Lucky Anal Ch. 02

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So I sat there in my office, behind my desk, staring at Kendra’s beautiful naked black butt, and for a moment, questioned whether I should fuck her arse or not?

Now, let me catch you up, if you haven’t read the first story.

Basically, my names coach Steve Boner, I’m the head of the Athletics team at Muffdale University, and a few days ago, I caught one of my young athletes, Amber, smoking pot.

I was of course going to have to suspender her from the team until she could prove she was clean, but desperate to stay on it, and for her parents not to find out about what she had being doing, she offered me her arse instead.

Well, any man in my position obviously couldn’t turn down an offer like that, so I fucked her little college arse, and oddly, the next day, she ran the best 800m of her life.

This as it turned out was seen as a blessing from one of my other students, Kendra, my best 100m runner, and now, she stood in my office, with her blue leggings around her ankles, desperate for me to fuck her arse too, so she might have good luck in her next race.

“So coach, are you going to fuck my arse or what?” Kendra asked impatiently.

I stared back at her lovely athletic round rear, and after a moment, replied “Well, if you think it’ll help you run faster?”

Kendra instantly grinned excitedly as I stood up, and then I moved around the desk, and towards her.

Keenly, I then stepped up behind her, getting a wonderful close up view of her lovely brown rear, before she stuck several fingers in her mouth, drooled all over them, and then moved them to her behind.

I then watched her slide her wet little fingers, between her big soft cheeks, and start to finger her little black bud.

“Fuck me hard coach! I want all the luck you can give me!” she then said eagerly, as she played with her own arse, getting it wet for me.

As I watched her fingering herself, my cock quickly began to awaken in my blue coaching shorts, and after a few seconds, I eagerly reached in, and pulled it out.

Then, I stood behind Kendra, tugging on my growing length, as she continued to rub and probe her little brown rear.

After watching, for about a minute, I was about as hard as I could be, and almost ready to get in her lovely little arse, but I wanted to make sure I was lubed up enough first.

So, I moved around her, and then standing in front of her, I asked keenly “Have you got some spit for me?”

Kendra smiled back at me, and then leant towards my old stiff cock, before she quickly spat on it, and then again.

Eagerly I ran my hand over it, spreading her wet saliva all over my thick veiny shaft, and once I was wet enough, I moved back behind her.

Stepping up behind Kendra’s round rear, I then Trabzon Escort said “You ready to get some luck?”

My young black athlete, with her long black hair pulled back in a ponytail, glanced back at me, and nodded excitedly, before I then placed one hand on her lovely warm arse, and eased her cheeks open a little.

Her little black ring glistened with her spit, ready for me, so I moved my hard cock up against it, and then started to ease my big round bell end, into her back door.

At first there was a slight resistance, then as Kendra started to moan softly feeling me nudging up against her rear, her little sphincter eased open, and my hard older member, slid in.

“Oh coach!” she moaned loudly, as my firm dick slid deep in her arsehole.

Kendra’s arsehole wasn’t as tight as Amber’s had been, and I happily slid most of the way inside of her, with just my first thrust.

However, her arse did feel just as nice as Amber’s, and once I was deep in that warm wet rear hole, I paused for a moment to enjoy it.

Then, placing my hands on her slim hips, I eased back, and then slid in again, and instantly Kendra moaned again in pleasure.

So, I did it again, and again, and quickly, began fucking her arse.

“Oh coach! Oh coach!” my young athlete moaned in delight, as I fucked her in my office.

Kendra stood, half bent over, with her hands on her knees, as I stood behind her, pumping my hard cock in and out of her wonderful arsehole, and as I did, she happily moaned.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh god!” she moaned in pleasure, as I kept pumping her little rear.

“Oh yeah! Your arse feels so good Kendra!” I then said, enjoying it a lot.

“Your dick feels so good in my arse coach!” replied Kendra, before moaning happily again.

So, I kept going, and eagerly fucked Kendra’s lovely little young rear, for a good few minutes.

Then, after a little longer, I was keen to try other positions with her, I slowed to a stop, then got her to turn around, and without pulling out of her, we both turned around on the spot, until we were facing my desk.

I then got her to lean on my desk, resting her upper body over it, while her lovely fit legs stretched out behind her, and then holding onto her hips again, I started to slide my thick firm length, back and forth inside her again.

“Oh, coach Boner! Oh god! Oh god, yeah!” Kendra then moaned in delight, as I moved in and out of her little rear.

“Yeah, take my cock Kendra! Take it all!” I said eagerly, sliding all most all of my thick member, into her little back passage.

Kendra moaned again, as I happily pumped her arsehole, and for another couple of minutes, I steadily fucked her just like that.

Then, after a while, I started Trabzon Escort Bayan to speed up a little, thrusting faster into her, before pulling her arse back onto my moving cock, and as I did that, Kendra moaned louder again.

