Jim and I are Vacation Sluts Pt. 03

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This chapter continues the sex adventures of Jim and Rita. Other than the fact that we have been to the location many times the story is pure slutty fantasy. One of the nice things about fantasy is that there no STD to be concerned about.

When I put the bathing suit on, I realized how much I had to drink the night before. I can’t imagine anyone would wear this suit in public. I said to Jim, “What do you think, does this suit make me look like a slut?”

He smiled and said “Pretty much.”

“Good that is the look I was going for” and I found my sheerest coverup to put over it.

Jim and I are Vacation sluts pt3

We walked across the park and out onto the beach. It was not real crowded yet but it was a beautiful hot day so we expect it will get crowded soon. I was a bit relieved when I discovered I was not the only women on the beach that was nearly naked. In fact, I pretty much fit right in. This is not a nude beach but topless is tolerated. My suit was basically a couple strings and triangle shaped patches of fabric.

We found our spot and got a couple of chairs. When I laid down, I asked Jim if he would mind if I took my top off.

Jim responded, “Do you really think I would mind if my beautiful wife were topless?”

I said, “Your right, I know better”, and in a moment I was wearing nothing but a very tiny bottom.

After about an hour we took a walk down the beach. I didn’t make any effort to cover up and there were more than a few heads turning as we walked. I absolutely loved being the subject of attention for so many people, both male and female.

We had enough of the beach by early afternoon and decided to pack up. I put my top and coverup back on but made sure I was showing everything off. I posed for Jim and asked, “Slutty enough?”

He just smiled and gave me a kiss while squeezing my ass.

We went to a pool bar on Ocean drive next to our hotel. It is a huge pool with lots of very sexy people hanging out in the water enjoying adult beverages. We grabbed a couple of sex on the beach cocktails and got in the pool.

We were enjoying our drinks and conversation just leaning on the side of the pool when this very sexy red head chick came over and said hello to us. She said, “I’m here by myself, my I join you guys?”

Jim was staring at her tits and mumbles, “Absolutely, please join us.”

I agreed and said, “Sure, join us.” Honestly, I was hoping we could take her back to our room and I could watch Jim fuck her. After last nigth, what’s fair is fair.

Her name is Jill, she had the most gorgeous long red hair and a pretty face. Her boobs were large and I was pretty sure they were implants. They stood right out there and her nipples were clearly evident in her thin little top. She had six pack abs that would make any athlete jealous and just the right amount of muscle that told us she worked out regularly. She really was a hot looking lady.

When our drinks were dry Jim ran up to the bar to get a second round. These drinks were huge and I was already well on my way to feeling no pain.

When Jim got out of the pool this bathing suit was clinging to him very nicely making an outline of his semi stiff cock. Jill commented, “Very nice honey, I bet that tastes good.”

I said, “Yes it does and I plan to be tasting it very soon.”

Jill said, “You lucky girl.”

I said, “It’s kinda Jim’s turn tonight, I got fucked really good last night by Jim and the host from the restaurant where we had dinner.”

Jill smiles and said, “excuse me?”

I said “Yah, we picked up this gorgeous Latin host and between him and Jim I got used every way possible last night.”

Jill asked, “Girl, did you really get fucked by one of Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort those beautiful Latin guys?”

I smiled, “I did and he was fucking good. Between the two of them I was in heaven.”

Jill said, “Maybe tonight I should go find one of those pretty Latin boys or girls and get fucked.”

I said, “Interesting, are you bi?”

With a big smile Jill said, “I am, I like both cock and pussy and I can’t say which I like more.”

I said, “I have never been with a woman, where we live and because of my job, I have to be pretty discreet.”

Jill laughed, “Honey if your fucking the waiters your not being very discreet.”

I responded, “We are becoming vacation sluts. When we are out of town we pretty much don’t hold back.”

Jill said, “What do you do for a living?”

I laughed and said, “Would you believe I’m a police officer.”

Jill said, “If you told me you are a kindergarten teacher, I might have believed you but a cop.”

I said, “Maybe you would like to see my cuffs.”

“Maybe”, replied Jill.

“Like I said, I got fucked beyond belief last night, tonight it is Jim’s turn. By any chance would you like to join us this evening? I know Jim would be in heaven fucking two babes and I might just get into a babe as well.”

