Mixed Doubles Ch. 02

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Part 2: Second Service

“We think it’s time to go upstairs.” Julia said to Richard and Tony. “Just turn the music & lights off and put the glasses away will you darling?”

Richard looked slightly crestfallen but released his cock from his hand. He bent down and picked up two of the glasses then headed towards the kitchen.

“Tony, can you help us up?” I asked as we both held out our hands.

As we levered ourselves off the sofa we both kept a tight hold of Tony’s hands and moved in closer to him.

“Oh, do we have plans for tonight!” Julia whispered in his ear as I kissed his shoulder. I couldn’t help but see his cock twitch as we teased him.

We both ran our hands down his back and cupped his bum. With a firm grip we both squeezed his cheeks, eliciting a groan.

“Now, just turn off the music and take those other glasses to Richard.” was followed by a gentle tap by our hands on his bum, pushing him in the direction of the iPod.

As he stumbled away Julia and I walked quickly into the hall, then climbed the stairs and entered the master bedroom. I switched on the bedside lamps. Julia quickly closed the door and locked it with a key, then turned to me with a beaming smile.

I held my hands out to her and she walked into my arms. We stood by the side of the bed, our arms wrapped around each other as we heard the men coming up the stairs. Then the bedroom door handle moved but, of course, the door itself did not open. There was a “What the …?” from the other side of the door, it could have been either of the men, then a “I don’t believe it! They’ve locked us out.”

This was followed by some mumbling and then a louder “Julia? What’s going on?”

Julia walked over to the door, looking back at me and smiling as she did so.

“A change of plans Richard dear. Sue and I are going to rest in here tonight. You and Tony can use the other rooms.”

We heard more muttering, followed by “Darling, please. I thought we would, … you know …”

“No dear, what? What did you think?” she asked.

“Well …” was all the reply we got.

Julia’s voice hardened a little.

“Did you think that you could pimp me out to your brother, wank off over my friend and then join me as usual in our bed? Well, surprise, that’s not going to happen. Not yet anyway, but I’ll let you know if I change my mind.”

More muttering from outside the door followed by a “Fuck!” followed by a few more expletives.

Julia turned to me grinning like a Cheshire cat!

“Sue, you were wonderful to come up with this idea. We’ll let them stew for a little while.”

I needed to visit the bathroom. Fortunately there was an en-suite from the main bedroom so I popped in there.

When I returned to the bedroom Julia was lying on the bed, under the duvet. I hesitated but she just patted pulled back the corner of the duvet on the other side of the bed and said “Come on. Climb in. We have to stay warm.”

I couldn’t tell whether she was playing with my mind or whether she really did believe that we could snuggle under the duvet and relax.

I walked around the bed and sat down on it. I kicked off my shoes and started to remove my hold-ups but she stopped me.

“Come on. Slide in quickly. It’s getting cold.”

I slid in beside her. My hip brushed against hers and she squealed at the touch of my cold skin on her much warmer body. I moved away slightly but she said “No, it’s okay. We’ll warm you up in no time.”

She reached across under the duvet and took my hand in both of hers and just held it. Slowly, though, she moved it towards her and eventually rested it on her stomach.

“There, that’s better. I can feel you warming up already.”

I certainly was. Here I was, cosily in bed with a delightful young woman who had given me a taste of pleasure only minutes before. My brain was working overtime. Even though I was sure she wanted me to return the compliment I was nervous of making the first move.

Julia pressed herself against me and moved around a little. I decided to bite the bullet. I turned onto my side and lifted myself up so that I was resting on my left elbow. I looked at Julia. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing easily. I continued to stare at her face, taking in her features: the high cheekbones, the plucked eyebrows that looked a darker shade than her blonde hair, her long eyelashes — which I hadn’t noticed before, her pert nose and that luscious mouth that had so recently been working its magic on me.

When my gaze returned up her face, her eyes were open and she was looking at me.

“Sue, there’s nothing to be nervous about.” She said, “I like you. You like me. We are two friends on our own. No-one can see us. Just relax.”

As she was saying this I started moving my hand in lazy, ever increasing circles. My fingertips brushed the slight mounds of her breasts, then they reached the area of her groin. Her skin felt so smooth I almost stopped. Before I knew it, though, my fingers Picture upload were at her breasts again. I purposely allowed my fingertips to close on Julia’s nipples, only to move them away at the last moment. Her chest rose as I did so.

