More Dutch , Rosa Ch. 08

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Chapter 8
Formerly 27

Continuing the Long Day

10:00 AM

Ann was now slowly recovered from the shuddering climax brought on by her own son and his inexperienced fingers.

“Oh, that was so nice, baby. So nice. You made your Momma feel soooo good.”

Davy gave her a nervous smile and knelt beside her on the bed, his erection standing almost straight up against his firm abdomen.

Ann knew he needed reassurance and patting the spot next to her, said, “Lay down here with me, Davy . . . my loverman.” And once he settled down next to her, gave him a long, passionate, sloppy kiss. In the process of their kiss, she took his hardon in her hand and began to jerk him off.

Ending the kiss, Ann instructed Davy to mount her. This was something he had only seen in his girlie magazines.

Davy’s mother had her legs spread and his legs rested on the inside of hers. His throbbing, twitching erection was wedged against her cunt as Davy nursed at her left breast.

“Put it inside me,” She said, panting with excitement.

Davy tried and thought he was in her, but he wasn’t and as he began a series of dry humping motions, his mother reached between them and took hold of his member. “Davy, honey? Could you lift up a second?”

He left her teat and raised his haunches. Ann bent his prick down so that it was aligned with her vaginal opening.

“Now, push it in,” she whispered in his ear. He tried but messed up, missing her cunt and brushing against her rectum. He felt the heat and thought he was in, but a second later heard his mother, “Not yet. You’re not in me, let’s try it again.”

Thinking, ‘Only a mother . . .’ Ann lined his cock up with her sodden cunt and reached around his ass with her free hand, pulled him into her.

The youngster was amazed at the number of sensations he experienced from both his mind and the nerve endings in his cock. He filled his lungs with oxygen and started to hump his mother.

For Ann, who had not had any sex since her husband deserted her months before, it was an exhilaration of the highest magnitude. For her, sex was always great, and after all this time . . .it was forbidden sex . . . she shuddered and started to climax. It was the first of a series that grew in intensity as Davy became more proficient in the art of fucking.

Ann released a soft moan that got louder as her orgasm strengthened. “Oh, God! Oh, YES! OH, DAVY!”

Encouraged by his mother’s cries of joy, Davy went into high gear; and for a nineteen year old, high gear is an impressive sight. His hips blurred as he jack-hammed into his mother’s frothy pussy. Ann’s juices were flowing so quickly by this point that his thrusts had created a foam of tiny bubbles that ran from her cunt and down her thighs, soaking the sheets.

Davy was only five inches in length and discovered that he was totally immersed in his mother and hoped he wasn’t causing her any injury or distress. But her cries of joy soon convinced him that he wasn’t hurting her at all, but quit the contrary and he maintained the incredible pace until he felt himself spurting his seed far into his mother’s secret depths.

Perhaps ten minutes passed before Ann was composed enough to speak. She gazed into his innocent eyes and smiled.

“So Davy, how did it feel to have your lovely cock inside a woman’s pussy?”

“Oh, Mom, I’m sorry!” He blurted out and began to cry.

Ann was stunned at this and cradled his head to her breast, in hope of comforting him and assuring him that everything was all right.



Marlene lay back against the cushion as Dickie alternated between sucking her small, asparagus, tipped breasts. It really felt good and she knew he liked her for who she was, not like Gerry, the Snake or whatever his name was. The very thought of him caused her to turn her head to see what was happening on the carpet beside her.

They had switched positions. Janis was now on all fours. Micah now had his cock, albeit a small one, perhaps four inches, entirely immersed in Janis’ mouth. Snake was slowly fucking her from behind. Marlene’s eyes widened on seeing that only half of Snake’s gigantic cock was entering Janis’ pussy.

As Dickie’s hand crept up to her upper thigh, Marlene glanced at the TV screen again. The young girl was now lying back against the couch with her hips extended out over the seat cushions and one man knelt on the floor between her legs and pounded his massive cock into her little bald pussy while holding onto the sides of her hips with his two large hands. The other guy was in a semi-crouch on the arm of the couch, holding his impressive weapon with one hand as the girl alternated between licking and sucking his testicles.

For some strange reason this activity made Marlene hotter than ever. She had an overpowering urge to do the same, and not just to Dickie, but all the guys in the room.

Meanwhile Dickie’s hand began to burrow it way between Marlene’s crossed thighs until she finally relented and uncrossed them. She heard herself moan softly as he parted her legs ever so slightly and ran his middle finger over Escort bayan her vagina.

