Little Beach of Horrors Pt. 01

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This story takes place on a business trip I took to a conference in Maui, of all places. This so-called ‘work vacation’ was notable for a couple of reasons. First off, I had just broken up with my girlfriend of over two years right before the trip. We had originally planned for my ex, Lisa, to come with me on the trip, and it wasn’t until the night before the flight that I finally accepted she wasn’t going to be joining me in Hawaii and canceled her ticket.

We had gotten into a pretty depressing fight two weeks earlier, and we hadn’t spoken since. To be honest, the last six months of our relationship hadn’t been great, as it seemed like the two of us were constantly getting on each other’s nerves. But despite the writing on the wall, I personally hadn’t reached the point where I wanted it to be completely over. I think part of me was really looking forward to the two of us getting to go to Maui, specifically because I was hoping it might provide the spark to fix things between us. I think Lisa might’ve taken an opposite approach, where she realized if things ended before this trip and I wound up going alone, that would be the definitive clean break we needed to finally end it.

Either way, here I was sitting on a 7-hour flight to paradise, all by myself. Not only was Lisa not with me, but I was the only representative from my company going to this conference, so I wasn’t going to know anyone else there. I was definitely aware of the one upside to having broken up, which was that I was actually free to meet someone for the first time in years. I knew a destination like Maui probably wasn’t going to be crawling with single women, but if I did meet someone willing to hookup on this trip, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed.

Lisa and I had a lot in common, and we had plenty of laughs and good times, but sexually we were never a great match. There was perhaps a little bit of a mismatch libido-wise, but the bigger issue was she was always extremely conservative in the types of sexual activities she was willing to try. We obviously had sex, and we would also have a fair amount of oral sex, but that was about it as far as extracurricular sexual activities.

I’ve always had a great sexual curiosity, and to be honest it’s not just Lisa where I’ve felt mismatched. I’ve dated a handful of women through my twenties and now early thirties (I’m 31) and I’ve yet to date anyone who was at all kinky. And while I know sexually curious women must actually exist out there in the world, for whatever reason, whether it’s due to the type of women I attract, or just sheer bad luck, I’ve yet to find one myself. So I’ve never been able to explore this hidden, kinky side of me that has always been waiting to come out.

I don’t even know what aspect of so-called kinky sex I’d want to try first, if I ever did find a willing partner. It’s not like I have a specific fantasy that Lisa and my previous ex-girlfriends weren’t willing to try, it’s more like I want to try being kinky for the sake of being kinky. I definitely fantasize about group situations and exhibitionist situations, and I would love to experiment with ass play as well. I’d also be curious to try taking naked pictures of each other or even videos of us having sex. But more than any single sexual act, it’s mostly that I would love to have someone push my sexual boundaries for once. I would love to have my girlfriend suggest something that makes me nervous, or something I even contemplate saying ‘No’ to. Instead, every relationship I’ve ever been in has always required me to be the one to suggest anything out of the ordinary, and even when I did, I would almost always get denied.

So here I am, sitting on this long plane ride, just reminiscing about all my past sexual relationships and how cumulatively disappointing they’ve been, and I come to the conclusion that if nothing else, the next girl I date is going to be kinky. I decide that I’m not going to settle into any new long-term relationship, until I at least give someone like that a try. Now, this person may be totally incompatible in everyone other way, and I’m willing to accept that, but I need to see what dating someone who’s sexually adventurous is actually like. And who knows, It’s totally possible that once I try a relationship like this, I’ll realize it’s too much and I don’t enjoy being out of my comfort zone, but I need to figure that out for myself.

So I’m halfway through the flight now, and I’ve come to this grand conclusion that I need to date a kinky girl. Obviously, that’s easier said than done, but I figure I won’t start worrying about that until I get home. For now, I decide I should probably start looking into what I actually want to do in Maui for these next six days. Despite the conference events I had to attend, I should have a fair amount of free time, and that’s especially true tomorrow when the first meet-and-greet for the conference isn’t until dinner time. So I basically have the whole day zonguldak escort to myself, and now that Lisa wasn’t coming, I was free to do anything I wanted.