“Oh coach! Oh coach! Oh god!” she exclaimed in delight, as I began pumping her lovely arse harder.

Eagerly, I pulled that hot little black butt, back onto my hard thrusting member, and every time I slid in deep, my young athlete moaned out loud in pleasure.

“Oh Yes! Yes! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse!” she moaned again, while trying to hold onto my desk, as she did.

“This is what you wanted right? My luck anal! You want this luck, right?” I then asked keenly.

“Yes! Yes! Give me all the luck! Give me all the luck you can! Fuck it in to me! Fuck it in to me coach!” Kendra moaned back eagerly.

So, I kept going, and happily pounded that little black arse, for another couple of minutes.

However, as I pumped her little rear relentlessly, I felt my excitement begin to build, and not wanting to finish too soon, I eventually slowed down again, until I was happily, taking long slow strokes, back and forth between her little round cheeks,

Kendra moaned in pleasure again, as I pulled my hard cock most of the way out, before sliding all the way in again, and as I did, my old hairy balls, bounced off her smooth bare mound.

“Oh coach!” she moaned happily, clearly liking that too.

I then moved my hands forwards off her slim hips, up her flat fit stomach, and up under her t-shirt, until I found her magnificent perky boobs held tightly in a little bra.

Eagerly I slid my hands over her cupped breasts, and then began fondling them, and my hot young student, moaned even more.

For a good couple of minutes, I happily slid my hard cock in and out of her wet arsehole again, while caressing her wonderful tits, and as I did, Kendra groaned happily in pleasure.

Then, remembering I still had some coaching work still to do that day, I started to thrust harder and faster into her again, and my little black athlete, moaned louder again, as I did.

“Oh Kendra! I’m going to fuck your arse until I cum! I’m going to fuck it, until I cum!” I then said eagerly.

“Yes! Fuck It! Fuck it! Give me that luck coach! Give me that luck!” she moaned back eagerly again.

So, I kept going, happily thrusting firmly into her lovely round rear, while holding onto her perky young boobs, and as I did, she moaned over and over again, in delight.

I was soon back to pounding her little wet arsehole, pumping my hard thick member in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could, and as I fucked her like that, I began to feel my excitement build Escort Trabzon again.

“Oh Kendra! I’m going to cum soon! I’m going to cum!” I then groaned excitedly.

“Yes coach! Yes!” she replied, eager for it.

Eagerly, I kept pumping rapidly into her, thrusting back and forth in her lovely wet arsehole, and as my cock went in deep, and my balls slapped against her little bald pussy, my excitement grew quicker and quicker.

“It’s coming! I can feel it!” I then said excitedly.

“Yes! Yes! Give it to me! Give it to me!” replied Kendra just as excited.

My big thick member slid into her rear once more, my balls slapped against her soft warm mound once again, and then I felt my excitement peak.

“OH SHIT YEAH!” I then cried out, as I started to spurt my load into her lovely little arse.

“YEAH! YEAH!” I then exclaimed happily, jabbing my hard cock a couple more times, eager to spurt as much as I could into her little rear.

“OH COACH!” Kendra then groaned heavily, as her little head titled back, and she started too trembled on my cumming cock.

Her little black arse twitched and shook on my big thick member, as I filled it with my wet sticky goo, and I held onto her, unloading everything I had, deep in her arsehole.

For several glorious seconds, I pumped my sticky white man cream into her back passage, and as I did, Kendra moaned happily in delight.

Then, when I had nothing left to spurt out, I finally stopped, and with a happy sigh relaxed, knowing I had given my student exactly what she wanted.

For a moment I then stood behind her, still cock deep in her little cum filled arse, as I caught my breath, before finally, I let go of her lovely soft tits, and then eased my spent old cock out of her little black rear.

As I did, her little back ring stayed open for a moment, and almost immediately, my white goo began to dribble out of her.

I then watched it trickle down her body, and head towards her sweet moist pussy, before she lifted herself up onto her feet, and then bent down, and began pulling up leggings again.

A few seconds later, Kendra was fully dressed again, and with a cheerful grin, she thanked me, and then left my office, and all I had to do now was hope this good luck thing worked.

Well, as it happened, the next day, at our next meet, against Titsville academy, it appeared to do so, because Kendra ran like the wind, and won her race easily, it was incredible, and I was a happy coach.

But not as happy as I was going to be, when the following Thursday came around, the day before our next competition.

That afternoon, I walked into my office to find both Amber and Kendra stood leaning against my desk, with smiles on their faces.

“Hey coach!” said Kendra cheerily.

“Guess what we’ve come for?” asked Amber keenly.

Then together, they both turned around, took hold of their shorts and pushed them down to the floor, before stepping out of them, and then looking back at me said “Well?”

Part 3 coming soon.

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