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Love Me

Chapter 17

Staying With Grandma

Jared and Caden are moving today, and they badly need a sitter. There is one person who is perfect for the day. Caden knows exactly who to ask to stay with Riley. He grabs his phone and calls Lisa.

“Hey Lisa, this is Caden, can you watch Riley for us so, we can spend the day packing up the house and moving?”

He ends the call and then rejoins Jared whose doing his best to get Riley dressed.

“What did my mom say?”

Jared asks hoping that his mom said yes.

“I got her voice mail.”

Caden tells Jared as he finishes up with Riley. Right on cue, Lisa calls Caden back.

“Hey, Lisa.”

Caden answers his boyfriend”s mother”s call.

“I got your voice mail. Yes, I would love to have Riley over at the house. What are you doing with Smoke?”

`Oh crap!”

Caden and Jared completely forgot about Smoke.

“Well, I need someone to watch him too.”

“Yes, I”ll watch that pup too.”

She knows Riley will be good for her and Smoke will be with fine with her.

“Thanks, Lisa, we”ll have them there Shortly. Thanks, Lisa.”

Everything seems to be going okay.

“Sounds like my mom agreed to stay with Riley and the pup.”

Caden smiles as he pats his brother on the back.

“Yes, someone gets to spend time with Lisa.”

Caden says while Jared is busy preparing for packing.

“Cool, can…I…get…Smoke?”

Caden nods his head in response to his brother”s question. Riley carefully gets up so he can get Smoke out of his kennel.

“We are going to a couple changes of clothes, plus whatever else we think that he might want to have or what he needs.”

Caden says as Jared comes back into the room while they go about getting the teen packed up[ so they can head out to Lisa”s house. Jared leaves the bedroom to get a piece of his luggage to put Riley”s belongings into for his night at Lisa”s. Caden stops gathering up his brother”s stuff and leaves the room. Jared picks up where his boyfriend left off by grabbing a few more items and then packing them into the luggage. Caden remembers that he asked Ryan to help out with the moving day, so he quickly calls him. Ryan answers immediately.

“Are we packing today?”

Ryan asks even though he knows why Caden called.

“Yeah, we are. Are you able to help out?”

Caden asks hoping that he can help.

“I”ll meet Jared”s house?”

“Yes, but we”re taking Riley and Smoke to Jared”s mom”s house so, wait for us here please.”

Caden tells Ryan.

“I”ll wait for you here.”

Ryan says before he hangs up on Caden. Almost instantly Ryan sends Caden a text.

“Sorry, that I didn”t say goodbye.”

“No sweat.”

Caden replies once again surprised by Ryan”s politeness.

“Are we taking Riley or not?”

Jared yells from the front door. He was ready to leave at 5:30 this morning, so he”s a little impatient at the moment.

“I”m coming.”

Caden says as Jared opens the front door.

“Can I go?”

Riley asks Jared as another pair of ears perk up as well. Caden gets to the front door and looks at his brother.

“We are going to Lisa”s remember, and you and Smoke are going to her house.”

Caden opens the screen door and watches as Smoke and Riley walk out the door. He doesn”t want the already excited dog to cause Riley to fall. Smoke and Riley make it to the car safely. Jared unlocks the vehicle.

“Go for ride Smoke.”

Caden says and immediately Smoke hops inside the car. Riley gets inside the car next. Caden pops the trunk and Jared loads up the luggage into the car.


Riley knows that they”re on their way to Lisa”s house, but he wants to be around Ryan.

“I see Ryan today?”

It”s hard for the guys to answer his question because they don”t know how much packing and moving that they”ll get done today.

“Maybe, you can see him during lunch, or when we are done for the day. Is that okay?”

Riley quietly thinks over what his brother just said.


He wants to see his boyfriend even if he has to wait a little bit before they spend time together. Lately, his feelings for Ryan have grown stronger. It could be because of Ryan paying more attention to him during school after the bullying incident. Ryan doesn”t know how strong his feelings are, but if you ask him if he loves Riley, he”ll answer with a strong “Yes.”. He would do anything for his guy. Riley would do the same for Ryan no questions asked. Today may test Riley”s patience.