I’ve never been to Maui before, but I see that the hotel where I’m staying, which is also where the conference is taking place, is in Wailea, on the southwestern coast. I started looking into things to do around there, and it’s pretty clear this is more of a family friendly part of Maui. There appear to be a lot of golf courses, but very few fun bars or nightclubs. So it didn’t seem like I was going to be able to find some crazy beach parties nearby. I wasn’t completely deterred though, as the hotel we were staying at seemed quite big, and of course it had a number of bars. I figured with the conference going on, there would probably be a fair number of people socializing around the hotel each night, and who knows, maybe I’d find someone else looking for a vacation hookup.

That didn’t really solve the question of what I was going to do tomorrow during the day, though. I figured my fallback plan could always be just to hang out by the hotel pools, but I also started looking into the best beaches nearby. In looking through the different public beaches, I came across something quite interesting. Apparently, there’s a famous beach just a few minutes from our hotel, called Big Beach. And right next to that beach, is another one called appropriately enough, Little Beach. But the part that caught my attention is supposedly this Little Beach is a nude beach.

I’ve definitely never been to a nude beach before, and I honestly don’t think I could even tell you where a single one was. It’s one of those things I’ve heard or read about a number of times, without ever actually knowing one to exist. And if you want to talk about something that never in a million years my ex, Lisa, would have done, it’s go to a nude beach. So I’m thinking, this is a perfect idea for tomorrow and I should definitely do this. I’m completely on my own, I’ve always wondered what one would be like, it’s a little bit kinky, or at least adventurous, so why the fuck not? It’ll be the perfect first test to push my boundaries a little and start this new stage of my life I’m about to embark on. Now, I’m fully aware that nude beaches aren’t inherently sexual, and that there’s a huge difference between nudists and swingers, but to be honest, I don’t have the slightest idea what real nudism is actually like. So I figure I’ll just go in curious and open-minded, and for someone who’s never been naked in public before, it should be pretty thrilling no matter what.

My flight finally lands and I’m able to get my rental car without any trouble. It’s about a 40 minute drive from the airport to the hotel and when I finally get in, I’m pretty exhausted and have zero interest in venturing out, so I order a little room service for dinner and get ready for bed. It’s only around 8:30pm Hawaii time, but it’s well past midnight in Colorado, where I’m coming from. So given the time difference, I have no qualms about crawling into bed, and a few minutes later I’m fast asleep.

I wake up super early, and I spend my time waiting for the sun to rise researching both Little Beach and nude beaches in general. Everything I read makes it seem like if I wanted to, I’d be able to keep my bathing suit on without seeming out of place. In fact, one review of Little Beach mentioned that only about half the people there were naked. But on the other hand, the whole point of my going to do something like this was to push my boundaries, so I was going to do my best to try to actually go nude at some point. Either way, I was excited about the opportunity to see some of the other people naked, and hopefully this included at least a few women in my age range.

Eventually, the sun comes up, I grab some breakfast, and I’m ready to head out on my adventure. I get to my rental car and plug the directions to Big Beach in, and it’s only a six-minute drive. It’s a few minutes past 8am when I arrive, and when I get there, I see a huge parking lot with only a dozen or so cars in it. I take a parking spot in some shade, grab my backpack and towel that I brought, and start walking towards the beach.

The beach and ocean are right next to the parking lot, and it’s immediately apparent how Big Beach got its name. It’s an absolutely enormous beach, both in length and depth. It’s beautiful. Despite how large it is, I can maybe see five or six people tops on the entire beach, so it’s practically deserted. I assume that was a sign of how early in the morning it was, and not an indication of how it would be later on. From my research, I knew that Little Beach, the nude one, was accessible from the north end of Big Beach, which is on the right side when facing the ocean. When I look in that direction, I can see the beach ends a few hundred yards away and there appear to be some rocks there. I figure that must zonguldak escort bayan be it, so I start walking in that direction.

