Kayla and Tracy: Change of Pace

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Hey, after being inspired by some fan mail, I decided to toss this story together on a lazy holiday Saturday. Let me know if you want me to write more. Heck, let me know if you want to take something on, so long as you don’t add any transsexual on male sex. On that note, let’s get to it.


She twitched in her seat as she rode along in her limo, her long, muscular legs rocking on the fulcrum of her platform heels. Her long, blonde Farrah Fawcett weave contrasted with her coffee-dark skin, glowing in the darkness of the back seat and lightly scatching the back of her neck. She wore a long, for-fitting ivory colored dress with a matching mink, her fake boobs, recently touched up to a 44H cup, falling out of her cleavage. The man-made Jessica Rabbit curves hid her masculine scaffolding and her unreal endowment tucked in a sensible pair of white Hanes granny panties. “Ain’t no sense being uncomfortable with what I plan to do,” she said to herself, nervously tapping alone.

“Ma’am, we’re on the block,” the driver said as the limo made a turn.

“Cool. Just stop when I tell you to.”

Kayla watched as her limo rolled down the desolate block in an industrial area just outside of the city. The girls on the stroll looked all kinds of ratty, tarted up in their faded dresses with their assets all out for display. Some of them didn’t even make that much effort, just looking clean enough not to be filthy. She eyeballed them through her shades, looking for that right one. As much as what she had at home was fun, she was looking for a change of pace, something a little bit different than what she’d have of late. Just then, she found what she was looking for.

“Stop the car!”

She fished out 10 one-hundred dollar bills and rolled down the window. She noticed the girl was a bit shorter than average and was definitely in the BBW range without being completely sloppy. That said, with her baggy sweats, it was hard to tell much other than her boobs were big. She did look like she took some care of herself, as her long braids were down to the top of her ass and didn’t look completely grown out. Her teeth weren’t perfect, but if she were looking for that, she wouldn’t be in her limo with cash in her hands in the first place.

“Hey, you’re a little different,” the streetwalker said as she approached the car. Kayla giggled a bit as she continued, “what are you looking for tonight?”

Kayla smiled then reached her well-manicured hands out of the car, almost letting her huge tits spill out of her dress as she reached for the prostitute’s hand. She firmly embraced it, then asked her, “What do you think this will pay for?”

She looked in her hand, dropped her jaw in surprise, and then reached for the car door handle.

“One sec,” Kayla said as she unlocked the door and slid over in her seat. The hooker then clambered into the car after her, revealing to her a battered pair of what were white sneakers Ataşehir escort bayan with red trim.

“Roll the windows up then drive back to the condo,” Kayla commanded to the driver. She then took off her shades and turned to her passenger. “So, what’s your name?”

“Michelle, but I go by Mish. What’s yours?”

“Kayla. How does someone like you end up on the stroll?”

“Well,” Mish paused, “when you’re on the streets, you do what you gotta do. I’ve done dudes, chicks, whatever. Don’t mess with kids though, but still. I’m not a regular streetwalker or a junkie. I just kinda ended up out here, ya know? So what has a pretty woman like you out here picking me up? What are you?”

“Well, I’m independently wealthy and pretty much can do what I wish and spend my days as I wish. I figured I’d try something a little bit different. I’ve had a lot of different women in my time, and with my money, I can’t just walk the streets. That’s why I had to come out here with my driver.” Kayla looked the girl next to her and said, “Those sweats are cute. Not the typical hooker stroll thing. That’s why I chose you.”

“Thanks,” Mish said before she giggled nervously. “This is just my normal thing, nothing special, ya know?” She thumbed through the money in her hand then continued, “So, what do you want to do? I mean for this much, I think I’m yours for the night.”

“Well, just some oral than I’ll fuck ya, sounds like a plan to you?”

“Yeah, I can have that. Haven’t been fucked by a girl in a while, but I guess I can do something different.”

“Oh, one more question while I have it on my mind. How much have you been able to deep throat?”

“Uh, like 8 or 9, something like that, never really measured it. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, just thinking. Figure while I deal with a street-walker that I do the whole slumming thing.”

“Hey,” Mish objected before Kayla took Mish’s hand and kissed it. “My apologies. My mind and my dick got the best of me,” Kayla chucked with a smile.

“Yeah, we all gets dicks sometimes,” Mish laughed out loud.

Kayla took a deep breath and sunk back in her seat for the last few minutes of the ride. “Want something to drink when we get to my place?”

“Nah, I’m good, thanks,” Mish replied.

In a few short moments, the limousine pulled into the underground garage and around to the elevator for the building. The driver opened the door and helped Michelle up and out of the car, following with his boss. It was that time that Mish got the sense of how tall her john was.

“Damn, how tall are you?” Mish said as Kayla wrapped her fur coat around her frame, the better to still the basement chill. “I knew you had some long legs, but wow!”

“I’m 6’5″ in stocking feet, plus I have on 6 inch platform heels,” she replied to Mish, taking her hand and leading her to the elevator.

“That sounds right, because you look like an Amazon Escort Ataşehir next to me. Do you work out a bunch?”

