Kim and her Son’s Bully Ch. 04

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A few days had passed after Jake had convinced Kim to fuck on his car. Kim was beginning to have second thoughts as she began to consider the punishments of her actions. Some nights she wanted to tell Jake they couldn’t see each other ever again and some nights she had to hold herself back from asking him to come over.

Friday had come and with it came Parent/Teacher night. Every year, Anthony begged her not to go, stating how embarrassing it was since nobody brought their parents and instead used the night to hang out at school after hours. In reality, Anthony would have to endure weeks of perverted comments about his mom every time she would show up to school events.

“No sweetie, this is your senior year and I want to do this one last time.” Anthony quietly accepted his fate.

Returning to his room he saw that he had at least three hours until they had to go. The feeling of shame as an urge came over him again. This urge has persisted ever since he saw the video Jake had sent him. “told u” and a video of Jake’s bed as he fucked his mother.

Anthony felt shame as he entered a program to access hidden files. That’s where he hid the video, quietly and shamefully jerking off to the video. Unfortunately, or maybe fortuneteller, there was a second video. Monday morning Jake had sent him another email “she just cant help herself” and a video attachment.

He had watched both multiple times. He preferred the second one. As he opened the video he was greeted to a POV shot from Jake’s backseat, Jake was adjusting the camera one last time as he turned to look out the window.

Anthony skipped ahead only to be greeted with the sight of Jake and his mom passionately kissing. His hand somewhere between her thighs. He was able to hear every wet kiss, every moan, and he swore if he listened close enough he could hear how wet his mom was.

Feeling shame again, Anthony skipped ahead again to only be startled as the sound of Jake smacking his mom’s ass blasted in his earbuds. Eyes wide, Anthony pulled his cock out and began stroking slowly.

Before he knew it, Jake was fucking his mom. Her face showed her in pure ecstasy as the sound of her moans could be heard still. She buried her face in her arms only for Jake to give the finger to the camera, give that smug smile, and grab his mother’s pony tail, pulling it to lift her head. Anthony was greeted with the sight of his mother’s face contorting in pain and pleasure.

“I’m gaziantep escort bayan haberleri gonna cum!” His mother cried out. Stroking furiously Jake began slamming into her mom with hard deep thrust as she moaned with every thrust. “Cum on my cock baby” he ordered and just as Anthony finished his mom cried out as her orgasm rocked her body.

He let her hair go and walked around the car, Anthony heard the car door open and the video had ended. Sitting in his own mess, the thumbnail showing his mom’s face in ecstasy, a wave of guilt hit him.

The three hours had passed as Anthony came out to the living room to find his mom wearing loose but firm jeans and a loose t-shirt. A wave of relief overcame him, usually his mom had an affinity to wear innocent but very revealing clothing, which only added fuel to the comments. This time however, he wasn’t as worried.

As they drove to the school they talked and for a golden hour, Anthony saw his mom as innocent and pure again. Entering the school they visited class after class. Anthony’s hope had died that moment when he saw two body guards enter the school escorting a tall and handsome man in a tailored suit into the school. Anthony and Kim knew who it was, Mayor Charlie, but only Anthony knew what this really meant.

Charlie entered the room and looked around, his face lit up as he saw Kim. “Oh my God, Kimmy is that you?” The room seemed to all turn to look at her. “Y-Yeah it’s me.” Charlie was ecstatic as he came over to hug her.

“Oh man it’s been so long. I had no idea you still lived in town. Figured some young hot shot would’ve swept you up and took you out of here.” Kim’s mind wandered not to her husband, but to her ‘young hot shot’ Jake.

“It has been forever, are you here for your child?” Anthony felt like a third wheel at this point.

“Oh little Jacob? Yeah he came here early with his friends, not sure if he’s even here, but I figured I should make sure my money is going to the right place.”

For a moment, Anthony thought he noticed Charlie mentally undressing his mother, but just chocked it up to paranoia. “Oh Charlie, this is my son, Anthony.” Kim says wrapping her arm around his shoulder.

“Anthony huh? Nice to meet you son.” Charlie said shaking Anthony’s hand.

“Oh your mother worked herself like a dog when we were your age. Always helping people, hell I probably wouldn’t have passed Algebra if it wasn’t for her.” Kim couldn’t gaziantep escort hikayeleri help but blush as she knew how false this was, Algebra tutoring is how Charlie convinced her to come over, but they never even opened a book, instead they fucked like animals.