As I’m walking north, I see a couple out in front of me that appear to be taking the same trek that I am, as they are carrying their stuff and heading straight for the rocks. They’re pretty far ahead of me, and sure enough, when they get to the end of Big Beach, I see them start climbing what must be a path up and over the rocks. They appeared to be significantly older than I am and didn’t seem to struggle with the climb, so I can only assume the path must not be too difficult.

Sure enough, once I get to the end of Big Beach, there’s an obvious route over the barrier to what must be Little Beach on the other side. It’s maybe 20 feet high, and while I did reach down a few times to steady myself while going up, it was far from strenuous. You couldn’t tell that from my heart though, as there was no doubt it was racing. But it wasn’t the exercise that was causing my elevated pulse, it was the excitement of seeing my first ever nude beach being seconds away that got me going.

I get to the top, stand up, and I immediately have a clear view of Little Beach. First off, it’s a beautiful little cove, with gorgeous sand, and nice waves crashing about. And yep, there are clearly a number of naked people both swimming in the ocean and hanging out on the beach. I was surprised by how many more people were here than compared to Big Beach, as despite being so early there were probably two dozen people already at this nudist spot. I take a minute to just kind of gaze out and take stock of everything, and while I do see a few people wearing bathing suits, it looks to be about 75% nude at this point.

I start the climb down from on top of the rocks, and as I do I pass by some beach goers. A nude older couple, probably in their 70s, walk past me in the opposite direction, and even say hello. I greet them as well, and can’t help sneaking a peak and this completely naked older woman. She looks as you’d expect a grandmother would look with plenty of weight and some sag to her body, and while it’s not exactly a huge turn on to see someone like that, I was still curious and entertained nonetheless from the novelty of this whole experience.

I look for a good place to setup my stuff, and I find a nice shady spot not too close to anyone else. I drop my backpack, spread out my towel, and have a seat. There’s a treeline at the back of the beach, and it’s creating a fair amount of shade this early in the morning, so I’m happy to grab a spot that’s not in direct sunlight. I decide to start the day with my bathing suit on, so I don’t immediately get naked, but I do take off my shirt. It’s an absolutely flawless day, with bright blue skies and hardly a cloud to find, so I’m excited about what’s to come.

I scan the beach to see if there are any attractive naked people, and to be honest there really weren’t. There was one couple halfway down the beach I could see that looked perfectly normal, and they were probably around my age, but both the guy and the girl were wearing bathing suits. The girl had on a white bikini and there’s no doubt I would’ve loved to see what she looked like without it, but who knows if I was going to get that chance.

Now there WERE plenty of naked people scattered about, but pretty much without exception they all looked to be at least 60 years old. There was also roughly a 2-to-1 ratio in terms of guys to girls, as the groups of people were split pretty evenly between couples and single males. I certainly wasn’t helping those numbers either, but at least it meant I wouldn’t draw any attention being here by myself. There was one way in which I seemed to stand out though, and that’s because I was probably the only solo guy I saw that was wearing a bathing suit. All the other single guys were definitely naked. But I didn’t mind, and besides, I was still intending to give this nudist thing a try at some point this morning, I just wasn’t in a rush.

While the clientele at Little Beach wasn’t very erotic, one thing that gave me a little hope was the constant stream of people who kept appearing over the rocks. It was clear this was a popular destination, and I figured the chances were at some point, a young attractive female would appear and take full advantage of this being a nude beach. And throughout the first hour, I can honestly say things improved. Every time a younger couple would come into view, it was kind of an exciting waiting game to watch them find a spot, put down their stuff, and see whether or not they’d get naked. Having sunglasses on, I could be pretty shameless in staring at them as they arrived, and it certainly was thrilling once I saw they actually were taking off their bathing suits, or in some cases just taking off their clothes without any sign of a bathing suit whatsoever.