Finally, they arrive at their destination. Caden pops the trunk again as Jared gets it out of the trunk. Caden gets out of the car and helps his brother get out of the car, he has to be quick; otherwise Smoke will get out before he can grab the leash. Once Riley is out of the vehicle, Caden gives Smoke the okay to get out.

“Ready Riley? I think Lisa is waiting for you.”

Smoke carefully follows his best friend, while Caden hangs onto the leash. Lisa comes out of the house and reaches out for the luggage.

“You give me that luggage and then go help Caden get Riley into the house.”

Jared listens to his mother and walks down by Riley to see if Riley needs some extra support. Jared knows that Riley still has trouble with balance at times, and that fact there are stairs makes Jared a bit nervous. Riley handles the stairs with no problems whatsoever. Lisa puts the luggage down in the living room and waits for her son, Caden, Riley, and Smoke to enter the house.

“Here you go, Mom. Here is Riley and Caden is coming right behind us with Smoke. Riley”s luggage has a bag of food for Smoke in it. We didn”t bring a water dish for him, so I hope you have something he can use, or we can run back the house and grab a dish.”

Jared walks up to his mom and gives her a hug and a kiss. Caden enters the house with Smoke and then walks up to his brother.

“Hey Riley, we are going to head home so we can get to work.”

“Tell…Ryan that…I love him. Come, Smoke.”

“We”ll let Ryan know that you love him.”

Jared tells Riley with a smile as he turns to leave. Smoke, Riley, and Lisa watch as the guys leave. After they leave, Lisa looks at Riley and asks if he wants some ice cream. He”s a teen so why wouldn”t he want ice cream. She smiles and grabs her keys.

“We…we are leaving?”

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He seems a little confused considering that he just arrived at the house.

“Yeah, I thought we could go to my favorite place to grab ice cream. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, I…am ready.”

She is secretly enjoying that fact that she gets to spoil Riley as if he was her grandson, but she isn”t sure it”s right for him to call her, Grandma. Jared and Caden may decide to adopt or do surrogacy, and that is about the only way that they are going to have children. Chances are pretty good that she won”t have any biological grandchildren from Jared. Riley looks at Lisa slightly impatiently.

“We need to bring Smoke with us, so let me get him and then we can head out.”

Lisa reminds Riley about not being able to leave the dog at her house while they are out. Lisa calls Smoke over to her and then clips the leash on to his collar. She opens the door and holds it long enough for Riley to get out first, and then she and Smoke follow right behind him. There is a slight pause while Lisa locks the front door. Once at the car, she unlocks it using her remote. Once at the car, she opens the front seat and helps Riley get into the car and then she gets Smoke into the back seat and secures him. Once the car is going, Lisa drives out to a local ice cream parlor and decides to go through the drive-through to make things easier on everyone.

“Do you know what you want Riley?”

He knows exactly what he wants.

“I want a double…chocolate waffle cone, okay?”

Lisa loves that he asked even though he had no reason to ask. She nods her head as she pulls up to ordering console.

“Are you ready to order?”

A friendly female voice comes out of the speaker.

“Can we have one double chocolate waffle-cone and pistachio in a waffle-cone?”

The order pops up on the screen showing how Lisa owes for the two cones.

“Is the order correct?”

Lisa glances at the screen long enough to see that the order is correct.

“Yes, it”s correct.”

“Thank you please pull up to the next window.”

Lisa pulls up as instructed and then grabs her wallet to get the money she needs to pay for the cones. She pays for the cones and then asks for extra napkins and then is handed the cones.

“Are…are we eating…in the car?”

“If we don”t the ice cream might melt?”

