Joanna Can’t Help Watching

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“‘Bye, Jo.” The door clicked shut, and Joanna could hear their footsteps on the pavement. They stopped in the street outside her window. She imagined Paul’s leather-clad leg swinging over the big V-twin, then Caroline’s slim form climbing on behind him, dressed in matching black leather, breasts pressing hard against his back. The engine roared for a few seconds, then faded away into the distance.

Joanna smiled and stretched, feeling the soft cotton of the sheets brush across her naked body. She snuggled down under the duvet, curled up on herself. Her hand fell naturally between her legs, where she squeezed it with her thighs. It was Saturday, and nobody would disturb her. There was quiet in the flat, with just the hum of the washing machine in the kitchen. She would have a leisurely bath, forsaking her usual jog around the park, then make some coffee and fetch some croissants and the paper. She loved having Paul around, but sometimes it was nice to have a day just to herself. Caroline would be out for the day, so Joanna could do whatever she pleased. She squeezed her legs together again with anticipation.

The phone rang.

“Damn.” She threw back the covers and put her feet on the carpet. Joanna looked around for her bathrobe, then remembered Caroline had put it on the washing machine for her. She stood up and walked naked down the hallway. As she picked up the phone, she reflected that she’d never stood unclothed in the kitchen before. It felt out of place, and a little naughty.


“Hiya, gorgeous.” It was Paul, calling from Paris. “How’s things?”

“Fine. I was just having a lie-in. How about you, what are you up to?”

“Much the same as you – I was just lying in bed, thinking of you.”

“Mmm.” Joanna smiled, wickedly, “Did that have the usual effect?”

“It certainly did. I’ve got something here in my hand the size of the Eiffel Tower.”

“Are you sure you’re not exaggerating slightly? You wouldn’t want a girl to be disappointed when you get back.” Joanna giggled as she looked down her bare body and wriggled her toes on the cool floor.

“How could you be disappointed? Just wear that sexy nightie and I’ll build a tower again in no time. Are you wearing it now?”


“Well, there goes my fantasy.”

“I’m not wearing a nightie.” Her heart beat a little faster.

“What are you wearing, then?”

Joanna paused, and licked her lips, “I’m standing in the kitchen, with nothing on at all.”

She could hear a sharp intake of breath. “Like it. What about Caroline?”

“Oh, she’s wearing her leathers.”

“Sounds like you two might make an interesting pair. Did I interrupt anything?”

He sounded a bit breathless, and she wondered whether Paul would be turned on by that kind of thing, “No, silly – she’s gone out for the day with Dan on his bike.”

“Oh, I see.” He certainly sounded a little disappointed.

“Does that mean the Eiffel tower’s coming down? Or are you keeping it up single-handed?”

“Oh, it’s not having much trouble staying up while I’m talking to you. But I’m keeping things in hand.” She imagined him spread across his big hotel bed, phone in one hand, other hand stroking his stiff cock, gripping the shaft, thumb rubbing the foreskin and forefinger rubbing the bulge underneath as she liked to do to him.

“You naughty boy,” said Joanna. “Are you sure your hand won’t slip?” She felt herself beginning to get damp between the legs.

“Oh no, I’m holding it good and tight, just like you do. Just moving up and down a little bit.” His eyes would be half-closed as his hand moved slowly up and down. Joanna leaned back against the humming washing machine, enjoying the feel of its vibrations on her bare skin. She squeezed her legs together and bent her knees, then reached down to stroke the carefully trimmed curls between her thighs with her fingers. Her breasts moved forwards as she bent. Talking dirty on the phone to Paul was fun, jokey and sexy all at the same time, and being naked in the kitchen while she did it gave her a special thrill.

“So is it wet in Paris?”

“It’s just damp, but it’s forecast to get very wet soon.” Joanna could hear his breathing coming faster now. She cupped her hand between her legs, then pressed the middle finger hard against her nub, stroking with her thumb and other fingers against her outer lips. Escort bayan It felt good. “What’s it like there?” Paul added.