It was about 10am, and I saw some escort zonguldak more people coming up and over the rocks. While they were at the top, they seemed to stand and wait there for a minute or two, which was much longer than most had been doing. I noticed it was a group of three, two women and one man, so they definitely piqued my interest. Eventually, they started making their way down to the beach, and as they got closer I noticed a couple of things. First off, while two of them seemed older, like in their 40s or 50s, the third person in their group was considerably younger, like in her 20s, or perhaps even late teens. I also immediately noticed a strong resemblance between the two women, despite their clear difference in age. They had similar hair in style and color, looked to be about the same height and weight, and had a very remarkable resemblance in the face. So you add it all up, and it sure seemed like this group of three was a set of parents and their daughter. And not only that, but both the mother and daughter were quite attractive too. How fucking interesting is that!

I certainly couldn’t imagine going to a nude beach with my parents, but maybe this was an actual nudist family? They continued walking down, and the next thing I noticed is the man was wearing cargo shorts, and not a bathing suit. In my very limited experience at this beach, I had found that a man not wearing a bathing suit to be the surest sign a couple was going to get naked, because otherwise he would already be in his swimwear. So seeing this one detail definitely excited me, as I first entertained the thought that this mother and daughter duo might both be getting nude. Now I’ve never been one obsessed with incest porn or taboo thoughts, but seeing an attractive mother and daughter both completely naked together? As a heterosexual male, how could I not be enthralled with that?

At this point, I realize I probably have been staring at them a little too obviously, so I turn around and start looking out towards the ocean, just pretending to mind my own business. I figure once they get themselves situated, if need be I could do a walk by to get a better glimpse of the three of them. While there were a fair number of naked people at the beach now, for the most part my views of them were only from afar. I definitely got some good glimpses of their bare asses when they were facing away, or their boobs when they were walking or sitting, but it’s not like I was getting any up close pussy views or anything. In fact, the best view of a vagina I had gotten thus far was probably the 70 year-old who passed by me while I was walking in. And in addition to being extremely old, that pussy was pretty well obscured by the woman’s plentiful pubic hair too. But I remained optimistic, as the day was still young.

So I continued to sit on my towel and peer out towards the horizon, when all of the sudden I was interrupted by a very pleasant voice with an obvious southern accent.

“Excuse me, Dear, are you saving this spot for anyone in particular?” I hear the woman say, and I turn around to see it’s the older woman in the group of three I had just been following. And she’s motioning to a spot right next to my towel, just a couple feet away.

“Oh not at all, feel free.” I respond and gesture to the same spot with my hand. Well how about that, I think, I’m not going to have to go find them at all, they found me!

I kind of instinctively scoot over on my towel a foot or two away from them, just to kind of give them their space. And while Little Beach was continuing to fill up all morning, it felt a little surprising that they would set up so close to me, as there were still a fair number of much bigger open spaces. But honestly, I wasn’t complaining at all. These three represented the most potentially intriguing nude people I’d seen so far, so having them close by was nothing but a bonus in my mind.

The three of them dropped their things and started getting setup. The wife was closest to me, with her husband on the other side. Their daughter, who now that I had a better look at her, seemed to be college aged, set her things up a good fifteen feet in front of her parents. She placed her towel right where the shade stopped and the sunshine began, so I’m guessing she was just hoping to work on her tan.

After the mom finished getting out her towel and setting up her chair, I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was unbuttoning her shorts. I didn’t want to look over, but this was the moment of truth. I kept looking straight ahead but was trying to get a glimpse with my peripheral vision of what she was doing. After a minute or so, I could hear her putting some things away in her backpack, so I figured it was safe to glance over in her direction. I casually turn my head and I see that yep, she’s completely naked and bending over to zip up her bag. And while she’s standing there giving me a direct view of her legs and naked butt, I see her husband is standing right behind her, also naked, and embarrassingly was looking right at me as I had turned towards them. I panic a little and snap my head back to look straight ahead, but I’m worried I did that way too fast and unnaturally and he’s going to know that I was clearly checking out his wife.

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