Then my fingers were at her hip and heading back to her groin. Her hips lifted, apparently trying to get my fingers between her legs. I heard a moan and knew I was having the desired effect. Then I moved my face towards hers and my lips touched to smooth skin of her forehead. Julia moaned and I felt the slight shift in her position as her legs drifted apart.

My lips grazed lightly between her eyes, then trailed down her nose and, finally, onto her mouth. As my lips made contact with hers in an almost chaste kiss my hand dipped between her legs and brushed over her pussy lips. She gasped and her mouth opened. I thrust my tongue between her lips and it met hers.

I slowly moved my fingers around, over and then through her pussy lips, spreading her moisture liberally over her skin. Her mouth pressed hard against mine and her tongue wrestled to fight its way into my mouth. At the same time her hips lifted again and her legs parted further. I stopped moving my hand as it covered her sex, my middle finger lying between her labia, pressing slightly against her opening.

As Julia pushed up against my finger I teased at her entrance. Her moaning increased as she became more desperate for my finger to penetrate her. I was aware of how much I enjoyed being teased and touched around the entrance to my pussy and was sure that Julia would too.

The juices of her arousal lubricated her pussy and were leaking down providing me with all the lubrication I needed. I slipped the tip of my finger just inside her entrance and twisted my hand to so that my finger worked on the nerves at her entrance. She was moaning loudly now that I had removed my mouth from hers.

With my spare hand I moved the duvet down to reveal her body and then pushed it completely off the bed. Julia opened and bent her legs and put the soles of her feet on the bed. She was humping against my finger, becoming desperate for real penetration.

I moved so that my head was closer to her pussy. I could smell the scent of her arousal. I rested my left hand over her shaved pubic area with my fingers resting on her clit. As her hips moved I tried to keep my hand still so that she was rubbing her clit against my finger. Her thrusts became even more urgent and then with a final thrust of her hips upwards she screamed

“Oh, Yes, Yes, God yes!”

Then her hips dropped onto the bed and she lay still. I remembered how she had continued to work on my pussy downstairs so I tenderly move my fingers across her clit and around her entrance.

A constant moan escaped her lips as she got her breath back. I looked back towards her head. Her chest was heaving and a blush covered her chest to her neck. I momentarily wondered if my skin looked like that when I orgasmed.

I adjusted my position, lifting my left leg over Julia so that I was straddling her. If she opened her eyes she would be staring directly at my pussy.

Meanwhile I was starting at her shaved pubic area and there wasn’t a hair to be seen. I assumed that she had spent time today preparing herself. My mind drifted to the image of her sitting on the bath with a leg raised, spreading herself and gently massaging her skin to ensure that she removed every hair.

“God, Sue, when you touch me like that… that was wonderful.”

With her voice penetrating the fog, my brain snapped back to the current situation and I lowered my head towards Julia’s groin. She quivered and sighed and groaned as I hovered over her, my breath playing over her sensitive skin.

My mouth hovered above her pussy. Her lips were swollen and her musky scent was evident. I could see her juices liberally spread around her slit. I dipped down and licked at the outside of her sex, running my tongue down the length of her lips. She sighed and shook, quivering from head to toe as I did it. I heard her moaning.

“Mm, yes, yes, lick me, Sue… I want your tongue inside me, deep inside my hot, wet pussy…”

Her body twitched again and again as I caressed her. Then I moved into her more forcefully. I pushed my tongue right against her opening and she groaned and lifted her hips again in her excitement.

The smell of her seemed to be having an effect on me. I could feel arousal coursing through me to my pussy. I was hoping to feel her touch me again. I think I bent my legs slightly moving my pussy closer to her face.

“Oh Sue. This is so bad it’s good!” she sighed at me as I felt her hands caress along my calves and then up my thighs. I was thinking “God yes. Now, please touch me again Julia.”

I pushed my tongue into her, sliding it deep inside and then drawing it back. I moved my head back, ensuring that I pressed against her clit.

“Ah! God, yes, yes, yes! That feels so good… harder … images upload harder … yes, that’s it.”

It had never occurred to me that Julia would be so vocal. I was thrilled at the effect I was having on her. As I played with her clit I felt her finger at my entrance. I moaned and her hips lifted again.

