Little Sister’s BFF at the Pool

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It was my first summer after graduating from college. I was 22, living at home with my parents and sister, and working for my uncle’s pool cleaning company. It was a summer job, at least until I find a career type job.

Today was going to be a scorcher. 98 degrees and sunny. I was downstairs in the kitchen, when my 19 year old sister, Megan, joined me for breakfast.

“Are you going Katie’s place today?”

“Yes, and a few others, but her place is first on the schedule Uncle Mark gave me for today.”

With this, Megan had a smirk on her face and said, “you know she’s home alone for the next few days, right?”

I rolled my eyes. “What’s your point?”

“C’mon, Scott, you know she’s wanted you since like 6 years ago. Just fuck her already and make her happy. Any number of my guy friends would bend over backwards for a chance to have sex with Katie.”

Katie is Megan’s best friend, and probably her hottest friend. She is 19, Asian, and a very attractive body. She is 5’2″ and about 100 lbs. Smaller b-cup tits, but the norm for an Asian girl, flat tummy, cute butt, and nice legs. She isn’t exactly all that tan. She was a bit pale, but I guess I kinda liked that. I had always known her to be a bit skanky looking, but looks-wise,I was attracted to her. She was just way too clingy, in my opinion. Megan has told me about Katie’s relationship troubles, and I really wanted no part of that.

Me, well, I am of Caucasian descent, about 5’6″ tall, 140 lbs, and very athletic. I don’t have six pack abs, but I do my sit-ups and watch what I eat. I do a lot of heavy repetitions with lighter weights, and run a lot.

“Just let it happen, Scott,” Megan begged. “You know you think she’s hot, and she wants you. Let her make your dick hard, and pump it in her. Put on some of those long, low board shorts you have, do your work with no shirt on, and tease her a bit. She’ll love it, and let her tease you. You won’t say no after that.”

“Megan, I got a long and busy day ahead of me. I don’t have a lot of time to fool around with your slutty friend.”

“At least give her a show, and see what happens.”

“Fine, I’ll go change.” I went upstairs to change, and since I was going to wear my board shorts, I decided to shave my pubic region. Those shorts sit very low, below my hips, just above my dick, so I wanted to groom myself to at least put the appearance on. Once I finished, I threw on the board shorts, and a long sleeved shirt so I don’t bake in the sun, and headed out.

“Bye, Megan.! Tell Mom and Dad I’ll be home for dinner.”

As I was loading the truck, I could feel that my shorts were almost inappropriately low, especially in the back. If I bent over, my crack would probably show if not for my long sleeved shirt. I could feel my balls start to tingle in warmth as I drove to my first house, Katie’s place.

When I got there, the gate was locked. Wtf? The gate is never locked on days I come here. I went to the front door to ring the bell, and shortly after ringing it, out comes Katie. As I went to mention to her that the gate is locked, I stuttered after seeing her. She had on a pair of Frankie B boot cut jeans that sat so low on her waist, and a gray colored Abercrombie crop top, with some flip flops. Her pants looked like they could go no lower without being indecently exposing. If I had to guess, they were about 5-6 inches below her belly button. Her belly button was so damn sexy to look at on her pale stomach. It reminded me of what Britney Spears looked like when I used to jack off dreaming about her, though Katie didn’t have hers pierced.

Katie smiled. “Hi, Scott! Did you need something? You usually just come around back.”

“I…I…um….your gate is…um, locked,” trying not to stare at her body, as I all of a sudden became super hot for her.

“Oh, sorry about that, my parents must’ve forgotten to unlock it before they went on their trip. I’ll unlock it. You can walk through the house to the backyard if you’d like to get that stuff off your hands,” referring to the pool supplies I was carrying.

“Ok, thanks. I’ll meet you at the gate after you unlock it.” I followed her into the house, checking out her ass swing left and right as she walked in front of me. Her pants barely covered her ass crack. I walked through the sliding door to the pool in the backyard and set my supplies down. I could feel myself becoming increasingly aroused. My heart was racing, and my mind started to wander. I walked to the side of the house where the gate was, and Katie was there reaching up to unlock the gate.

