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Below is my second attempt at writing something creative. Hope you enjoy! Also it involves sexual things between two boys, so if you are not into this or it is illegal for you to have access to such content, please leave.

Being a treasure trove of all kinds of pervert and taboo stories that fuel our nightly fantasies on almost a regular basis, I am sure donating to such a wonderful source is only FAIR!. You can do so here it doesn”t take that long

Also note that these are all going to be short stories. Meaning they would portray a slice of life for different people in different stories. The central theme is incest in this one, but may change in other stories depending on my mood. Also I may decide to continue some of them if I find them interesting (and more relatable 🙂 )

Max and Jake: Dilemma

That time, I didn”t realize I was still naked with my dick hanging out. Obviously because of all the embarrassment, it had gone down to its soft state. Catching me completely off guard, Jake put his hand over it.

“Max.. can you tell how we jerk?” he asked while playing with my dick which was quickly becoming hard.

Now was the problem, do I show him how to jerk? For God”s sake, he is my brother, but then a brother showing a way to the things is much better than him learning from someone else.

“That doesn”t change the fact that he is your brother, for FUCK”s sake, are you really going to do it in front of him?” One side of my brain said

“What”s wrong with that? Isn”t big brother supposed to show the way to a younger one? Besides you are really horny aren”t you? Where is the problem if you do what Jake wants? Give it to him what he wants, like you always do.”


“It is alright Max, DO IT !, NOW!!”

I made up my mind then. I was too horny kocaeli escort bayan with Jake”s hand playing with my cock, that I didn”t give second thoughts.

“Alright Jake, I will show you, but you have to promise that everything we do will stay between us alright? I don”t want people to .. you know misunderstand things. Can you do that?”

Jake nodded fervently and had a big smile spread across his face. I was hard as a rock again by the time Jake withdrew his hands and my dick was twitching constantly demanding attention and release. Jake was watching intently as I began to explain the basics to him.

“You understand? Use your hands to pull the skin back and forth and play like this”, “And then when you increase the pace”

“Can I try?” Jake asked

“Of course!”

I thought he would be jerking himself off, but no, his hand went to my dick instead as he slowly pulled my skin up and down my throbbing shaft. My dick was twitching uncontrollably. I was too lost in lust and too eager to cum that I didn”t stop him. I was going to let my brother milk me out. I would let him have his way with me. Fuck it felt good, his small hands were rapidly stroking me in a frenzy and all I could do was moan and appreciate. It wasn”t long that I felt that familiar sensation in my groin. I was about to cum. And this was going to be way larger than my previous ones.

“Jake stop.. I am about to cum.”

But that didn”t stop him, he was too lost in stroking me that he had forgotten to look around what was happening. And with one last stroke, I came all over his hand and my shirt.

“Fuck! that was awesome” I said, I don”t usually use cuss words in front of Jake, but I simply didn”t care, with how far we had gone, using a cuss word was trivial in comparison.

“You never cuss around me” Jake said

“I am sorry Jake, kocaeli sınırsız escort but I felt really good. Thanks.” I used my old shirt aka “cum-rag” to wipe everything off. Luckily it was clean as I had washed it the previous day.

Jake came over and kissed me on cheeks. There was something different about this one from all the previous ones we had had. It felt more intimate and more affectionate in a way that is difficult to put hands on. To my surprise, I felt myself boning up again. AGAIN? I thought

“Max.. thanks for showing it to me. You are really the best. I am so glad to have you” I felt my heart melting and pounding as I just hugged him and kissed him over and over.

“That feels good, please keep doing it” he urged but I hadn”t stopped. My hands were wrapped around his small torso and I was gently kissing him. Then he bought his lips closer to mine and I knew that if I do what he and also I wanted, I would be crossing a line. It was a point of no return. One step over the line and we were sure to lose our normal everyday brother-brother relation. I don”t know what laid ahead if I took the path I was about to, at that time I felt no uncertainty as I let all the shackles crumble and fall and went for the gold and kissed him passionately. This was my brother Jake, and yes that also means that we were more than brothers now. I felt him caressing my hair as I closed my eyes and continued sucking his small lips. Then my hand touched what appeared to be his boner. I am sure that was it.

I broke our kiss and lifted covers and saw a bulging tent in his undies. I knew what to do next and Jake too as I saw lust in his eyes, but there was something else in his eyes too as we looked at each other. I knew that if I did what I was about to, I would never be able to return to this side, but with izmit anal yapan escort everything going down so fast, I didn”t care.

I slowly bought my hands to his throbbing dick and pulled down his PJs. He was beautiful, there is no doubt about it. I saw his cream-white thighs contrasting with his black briefs. I slowly slid the briefs down and he lifted himself up in cooperation. And that was the first time I had seen someone else”s dick. It was exquisite and beautiful. Perhaps between 3.5-4 inch, it was thick and its head was a beautiful pink, unlike my purple one. I felt it with my hands and Jake gasped.

I was quick enough to realize that the door was still open. I quickly went and bolt shut it and returned to Jake. His eyes were closed as if he had submitted himself to me and that I was free to do whatever I wanted. And yes I wanted to do this, for him, for me. I slowly pulled his skin back and forth admiring his beauty and the differences it had in comparison with me. His skin was so soft and yet beneath it was a nail hard shaft constantly responding as I moved my hand over and over it. His head was glaring at me as if it had its own body and mind. I felt tempted to kiss it and drew myself closer to his dick. I couldn”t help but kiss his head and lick all over it. I could taste some salt and a very small hint of piss, but that didn”t stop me from sucking and licking it. I was giving a blow job to my smaller brother. I wouldn”t do it for anyone else, but for him and him alone. I could feel him squirming as he bought his hands and clenched my head tightly and began to shove his dick up and down my throat. It wasn”t big so I easily took it all in relishing him filling my mouth with his hard fuck stick. He was mouth-fucking me rapidly after some time all the while grunting and moaning. I knew he was close and he knew too because I felt his dick twitch several times moments later and filled my mouth with a sweet and salty load.

I swallowed it quickly and glanced back at Jake hoping he didn”t mind what I just did.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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