the den and Leon saw them, he lost it � and so did they. Peter”s mom held Leon for the longest as his dad went onto the deck to talk with Dad Riley.


“Jim, this is surreal. That boy has been through enough, and to have to face this of all things, just isn”t fair.” “Dan, I couldn”t agree more. If I could get my hands on that man, I would rip him apart, limb by limb; however, I”d have to get to him before Peyton does.” “Why so, Jim?” “Peyton is a world-class Karate and Jujitsu expert. He has won championships in six countries in Europe. So when he gets mad over something like this, I always pray he doesn”t kill the perp.”


“Does he get that mad, Jim?” “Only when it involves a family member. God help anyone who ever abuses one of his boys; he won”t hold back then.” “I can”t say I would either, Jim, would you?” “Nope!”


“The wife and I have talked about the upcoming trial, and we intend to be present as support for Leon; how about Phyllis and you?” “We intend to do the same, Dan, but with the practice, I”ll have to play things by ear. Phyllis will definitely be at the trial.” “Good!”


Leon walked onto the deck and stood at the railing. Dan walked up to Leon, put his arms around him, and held him close as he said, “Leon, mom and I are here to support you, and we will always be here to help you. If there is anything you need, son, you better escort bayan tell us, or we won”t be happy campers.” “That”s funny, Dad; Jaiden”s mom said the same thing.” “You”re darn right. I said it, and I meant every word I said.”


Leon swung around and said, “Mom, you didn”t have to take off and come down here because of what”s going on.” “Leon, you are family, one of my boys, and when someone messes with the lionesses cubs, they have hell to pay, and I will make sure they pay up.”


“Wow, I can”t believe you all showed up to support me.” “As I said, son, you are family, and when someone messes with my family, they are responsible to me, and that is a position they don”t want to be in.”


Jaiden walked downstairs, looked out the French doors, and saw his mom. “Mom, when did you get here?” “My plane landed about 45 minutes ago, and I rented a car and drove to the house.” “Why didn”t you call us? We”d have picked you up at the airport.” “Son, I know our extended family, and I knew you would have a house full of guests over this.” You”re right mom, I should have anticipated this, but I didn”t. So next time something bad happens, God forbid it does, I”ll be more prepared.” “Jaiden, you”re more prepared than you realize. I have a room at the Hilton, and I got an extra room if someone else needed a place to stay.”


I think Peter and Leon will stay together in Leon”s room, and Pete”s parents will have the room across the hall, Jenny will have the first bedroom, on the left downstairs, and Seth can have the other bedroom. Oh no, Seth!” “What about Seth, Jaiden? “He has been by himself since he got here. Let me take care of that problem right quick.”


“Leon, may I see you in the dining room for a moment.” “What do you need, Jaiden?” “Have you seen Seth?” “He”s in his room, downstairs watching television.” “If you don”t mind, can you go to his room and make sure he”s OK. He really loves you, and I”m sure what”s going on is bothering him greatly.” “Yeah, I”ll go check on him now.”


Leon knocked on Seth”s door, and Seth said for whoever it was to come on in. Seth was lying on the bed watching one of his favorite shows. Leon walked to the bed, laid down, snuggled up to Seth, and put his arms around his little brother. “Hey, little brother, I”m sorry nobody paid any attention to you when you got here. I didn”t realize you were here until Jaiden told me.” “That”s OK, Leon, everybody is worried about you. I am too, but I figured I”d get a chance to talk to you tomorrow.”


“Little Bro, I”m here, so what would you like to talk about?” “Nothing that will upset you; I”d just like to lie here, hold you, let you hold me, and just feel close to you.” “WOW! That”s not an answer I expected!”


“Leon, we were adopted by the same loving family. So when you became a brother to me, I was so happy I went outside and walked around the pasture with the mule for an hour.”


“The poor animal had to listen to me, talking about how excited I was. But, unfortunately, we haven”t had a chance to speak, so I haven”t been able to tell you how much I love you. Richard has told me so much about you, and I have wanted to spend some time with you, but I haven”t been able to because of school.”