I watched her fumble around with the keys, and mecidiyeköy escort then she dropped them. She may have done it on purpose, but I didn’t care. I knew how low her jeans were, and there was no way she was going to be able to keep them up when bent over.

“Oops,” she said, as she bent down to pick them up. I had to look. I’d say about 2-3 inches of her ass crack showed. And of course, she never tried to pull them up. I don’t think she was wearing any panties. I looked down and didn’t see any. I could feel the bulge in my shorts start to grow a little, so once the gate was open, I went back to the truck to get the rest of my supplies. I looked back at her and she was smiling. She had to know I got a good look at her. I grabbed the rest of my things and was getting ready to start on the pool.

I had to get my mind back on my work. It was going to be hard, as it was already in the low 90s late morning, and the pool was covered in leaves. I had just started cleaning the leaves out of the pool when I noticed I had started to sweat. Suddenly, I hear the sliding door open, as Katie made her way out of the house. She had a large container of iced water and another with lemonade.

“It’s so hot outside,” she said. “You look thirsty. Would you like something to drink? You have to stay hydrated.”

“Sure, thanks, Katie. I’ll have a glass of water and lemonade as well.” Katie poured me a glass of each and sat there watching me as I gulped them down. As I was ready to return to work, she stretched out and yawned, her shirt lifting up even higher as most of her hot little midriff was completely exposed. She was giving ME a show. I figured it was time for me to start doing the same.

Just then, I took off my sunglasses and wanted to use my shirt wipe off sweat from my face and sunglasses with it. I lifted my shirt to do so, and I saw her looking at me. Her face turned flush. “I love your stomach, Scott. Your shorts are on really low. Dangerously low, about as low as my jeans.” I could tell I was making her wet, which made me start to get a little hard. How had I never really noticed how hot this girl was?

“I love the way you’ve been looking at me, Scott. Do you like what you’ve seen so far?”

“So far? Look, Katie, I see what you’re doing, but I’m here to do a job, nothing more. You’re my sister’s best friend.”

“Can I at least help you with the leaves in the pool? There’s a lot of them.”

“Fine. Let me get you the smaller net, and I’ll take the big one. Here.” I handed her the smaller net, as I took the longer, heavier one. I grabbed the trash can so we can dump the leaves into it. After a few minutes, I was really sweating. I’m sure it was a combination of the heat, and feeling hot for my little sister’s skanky best friend.

“Scott, take your shirt off, you’re sweating a lot, it’ll cool you off,” she said smiling.

“You really wanna see me without a shirt on, don’t you?”

“Kinda, hehe. It really will cool you off. But you kinda owe me.”

“How so?” I asked.

“You’ve seen most of me. I’m out here with my belly button and stomach showing, and I know you saw me bend over to pick up the keys by the gate.”

“Ah, so you DID do that on purpose?” I was wary of taking my shirt off, because all I had on were these very low board shorts. I would’ve felt nearly naked, and seeing Katie at the same time the way she was dressed, it would’ve made it hard to hide the growing bulge in my shorts.

“C’mon, please?” Maybe it was the way she asked, maybe it was letting her long black hair down from her pony tail, maybe it was the horny tone in her voice, or maybe it was the way she walked over to me, with her hips swinging left and right, that compelled me to oblige.

“Okay, fine, but only because it’s super hot outside, and I’m drenched.” That was all she needed to hear. She didn’t even let me do it. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt, and slid it up over my head. As she finally got it off of me, she threw it over to the table in the shade.

“You won’t be needing this anymore,” she said as she started looking me up and down. “Oh my….can I touch your abs?”

“What the…?”

Before I had a chance to finish, she grabbed the middle of my chest and started working her way down. She was horny, and wasn’t hiding it. She stopped around my belly button and slowly massaged me. I could see her hands shaking, and she quietly started to moan. This, combined with her touching, made my dick throb a bit. She got below my belly button, pressing my hardening cock inside my shorts against her naked tummy, and I started backing away.

“Whoa, Katie. taksim escort We have to get back to work, I have other appointments to hit.” I was really worked up. I was saying no, when in fact, I so badly wanted her.