Marlene refused to look at him, but kept her eyes darting between the porno film and the trio on the floor next to her. During this time, Janis glanced over at Marlene, saw Dickie’s finger and

Taking Micah’s prick from her lips, gave Marlene a big knowing smile.

Dickie decided the time was ripe and stood up. Leaning down he moved Marlene’s compliant form back into the cushions, placed his hands behind her knees and moved her legs up into the air as he dipped his head down between her thighs and began sucking on the thin pussy lips that appeared to be folded around the almost non-existent strip of lace panties she wore.

‘Where are my shorts?’ Marlene wondered. ‘Did I take them off?’

Her puzzlement evaporated with the touch of his tongue on her labia. She glanced down and could see some, but not all of what was happening down there.

She shuddered as Dickie dragged his tongue up and down through the folds of her slick cunt, occasionally grabbing the frayed strip of panty in his teeth and pulling it out from between her two bald pussy lips.

Marlene trembled and felt her orgasm readying itself. She opened her eyes just in time to witness Micah shoot his load into Janis’ face and just a split second later, Snake pulled himself from her pussy and sent several long ropes of jizm onto her back and ass cheeks before collapsing on the floor, fully spent.

As Marlene closed her eyes again and started to moan contentedly at the soft touch of Dickie’s tongue, Janis, still covered with sperm crawled over to where Marlene lay spread-eagled and started to rub her own crotch roughly with her small hand.

Marlene felt herself opening like a flower as Dickie’s finger glided into her wetness and began fucking her even as his tongue discovered her emerging clitoris and nudged it to her great pleasure. From what seemed a far away place, Marlene heard Dickie’s voice asking, “Do you want to suck my cock too?”

Marlene answered, “Yes,” before realizing the question had been put to Janis.

Dickie raised Marlene’s legs even higher, placing them on his shoulders and buried his face in her pussy. She closed her eyes and reveled in the joyous sensations, knowing that Janis, jizm coated Janis, was about to take Dickie’s cock into her mouth and blow him. But somehow she didn’t care. She had a momentary thought that it was the marijuana making her feel that way, but she dismissed the thought, telling herself she felt too good to complain about anything.

Dickie’s tongue darted into her, joining his finger and her orgasm hit, causing her to jerk upward, and displacing Dickie’s wonderful mouth as she bucked to a fantastic orgasm. When she recovered, she saw Janis happily licking the glistening knob of Dickie’s saliva covered cock.

“Join me?” Janis chirped.

And Marlene rolled off the couch and knelt alongside Janis who quickly offered Dickie’s cock to her. Taking it in her hand she glanced at Janis and said, “It feels so . . . hot.”

“So, give it a lick.”

Marlene sent her tongue to lick the glistening head, squeezing it, or trying to squeeze it with her hand. “And hard. I can’t believe how hard it is!”

After taking two more long sucks, she relinquished the firm, yet rubbery member to Janis, who slid her long tongue down the side of the shaft, and then deep throated his cock.

Marlene was impressed and touched. She reached out and scooped some of the sperm from Janis’ face and tasted it.

“Like it?” Janis asked as she jerked the cock in her hand.

“It’s all right, a little salty though.”

“Wait until Dickie comes. It’s different when it first shoots out. Hot and tingling, sort of, you know?”

With that she held the cock out to Marlene, who promptly tried to deep throat it, but found herself gagging and gave it back to Janis.

Janis felt the cock throbbing and realized Dickie was about to come. “He’s gonna come, quick, open your mouth, honey!”

Marlene did so, and Janis directed the first line of sperm onto Marlene’s extended tongue and then took the cock into her mouth, swallowing the rest. Then she turned to Marlene and asked pointedly, “Like it? Was it like I said?”

“Yeah . . . I liked it and it was . . . exactly like you said,” Marlene said, and licked her lips to make sure she’d captured it all.

“Have you ever had your pussy licked by a girl?”

Marlene shook her head ‘no,’ too embarrassed to answer.

Janis turned to the guys who were watching. None had an erection at the moment, but Gerry AKA Snake, looked like he could fuck even if only half hard. She smirked at them and they began to laugh. Marlene had no idea what they found funny and hoped it wasn’t her. Janis placed both hands on the cheeks of Marlene’s ass and deftly removed her panties. Marlene, who had never, ever been this horny before began to moan and writhe with the very first kiss Janis planted on her stomach.

Making sure Marlene was really getting into things; Janis squeezed the taut globes of her ass with both hands. Marlene groaned at this Bayan escort too.

Micah began to stoke his cock.