Riley is worried about eating in the car. Lisa carefully hands him his cone which is wrapped at the bottom with a napkin, and she also places a napkin in his lap. She finds a place to park the car, and then they go about enjoying their cones. Riley is all smiles as he eats his ice cream. After eating their ice cream Lisa decides that a trip to the park is in order, but first, she gives Riley a napkin to wipe off his face, and then off they go to the park. While at the park, Smoke will have to stay on the leash but that is okay. Riley being outside, there is something about it that just feels good. Riley soaks it up when he can. There is swinging, walking, and resting, and then it”s time to head home so that Riley and Smoke can relax.


Riley loves to read, but some words still are stuck somewhere in his mind. Lisa and Riley spend an hour reading from a book that he brought with him. Each of them reads a page and unless he struggles with words, and then she only helps him pronounce it. If there is a word, that he doesn”t know, she writes down so he can look it up on his own. If nothing else Riley gets quality time with Lisa.


Riley puts the book down and sits back down by Lisa. He reaches into his backpack and grabs this month”s skateboarding magazine, but then he puts it right back into his pack.

“Do you want…to…go walk?”

Riley doesn”t want any idle time because too much time sitting around isn”t good for him.

“Sure, I can go for a walk.”

Lisa enjoys being around him so a walk would be nice. She calls Smoke over and attaches the leash to the collar.

“I”m ready.”

Lisa says while waiting for Riley to get the door. When he makes it to the door, she opens it and helps him out to the porch and then she steps out with Smoke. She locks the door as Riley steps down off the next step and onto the walk that leads to the car. As Lisa walks towards the car, she starts thinking about Riley”s thoughts on the new house.

“Riley are you excited about the new house?”

“I…can”t…wait. I…get…a room…for therapy and homework. My bedroom, it…is bigger. I…like it.”

She is happy that he likes the house and the room.

“You”re going to love the house. How is school going?”

“It”s okay. It”s…almost over.”

Memories of Jared”s time in school come flooding back to her. She spent many days worrying over him because Jared is and was a little outspoken. He had a major crush on a guy in school. He would talk about him regularly but never, ever approached him. They walk quietly for a minute or two before Smoke decides to use the bathroom. With some help from Lisa, Riley cleans up Smoke”s mess. Smoke decides it”s time to move. Lisa spends a few minutes thinking over Riley and the “Grandma” question. Maybe, it wouldn”t be so bad to have an adopted grandson. The question is will Jared and Caden be okay with it. She”ll have to ask about it because she doesn”t want to upset anyone. It shouldn”t be an issue but why take chances. Riley loves taking in the different sights as they walk in the area. Some of the houses are pretty amazing. The bigger the house, the more he likes it. If the homes have a garden, then it makes the house seem that much more exciting. On the way back to Lisa”s house, Riley and Lisa talk about what they want for lunch. They decide on Lisa”s favorite chicken quesadillas. What Riley doesn”t know is that there might be a surprise later.


It”s lunchtime, and Ryan wants to see Riley.

“Jared, do you think your mom would mind if I stopped by to a surprise Riley?”

Ryan crosses his fingers, and he hopes for a good response from Jared”s mother.

“I”ll ask if you want me too?”

Ryan”s face pleads “Yes please.”. Jared takes out his phone and calls his mom. She is okay with having extra company at the house. Ryan”s visit is going to be kept from Riley. Lisa cooks a few additional items just for Ryan. Jared enters his mother”s address into Ryan”s map app before Ryan leaves the room. The guys agreed to an hour for lunch for Ryan that means adding his travel time into that time. He runs out the door with his keys and hops into the car. He arrives safely at Lisa”s house. Smoke is well aware that someone has pulled into the driveway, but Riley is oblivious to the arrival. Lisa is aware of the car pulling up to the house, so she pauses what she is doing to get Riley into the dining room away from the front door. Lisa tells him that lunch is ready and he moves into the dining room. After he is sat down with his food, she leaves him to answer the door. She quietly answers the door and welcomes the young man into her home. She leads him to the dining room where he sees his boyfriend who has his back to him. Ryan reaches his hands over Riley”s eyes.

“Guess who?”

Ryan says trying to be sweet.

“Ryan…get your…hands…down.”