Then I realised that whatever she was using it wasn’t her finger, it was much too thick for that and was spreading my opening more than her finger would. I felt whatever it was being eased further inside of me. The tremors started coursing through my body again.

Then something pressed against my clit. I was having difficulty concentrating on Julia with the distractions coming from my own pussy but I was doing my best. I loved the taste of her juices, they were so sweet. I lapped at her slit, enjoying myself much more than I had expected when I first laid down on the bed with her.

“Mm! I going to cum again Sue. Yes, keep doing that … just there, lick me! So good, it feels so good! Don’t stop, no, no, don’t stop!”

I pushed my tongue deep inside and kept it there while she writhed and twitched and groaned, shaking and convulsing wildly.

“Oh, yes.” she moaned loudly. She tossed and twisted wildly. There was almost no controlling her. “Just a little more, please, yes, yes, ah!”

Then, as I continued to work my tongue in and around her slit, “Yes! I’m coming!” she cried. “Oh God, yes, yes, I’m coming!”

Julia shook and twisted this way and that. This second orgasm seemed much more intense than her earlier one. I was thrilled at the pleasure I was giving her. She gradually stopped thrashing around. She whimpered some more but the pleasure was subsiding. I could hear her breathing deeply, then I felt her tremble a little and she emitted a small laugh.

“Wow… oh wow, that was so good,” she sighed. “Almost too much, Sue. I can’t believe how intense that was.”

I lifted my head up from her pussy and took a few deep breaths myself. I rested my slightly weary tongue. I wondered if it would be bruised.

I hadn’t noticed, but her hands were again resting on my calves. As I lowered my head to rest I became aware of her hands moving up towards my pussy. I also became aware again of my pussy being filled. Now I knew it wasn’t her fingers. After all, Julia didn’t have 3 hands.

As her hands reached the tops of my legs I felt what I assumed was a dildo being withdrawn. The sliding of the object against the nerves at my pussy entrance sent shivers of pleasure coursing through me. But they were counteracted by the empty feeling being left behind. My pussy had gotten used to the feeling of the toy inside of me and I didn’t want to lose that feeling.

I tried to move my hips to track the toy but realised I was fighting a losing battle. I think I whimpered as Julia removed her toy from my pussy.

“Come up here.” Julia said.

Despite the fact that all I wanted was to feel Julia’s fingers or mouth on my pussy I eased myself from my inverted position, turned around and then lay next to Julia.

I looked at Julia and she stared back into my eyes. I could feel myself slowly sinking into a dreamlike state as I was mesmerised by Julia’s eyes. Then her face moved towards mine and she began to sensually brush my lips with hers. I closed my eyes and wallowed in the pleasure.

Julia’s tongue traced a wet line over my eyes, cheeks and chin. When she moved down to my neck, I began to groan from the sensation. Finally, Julia’s tongue made its way back to my mouth and the teasing became a deep kiss.

Julia shifted her position so that she straddled me and looked down at me. She moved her hands to my waist and held it. She ran her fingers over my body, occasionally stopped here and there to cup a breast or rub her open palm against my crotch. I sighed deeply, my body undulating and moving under the caresses. Starting at the crook of my neck, Julia began slowly kissing the exposed flesh of my front.

My nipples were erect and begging to be touched.

Julia moved close again, extending her tongue as she approached my left nipple. At the first contact, I moaned loudly and pushed my chest forward. Julia let her tongue rest on my nipple and licked it in small circles, now and then bringing her lips to the little nub of flesh and sucking slightly. She moved from breast to breast, never taking her tongue off my skin. At one point, she began to take short harmless bites, bringing her teeth together on the nipple and sending waves of pleasure through me.

I took hold of Julia’s head and pressed her against my chest, forcing her to stay at my left breast. Her teasing and biting got slightly harder but she knew exactly what she was doing, causing me untold pleasure with just a tinge of pain.

Eventually Julia’s hands took hold of mine and eased them from her head. She sat up over me and held my hands in hers.

Julia held my hands and pressed them to her chest, gradually moving them up her body. She leaned forward as she moved my hands over face. I didn’t realise what was happening until she was stretched out over me, her face close to mine and our hands clasped over my head.