Snake playfully smacked Micah with his 12″ member and when Micah glanced at him, indicated he wanted him to kneel and suck him off. Micah gave him a weak grin and knelt down in front of him and took his hose-like prick in both hands and opened his mouth.

“Suck it good now,” Snake said, as if admonishing Micah would have some special meaning.

Marlene, although enraptured with the pleasure she was experiencing, watched as Micah proceeded to blow Snake, taking almost three-quarters of his enormous length down his throat.

‘They’ve done this before,’ Marlene thought, and then moaned with an intensity she’d never dreamed possible as Janis placed a hard, sloppy kiss on her throbbing mound, then pushed her lips firmly up against Marlene’s labia; then taking first one side of her supple lower lips between her teeth and chewing for a moment before switching side and repeating the process.

Twisting and turning from the sheer intensity of it all, Marlene seemed to be trying to escape Janis’ knowing mouth. But that was certainly not the case. Marlene’s world had gone topsy-turvy. Off to the side she saw Dickie stroking his cock. It was fast rising to full size.

Directly in front of her, Micah was furiously sucking Snake’s cock. ‘Homos! They were homos!’ She thought, but at the same time found the sight highly erotic, and now even as Janis ate her out, she longed to shove Micah aside and wrest Snake’s dick fro him and gobble him up herself.

From Janis’ perspective, Marlene’s pussy was just beautiful. Perfectly shaped and surrounded by a nice triangular tuft of pubic hair that protected her thin, yet plump labia that she was presently munching on. There was little hair in this area and that only made eating that much more of a feast.

10:35 AM

The Stinson household rang out with a renewed series of grunts and groans that hadn’t been heard in the home since Ann’s husband had left.

Davy was holding his latest hardon out to his mother’s cunt, unknowingly teasing her with it by rubbing it lightly against her labia and then pulling away, shielding it from her quivering hand.

“Please, please, Davy. Don’t tease your mother like that! Please, put it in me. I need you in me!”

He obliged her, closing his eyes as she vigorously frenched him, using her tongue with a skill and ardor she didn’t know she’d had in her. And as his cock eased back into her now slimy-coated cunt, she gripped him with her cuntal muscles.

Davy’s eyes shot open. This was something new! He moaned into her mouth and tried to swallow her darting, twisting tongue. Might have too, had Ann not extracted it in time.

The teen, at first uneasy with his role as the aggressor, was smart enough to permit his natural instincts to take over and his motions, speed and angles, while uncoordinated and jerky, were certainly not lost on his horny mother; who was having one mini orgasm after another while his prick surged in and out of her juicy cunt.

In between shuddering violently at his trusts, Ann realized her son was going to be a superior cocksman before too long; and as if to prove he still needed more experience, his cock slipped out of her and Ann, not uttering a sound merely reached down and inserted him back into the juicy, warm confines of her cunt.

Davy really didn’t have time to think about too many things, although his young brain was concentrating on the feelings his cock was generating throughout his body. He did however, think of one thing in particular; and like a mantra, kept repeating it to himself. In fact, this served to keep him from coming too soon and brought several extra climaxes to his mother. The singular thought was, “I’m not a virgin anymore!”

Ann knew in her heart that she had stepped over the line by seducing her own son, but she also felt that it was not as bad as most people would have you believe. How could it be so wrong, when it felt so good and so right?

The boy’s eyes slowly traveled up his mother’s firm body; up her tight firm abdomen and stomach, up her lower ribs to follow the gentle, beautiful swell of her breasts; to the tips of her breasts, only to find himself staring in awe at her silver dollar sized areolas and her jutting, nipples sticking out in pure sexual excitement.

Then he glanced upward and looked into his loving mother’s eyes. It was then that he memorized her full wet red lips; and noticed that her nose had a slight upturned feature to it and that her eyes looked as if they were huge giant pools of liquid reflecting his own image back at him.

“I love you Mom,” he said and caught Ann off guard. The next thing she knew her pussy went berserk of its own accord, reeling in a series of tremendous orgasms one after another.

Davy didn’t quite know what to make of his mother, writhing and twisting as if trying to dislodge his cock from her pussy.

Ann then peaked, and panting as if she was out of control, causing Davy to halt in mid-stroke. At the loss of his movement she started a sequence of Escort high pitched squeals and began tossing her body all over the place. Through it all her cuntal muscles kept squeezing his cock and all at once Davy felt the hot liquid leaving his balls and careening into his mother’s womb. He intensified his erratic thrusts and emptied himself into her. He never did quit fucking; in fact, he increased his tempo all the while his cock was exploding his wet, sticky, come all over the sides of his mother’s pussy.

