Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 27.5

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Big Tits


The following is a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and while I always recommend reading the prior one first, I feel it’s a must in this case. Then again, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Comments are always welcomed, and encouraged, as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


Part Two:

Soon as we arrived in the master bedroom, I turned around and stepped back to get my first good look at Nancy in all of her naked glory, and her of me. As I started to look down at her body I had to stop at her tits. To say I was in awe of them had to be plain as day on my face.

Seeing how much I was… “Do you like them, Lacey?”

“Like them? I’ve never seen such voluptuous breasts for a woman our age. Any age actually. They’re incredible as full as they are. And what amazing nipples and areolas you have.” Of which the latter had to be at least two inches across with a light brown skin tone and were very puckered along with the Montgomery glands being swollen from how aroused she was.

“Yours are pretty damn nice too, Lacey, and I have nothing on you when it comes to the accessories.”

“If you mean my nipples. They might be longer than yours, but yours are a lot bigger around.” And they were at a good half inch in diameter.

I then reached out and took one of her breasts in each hand and raised them slightly… “God, they’re even heavier than they look. It must be quite the load to carry around.”

“I’m used to it, but needless to say I’m not into jogging.”

I couldn’t help but laugh before I released her, and we then looked down at each other’s pubic mounds, which were near mirror images of each other’s. With us being natural blondes, we both were pretty sparse when it came to pubic hair. And like mine, hers was also very silky looking along with being nicely trimmed for when we wearing a bathing suit. The only difference was her mons pubis was more pronounced than mine.

My eyes then wandered down her shapely legs to her feet, which I couldn’t have been more pleased with how nice they were. Equally as attractive as mine, and nicely pedicured in a bright red nail polish.

“I never got a good look at your feet before Nancy, and I can’t tell you how pretty they are.” After she gave me a puzzled look as though it was the first time a woman ever complimented her on them… “Now if you don’t mind, please turn around so I can get my first look at your butt, which I’ve always admired.”

She did, and like everything else about her, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

After she was facing me again… “I’d ask you to turn around Lacey, but I already got a good look at your lovely behind on the way to the bedroom. Now I don’t want to seem impatient, but are we going to use your bed, or are we going to just stand here and drool over each other?”

After I laughed again, I immediately removed the bedspread before pulling down the blanket and top sheet. As I did, Nancy stood watching me in the mirror that covers a good portion of the wall facing the foot of the bed.

“That’s quite the mirror Lacey, it’s huge. Is it something you and Jim added?”

“The previous owner had it installed. Besides it making the room appear larger, which I’m sure was the intent, you can’t help but watch yourself in it when having sex. And it might have something to do with me being the exhibitionist I am for how turned-on I get from it.” And then added… “Which you’ll soon find out.”

After she laughed… “Seems like it’s going to be a day of more than one first for me.”

“It definitely is…and hopefully all pleasant ones.”

Before we got on the bed, I thought to get a bath sheet from the master bath to place on it in case things got “messy”. I also got a couple of face towels and placed them on one of the two nightstands on each side of the bed to be prepared if one of us got messy.

Once we were lying down facing each other, we immediately began kissing. Only this time like two long lost lovers with lots of tender kissing of each other’s noses, cheeks, foreheads, eyelids, ears, you name it and we kissed it.

Finally I took the initiative to roll her on her back, after which I straddled her around the hips. I then leaned down to kiss her before reaching for a couple of pillows to place under her upper back and head.

“Now I want you to just lie there while I make love to you. Hopefully it will be everything you dreamed about in your fantasies, and with you propped up somewhat, you’ll be able to watch me in the mirror along with looking directly at me.”

“Oh I will, but what about you Lacey?”

“I’ll be fine for now, but trust me when I say you can feel free to reciprocate after I’ve made you cum like you’ve never cummed before. But that’s only if you want to. I want your first time to be mainly about me making it as enjoyable as possible for you. When it comes time, almanbahis I want you to do only what you feel comfortable with. Nothing more. And don’t worry about the fact you never made love to another woman and might not be sure of what to do, or how to do it. Just do what comes naturally along with what you enjoy, and I can assure you I’ll enjoy it immensely.”