She pressed my hands against the head of the bed and encouraged me to wrap my fingers around the little bars that existed in the headboard.

“Mm” I thought, “a little pseudo bondage. Yes, I’m happy to stretch out if I feel her mouth and hands running over me.”

As Julia lifted herself slightly I used the leverage against the headboard to inch myself down the bed.

I heard a little noise and assumed it was the bed shifting. It was only when I felt Julia’s hands running softly down my arms and I tried to move my own arms that I realised that they were trapped in position over my head.

“Julia!” I said.

“Don’t worry Sue, I know you’ll enjoy what I’m going to do.” She whispered softly. “And being restrained can be such a thrill.”

“But …” was all I managed to utter before her mouth was over mine again. She parted her lips and used her teeth to nibble gently on mine. Then her mouth was gone again and she lifted herself off me.

As she moved down my body I opened my eyes and, once again, stared into hers. When she reached my thighs she manoeuvred herself so that she straddled my right thigh and stroked my left thigh, lifting my left leg off the bed as she did so. Her hands massaged my calf, my ankle and then, finally my left foot. I am slightly ticklish and couldn’t help but twist and squirm as she ran her fingers and thumbs over the sole of my foot and between my toes.

If my hands had been free I would probably have been fighting her to get her to release my foot. Constrained as I was, I was suffering but, at the same time there was a delicious pleasure at not being able to do anything about it.

Suddenly Julia placed my left leg on the bed, lifted herself off my right thigh and straddled my left thigh. She then repeated the treatment on my right leg. When she finished stroking my right foot she placed my right leg on the bed and I realised that she was now kneeling between my thighs.

I was suddenly embarrassed at being so exposed. I kept my eyes closed and awaited Julia’s next touch.

I jerked suddenly as I felt Julia’s fingers touching my breasts and moving slowly around my engorged nipples. Then her fingers trailed down my abdomen, around to my hips and up my sides. When they next moved downwards they continued over my groin and without touch my pussy they were on my thighs.

Julia started sliding her fingers up and down my inner thighs. I’m sure I tried to spread my legs wider with each touch and moaned softly every time Julia’s hands slid upwards. The soft touch of her fingertips at the junctions of my thighs and my groin were almost too much to bear. I wanted to feel her fingers on and in my pussy.

Then I felt Julia’s breath on my left thigh, quickly followed by her lips. She kissed my left upper thigh softly, allowing her tongue to glide over my skin. Suddenly I felt a finger trace a line over my exposed pussy. I cried out with pleasure and thrust my hips down towards her.

“Please,” I said, writhing helplessly, “please touch me. Oh please, please, touch my pussy. Finger me, lick me. Anything.” I pleaded. “I need to feel you touching my pussy.”

Julia began to lick up and down my inner thighs, upwards to the sensitive hollow of the hip and back to the area just above my mons. I pushed forward, trying to make contact with the wet soft tongue that was tracing all around, but not on, my most sensitive spot.

My pussy was tingling with need. I desperately wanted to feel a firm touch, to feel it penetrated again.

Then Julia was gone from me again. I opened my eyes as I felt her move. She reached upwards and I saw her retrieve a long thick silver vibrator. She turned it on and held it teasingly before me. Suddenly she pressed it against my right nipple and I cried out as the vibration had the desired effect.

I began to thrusting my hips in response as I rapidly felt my orgasm building. After a few moments watching me grinding and moaning, Julia removed the vibrator. She held the shaft before my face then she lowered it and let it gently caress my exposed neck. I had never felt such sensations.

Then Julia placed the shaft on the hollow of my right elbow. I shuddered as the sensation seemed to travel to all parts of my body at once. The wanting I felt in my pussy grew. The writhing of my hips became more urgent. I heard a keening sound and I realised it was me!

Julia traced the device down my arm and between my breasts. She gently slid the shaft around my left breast in ever decreasing circles. It finally rested on my nipple. I had been aching for more such contact ever since Julia had removed the vibrator from my right nipple.

I moaned even louder and tried to push against the toy. Julia left the vibrating shaft where it was and leaned down to suck on my right nipple. She held it in her teeth and slid her tongue back and forth, flicking it and sucking at the same time. I began to plead again.

“I want to cum. Oh please. Make me cum.” I cried out. “Now, please. Now.”

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