“It’s definitely beginning to get wet.” Joanna savoured the feel of her rapidly moistening pussy. She put her hand to her mouth and ran her tongue along the insides of her fingers, tasting herself, then moved it back between her legs. Her skin felt warm as she stretched back in the golden sunlight streaming through the window, illuminating her nakedness and tinting the curly hair underneath her hand with gold. She felt warm and shivery at the same time.

Paul’s voice came to her, shakier now, “This … tower’s … so … solid.” He was panting, and she knew he would be pumping himself harder now. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”

“I’m very … very … wet. I’m … sopping … wet. I’m really … really … good … and … wet.” They were both panting now, and Joanna felt a warm feeling building in her hips and thighs. She moved her hips down further, phone still in one hand, the fingers of the other hand moving quickly up and down her crotch.

“I’m …” Paul paused for breath, “very close now.” The vision of his hand, moving wildly and nearly out of control up and down his cock, made her own fingers move faster. Her knees were shaking, and the bob of her auburn hair swung from side to side, flying against her face as she shook her head in abandon. She gave a long moan, bouncing on her heels as she crouched down by the worktop, barely managing to hold on to the phone, her fingers a blur between her legs.

Somehow, through the roaring sound of approaching ecstasy in her head, she heard a key rattle in the front door lock.

In panic, she just managed to whisper “Caroline’s back!” before she put the phone down, shaking as she did so.

“Hi Jo, we’re here! The bike broke down.”

It was Dan’s voice, and two sets of footsteps were coming down the hallway. Joanna looked wildly around the kitchen. She reached for the only cover, a tea towel, but realised it would barely hide her hips. She dived for the large broom cupboard, pulling the magnetic catch closed, as quietly as she could. There was little room, and a coat tickled the side of her face, but at least she wasn’t exposed.

“She’s gone out jogging,” Caroline guessed. Through the downward-angled slats of the louvred cupboard door, Joanna could see two sets of leathers walking into the kitchen.

“I’ll put the kettle on,” Dan offered, stepping to the spot where, moments before, Joanna had been frigging herself so wantonly. She quivered with the thought and with the fear of discovery.

“Do you think they’ll get the bike fixed today?” Caroline asked Dan, hopefully.

“On a Saturday? Unlikely. I guess I’ll be taking the train to work on Monday.”

Joanna’s heart raced as she watched, naked in her hiding place. Now she could see Caroline’s legs moving up behind Dan as he filled the kettle. “Does that mean there’s no chance of a ride today?” Caroline added, as she rubbed against him.

“That depends,” teased Dan, “on what kind of ride you’d like.” She could see his feet turn round, and then Caroline’s plant themselves either side of his. There was a silence, disturbed only by the sound of lips moving and heavy breathing from the couple where they stood, just feet away from her.

For a few minutes, only the sound of zips unzipping and snappers unpopping punctuated the sounds of heavy breathing from Dan and Caroline. At last Joanna could see them, turning round, sinking down. Caroline lay back on the floor in full view, wearing only the leather jeans and her thick biking socks. Dan had reached the same state of undress. His hands began to run down over her full breasts and small, erect nipples, circling and squeezing.

Joanna was still glowing and tingling from her own experience. Breathing shallowly, so as not to make a noise, in the dark cupboard, she reached her hands up to her own nipples and circled them, then squeezed hard, mimicking Dan’s movements.