With that said, I leaned down and began kissing her again. Very passionately while holding her lovely face before I slowly kissed my way down her neck and upper chest. As much as I was tempted to raise her arms to get at her armpits, I went directly for her magnificent tits. With it being our first time together, and more importantly her first time, I didn’t feel she would be quite ready for any kinky quirks of mine just yet.

When I reached them I sat upright to admire them once again before I brought them together in the middle of her chest.

As I continued to hold her tits together, I leaned down to take one of her incredible nipples between my lips. I couldn’t believe how hard and rigid it was as I gently began to suck it, and how sweet she tasted. First one nipple then the other, and as my sucking became more aggressive, I couldn’t help sucking her areolas into my mouth along with them.

I soon found myself moaning as much as Nancy was from the pleasure I was experiencing from sucking her tasty nips. And from how I was making her squirm beneath me. My pussy was flowing so heavily, she probably thought I peed from how wet her abdomen must have felt.

It wasn’t long before I recognized from the subtle signs she was exhibiting she was beginning to experience the delicious feelings you get from a slowly building orgasm. Sensing she was, I decided to employ a little trick I learned from a lesbian massage flick I once watched to bring her over the edge.

After sitting upright I asked her to hold her breast together for me before I gently began pulling both her nipples straight up. Both simultaneously for double the pleasure, and not just with my thumb and forefinger, but three fingers including my middle one. The same as the masseuse in the porn flick, and found from doing it to myself, made it more pleasurable than just using two fingers for some reason.

I repeatedly pulled her nipples to twice their normal length or more before releasing them. The same maneuver over and over again, but with increased intensity and pressure the longer I did it.

While my saliva from sucking her nipples initially had the same benefit as the massage oil the masseuse used, occasionally I’d have to add some by spitting on them to keep them nicely lubricated. Very seductively as I’d let it ooze out slowly between my lips while looking directly at her, which had the desired effect by the look on Nancy’s face.

It wasn’t long before Nancy was moaning loudly, along with kneading her breast as she continued holding them before she blurted out… “God Lacey, where did you ever learn to do something like that?”

After I told her… “Are you enjoying it?”

“Shit yes, and don’t stop as I’m about to cum.”

After another good minute or so of continuously “milking” her nipples, she suddenly grabbed my thighs in a near death grip. So tight, when she orgasmed her hold on them involuntarily tightened with each spasm that pulsated through her body. With my bum and ever leaking pussy, I could also feel her abdomen contract with every orgasmic spasm.

As soon as they subsided, she released my thighs and suddenly went limp. She simply just laid there while breathing heavily with her eyes closed.

Not knowing for how long she’d be incapacitated, I decided to lay down beside her until she recovered. After a few minutes of lovingly rubbing her tummy and pubic mound, she eventually opened her eyes and looked towards me… “That was amazing the way you pulled on my nipples. As much as I like my nipples being played with, it’s the first time I had an orgasm from it.”

“I hope I didn’t get too carried away and hurt you?”

“Not at all. You did it perfectly. Just borderline painful the way I like it. You must have had a lot of practice.”

“Yes I have, but only on myself. Otherwise, you’re the only other person I’ve done it to.”

“Really, I feel honored then. But why is that?”

“I don’t know, other than I never thought to with anyone else. But with your nipples being as extraordinary as they are, I couldn’t resist trying it with you. I’m glad you enjoyed it as it’s always risky trying something different with someone without telling them first. Especially with this being our first time together, and not knowing what you like, or dislike.”

“Speaking of which, I need to apologize for cumming so soon. I normally don’t so quickly, but between the anticipation of having sex with you, and the way you stimulated my nipples, it couldn’t be helped.”

“There’s no reason to apologize. The beauty of having sex with another woman is there’s no such thing as a premature ejaculation, almanbahis giriş or cumming too fast. Even worse, thinking we’re done just because you did.”

“I was hoping it wasn’t the case.”

“As far as I’m concerned, you’re going to have at least two more orgasms for a trifecta.”