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Riley didn”t need to hear Ryan”s voice to know whose hands are over his eyes. The feel of the hands and Ryan”s smell are essential clues to the identity of the hands. Ryan dropped his hands and then leaned down and gave Riley a quick peck on his cheek.

“I…I..missed you.”

It”s true, he has missed him. Ever since the bullying incident, Ryan has been even more attentive to Riley.

“I missed you too Riley.”

Ryan replies to his boyfriend.

“Are you done…packing?”

Riley is ready to spend time with his boyfriend.

“We aren”t done yet, but we cleared out the small stuff from the living room, the kitchen cupboards, drawers, and counters, as well as the dining room.”

They have a bunch of stuff to do, but there is a chance of wrapping it up tonight and then moving the big stuff tomorrow. Riley feels a little defeated. Lisa gives Ryan his plate, silverware, and glass. She then gives him his quesadilla. She then sits down at her usual spot and begins to eat. Riley looks at Ryan and smiles sweetly at him and then winks at him as well. Lisa catches Riley”s flirting with Ryan. It makes her happy to see Riley in love, but she doesn”t want to see him broken-hearted.

“Are you having fun without me?”

Ryan asks hoping that Riley is enjoying himself.

“We had ice cream…and went to…to the park. Riley didn”t go into a bunch of detail, but the smile on his face speaks volumes to Ryan. It”s incredible to Lisa just how much Ryan is hanging on Riley”s every word. He”s very attentive. She wonders what a few years will do to the couple. Riley seems to absorb every smile and kind words that his boyfriend gives him and says to him. It makes her happy to see Riley and Ryan together.

“Can…can read…with me?”

As much as Riley loves to read, reading with Ryan is extra special. They can spend hours doing it.

“Yeah, I have a little bit of time. Let”s read.”

Just as he says that Ryan”s phone goes off alerting him to a text.

“Ready to work? It”s time to head back to work.”

The text is from Jared, and it makes him frown. The text ruins their plans to spend some time reading. Riley is going to be upset, but there isn”t much that Ryan can do about it.

“Riley, Jared, and Caden need me to go back to the house, so I can[`t read with you. Sorry.”

Ryan doesn”t want to leave, but he did promise that he would help out with the moving.

“You…you have to…have to leave?”

Lisa and Ryan can clearly see the disappointment on Riley”s face. There is no mistaking it. Ryan seeing that Riley is upset gives him a kiss goodbye on the lips, then whispers in his ear.

“I love you.”

Replies with a kiss. Ryan gets up and says goodbye to Lisa. Lisa didn”t expect to see the scene that unfolded in front of her. It was heart-warming to see the love and compassion in Ryan”s actions and eyes. She is convinced that he wanted to stay with Riley.


After lunch, Lisa and Riley relax a little inside the house, but after an hour Riley gets a little anxious. Noticing him fidgeting, Lisa moves next to him.

“Are you okay?”

Riley doesn”t seem to hear her. She decides to repeat herself.

“Riley, are you okay?”

This time, the teen hears her voice. It takes a few seconds though for him to respond.

“I…I…okay. Want to go home, can I?”

An hour has gone by since Ryan left and Riley wants to see the new house plus, he wants to see Caden, Jared, and especially his boyfriend. Lisa is afraid that telling Riley, that he cannot go to the house yet may upset him.

“Not yet, everyone is still busy packing up the house and moving all their stuff to the new house.”

He”s not happy about the fact that he can”t go home yet. Lisa needs to try to get Riley to relax. Maybe if she spoils him some more. Being at her house should be an enjoyable thing, he should want to be here.


Riley is doing a little exploring in the house, and he discovers a board game. He finds one that he likes and takes it off the shelf. Returning to the living room, he approaches Lisa with it.

“Want to…to play?”

Whatever she is working on can wait, for now, she sets it down and walks into the dining room. Riley follows her into the room with and sets the game on the table. Lisa takes the lid off the box, and then Riley gets out the board. Lisa then helps by getting the rest of the game pieces out of the box.

“Do you know how to play the game?”

She asks wanting to know if she needs to read the rules for him.