“Seth, thank you for telling me that; I didn”t know you felt that way.” “Well, I do, and nothing will change that.”


“Tell me what Richard told you about me.” “First, you and I grew up with the same fears. My sperm-donor beat me like your dad beat you. Richard finally had enough of him and beat the hell out of him while he was angry enough to do that. Then he hid me out until he could get me some help. He talked to Jaiden and Peyton, and they called the police. The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital, had six hours of surgery to repair the damage my sperm-donor did to me, and then spent a month and a half in the hospital.”


“Peyton called Dad and told him what had happened, and he immediately got on a plane and flew to Erie and visited me in the hospital the next day. The night I went into the hospital, two police officers showed up with a judge and his spouse. As it turns out, they are relatives of Jaiden”s and Peyton”s – but we can”t say anything about that.” “Thirty minutes later, my mom and dad were in jail, and I felt safe for the first time ever.”


“The Judge held off on the hearing until I was well enough to go to court on an ambulance gurney. Then, when I could, he revoked the parental rights of my parents, sent my dad to jail for life, and gave my mom forty-five years to serve. Pete Gray, an attorney in Erie, had adoption papers with him in court. The Judge immediately signed them and told Richard and me we had new parents, and our new last name would be Riley. Richard and I have been happy ever since, and we haven”t looked back one time.”


“I miss Richard horribly, but I love living on the farm, playing and working with the animals, and driving Peyton”s car that he gave to me. Dad takes me to the beach a lot in the summertime, and Mom always brings an awesome lunch. If she doesn”t pack a good lunch, we go to Peyton”s favorite seafood buffet and stuff ourselves. Then they get me to call Peyton and rub it in.” “You love doing that, don”t you, little brother?” Seth started laughing and said, “More than you will ever know, big brother! More than you will e-v-e-r know.”


Leon turned onto his back and looked at Seth as he said, “And what else did Jaiden and Peyton tell you about me? Well, nothing except that when our boyfriends walk by, we both rise to the occasion.” “Damn, that”s funny!” “It”s not as funny as when mom notices I have a woody and says, `Damn, son, are you eternally horny?” “Then she laughs, and it”s that laugh that makes me blush.”


“Seth, that is too funny!” “It won”t be so funny when Mom notices you with a woody and calls it to your attention.” “I guess that is true, but didn”t Peyton ever tell you to always have a towel handy? It doesn”t have to be a big one, just one large enough to get the job done.” “What do you mean, Leon?” Come in the bathroom and let me show you. Now, you have a large woody, and you have to walk to your mom to see what she wants. What do you do with the towel?


“I”m not sure.” “Let me show you, Seth. First, put your hand and forearm over your belly button. Now, drape the towel over your arm and let it hang in front of where your hard dick is.” Seth caught on quickly, broke into a big grin, hugged Leon, and said, “I love you. Thanks for showing me this trick. Now maybe I won”t get so embarrassed.” “Seth, there”s no need to get embarrassed anytime you have a woody. All boys start getting them around age 10. Even older men like dad wake up with a woody in the morning.” “Really?” “Yep. If you want to make dad blush when you are alone with him, ask, “Dad, do you have a woody when you wake up every morning?” It may take him a while to figure out how to answer your question diplomatically, but rest assured, his answer has to be yes.”


Now, little brother, you asked me to hold you. Roll onto your right side and put your head on my shoulder, and we”ll watch television.”


When Leon didn”t return to the den in a reasonable amount of time, Peyton went downstairs and very quietly opened the door to check on Leon and Seth. What he saw melted his heart. He quietly closed the door, went upstairs to the den, and got his parents, Jaiden, Pete, and Dale, and Charley, to go downstairs to have a look-see.


When Dad Riley saw his two sons asleep in a brotherly embrace, he said, “Now that”s an example of what brothers do when they truly love each other.”


Everybody agreed.

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