After she broke out in a big smile, I kissed her before instructing her to continue lying there as I had some business to tend to between her legs.

I then grabbed a pillow to place under her bum before I sat back on my heels between her legs. Once again I was tempted to indulge in another of my eccentricities and make love to her feet, as pretty as they were. Reluctantly I decided against it and lovingly began rubbing the tops of her thighs as I took my first look at her openly displayed pussy raised up as it was. And as expected, it was as lovely as everything else about her.

I also had a good view of her anus, and couldn’t have been more pleased. A lovely little rosebud with nicely defined ridges and a beautiful light tan skin tone. And after the way she moaned when I teasingly ran my finger over it, I couldn’t wait to see what her reaction would be when I did likewise with my tongue.

As I sat there and simply looked down at her, Nancy finally became concerned… “Don’t you like what you see, Lacey?”

“Sorry for staring, but have you ever taken a look at yourself with a hand mirror?”

“Yes I have, why do you ask?”

“Then you should know how lovely you are. Your pussy is simply exquisite and I could help but admire it.”

After she exhaled a sigh of relief… “I always thought it was as nice as a pussy would look, but other than my husband, I haven’t had a second opinion since we were married. Let alone from another woman. And getting old has a way of taking a toll on things.”

Unlike with her magnificent breasts, which she knew were still desirable in spite of her age, she honestly wasn’t sure about her cunt.

“While I’d expect he wouldn’t be anything less than complimentary, take it from someone who’s seen a few up close and personal, it’s as nice as one can be at our age.”

And it was with dark pinkish and very swollen outer labia with long and darker inner lips protruding from between them, which begged to be sucked as long as they were. A beautiful pussy for a fifty-something, topped off by her barely visible clitoris due to a fleshy clitoral hood, and just above it, a golden tiara of pubic hair. And what I could see of her clitoris peeking out from its hiding place, it looked bigger than most.

“Now just relax while I make love to it.”

I then asked her to bend her legs at the knees and after spreading them further apart I began licking and kissing down her inner thighs as I alternated between them. As I did, I got my first good whiff of her womanly scent, and being in “heat” as she was, and from having cummed once already, it flooded my nostrils. Her intoxicating scent affected me like an aphrodisiac and I soon found myself rushing down her thighs. Quicker than I normally would to get at the source of her incredible aroma.

I simply couldn’t reach it fast enough and when I did, I kissed every square inch of it lovingly. Sweet little butterfly kisses all over her outer labia and long inner lips before licking every millimeter teasingly with just the tip of my tongue. Her reaction was almost immediate as I felt her quivering while emitting a steady stream of whimpers.

Feeling comfortable she wasn’t going to “freak-out” from another woman making oral love to her pussy, I tenderly licked my way to her clit and flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth over it. Once again her reaction was instantaneous as she let loose with a long groan followed by a loud… “Oh fuck!”

I couldn’t resist asking her facetiously… “Was that a good ‘Oh fuck!’ Nancy, or a bad one?”

“Very funny Lacey. You know very damn well what kind it was. Now please continue with what you were doing.”

“Are you sure? Once I do, there’ll be no stopping me.”

“There you go again with the ‘are you sure’ shit. Of course I’m fucking sure! How could I not be?”

I didn’t respond, but quickly returned to teasing her clit by swirling my tongue around it in circles, which caused it to swell even more. It became so engorged, I was tempted to suck it, but resisted the urge to work my tongue down between her inner lips to get at the source of her delicious scent.

Very slowly and lovingly as I explored every nook and cranny of her delectable gash with the tip of my tongue. When I reached her fuck hole, her womanly nectar was literally oozing out in a continuous stream, and tasted as heavenly as it smelled.

After lapping up all I could, and savoring the taste, I began probing her fuck hole with my tongue as I held onto her hips. First with a darting motion as a snake would “taste” the air with its tongue before I inserted it deep as I could and began swirling it around lovingly.

By now Nancy’s hands almanbahis yeni giriş were on my head as she first ran her fingers gently through my hair. But as I continued to pleasure her fuck hole she eventually gripped it and started pulling me tightly against her along with grinding her cunt in my face. So tightly, I started having trouble breathing, before she thankfully realized it and eased up.