Dan’s hands moved on down Caroline’s belly, then quickly pulled at the snaps of her waistband. They delicately picked up the tag of the zipper, and pulled it down, agonisingly slowly. Caroline stretched her head back and moaned, while Joanna ran her own finger down from her navel to her bush of curls. Caroline’s breasts were now swollen and her nipples fully erect. Her Bayan escort hips wriggled as the leather was pulled down over them, and Joanna wriggled her own hips as she watched. Naked on the floor, Caroline lay with her head to one side, long blonde hair half covering her face, a sheen of sweat on her upper lip, eyes closed and with a rapt expression on her face. Dan’s fingers played over her body, stroking and touching. Joanna had never seen another couple making love in person and so close up. She watched in fascination from her hiding place, and ran her fingers over her own body, touching how Dan touched, feeling how Caroline felt. It was so wicked, and at the same time wonderful, to pleasure herself in this way, while Caroline’s beautiful body was in front of her, being controlled by this man. Joanna drew in her breath, as she watched the muscles working under the bare skin of his broad shoulders, and under the tightness of his leather trousers.

Dan moved his mouth up to Caroline’s, pressing his whole body against her naked skin as he kissed her deeply. He hands ranged all over her. Joanna pushed her own tongue between her teeth, twisting it and curling it around her lips. His mouth moved down Caroline’s body, alternately kissing and sucking on her throat, her shoulders, then her breasts. Joanna longed to lie down and touch or be touched like that, but had to stand quietly where she was, pressed against the vacuum cleaner behind her. She licked her fingers and stroked her skin with them, to get the feeling of wetness which the other girl would be enjoying.

Lower and lower Dan moved, licking Caroline’s breasts, then her stomach, as his fingers probed and stroked and she rolled and moaned with desire, eyes closed. His lips finally reached Caroline’s thighs, and he buried his face in the wet softness between them. Joanna bit her lip as her own middle finger reached inside herself, trying to emulate his tongue. His head was bobbing up and down, and Caroline was shouting and bucking wildly, almost throwing him off. Joanna couldn’t hold back much longer. Her legs shook as the unstoppable wave inside her approached. She was holding her breath, trying desperately to be quiet, rubbing faster and faster. The washing machine at that moment began its noisier spin cycle, and Joanna breathed again, the sound drowned out by the machine. Her eyes closed in abandon.

Then, suddenly, Joanna was aware of a draft, and a brighter light through her eyelids. She opened them again and discovered, to her horror, that she had knocked against the door and it was slowly swinging open.

As Joanna’s hand flashed out to pull the door back, Caroline gave another moan and her eyes fluttered open. She stared straight at Joanna, standing framed in the doorway of the cupboard, naked and sweating, nipples erect, one hand between her legs and one reaching for the door, instantly pink all over with embarrassment. Joanna wished she could fall through the solid floor beneath her. She thought Caroline would scream, but her eyes just widened as far as they could go, while Dan was still carried away with giving her pleasure, and oblivious to the girl behind him. Joanna could see a route to the hallway, and raced out of the room, while the noise of the machine covered her footsteps.

o o o

Later, from under the covers in her darkened bedroom, Joanna heard the front door shut, and outside her window a pair of footsteps receded down the pavement. A moment later, her door burst open.

“What where you doing, spying on us?” Caroline nearly shouted.

“I couldn’t help watching!”

Caroline’s stance was angry, feet apart, hands on hips, leather-clad hips pushed forward, and breasts jutting under her t-shirt.

“I … I didn’t know you were coming back. I was on the phone in the kitchen. My bathrobe was in the wash … I didn’t want Dan to see me…” she couldn’t bring herself even to say the word ‘naked’. “I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help watching!” Joanna repeated. She burst into tears, and pulled the covers over her head.

“Hmm. I suppose you wouldn’t have planned to wait all day in the cupboard.” Caroline softened, and Joanna could feel her friend sitting down on the bed next to her. “Don’t cry.” She felt the covers being pulled off her head, and Caroline’s warm breath as she leaned over to kiss Jo on the forehead. She lay shivering as the Escort other girl stayed there, pushing the damp hair back from her temples and wiping away her tears. “Never mind, it was just a mistake.”

Jo snuffled.

“But you did seem to be enjoying the view.”