“I can tell you like it as much as I do. You know you want me just as bad as I want you. I won’t tell my parents, so you won’t get in trouble, and I won’t tell Megan. I promise!”

This gorgeous, skanky, hot bodied Asian girl is throwing herself at you, I thought. Just do it. She bent down again to get the pool net she had to get leaves out, giving me another look at her naked ass. I could see her watching my every move. I bent down to pick up my net with the long pole, and not realizing what I had done, I could feel my naked ass almost completely out of my super low shorts. This is what I get for listening to my sister. I got up and turned around to see Katie with her jaw open, and rubbing her enlarged clit in her jeans. But, as I turned around, the pole/net I had smacked Katie in the side of the head, causing her to lose her balance. She let out a scream, and I watched her fall backwards into the pool into the deep end.

It took about 7-8 seconds for her to come up. I was scared the blow to the head from the pole may have stunned her and caused her to lose consciousness, but she swam up.

She was a bit stunned, as she coughed out some water. “I really wasn’t planning on swimming in designer jeans today,” as she laughed a bit. Her shirt was soaked, and I could now see thru it a little and see the outline of her B-cup tits. Also, her pants dipped below almost all of her ass, as they were soaked and heavy. I can now confirm she had no panties on. And on the front, the top of her clean shaven cooter was showing.

I at least knew she was okay. “Wow, I’m so sorry about that, I didn’t mean to knock you in the pool. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. It was hot outside, so it’s nice to cool off in the pool.”

By now, my cock is so hard that it hurts. I no longer cared that Katie saw it.

“Katie, your pants are falling really low.”

“Well, it’s hard to tread water and pull my pants up at the same time, Scott. Don’t act like you didn’t wanna see me. Looking at your shorts, you like what you see, hehe. And you seem to be as concerned about covering it as I am covering myself up.”

She swam over to where I was standing. “Help me up,” she said.

In my mind, I was thinking ‘I can’t wait to see this hottie soaking wet out of the pool.’ I reached down to pull her up, and with one hand, I grabbed her hand, but with her free hand, she grabbed the bottom of my shorts, so I lost my balance, and fell into the pool in a dive. I could feel my hard cock pop out of the top of my shorts. This added to the arousal.

I’m not the biggest guy, about six inches long, but I have a fairly thick cock with a huge head on the end of it. Katie looked down at it in amazement, and started rubbing her pussy. She came over to me on the shallow end on the steps.

“I have wanted you since I started 7th grade, Scott. You are NOT getting away from me today. ”

“I was trying so hard to say no, but I got horny the second you opened up the door.”

Still in the pool, I ripped Katie’s shirt off, exposing her hot little tits. I started sucking on each one, as I groped her up and down. Her nipples were already hard. We made out in hot and steamy fashion, as she was really aggressive with her tongue. She completely slid my shorts all the way off and started stroking my rock hard cock slowly. I slid her wet jeans off her, so now we are both naked in the pool.

I started massaging her stomach, to which she started moaning.

“My belly button is really sensitive, Scott. Don’t stop.” She was loving it. I had one had near her belly button, and another rubbing her swollen clit. I could feel her legs start to quiver. I took my hand off her stomach and got into her inner thighs and continued massaging her clit. This pushed her over the edge, and she shook violently as she climaxed. Her moaning was loud, and her breathing was rapid and heavy.

Next, we got into the shallow end of the pool just below the steps and up against the wall. We continued kissing, and she threw her hands up on the edge of the pool over her head. She spread her legs wide, letting me know she wanted to be penetrated. I took two fingers and shoved them in and out of her warm pussy. The moment I penetrated, she shuddered and moaned. She looked up at me, threw her arms up around my neck, and kissed me. I continued fingering her, and she wrapped her legs around me.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh, Scott…..I’m…..cumming…..ohhhhh beşiktaş escort fuuuuuuucccckkkk!!!!!” She exploded into another mind numbing orgasm. Her nails dug into me, and her toes curled. As she calmed a bit, she could barely muster out, “now I want you to fuck me good. This is everything I dreamed it would be with you.”

