Landlady Ch. 01

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So there it is – the date when you finally have a job and have to move out from your parents! Within a month of getting the job I already found myself a place to move – I was so excited about the prospect of leaving my parents’ house that I didn’t even bother viewing too many properties – the first one that looked ok I took!

It was a place relatively easy to reach work from and even though I was living in the house with the landlady, she seemed nice: she was an older lady well in her 60’s who was quite fair on the rent and explained to me that since her husband passed away about 10 years ago she was forced to rent a room for the money and also for a bit of company. She laid out some ground rules (no girls, no noise etc) but also said that she would be delighted if I have a cuppa with her every now and then and she might even cook me dinner for free in such evenings! It was a bargain and I thought for the sake of spending one hour on the odd evening is worth getting a free meal! So like I said I moved in pretty much straight away.

Few weeks have passed and I got to say that they have been rather nice – I made a habit of trying to spend some time with the old lady at least 2-3 times a week over a cup of tea and talk all sorts. The landlady (Rachel) was very tolerant to my occasional stumbling in the house late at night rather drunk, the odd music playing a bit too loud perhaps in my room and occasionally my staying late with the lights on (“to do some work” as I would explain to her). I was feeling more and more relax in the house by the day. Too relaxed in fact as you are about to find out!

Like all the other guys, I do masturbate – and living in a house with Rachel meant I did have to be careful so she doesn’t walk on me when I’m stroking my cock. And typically that meant I would do it either in the evening when she was watching her soaps (which meant she was stuck to the telly downstairs in the front room for about an hour) or late at night after she was asleep. I had a rather large by now collection of DVDs with big breasted chicks doing all sorts so I was sorted for visual stimulation. I would just lay on my back in bed, turn the sound right down and wank away and sperm onto a towel that I would then wash the altyazılı porno next day, so Rachel would never find out. Or so I was thinking…

Because one summer evening, on the underground back from work, I got quite a nice upskirt view from the girl in front of me who was totally unaware – so for about 4 stations I enjoyed a nice view of her panties and some of her pubes showing from underneath. I got back home in a rather excited state and was hoping that Rachel was in front of the TV watching her soaps – and she was indeed! I just popped in, said hello and made a bit of chit-chat then made an excuse and rushed upstairs. I haven’t even closed my bedroom door and my DVD player was already playing “Big Tits Lesbians” and in an instant I was all naked on the bed with a towel next to me stroking my cock vigorously, the image of the girl’s upskirt still vivid in my mind. I tried to imagine how hairy her pussy was, whether it was a bit sweaty or not and all sorts of other dirty things as I was stroking my cock. At the same time the big titted lesbians on the DVD were doubling the excitement so before I knew it I was at the point of no return – my eyes half closed and yesssss first jet of sperm just shooting out of my cock mmmmmmmmm In that very moment, as my sperm was just oozing out of my cock, the door opens and Rachel walks in with a letter:

– Oh, this just came for you today.

I couldn’t do anything as the instincts had the better of me and was just simply lying there eyes half closed as my sperm was shooting jet after jet out of my cock!

– Oh, sorry, she said in a matter-of-fact voice.

At this point I’m starting to regain my self-control and I’m totally embarrassed and desperately trying to cover up, not knowing what to say so I hear myself saying:

– No it’s ok, come in, what is it?

She turns around and comes back in the room, still matter-of-fact and shows me the envelope:

– Sorry, this came for you today, and since it’s an ad break I thought I’d pop up and give it to you. I knocked but you obviously didn’t hear it! She smiled and chuckled to herself.

– Yeah….errr… sorry, I didn’t hear yeah I was …. Errr…

I’m standing there, with sperm on my belly and dripping türkçe altyazılı porno on my thighs, covering stupidly my chest with the towel and trying to make stupid excuses.

– Ah, for god’s sake, relax, you’re a young man and I know you need relief sometimes. It’s alright, honestly, it’s not the end of the world.

– No, I was… errr…. You know …. I …. I mumbled still trying to save face.

– You were masturbating darling! She smiled. I know. It’s ok – everyone does, God knows that even I have the odd go, she chucked again. Look, relax, I’m not gonna tell anyone alright so no reason for you to act like it’s some sort of catastrophe. I’m sorry I spoiled your climax by the way! Surely it would have been better still watching those big tits on the screen than me walking through the door – and she giggled again. And there’s no need to act odd to me either from now on, ok?

– Errr, thanks Rachel! I really appreciate it, I said, my calm slightly returned. Errr… if there’s any way I can repay you for your kindness, I would gladly…

– Would you now? She interrupted still giggling to herself.

– I would, honestly, I don’t like being left in debt to people.

At this point I’m fully “recovered” so I thought well she’s seen me naked and with sperm on so what the hell – so as I’m talking to her I’m carefully wiping the sperm off my belly with my towel, while she’s still in the doorway listening to me.

– Oh, and please, please don’t mention this to anyone though – you can imagine that it won’t do me any favours! And I got to say, this does feel a bit weird so don’t take it the wrong way if my behaviour might be a bit odd for the next few days – it’s not something that one can forget that easily…

– Don’t worry darling, my lips are sealed and I understand – it must feel odd being caught wanking by a 60-something years-old. Speaking of the favour though… and she stopped looking down…

– Yeah, what? I stopped as well, imagining she’s gonna ask me to do all the house chores from here to eternity or something.

– Well, fuck it, she said all of a sudden, damage’s done anyway so I guess it won’t much matter…

– Matter what?

She finally looks straight hd altyazılı porno at me and asks bluntly:

– Would you let me fuck myself onto your cock?

– Wha….t? What? my jaw dropped.

– Well the damage is done – if you feel weird about this whole thing and want to move somewhere else I thought now is the time to ask this question: would you let me fuck myself onto your cock?

I was still shocked and paralysed pretty much at the sound of this and just stood there unable to make a sound.

– Look, genius, she said, this time with a serious tone, it’s very simple – rather than sitting here late at night when I’m asleep and wank alone, I could let you dump a load inside me if you let me fuck myself onto your cock. It’s a very simple deal! You need relief, I could do with some occasionally, so why not meet half way?

I was still standing there, eyes wide opened, not believing still what I just heard.

– Alright, forget it! She said and turned around about to leave.

– No, no, no, wait wait!

– What? She turned around to me again.

– Sorry, it’s not that I don’t want to…

– What is it then? She asked impatiently

– Well, it’s a bit of an odd proposal coming from a woman like you that’s all and I …I … was just surprised that’s all.

– So it’s a deal then, she smiles at me.

– Err, yeah, sure!

– Clever boy – you just got yourself a pussy! She chuckled.

I smiled, nervously.

– Ok, listen, stop being silly about it – it’s just a simple deal in between 2 adults trying to get rid of their frustrations alright? So the end result of this is that both you and I get some pleasure out of it. And for that we need to lay some “ground rules” – sounds good?

– Yeah, I guess so… I murmured.

– You guess so? Look, put it like this, when it’s your turn to cum inside me, would you rather have me hurrying you up all the time “come on, I need to go and do the washing” and lay there like a plank, or would you rather have me be all nice and submissive, talking dirty to you to help you cum?

– Well, I guess…

– You guess? She laughed. Don’t answer that, I think we both know what the answer is. It’s these kind of rules I’m talking about – the “do’s” and “don’t’s” which will make this pleasurable for both of us – capisci?

– Yup.

– Right, now grab a paper and let’s write all of these down – the pleasure contract! She chuckled again.

(to be continued)

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