“It was …” Jo started to say, but didn’t know how to describe it. It had been so wicked, so good, and so erotic all at the same time. Even the piercing shame of being caught gave her a buzz of excitement.

“You’re shivering,” said Caroline. She pulled back the covers and climbed into the bed. “Let’s get you warm.” She put her arms round the naked Joanna and held her head to her own chest. They rested in that position for several minutes, as Joanna’s shivering subsided.

“Better now?” Caroline kissed Jo on the forehead again.

“Mmm,” came the reply. Joanna could feel the warm leather against her own bare skin. She wrapped a leg around Caroline’s upper leg. Now the leather was pressed against her quim. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to be like this with another girl.

“I think you like this,” Caroline guessed.

“Mmm,” again was all that Joanna could say. Caroline began to move her leg, ever so slightly, between the other girl’s thighs. Jo responded by thrusting her hips forward a fraction. She still couldn’t believe what she was doing. It felt so bad and so good at the same time. Caroline’s leather-clad leg increased its movement, and Joanna’s heart thumped quickly. It seemed to be so loud that nothing else could possibly be heard.

Caroline pushed back the top of the duvet. “I’m getting hot,” she said, then sat up and, crossing her arms under her breasts, lifted the t-shirt over her head. Joanna gazed at the other girl’s firm nipples as if seeing them for the first time. “Do you like them?” asked Caroline.

Jo nodded.

“Then you’ll want to make them really happy,” she grinned, pulling Jo’s head towards her chest. Jo took a nipple in her mouth. It was such a sensuous feeling. She rolled it around with her tongue, sucking all the while. Her hand moved to the other nipple, squeezing it and teasing. She heard a sharp intake of breath, then a contented sigh. “You’re good at this. When did you last do it to a woman?”

Jo broke off for a minute. “When I was a baby,” she laughed.

“Don’t stop,” pleaded Caroline, and Jo reached out again for a nipple to suck. Caroline threw back the duvet and put her arms around Jo’s head, cradling the girl against her breasts. “That’s good,” she whispered breathily, “That’s really good.” She ran her hands further down Jo’s still-naked body. “When you were watching us – were you longing to be made love to?”

Jo nodded, pulling gently at Caroline’s nipple with her teeth.

“Afterwards – when you came back to your room – did you finish yourself off?”

Jo shook her head, pulling at the nipple held gently between her teeth.

“Oh, that’s not fair for you!” sympathised Caroline. She pushed Jo back on the bed, then began to kiss her and stroke the other girl, just like Dan had been doing on the kitchen floor to her. Jo’s whole body began to feel relaxed but tense with anticipation at the same time, as Caroline’s flicking tongue moved over her. She threw her arms wide apart, revelling in the feeling of being open and defenceless. Her pussy was wet and screaming for attention, after already being frustrated twice in only an hour. Caroline’s hot breath moved onto it, and Jo began to writhe her body from side to side on the bed. Her hips pushed up of their own accord and her breasts strained and danced as her breath came in small shouts and gasps. She brought her own hands in and squeezed both nipples until it hurt. Caroline gripped her buttocks harder, and her tongue sucked and lapped Jo’s clitoris until it was throbbing all the way through her. Pussy juices began to leak out, for the third time that day, this time covering Caroline’s face. Jo thrust her thighs against Caroline’s face. Her orgasm was building and building, up and up and up, until it finally burst out, with Caroline still hanging on to her hips and pressing her lips against Jo’s pussy.

As Jo slowly came down from her plateau, shivering and shaking, she opened her eyes. Then she opened them wider. Standing in the hallway, behind Caroline and through the half-open doorway, Dan was half-crouched, his trousers open at the front, pumping at his throbbing cock and looking straight in her eyes. As she stared, a jet of spunk spurted out, into his cupped hand. He paused for a moment, recovering his breath, then winked at Jo and quietly closed the door.

I guess he couldn’t help watching, thought Jo.

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