“Yeah, and I also use the treadmill and lift some weights in my home gym,” she giggled as they floated up to her place.

Once the elevator doors parted, the two strode into Kayla’s condominium, handing her dutiful maid her coat.

“Do you need me, ma’am?”

“No. I’ll buzz you if I need anything,” Kayla mentioned as she pulled her purse through her coat, then walked into the open living room.

“This is nice! I’ve never gotten to see a place like this,” Mish marveled as she enjoyed a view of the city outside. “Is it this nice in the bedroom?”

“You’ll find out later tonight.”

Kayla led her whore into the living room, where she turned in front of her, idly tossing her purse on the couch behind her.

“On your knees.”

Mish got down on her knees, bracing herself with one hand and wiping away a stray braid with another. Kayla then wordlessly lifted up the hem of her dress just high enough to grab her panties and pulled them down her legs as she kept them straight and tight until they dropped around her ankles, allowing her to step out of them. She then stepped back to her couch and sat down while pulling up the hem of her dress. Once she felt herself down on the couch, she spread her legs at the ankles, letting her long limp flesh roll out over her smooth, heavy balls as Mish let out a gasp.

“Is that real?”

“Sure. Feel free to touch.”

Mish reached out her hand to touch the large dick in front of her, then one she felt it flinch and flow with blood started stroking it a bit. “This is just as big as anything I’ve seen hard, yet it’s soft. I can’t wait until it’s hard.”

“Go ahead and suck.”

Mish took the pulsing dong in both hands then started to suck on the head. Feeling it grow in her hands, she started to confidently suck as Kayla relaxed into the couch. Little by little, she shortened up the strokes of her lips as the head swelled in her mouth as it finally got hard enough to let go. Her blowjob was simple, yet insistent, as she closed her eyes and see if her mouth could conquer this huge dick on a woman, her lips humming with desire. She reached into her sweatshirt and started squeezing her nipples as she started sucking harder. She gagged as she felt Kayla start to push her dick into her whore’s mouth, forcing her to suck harder to clear the mucus down her throat. On instinct, she started to relax her throat as the huge member pushed in, her suction making it pulse evermore frequently.

Kayla slithered out of her fur coat then wiped the sweat off of her brow with one of the sleeves. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress as she pumped half of her hard foot long dick into her whore’s mouth. She grabbed onto Mish’s braids with one hand while rubbing the dress over her nipples with the other. She let go of the Ataşehir Rus Escort braids long enough to slip both of her arms out the dress, then let it drop around her waist as her huge silicone-enhanced mammaries bounce in perfect rhythm up and down her chest. Finally, she just reared back and starting fucking Mish’s mouth, jamming her dick three-quarters of the way deep as the whore let her mouth hang slack-jawed. Relaxing her hips, her hard, slick dick flopped down on Mish’s sweatshirt right on her tits, her hands rubbing and squeezing her nipples.

“Wrap your tits around my dick, slut.”

Mish wiped the drool off of her chest then lifted her shirt off, revealing her huge, floppy breasts. She wrapped them around the base, then sucked the head as she worked them up the slick, twitching dick. She was forced straight up on her knees when Kayla pumped her mouth two more times, leaving it with a pop. She then saw Kayla rooting around for her purse, pulling a condom out of it.

“Get up on the couch,” she said as she rolled down the condom, covering all but the last couple inches on the base. “I want to slip this inside you and pound you.”

Mish got up to her feet, pulling up her pants before kneeling on the couch and pushing her pants to her knees. Behind her, she heard Kayla getting herself into position, then sinking her weight onto the couch, her body being pushed to be slightly more parallel to the back. Suddenly, her nerves hit her like a Mack truck. She felt like her insides were being torn in two when she realized that only the tip was inside her. With each mini-stroke, she felt quiver in pain/pleasure as she was eased open. Her distended lips pulled on her clit so much that her had a small orgasm off of the min-strokes. Off in the distance, she felt the strain and moaning her john behind her. Normally, she was used to her johns plunging in and doing her do, but this was different…and so was the baseball bat loofa jammed down her throat.

“Fuck this shit,” Kayla spat out. “If I can’t fit down there, the least I can get you to do is swallow.”

Kayla looked down in Mish’s eyes, grabbing her braids as she looked into those pleading, submissive eyes. She felt the whore suck ever so much on the tip as she jacked herself with her free hand. She thought to warn her, but her tip his the tongue just right, making her grunt as explode in the prostitute’s mouth. At first, a trickle, then a steady gush of cum poured out, causing her to relax the grip of her hands as she felt ever drop being swallowed. To cool down, she idly toyed with her nipples, purring as her milk was being lapped up like a kitten.

“You taste good.”


“You taste good,” Mish said as she settled down on the couch. “Most johns I swallow are either salty or chemically. You must eat well, because I don’t taste that with you.”

“Oh, thanks. I know I must be doing something well, especially with an experience pro like yourself.”

Mish laughed hard then said, “Thanks, I think. So what are we going to do? Apparently my cooch is built for normal men, not hung trannies.”

Kayla laughed herself as she slid onto the couch, smiled and said, “We’ll see,” before slipping into another laugh.

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