He thought he was never going to quit coming, enjoying the sheer pleasure of his cock jerking and spewing as his mother humped back at him, oblivious to every thing but her own sensual sensations.

Feeling he was finished he began to pull out of Ann’s liquid filled cunt.

“Oh, no honey!” she cried out in alarm. “Keep it in there!” And help guide his slimy prick back inside her. Then she pulled him down so that he lay flat on top of her well fucked body.

The remained that way, laying in silence, both running tapes of what had just transpired in their own minds.

10:45 AM

Dutch was reviewing his papers for the afternoon’s program when his phone rang. It was Marilyn returning his call.

“Hi, what’s doing with you big guy?”

“Marilyn, how are you?”

“You know I’m always good, especially in bed, lover. So what’s up?”

“I’m headed to San Francisco tomorrow and thought we might meet for lunch or dinner.”

“I’d be delighted. Do you have a place in mind?”

“No, not yet, but there is something you need to know.”


“I just got engaged.”

“You did! Well congratulations!”

“Her name is Rosa, and she’s a wonderful woman. I know the two of you will like one another.”

“Hey, Dutch, if she’s good enough for you, she’s certainly good enough for me. I can’t wait to meet her.”

There was a slight pause and then Marilyn said, “So where shall we meet? I mean, this is a special occasion so let’s make it dinner at a sumptuous place… I know, let me make reservation at LaMoone on 18th Street. They serve this Asian Fusion food, umm, like Crusted Lamb Tataki; which I had last week and, umm, I know you’ll love the Lobster bisque and Prime Rib… aged since Adam was dating Eve and some crazy kind of potatoes.”

“Sounds perfect, go ahead make the reservations for tomorrow night. Rosa and I will meet you at your place earlier if that’s all right.”

“Sure it is. I look forward to seeing the two of you. And congratulations again on the engagement.”

“Thanks, hon, I really mean it. See ya tomorrow.”

10:50 AM

Marlene was getting the hang of it now as Janis kissed her neck and then sucked on it, pinching Marlene’s skin and pressing gently on her head urging her toward Janis’ breasts. She pushed them against Marlene’s cheeks and the Marlene had the wet tip of her tongue against the dry tip of a nipple, the aureole pebbling as she flicked it. But soon Janis pressed again, moving Marlene further south. She found herself tonguing Janis’ navel, swirling her tongue into it, marveling as Janis’ whole body writhed, her breath changing, the inhaling now high pitched, the exhaling deeper, the sound beyond her control, and then Marlene’s head was between her legs.

She wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed and so thought of what she liked that Janis had done to her.

She began by kissing the inside of Janis’ thigh and came up to the black bushiness covering her mound. She breathed on it and felt Janis shiver with delight. Then she kissed the inside of the other thigh, nibbling at the tender flesh with her teeth as her hands slid under Janis’ bottom and squeezing the cheeks.

She was afraid of doing the wrong thing, but realized the guys were all watching her intently. Dickie and snake were slowly jerking off. Micah was lighting another joint. Janis placed both hands on Marlene’s head and guided her to her slit, and Marlene inhaled the damp feminine odor seeping from between her legs. She placed her tongue at the center and moved gently and uncertainly along the closed lips, down into the wetness and then lightly dragged her tongue gently upward until everything else opened like a dark flower.

Janis made a deep moaning sound. A sound almost detached from her, yet mostly deeply from her, a pleasured sound and a sad sound, and Marlene repeated the step and felt for the first time Janis’ hard hidden slippery little nipple under her tongue and Janis said, “There!”

And Marlene flicked it, and Janis moaned loudly, saying, “Right there!”

And Marlene flicked it several times in succession and Janis’ voice dropped deeper than Marlene had ever heard before. It seemed to come from some deep underwater canyon.

“Oh Gawwwwwddddddd! Yes, there!”

Her hands abandoned Marlene’s head and gripped the sides of the couch as Marlene eased the flat of her tongue along the tiny tit, very lightly, and then suddenly darted her tongue into Janis as deeply as she could. Her tongue became a cock: She glanced up and saw Janis kneading her breasts, pulling them up, and then Marlene pressed her mouth on her and sucked the tiny nub as if it were a tiny cock, sucked her cock the way she had sucked Marlene’s, doing it over and over and over, until at last a high-pitched plea came from Janis, full of fear and resistance, saying “Do it! Stop! No! Don’t Stop!”

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