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It was risky but he couldn’t resist. His older sister, Sandy, had brought her room-mate, Shannon, home from college for the weekend. She was sleeping in one of the spare bedrooms and he wanted to check her out. She was a little doll, black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, slender build and friendly. At eighteen, a senior in high school, Dan found the twenty one year old Shannon very attractive.

He darkened the hall and opened the bedroom door. He could hear her breathing evenly, asleep, he hoped. A little light filtered through the curtains and as his eyes adjusted he could make out her form. She was on her back, legs spread, no covers and she was nude! My lucky day, he thought. He crept over to the bed, bent and sniffed at her crotch.

“How does it smell, Danny?”

“Oh my god, Shannon, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. I don’t mind, but tell me how does it smell to you? I haven’t cleaned it since early morning.”

“It smells wonderful.”

“Thank you, Danny, you’re sweet. Would you check some other spots for me?”

“My feet.” He sniffed.

“My arm-pits.” He sniffed.

“My asshole. If you don’t want to, it’s okay.” He sniffed.

“My breath.”

He put his nose by her open mouth and breathed in as she slowly exhaled.


“It all smelled good to me, Shannon.”

“Sandy is always complaining about odors. Have you ever snuck into her room and smelled her?”

He felt himself flush.

“No, just her used panties out of the clothes hamper.”

His mouth was near hers. He wondered if he should kiss her.

“What are you doing?”

It was Sandy. He froze.

Shannon answered, “He was just doing me a favor. Relax, Sandy.”

Shannon reached over and turned on a bedside lamp as he straightened up. He looked at Sandy. She was wearing pajamas. His older sister had been the object of his lust for a long time. She was tall with light brown hair, green eyes, great tits, wide womanly hips, long tapered legs, a wide sensuous mouth under a prominent nose…..attractive in a completely different way from Shannon.

“He was smelling me. How did her panties smell?”


“What? My panties?”

“Come on, Sandy. That shouldn’t surprise you.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Whatever. Go get the panties you’ve been wearing today and give them to him… it.”

She glared at Shannon, turned and left the room. She returned with a pair of white briefs.

“Mine are there on the chair. You can have the set for your help.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“I want you to check her spots.”

“Shannon, no!”

“Relax, he won’t touch you. Strip and lay here by me.”

She complied Beylikdüzü escort and he sampled her smells as he had Shannon’s.”

“Well, which is better?”

“Yours, Shannon.”

“You’re a dear.”

He was hard and ready for action, but Shannon asked him to leave. He gathered his trophies and reluctantly turned to go. Shannon thanked him again. His sister didn’t thank him. He took a last lingering look at the two naked women and went to his room.

Sandy confronted him the next day. They were alone on the front porch.

“Shannon says I have to do something else for you.”

She handed him a key. A little tag attached to it said, apt. 211.

“That’s the key to Kelly Brook’s apartment in Bayside Villa.”

Kelly Brooks was the beauty of Sandy’s class in high school…..homecoming queen, part-time model.

“She’s married. She’s Kelly Simpson now.”

“They’re separated and she prefers Kelly Brooks.”

“Does she swing both ways?”

“Mostly your way, lucky. She’ll let a girl lick it, but that’s all.”

“Is she working…..going to school?”

“She’s not doing anything. She’s too lazy. She wants a sugar daddy. I figure you can afford it. Don’t knock her up.”

“Why not? I figure that’s the only way mom and dad will become grandparents anytime soon.”

“Oh yeh, lots of lesbian couples have kids. Ever hear of artificial insemination?”

“If you and Shannon ever want children, you can have my services. That way they’ll really be grandparents.”

“What if it’s not Shannon?”

“Then I’d have to check her out.”

“Down boy, Shannon likes you, but she prefers women.”

“Well remember my offer. It would solve a lot of problems and I work cheap.”

“I will, bro, it’s an idea. Now Kelly’s waiting for you. Keep the upper hand with her. Your money makes you the boss…..remember that.”

“I will. Thanks, sis.”

“Make her give me some someday and I’ll be satisfied.”

“You got it.”

He hopped in his Mercedes and headed for Bayside Villa.Kelly answered the door wearing a robe and slippers.

“Hi, Kelly.”

“Hi, Dan.”

“Just getting up?”

“Your sister called about an hour ago. I’m just getting moving.”

He was disappointed in her appearance. Her red hair, cut shorter than he remembered, was a mess. She wore no make-up and her freckles stood out in strong contrast to her fair skin. She had that washed-out look common to true blondes and red heads when they weren’t wearing make-up. He couldn’t be sure, in her bulky robe, but he thought she’d put on weight.

“Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll take you out for breakfast?”

