Massage Leads to Sex Ch. 03

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All evening on Tuesday I pondered letting Will fuck my arse, I was nervous about it but decided as Will had treat me so well, and given me a new lease for life with this sexual awakening then I’d let it happen.

I watched some anal porn online to educate and prepare myself, the one thing I learned was that you couldn’t have too much lube.

I looked through my collection of vibrators and chose one that wasn’t too thick smothered it in plenty of lube and began to work it up my arsehole. The vibration on my anus felt really good, and once I’d relaxed was surprised how easily I got the vibrator inside me. Taking my time I gently eased it in bit by bit until the full length about 7 inches was completely inside me, so feeling happy that I could give Will his wishes I cleaned up and went to sleep.

I chose blue underwear trimmed with white lace today, I had no after effects from last night’s anal fucking with my vibrator, so I was happy and confident when I arrived at Wills house.

Will met me at the door and closed the door behind me, he stood behind me in the hallway and put his arms around my waist, he started to kiss the back of my neck while moving his hands up my body until he reached my big tits, he cupped one tit in each hand and my nipples hardened immediately. I dressed casually today with a vest top and a pair of white jeans, so I was showing a lot of cleavage both with my tits and canlı bahis the huge bulging camel toe between my legs. I could feel Will’s hard cock pushing against my arse and reached around and rubbed it.

Will carried on stroking my tits with one hand then moved his hand down to my hungry wet pussy, he traced his finger up and down the gap caused by the camel toe and confessed he’d seen it as soon as I walked in and it had turned him on knowing he’d be inside it soon.

This time I took a bit of control and took his hand and led him to his bedroom, I removed his t shirt and shorts and as usual he wasn’t wearing pants he sat on the edge of the bed and I removed my top, he loved how my bra was enhancing my huge tits and kissed them as they spilled out of the top of the bra. I unbuttoned my jeans and kicked them off as they fell down my legs, standing there in just my bra and panties I pushed Will back on the bed, I got onto the bed and positioned myself over his face, I lowered myself down and the camel toe in my panties was widening all the time. I reached Will’s face and he inhaled deeply he said I love the smell of your pussy, then he put his tongue inside the crease in my already wet satin panties and licked up and down the length of my slit, each time he reached my clit he give it a slight bite or suck, I told him to keep sucking on it and within seconds I filled my panties with my womanly cunt juices.

Will licked bahis siteleri his lips clean of my cum as I stood up and let him pull my panties down my legs then he took them off and put them under the pillow.

I straddled his cock it was rock hard and oozing precum and lying flat against his body, I lowered myself onto it and just using the slit of my cunt I slid up and down the full length of it including his balls.

I’d never fucked anyone like this before but wow it felt amazing, my clit was so tender as I slid on that hard cock lubricated with my own cunt juices. And it got even wetter as I cum yet again. I was thinking how I’d become a cock hungry confident sexual woman when just a few days ago I was a downtrodden frustrated sexless housewife.

I loved the new me.

I told Will of last night’s anal fun and said that I’m happy to let him fuck my arse.

He was amazed and promised we could stop at any time.

I had some lube in my bag but should have known Will would have some. He started by turning me over and raising my arse in the air where he started to lick my pussy from behind, he was licking my juice up from my pussy and onto my arse hole, then he squirted some extra lube on me and started fingering my arse, it slipped in very easy and Will put it in just a bit at a time adding lube regularly, eventually he removed his finger and lubed his cock and squeezed a lot more onto and inside bahis şirketleri my arse, I felt his cock head at the entrance to my arse hole and held my breath in anticipation. Will pushed and I felt it open slightly then he pushed some more and I felt the head slip inside me, it hurt a little bit but I wanted to continue, he then eased it in a little by little until it was deep inside me, Will asked if I was ok, I said yes so he gently fucked my arsehole. I started to really enjoy it and put my hand between my legs and finger fucked my cunt, Will sensed my excitement and began to fuck me more vigorously, I rubbed my clit furiously and cum once again, Will stopped thrusting me and left his cock in me telling me he could feel my orgasm, this put him over the edge and I felt his thick cock pulsate and unload a stream of cum deep inside me.

Will pulled his cock out and I felt every inch slide out then fall out with a ‘pop’ and a slurp.

We went to the bathroom and cleaned up before returning to the bedroom. We laid on the bed and we were naked except for my bra, so I took it off to be more comfortable, being curvy I’d never been very comfortable with my body but I felt sexy for once, it was how Will made me feel about myself, giving me the confidence to be naked in front of him instead of being verbally abused.

We cuddled as we talked, my head resting on Wills chest as he stroked my arse, it felt wonderful, I know it was pure lust and could never be anything else, but I was more than happy with the situation.

I’d learned so much in these 3 short days, I needed more and wanted more.

Now, what would Thursday bring?

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