Jill At Last Ch. 02

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About 20 minutes later, we pulled into the driveway of her house. I was a bit surprised at how nice it was, but figured that it must have been part of the divorce settlement or something. As I followed her inside, I noticed more sway in her hips than usual, and admired again her amazing figure. Once we were inside she asked softly, “Would you like something to drink?”

“A glass of water would be great.” She raised an eyebrow but kicked off her shoes and turned and walked back to the kitchen. I sat on a bar stool at the island in the kitchen as she got a bottled water out of the fridge poured it into a wine glass. She leaned across the counter and handed me the cup, affording me a remarkable view of her cleavage as her breasts hung in the dress, barely held in by her bra. I didn’t try to hide the fact that I was looking anymore, and she kept leaning over, letting me look as long as I liked.

She smiled as I leaned in to give her a kiss. “What?’ I asked.

“I’m happy that your here, that’s all. And a bit nervous, if you want to know the truth. I haven’t been with anyone since my divorce.” It was my turn to raise an eyebrow, but I didn’t say anything. I gave her a brief kiss, then said, “Do I get the grand tour?”

She slowly stood up strait and said, “Sure.” She took me by the hand and led me past the dining room and living room, back to the entryway where a large staircase curved around to the second floor. Her summer dress swished back and forth as she walked up the stairs. I wanted to reach up and grab her ass, but I had to play it cool here. She pointed out some of the rooms as we walked down the hallway, back to the master suite.

She turned before she opened the door and said, “I want you to promise that what happens in here stays in here.”

I almost said, “Scouts honor,” but didn’t want to highlight our age difference, so I simply responded, “Of course. I promise.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and opened the doors to her bedroom. The room was huge, with vaulted ceilings and large windows Beylikdüzü escort looking out over the backyard, and the woods beyond. The master bathroom was off to the left, and I could see a large shower and Jacuzzi bath on one side. I imagined we might be there later.

Jill walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, and I leaned against the wall. “You’re playing it pretty cool,” she said.

“I just want to look at you for a minute. You really are beautiful.” Jill smiled and leaned to the side and put her feet up beside her on the bed. Her dress fell off her shoulder, revealing the top of her bra-covered breast. “You know, every day I have walked past your desk and tried to catch even a glimpse of… What I mean is…”

I just didn’t know what to say. Without taking her eyes off me, Jill stood up and slowly pulled her dress up over her head. She was simply stunning as she stood there in her satin blue bra and panties. I pushed myself away from the wall and went and stood close to her. I had kept my hands in my pocket so they wouldn’t be cold this time when I touched her. I reached out and caressed her arm, then made my way to her waist, then across her flat stomach. I slid my hands back around her waist and pull her tight against my body as we kissed.

Soon I felt her press her pelvis against my cock, now pulsing in my pants. I pressed back, and we stood there, kissing and slowly grinding against one another. Her hands were trembling as she undid the buttons of my shirt. As my shirt fell to the floor I loosened my grip enough to let her ease onto the bed as I brought my weight gently down on top of her. I kissed my way down the side of her neck, as I eased her right breast out of her bra, then let my mouth find her once-again erect nipple.

As I sucked and flicked it with my tongue, Jill began to moan and her hips were grinding against the air. I wanted to drive my shaft into her wet pussy right then and there, but I forced myself to go slow. I freed her left breast from the bra with my Beylikdüzü escort other hand and slowly rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger as I continued to suck on the other. I had to feel her wetness, so I moved my hand down her torso, stopping to play with her belly button for a moment before I moved further down. As my fingers reached her panties, I played with the little bit of short-cropped pubic hair that was just above the top edge of her panties. Then I slid my fingers under and made slow, gentle circles downward across her soft mound.

At last I knew I was far enough in, and I parted her pussy lips with my fingers as I dipped the tip of my middle finger inside. It was so hot and wet, I thought I was going to cum just feeling it. I kissed her again, then kissed my way down her body as I slowly inserted my finger further and further inside. When I got down to her panties she lifter her ass off the bed so I could pull them off. I threw them on the floor and admired the sight as she slowly spread her legs wide open.

As I moved in, the aroma of her hot juices filled my senses, and I eagerly dove in. “Gently,” Jill moaned. I slowed myself down, and began to tenderly work my way around, only occasionally moving up to gently caress her clit with my tongue. My shaft was driving into the bed uncomfortably, but I didn’t mind. I was in heaven. Her love juices tasted so clean and delicious. I could have gone on for hours, but as she began to push her pussy against my face, then thrust it with more force, I knew she wasn’t going to last long. I moved up to give more attention to her clit. Three quick flicks across her clit sent her over the edge. Her back arched and she grabbed my head and just held it against her wet pussy, but she didn’t make a sound.

She held me there for so long that I thought I might suffocate, but soon she relaxed and let me go. “That was incredible,” purred Jill. I stretched out next to her, an arm draped across her torso, waiting to see what came next. I was so horny I Escort Beylikdüzü thought I might cum in my pants any second.

After a few moments of lying quietly together, Jill turned on her side and caressed my faced with her hand, planting light kisses all over my face. Then she began to work her way slowly down my body, kissing my chest, my stomach. I kicked my shoes off onto the floor as she undid my belt and pants. I helped her pull them off with my boxers, and noticed Jill looking at my rock-hard cock.

A slight smile played across her face as she slowly tickled my shaft with her fingernails. Other girls my own age that I had been with never took their time like this. I laid my head back and let Jill work her magic. I felt Jill’s hair glide across my abs, and I knew she was about to take me into her mouth. She licked the tip, then all around the head as she slowly stoked my shaft. I didn’t know if I was going to last much longer, as I let out a deep moan. “Ugghhh, that feels so good,” I whispered.

“Do you want to me to make you cum like this, or do you want to cum inside me?” Despite what I might wish, or what is portrayed in all the porn I see, one shot and I’m done for a while, so it wasn’t a tough decision. I said, “Do you mind if I do it from behind?”

“No, but not in my ass, right?”

“No, I want to feel your warmth and your wetness.”

Jill knelt in the middle of the bed with her face laying on the bed and her ass high in the air as I positioned myself behind her. I fumbled around a bit trying to find my way in. Jill reached up between her legs and guided me in. “Ugghhh!” I moaned as my shaft drove into her hot, slippery hole. I began to pump slowly, trying to make it last, but I was cumming too fast. I pulled out to try to stop my orgasm, but I grunted as white hot spurts of cum squirted clear up to her hair, then across her back, then all over her beautiful round ass. I leaned heavily against her, panting heavily. She waited patiently until I slid to the side to lie on the bed, then she stretched out on the bed next to me.

We gazed at each other for a few moments, then she leaned over and kissed me. “You were great,” she said sweetly. “There aren’t words to describe how you were,” I answered as we lay together in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

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