“Sounds good. Beylikdüzü escort Give me a few minutes to bathe and make myself beautiful. You want to wash my back?”

“Sure, but we might not make breakfast.”

She laughed. “I’ll hold you to it.”

“Okay, I’ll control myself.”

She went to the bathroom and started bath water running. He followed, stood in the doorway, and watched as she hiked up her robe and sat on the commode, with no apparent embarrassment. He could hear her pee splashing in the water.

“Where’s Fred?”

“Who knows. We lost touch.”

“Was it bad?”

“No, no one’s fault. We wanted different things out of life. It just didn’t work out.”

She stood up, not wiping herself, turned off the bath water and removed her robe. She had put on some weight, but it made her more voluptuous. Her tits were large and stood out proudly. Her ass was also large, but showed no signs of cellulite. She had a slight gut. He made a mental note to buy her a membership in a health club. Her legs were unshaved and her red bush needed trimmed. This is going to take a while, he thought. She went to the wash basin and started to wash her hair.

“Don’t you wash your hair in the shower?”

“Usually, but I thought you might like to watch.”

It was a good show. Her tits and ass jiggled when she scrubbed her hair. He thought about fucking her, but he held off.

She finished and stepped into the tub. She handed him a washcloth and soap and turned her back to him, still standing. He started with her shoulders and worked his way down to her hips. He had her raise her arms and washed her armpits. With two soapy hands he reached around and and cupped her tits. He washed them well. Her nipples were erect. She giggled.

“I think they’re clean!”

He laughed and reached for the soap. He soaped her ass and upper thighs, then slipped a hand into her butt crack. She bent over to give him better access. He slipped a soapy finger into her asshole. She squealed, straightened up and clamped her ass cheeks shut. When he went for her cunt she stopped him.

“I’ll do that. You’d give me an infection and then it would stink and you would’t want me.”

He protested mildly, but he let it go. When she sat down he went into the living room and turned on her television set. There was a football game on that he wanted to see.

The game was almost over when she finally came out, fastening ear-rings into her ear lobes. She had transformed herself. She wore a black knee length cocktail dress with a pearl necklace around her neck. She wore funky plastic bracelets. Her shoes were three inch black ankle-straps. Her hair was styled and Escort Beylikdüzü her make-up was near perfection. She was lovely. He would be proud to be seen with her.

“You look great!”

“Thanks, but I need clothes.”

“We’ll take care of that, but right now let’s eat. What say we skip breakfast and go right to dinner?”

“Fine, I’m starving.”

She complimented him on his new Mercedes. He took her to the Mountain View Inn, an exclusive and expensive restaurant. She ordered wine. He didn’t want to be asked for proof of age so he passed on the wine. He felt like a king with the most beautiful woman in the place across from him. He saw a few people he knew. The wine stewart was an ex-boyfriend of hers. She gave him her full attention, laughed at his jokes and made some of her own.

After dinner they went to a night club, Eddy’s. A fifty got them a good table. He probably could have gotten liquor, but he stayed with bottled water. She drank and got tipsy.

He was a good dancer, and she was an expert. On the slow dances he held her close and let his hand ride on her hip. Feeling them shift under his hand as she moved stirred him. She smelled delicious. Other men asked her to dance, but she turned them down.

He understood his sister’s warning. This stunningly beautiful woman had a dangerous power and she knew how to use it. He had just gotten access to the first part of his trust fund and eventually he would inherit a fortune. Money wasn’t a problem. This gave him a power that he must learn to use. College faced him in the fall and he would take her with him. As he saw it, her weakness was her love of luxury and he was prepared to use that to control her.

Later, at her place, he slowly undressed her. He had seen most of her earlier, but now he felt, smelled and tasted her assets. At his age he had only so much control and he didn’t last long once he was in her. He used a condom because he wanted to eat her later and he didn’t like cream pies, even when it was his own cream. No condom when she gave him head though. She swallowed it neatly and was ready for more. She had shaved her legs and trimmed her bush. Her pussy was a pink rose. Its petals enfolding his tongue. Its scent, though earthy, attracted him like a bee.

She withheld only one thing…..her asshole. She wouldn’t let him move down there when he was eating her. She made him take his finger out. The most she would allow was a fingertip placed on it while she flexed her sphincter. Her tits were endlessly entertaining. They each tapered to a point and fit his mouth perfectly.

They made plans to go shopping later. Tomorrow was Sunday and he could sleep late so they played till dawn. Finally he slept with her in his arms.

He dreamed of Kelly and Shannon, their red and black hair mingling on his chest.

If you find this story interesting, if you wonder what these people will do next, let me hear from you…..and vote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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