“Yeah, I know how…to play the game.”

For the next hour, they sit back and play the game. Lisa and Riley are enjoying each other”s company. When they are done playing the game, Lisa helps him put away the game and then she asks him to make sure it”s put away. She then gets busy making dinner. Riley retires to an empty room with his backpack.


Picking up a pencil and his sketchbook, Riley begins to draw in it. For an hour he works at a design. It”s a mix of flower petals and leaves. Sadly, he hasn”t totally accepted the fact that his arms don”t quite work the same, but he”s getting better at accepting it every day. He working a from a series of a book of Indiana flowers that he checked out from the library. After a half hour, he sets the pencil when he realizes that in that half hour, he”s done just one petal.

`Dad took so much from me, why did I make him do it.”

Usually, his thoughts aren”t like this one, but when he is unhappy because of his lack of ability because of what his father did to him, this is what comes out of his mind. What he needs right now is the one person, he can talk about anything, the one person who makes everything right. Who knows what time he”ll show up, so maybe it”s best that Riley spend time with Lisa.


When Riley enters the living room, he can smell the food cooking in the kitchen, and it smells great. Lisa is busy finishing up dinner.

“What is…dinner? I…mean…what is for…dinner?”

Lisa smiles as she brings a big pile of hamburger patties on a plate to the dining room table.

“Guess, it”s…hamgburgers…right?”

He asks even though they are on the plate in front of him. At this point, Lisa returns to the kitchen to grab the corn that she had heated up from the can. She takes those to the dining room, and then she goes back to grab the buns, the ketchup, and the mustard. Ryan, Caden, and Jared arrive for dinner. Everyone eats and enjoys being around each other. When it”s time to head back the house, Ryan convinces Caden and Jared to allow him to spend some time with Riley.


Riley guides Ryan to a spare bedroom that has been set up for him if Caden and Jared needed a night alone. Riley and Ryan sit in the room and talk. Most of the talk is about the house and Ryan”s day, but then it turns to other things.

“Ryan, you…you…love me?”

Ryan puts his right hand over Riley”s heart as he speaks.

“I love you Riley Bishop, every single inch of you.”

Ryan watches as Riley leans in kisses him. Smiles break out on their faces.

“Do…do you think…think that I”m hot?”

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Ryan laughs, and Riley”s heart breaks, but then Ryan kisses him.

“I wouldn”t be your boyfriend if I thought that you were ugly. You”re hot that my lips are burning.”

Riley is loving all the words coming out of his boyfriend”s mouth. He also likes the kisses. It feels so good to have him close to him. They lay off the kisses, and then they go back to talking.

“We should hang out with the guys at some point.”

Riley nods his head in agreement.

“Yeah, I would…I would like to see Blake.”

Apart from school, they haven”t hung out together in a while. They would love to just hang out and relax. Just when the guys were talking and enjoying each other”s great company, then Ryan”s phone goes off, it”s a text from Caden. Caden wants Ryan to come back to the house. The guys say goodbye and Riley is left wanting to go home.


Riley leaves the bedroom and heads out to find Lisa. On his way to locate her, he passes by a picture of Lisa”s family, and another one seems to be a picture of Jared at middle school graduation. Curiosity is starting to burn in his mind. When he sees her, the interest comes out in the form of a question.

“What…what was Jared like…as…as a kid?”

He sits down with her and waits for her to reply. Lisa begins the story.

“What made you ask about Jared?”

“I…saw a picture.”

Even though he didn”t get the sentence out correctly, Lisa knows what he means and doesn”t ask him to explain himself. She loves the fact that he”s inquiring about his brother”s boyfriend.

“Jared was a great kid. He was very active and very social. He would have been happy to just be outside all day. When he entered junior high, he decided to just be himself, and that bothered me a ton.”

Riley just looked at her in shock. He couldn”t believe that Jared came out in junior high, and even more, it surprises him that it would bother Lisa that he came out.

“Why…why would it…bug…you?”

He doesn”t understand the fear that a parent might have for their LGBT children. He can”t understand that fear at all since he doesn”t have kids.