Jill said, “Honey, I would love to join you guys but there is something you might want to know.” With that she took my hand and pushed it down the front of her bikini bottom and I found she had a penis.

I will admit I was a little shocked and I can only imagine the look on my face but to say I was fascinated would be an understatement.

At the same moment, Jim returned with the drinks. We each took one and I raised my glass, they followed and I said, “Hers to what I expect to be an awesome night.”

Jill said, “Sounds like you are going to get fucked tonight Jim.”

I said, “He is going to fuck his brains out.”

Jill and I giggled and clinked out glasses again.

I asked “Jim, how would you like have a red head and I suck on your dick at the same time tonight?”

Jill said, “We saw the outline of your equipment when you got out of the pool and Rita assured me it was very tasty. You would not mind sharing a little of it with me, would you?”

I said, “After last night, the least I can do is let you have some extra fun.”

Jill handed me her drink and planted a very wet kiss on Jim. She had her tongue wrapped around his. Her hand was all over his chest and working its way down to his cock. Not wanting to miss out on any of this, I put a hand on both of their cocks and they were stiff as boards. Jill had a fairly modest bikini bottom on but her cock was sticking out the top. Jill moved her hand under Jim’s suit to his cock and made a comment about how nice it felt.

We were in a pool with lots of other people and I said, “Ok you two sluts need to calm down before we get tossed out.” They went for one more round of kissing and backed off. “Now we need cocks to settle down so we can walk out of here soon.”

We all relaxed under the warm water and continued enjoying our drinks. After about ten minutes of sex talk, I said to Jill, “During that couple minutes of passion when you got to squeeze Jim’s cock what did you think.”

Jill put her arm around Jim and said, “His cock felt just awesome and I can’t wait to suck on it and to get my ass fucked by it.”

Then I said to Jim, “Did you get to feel Jill’s pussy?”

Jim responded, “I didn’t and I have to say it will be interesting to see where things go tonight with her pussy.”

I was concerned how Jim would react when he finds out that Jill has a penis so I said, “Maybe you should give Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort it a squeeze.”

Jim said, “Ladies, before Jill got in the pool, I was watching this gorgeous red head with big tits strutting around the pool deck then when she turned to get in the pool it was very clear that she has a dick. I have known since before you even approached us. If the truth be told, I was hoping you would come our way.”

I was kinda dumb founded because I had no idea until Jill put my hand on her crotch. I fake punched Jim and said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I was having too much fun watching the two of you.” He replied.

Jill said, “So are you into an evening with a transsexual?”

Jim didn’t say a word but he put his arms around Jill with his hands on her ass, he pulled their cocks together and dove his tongue into her mouth. They shared one of the most passionate kisses I had ever seen. Jim took a hand from each of us and pushed it to his cock, it was hard as a rock, pretty much a dead giveaway that Jim was ready to party. Then he put his hand inside Jill’s bikini and said, “That is one hell of a clit you have their Jill.” Jill just smiled.

Once the intimate embrace broke up, Jim said, “Last night you fed me a cream pie, at first I was a little apprehensive but I will admit I enjoyed every bit of it.”

I said, “Babe, you can’t imagine how much of a turn on it is for me when you go down on me after cumming in me but knowing you are licking up a full load from someone else that just fucked me is an over the top thrill for me.”

Jim smiled and said, “Well babe, if Jill is into it, lets go see where this takes us.”

We all clinked our drinks together and climbed out of the pool. Both Jim and Jill had wonderful erections that were clearly visible through there wet suits. In our new true slut like style, neither one made any attempt to cover them up as we walked through the hotel lobby to the elevator.

When we got up to our room and after we all had used the bathroom we went into a three-way embrace. Kissing, feeling and sucking on each other for about five minutes. Until someone said we need to lose these cold wet bathing suits and, in a flash, we were all naked.

Jill had an absolutely beautiful body. If you saw her from the back, you would think she was a model. From the top down she was the perfect example of a hot babe. Her body was lean with just the right amount of muscle and a beautiful round ass that stuck out enough to give you perfect hand holds. Her hair was long and sexy much like her gorgeous legs.