“Well I’ll let you guys go. You listen to your mother mister” he says to Anthony.

“Nice seeing you again” Charlie says placing his hand on her shoulder. Anthony and Kim walked off to continue their visit, Anthony looked back and noticed Charlie and his two bodyguards staring at his mom’s ass

Kim and Anthony finished their visit to his English class, stepping out into the hallway, both their hearts skipped a beat, but for different reasons. Standing before them was Jake giving that cocky smug smile.

Walking the opposite direction Kim felt her heart racing. “Oh my God he’s in high school. Jesus Christ he’s in high school. I could go to jail.” She thinks to herself feeling herself get slightly sweaty. “Sweetie” she told Anthony “I’m gonna use the little girls room, you go to your next class, I’ll catch up.”

Anthony stuttered attempting to stop her, he knew the real reason she had to go but couldn’t muster up the courage to say it

He walked off as Kim went around the corner to find Jake waiting for her. “Come with me. Now.” Kim said rather aggressively leading him outside. Turning the corner, they stopped at a vacant part of the parking lot. “Jake what the fuck!” She whispered urgently.

“Babe what’s wrong” he says casually placing his hand on her shoulder. Pushing him away “Don’t babe me! Jesus Jake you’re in high school?” Her eyes wide and her anger increasing as he laughed.

“What’s so funny? I could go to jail Jake. I could lose everything.” Reaching into his pocket he pulls his wallet out to show her his ID “Check my date of birth.” She was still furious but couldn’t help but obey, 03/22/2001.

Her breathing began to calm “Still Jake…you’re in high school.” Shaking his head he replied “Kim I’m eighteen, I only got another month of this shit left and I’m done. I know you’re interested in me.” He got closer to her

“I know you like how I fuck you” he whispered into her ear. “No Jake” she pushed him off.

“We can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry but I can’t get caught doing this.” Jake sighed and pinched his nose in annoyance “I’m not gonna force you, you do you, but just know all you gotta do is text me and I’ll be gaziantep escort bayan ilanları there.” Kissing her cheek Jake walked off, deep down Kim wanted to call his name and kiss him again, but she knew she couldn’t.


Days had passed as Kim continued to push the thought of Jake out of her mind. Refusing to text him, she still felt heartbroken that he never texted her, fearing she truly pushed him away. Meanwhile, Anthony was doing great. Jake hadn’t messed with him since Parent/Teacher night.

Mark had become head of a new project causing him to be absent from home even more than usual. With this Kim felt completely alone. Sulking about Kim found herself sitting around in sweat pants, binging TV shows, and watching dozens of porn videos. After dropping off Anthony she went to her usual spot at Starbucks. Drinking her coffee she looked at Instagram and Facebook seeing how happy her friends were.

Suddenly she was brought back to reality when a deep voice had asked her a question “Is anyone using this chair?” Looking up, Kim already knew who the voice belonged to. Standing over her, Jake looked at her with a lustful gaze.

“You can use it.” She said meekly, knowing she should tell him to leave.

“It’s been a while.” Jake said looking over at her.

“Yeah…it’s been a long time” she couldn’t help but feel melancholy.

“Wait shouldn’t you be in school?” Jake only chuckled.

“They don’t mind me ditching. That’s not important right now, I wanna know how you’ve been doing.”

Kim was reluctant at first but slowly told Jake everything. How down she had been feeling, how Mark had been gone for longer and longer, and how lonely she had been. Jake listened and responded with thoughtful and insightful comments.

Before she knew it, three hours had passed. “Jake this has been…nice” she did her best to not give him the wrong idea “but I really do need to get going.” Jake nodded understandingly “it was nice seeing you again. Oh and you look great” he says kissing her cheek and walking out.

Kim sat there for a moment, realizing just how special Jake made her felt. Not just the sex but how much he understood her and all her struggles. She truly felt loved. Something Mark hadn’t made her felt in years. Kim returned to her car and drove home looking at the clock it was only 11:30.

Her heart began to race as she sat on the couch. “No…” she whispered to herself “I said I wouldn’t.” She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and brought her phone out. Going through her contacts she found “Jake” and texted him “Hi.” Feeling guilt but also eager she waited until he responded with “Hey” she took a moment to think “Are you busy?”

Her phone buzzed “no what’s up?”

Kim knew this was the moment of truth, if she could truly be faithful again.

Sighing she typed “Come over.”

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