Megan Has Both Holes Stuffed

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Megan has always been the more kinky one. Up for just about anything. Which I love.

I’m a bit more shy with trying new things. But something I’ve always fantasized about is seeing your pussy and asshole being stretched out at the same time.

Watching you get undressed from work starts to make my cock stir. You take off your work clothes in waves while ranting to me about the days events. With a quick and easy motion you snap your bra off exposing your breasts.

“Mmm boobie time.” you mutter while you grab each one of you’re tits in your hands.

“What a fucking day.” you say, as you lay down over my lap.

I can tell you felt my bulge by your slight chuckle. You stroke my cock through my jeans gently. “Mmm” I groan quietly.

“Can I suck your cock please?” you ask me.

“Yes, Please.” I respond. “But you have to sit on my face so I can eat your pussy.”

You immediately start shimming down your panties, but still making sure not to take your mouth away from my cock. You gently nibble and breath heavily through my pants and its absolute torture. You eryaman eve gelen escort still don’t know what I have planned for you tonight though. All I can think about is making you scream.

“Lets get these off.” you say to me while ripping off my pants.

My cock flings back toward you after its released from my boxers. You always loved my cock. And you can never get enough. I look down and see you taking my shaft into your mouth and down your throat. “Fuck yes Megan, I fucking love how you suck my cock.”

All I hear in response is a moan and gag as you shove my dick down your throat. Without taking me out of your mouth you maneuver your delicious cunt above my face. You slowly lower yourself onto my face. Not wasting anytime I plunge my tongue deep inside you. The taste and smell of your pussy is amazing. I start tonguing your clit and I feel your orgasm coming. You take my cock out of your mouth and let out a scream. “FUCKK!, oh my FUCKING GOD!”

Your thighs clenching my head tight, making sure I cant stop. I keep going, giving you another bala escort orgasm. This time you let it all go. squirting your cum shot all over my face and down my throat.

Now its my turn to take control. “Get on your hands and knees. now.” I order you.

You happily oblige and I take my mount position from behind. You have your ass in the air just waiting for my cock to be inside you. I spit on your asshole and drag my cock down your tight ass and to your pussy. I slide right in as you buck back against me. I start to slow the tempo down, not wanting to explode to early.

“Fuck me harder. please” you ask me. I have different ideas though.

I continue to slowly slide my cock in and out of your pussy and start to gently open up your tight ass with my thumb. Your pussy is already so wet so it was easy to slip a finger in your ass. “Mmmm, that feels really fucking good..” you tell me. while you slink down onto the bed, just giving up and handing me control.

I slowly slide out my cock from your pussy and get positioned in front of your asshole. slowly etimesgut escort I inch my way inside your ass. “Fuck fu fuck f… ” you mumble as my cock slowly slides deeper into you’re ass. I notice you reach down to your clit and start playing with yourself. That kind of pisses me off for some reason so I Thrust the rest of my cock inside your ass. Its so fucking tight I dont care anymore, I just start thrusting faster and faster. I can hear your moaning and groaning and screaming as I pound your ass.

But there is still one more surprise for you. I reach over to the nightstand and grab your favorite dildo. I pull my cock out and flip you onto your back. thrust my cock inside your pussy and then slowly slide you’re dildo deep inside your ass. I can feel the dildo in your ass as im fucking your pussy. the look on your face is pure Ecstasy. I can feel your pussy cuming over and over again around my cock. Soon I cant hold my own orgasm back and pull myself out of your pussy. grab my cock in my hand and spray a huge load all over your face and chest.

“Wow” I say still gasping for breath.

“Yeah we should do that again.” you respond also breathlessly.

“I think we can do that… and maybe next time the second dick will be a real one…”

“REALLY?! ” you excitedly say.

“Maybe if you’re good…”I say.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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