“Well, I was afraid that he might get beat up or get bullied in other ways too. He did get some bullying while he was in school, but Jared managed to overcome it. He was brave at least in front of me. I always let him know that he could talk to me about anything, and eventually, he did come to me to talk, but it was after the fact. My son wanted to handle it by himself, but I think the weight of the situation became too much for him. We talked for hours that night. Come high school, Jared was well versed in dealing with bullies. He gave up worrying about what people thought of him. Course by that time, his peers knew that Jared was gay. He joined his school”s gay-straight alliance and stood up for those who might need a friend. Eventually, he left school behind and met this guy in college that he was crushing over and in time his crush became a great friend. I think you know Jared”s new friend. What do you think of your brother”s boyfriend?”

Riley loved hearing about Jared. To Riley, Jared sounds a lot like Ryan. He stands up for those who need help. He ended up falling in love with his crush.

“I…I…like him. I…I…want him to be…Caden”s husband.”

Now, it”s Lisa”s turn to smile. She loves hearing that her son would like to see her son in the same place as she would like to see him. Jared deserves to be in Caden”s arms as his husband.

“Do…you…you like Caden?”

She looks at Riley and smiles. Of course, she likes Caden. What is there not to love about Caden.

“I love Caden, I think he”s awesome.”

Riley and Lisa continue talking about life and everything else under the sun.


Around 5 o”clock in the evening, Caden and Jared showed up at Lisa to pick Riley up. They want to show Riley the house with all the boxes in it. Tomorrow, they are going to put all the big stuff in place, and the house will be much better. They arrive at the home and Riley is more than ready to leave.

“Are you ready to go see what the house looks like with some stuff inside of it?”

Caden says he looks at his brother. Again, there is a look of excitement on Riley”s face. In no time, the trio is out the door after saying goodbye to Lisa. Arriving at their new house, they move room through room until they enter Riley”s bedroom. Ryan painstakingly set up the room as best he can without having any furniture in the room.

“Everything you see in the room was put in place by your boyfriend. He wanted to give the room a personal touch. So he marked out where the bed is going, put up the posters, and even worked on your den. Do you want to see it?”

Riley took his time looking through the room. There is a poster-sized picture of Ryan and Riley on one of the walls. A frame has Riley”s guardianship papers in it. Another photo shows Ryan in his football uniform with his hands held out in the form of heart and the words “I love you!” written the bottom. Riley can”t wait to see Ryan and thank him for this.

“I…love this room. Ryan…”

Tears; happy tears, start to fall from his face. Caden and Jared love the reaction on his face. Caden can”t help but wonder how Ryan will react to Riley when he sees him. If the bedroom looks like this what does the office look like? They leave the room and then walk around the corner into Riley”s office. This room feels peaceful. There is a poster of the earth at night. There are books in boxes. A sketch of Ryan has been put into a frame and then put up on the wall. Riley hates at first, but then he thinks about conversations with Ryan and decides that the sketch will stay up on the wall. It”s a reminder for Riley to keep pushing himself. Riley will have to personalize this room a bit more, and Ryan will surely have some input in the room.

“Riley, do you want the sketch pad page taken down?”

Caden didn”t want to remove it himself, because Ryan felt like it needed to be there. In fact, he firmly believes that the page belongs up in that frame. Jared and Caden made several attempts to have it taken down.

“No, it stays.”

Riley feels just as strongly about it, and so the picture will stay right up where it is, and no one had better mess with it. Thirty minutes later, Lisa gets a text from her son saying that they are coming back for the night.


Caden, Riley, and Jared are riding back to Lisa”s house for the night. Jared knocks at the door of his mom”s house. She opens the door and welcomes them back into the house. Riley and Caden start their nightly tradition, and Jared joins in as he sometimes does. Lisa is also getting ready for bed. The guys are in bed and when the morning comes everything will be different. They”ll have a new house and a fresh start. The night passes quietly. Riley and Lisa make blueberry pancakes before the guys head out for another day of moving.


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