I put my hard cock into her pussy, and again, she shuddered. “Not in here, not in the pool. I wanna see you cum.” We got out and went over to the hammock being held up by the two large palm trees. I laid down in the hammock, my cock standing tall. Katie climbed on top of me in a 69 position, and started sucking my cock. Her mouth was amazing, her tongue even better. Her tongue strongly licked the tip, as I stuck my tongue into her dripping wet pussy. I used a finger to hit her G-Spot, while my tongue was licking her clit.

Katie was sucking so good, I could feel my orgasm building in my legs, then the feeling progressed to my toes, and up my body. There was no turning back.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuucccckkkk, Katie…..I’m gonna cum!!!”

“Do it! Do it! I wanna see you make a huge mess!” She stroked my whole shaft, and right as I started to shoot out the first shot of cum, she started stroking the tip and didn’t stop, as spurt after spurt kept shooting up and landing on my own stomach. I lost complete control of my body, and I squirmed after every touch of the tip of my dick. Katie put her ass in my face and started licking up all the cum on my stomach.

“You filled up your own belly button. But don’t worry, I’ll clean it up!” And she did, with her tongue. This was turning me on again, and my cock returns to semi-hard. “I have to get you hard again so you can fuck me.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll get there.” She grabbed my cock and started sucking again. I shook a bit, as it was still sensitive from my orgasm. In no time, I was hard again. She climbed up on my dick and slid her pussy down on it.

“Fuck, Katie, your pussy is so good.” We almost fell off the hammock and realized it was a bad idea to fuck on it. With me still in her pussy, she grabbed on to me and we made our way to a lounge chair. I got on it first, and she got on top, reverse cowgirl. She started thrusting herself on me and placed her hands on my sides. She moaned in pleasure.

“Scott, I won’t last long in this position.” I can feel her pussy clenching, as she was close to another orgasm. Her arms started to shake. I started thrusting deep into her. She lost control. She pulled away from my cock, squealed in ecstasy, collapsed onto my chest, and squirted hard. I knew I was close. I didn’t give her time to regroup. I turned her onto the chair on her back, and started drilling away. She threw her arms up on the chair over her head, leaving her tits and stomach exposed. Her pussy was dripping down her leg.

“Scott, don’t stop until you cum! Don’t you dare fucking stop!” I’m thrusting as hard as I can now, no holding back. Sweat dripping down my forehead and onto her chest. Each thrust taking me one step closer to the edge. I look down at her and remembered how hot I thought her belly button was on that flat tummy of hers. I know I’m going to try and cum all over it.

I am now beyond the point of no return. “Yes, Scott! All over me, all over me!” I pulled out of her pussy just in time, took my cock in my hand, and absolutely unloaded all over her stomach. I filled her belly button as well.

Katie is shaking. I nearly collapsed. We are both out of breath.

“I wish we would’ve done this sooner,” I said. “You’re so hot. That was the hottest, sexiest, dirtiest thing I’ve ever done. Thank you.”

“I wanted you so badly. You didn’t disappoint. We can do this again any time you want.”

“We should get cleaned up. You have a huge mess on your stomach.”

“Are you gonna tell your sister? If you do, it’s fine with me. I’ve been throwing myself at you for years, so I don’t really care if she thinks I’m a slut for this.”

“Let’s keep it between us for now. I really should go now, since I have other appointments.”

“Okay. Hey, what are you doing later?”

“Nothing really after dinner.”

“Do you wanna come over? We can go swimming. Properly of course. Not in my clothes.”

“Sure, I’d love to. 8 o’clock work for you?”

“Yes, that’s fine.” And with that, I put on my shorts and shirt in front of her. “Aren’t you going to tie your shorts? You wouldn’t want them falling lower since they’re wet, would you?”

I knew what she wanted to see before I left. I lifted my shirt and held it up with my chin as I tied my shorts. “Scott, you have a hot belly button. I can’t wait to see you later.”

And as I left, she kissed me goodbye and said she can’t wait for tonight. I got in the truck, and felt my dick get hard again. I can’t wait for tonight, either, Katie.

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