And thankfully enough to allow me to switch from probing her fuck hole to licking the full length of her slit. Up and down repeatedly with broad, stiff tongue strokes. I also replaced my tongue in her fuck hole with a finger and gently began to finger fuck her. Tight as it was at first, it quickly relaxed, and one finger became two, then three. From the way it so easily accommodated them, I could have just as easily inserted four. Maybe even my whole fist as small as it is.

While licking her slit, I’d occasionally look up at her and usually found her looking at the wall mirror behind me. When she noticed me… “You were right about the mirror Lacey. I can’t tell you how lovely your upraised ass looks in it. And I never thought I’d see the day with you on your knees between my legs. Let alone seeing you making love to my pussy from two different angles.”

I couldn’t help but stop to chuckle… “Yes, the mirror can give you a whole new perspective of things, and make it even more arousing. The only thing better is watching a video of yourself that someone took of you having sex.”

“I can well imagine, and once again I’m jealous. You’re going to have to tell me about it.”

“I will, but obviously not now.”

I immediately returned to licking her slit, but in spite of how much I was enjoying it, and the sweet taste of it, I went for her engorged love nob and took it between my lips.

With it fully engorged, it was perfect for sucking all while I rapidly flicked my tongue over the tip of it. I also continued to finger fuck her, and between the two she gently began humping my face while holding my head against her. Albeit with less pressure than before.

As I continued to work my oral magic on her clit, her humping gradually became more forceful along with how tightly she held me. Plus in between an almost continuous chorus of moans, she’d intermittently let loose with some pretty explicit language. While most of it was incoherent because of her constant moaning, what I could decipher was like music to my ears. I like nothing more than someone talking dirty to me when I orally pleasure them. A sure indicator I’m achieving the desired results.

Suddenly her body began to stiffen along with her ass slowly rising off the pillow. When I thought it couldn’t get any higher she held onto my head even tighter and all but yelled… “I’m going to f-u-c-k-i-n-g cum Lacey! Oh my God, am I ever!”

The next thing I knew she was bucking against my face as her thighs squeezed my head, and cumming all over my fingers and hand. She wasn’t a squirter, but close with multiple surges of her female ejaculate all but shooting out her cunt. At least a half dozen with each diminishing in volume.

After I eased off on things so she could enjoy her orgasm to the fullest, I grabbed onto her still upraised hips and resumed attacking her clit. And while I thought I might have my work cut-out for me to bring her to another orgasm, her whole body suddenly shuddered and she let loose with another round of orgasmic spasms. All of which were once again accompanied by a burst of her sweet ejaculate.

Soon as the second round of spasms subsided, I released her clit and went straight for her fuck hole. While still holding onto her, I began devouring as much of her love juice as I could as her ass slowly lowered onto the pillow.

After it was, and I’d feasted on as much of her womanly cum as possible, I finally released her before sitting back on my heels.

As I sat there with my lower face, and even my nose entirely coated with her sweet nectar… “Are you still with me Nancy?”

She didn’t respond at first, but after a while her eyes finally fluttered open and focused in on me. Then with a big shit-eating grin on her face… “Just barely Lacey…thanks to you.”

Even though I had a pretty good idea what the answer would be… “Was another woman making love to your pussy everything you imagined?”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a trick question. You couldn’t tell?”

“Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. But more importantly, any second thoughts about another woman going down on you?”

“Absolutely none. It and you were everything I imagined. I knew another woman going down on you would be more rewarding for the obvious reasons, but I never imagined just how much. I don’t know if it was because it was you, but it was simply fucking amazing the way you made me cum. Pardon my French. Two fantastic orgasms to boot. Something I never experienced before from cunnilingus. While I’m sure you heard this before, you’re incredible.” Then after she paused for a second… “In case you don’t know it, your face is a mess.”

While pretending to be surprised…”It is?” After which I continued to play dumb by looking in the mirror behind me before jokingly asking… “I wonder how that could have happened?”

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