When Jill turned around, she was just as stunning as she was from the back except, she has a lovely penis and balls. Her skin was shinny and smooth and there was not a hair to be seen. Her breasts are big and full with just the right amount of sag decorated with wonderful large dark areolas and nipples.

Jill said, “Rita, I would love to have my cock sucked and I bet you would enjoy seeing Jim on his knees taking me in his mouth.”

I said, “Honey, if you would like to suck on Jill, I would be ok with it.”

Jim smiled and said, “I think you are saying you would totally get off watching me suck a cock.”

I said, “Yes.”

Jim said, “To be honest, I was hoping to get the opportunity to suck your cock since the moment I saw you getting in the pool.”

With that, Jim fell to his knees and started working on Jills cock. First, he circled his tongue around her precum covered head. The strings of precum made it clear that Jill was just as into this as Jim. He than started taking it deeper and deeper until it was all the way in his mouth. For a guy that had never sucked a cock before he Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort was doing pretty fucking good.

Once he got used to the feeling, he started sliding Jill in and out in a regular rhythm. While I was watching this action, my pussy was dripping. I could not help myself, I grabbed vibrator that was on the night stand, then sat back on the chair and used it to fucked myself silly while watching my husband get his face fucked. It didn’t take long and my first orgasm was upon me and it was a big one. Of fuck did I lose control to the point of embarrassing myself.

As I was coming down, I continued watching the show and Jill had taken control of Jim by holding his head with both hands and fucking his face like he was a paid whore. Jill had amazing staying power and was able to hold off for a good long time before she said, “Take my cum you slut.”

She didn’t give Jim a choice, she held his head in place as she pumped what looked like a huge load into his mouth. I have to say, he was good, not a drop was spilled.

By now, I back on the chair working on round two when I heard Jim say, “Ok you fucking whore, get on your knees.”

Jill smiled and said, “Love to.” And down she went.

Jim didn’t waste any time; he drove his cock right down Jill’s throat. Jill took it like she has taken cock many times before.

It was clear that Jill knew how to suck cock because she slowed the action down in an effort to have Jim last longer. She spent time sucking on his balls and she was slipping a finger in his ass every so often. It didn’t take long and Jim was unloading in Jill’s mouth.

While Jim was recovering Jill got up and took my hand pulling me up from the chair. She pulled me in close than put her mouth to mine, she had not swallowed any of Jim’s cum and now she was going to share it with me. She pushed the cum into my mouth and we shared it back and forth allowing it to drip out of our mouths between us onto our boobs. Jim just sat back and watched as we licked the cum off of each other.

I laid down across the bed spread eagle with my legs as wide as they would go and I stretched my arms out over my head and I said, “I’m yours to do with as you please.”

Jim crawled up between my legs and dove into my pussy while Jill crawled up over my head feeding me her boobs while she went down and sucked on mine. The pleasure I was getting between my cunt and tits was incredible and the orgasms started coming one right after the other. They had me held down so there was nothing I could do but enjoy the ride. I lost track but would guess I had at least a dozen.

By now both cocks were recharged and as much as I wanted to see Jim get his ass fucked, I was going to be a greedy little cum whore and keep it all for myself. I was still laying down and I said, “Jim, I need your cock in my cunt and Jill I need yours in my mouth.” They did as I requested and in no time my pussy was filled with Jim’s seed and my mouth with Jill’s.

We were all exhausted and passed out on the king size bed.

It was about 11:00 the next morning when we finally woke up. We were quit a site, there still a big wet spot on the bed and dried cum in our hair. I got up and made myself a cup of coffee while Jim and Jill were still in bed.

I said, “I really wanted to see Jim get his ass fucked.”

Jill said, “That can be arranged, Jim, get up on all fours so I can ride you like a dog.”

Much to my surprise, Jim jumped right up and got in position. I got a bottle of lube and stroked Jills cock with it and squeezed a bunch into Jim’s ass. Jill was gentle at first while she was loosening Jim’s virgin ass but after a few minutes of gently action Jill was humping him hard. It didn’t take long before there was cum dripping out of Jim.

After a quick recovery they switched positions and Jim gave Jill the same kind of action while I sat back watching. I would have loved to get myself off but after two night of being an absolute slut, I am sore as hell.

We all took a shower together, had breakfast and headed to the beach.

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