My Harem of Older Men Ch. 05

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Remember in Chapter One, I told you that I was kept more or less satisfied today by my personal Harem of 12 older men and three young women aged between 18 and 39 years old.

Well sadly I misspoke because the one woman at 39 years old I really shouldn’t have counted; the reason being that it only took place on and off for several months during my 2nd year in community college.

But please continue being patient with me as I unveil my long list of lovers.


Several months into my 2nd year in college, Mr. Trafford my Biology and Anatomy teacher was already enjoying me immensely whenever we setup a personal session. He wasn’t shall we say pretty to look at 320 lbs. But if you could get past that, then he could blow the socks off a highly impressionable hot young chick like me.

Now Ms. Rogers the new female teacher, who was a Registered Nurse by Profession, was extremely pretty at 39 years old. She was petite with dark hair and very charming in a way with her Canadian French accent, short skirt, high heel shoes, stockings, suspenders and she always showed just enough cleavage to tease any male suitor. Which she didn’t give a damn about anyway because she was a lesbian.

She was a feminist through and through and she openly flaunted the fact for all to see.

As I had mentioned in a previous chapter my tanned breasts seemed to catch the attention of Ms. Rogers. Maybe she thought I was promoting myself as a feminist.

I never found a need to wear a bra at that age so when I was sat down at my desk she could peek down the front of my low cut blouse and get quite an eyeful.

I remember clearly the first time she engaged me in other than schoolwork conversation. It was the end of the day and I was among the last three people in class.

“Hay, anyone geeve me a lift to da garag.” She said to no one in particular in her heavy French accent, which she could turn on and off at a whim.

I turned and offered just after a guy had also said that he would give her a ride.

“Oh maybe I go with Sue, yes.” She said, as she looked at me and I nodded then she thanked the guy for the offer.

The others packed up their books and left so I was left alone with Ms. Rogers.

“I’ll jus be a minute, I need the powder room.” She said and a good five minutes I waited.

“Sorry, I took so long, can we go now?” She said.

She told me which garage and the location, which wasn’t that far away so we just made small talk and we were there in about 10 minutes.

“Can you wait, I just make sure they have fixed?”

I waited and waited then I decided to walk inside and see what the holdup was. She was ranting and raving at the şişli escort mechanic for not finishing her vehicle.

“Our supplier didn’t send all the parts, they were out of stock, sorry. It won’t be finished until tomorrow now.” The manager said.

“Damn, can you take me home Sue, please?” Ms. Rogers asked and I told her it was no problem.

When I got to her little house she invited me inside for tea and some croissants which she had popped in the oven and asked me to listen for the timer, because she was going to take a quick shower.

She crossed between her bedroom and the bathroom several times in various states of undress and finally emerged from the bathroom naked with just a towel. Her breasts were still somewhat perky and she was quite slim, the only remaining pubic hair was just a thin vertical strip.

“Please take out of oven when she beeps.” She said as she turned and went to her bedroom. Moments later she returned wearing just a thin flared short skirt with a blouse in her hand.

“I wish I have your breasts, they look beautiful.” She said.

“There’s nothing wrong with your breasts they are still perky and not too big for your figure.” I told her.

“You think? That is compliment, yes.” She said and laughed.

“Yes, that was a compliment. You have a beautiful slim figure that many women your age would die for.”

“Tell me, do you check for lumps? Even at your age you must check for unusual lump in the breast.” She told me.

“No, not really.” I said.

“Open your blouse young Sue, let me feel for the lump.” She said almost as if it was an order as she stood in front of me and dove in with her hands.

“Ah, that is good, they feel absolutely perfect, no lump.” She said as she smiled.

“That’s good then.” I said with a smile as she coaxed my nipples to become erect.

“I hear that you like girls and chubby Karen was your favorite at one time.”

“We were close friends.” I said.

“She can be very passionate, but she need sticky tape on her mouth to stop her blabbing and to go on diet to remove few pounds from her ass.” Ms. Rogers said.

“So, Karen has been here?”

“Yes, for few hour of excitement and she is pretty good in da bed. But you, you are different, you have so much class and charm with stunning figure. Do you shave all pussy like Karen?” She said before she brought her mouth to my breast and lightly sucked on my left nipple.

“Sometimes.” I murmured as I was enjoying her advances.

“Can I see? You can take shower if you need.” She said as she momentarily stopped sucking on my breast.

“I hadn’t planned on staying, Ms. Rogers.”

“But Daddy does not get home çapa escort while late, right?”

“You seem to know lots about me.” I said as I held her head against my chest while she continued sucking on my other nipple.

“Yes, I have had my eyes on your beauty for long time. Surely there is no need to runaway without having at least one or two orgasm.” She said as she stroked my breasts and leaned forward to gently kiss me on the lips.

“Maybe I will try that shower.” I said, being that she was definitely getting my attention.

“I wash your back and more, for you my dear.” She said, as she grinned and took my hand then led me to the bedroom to undress.

We both undressed in the bedroom then she took my hand and slowly sucked each individual finger into her mouth before we walked slowly to the bathroom.

“Mmmm you look so much better than I even imagine with your gorgeous firm arse and breasts, beautiful slim firm tummy, pretty feet and an intriguing vagina.” She said softly as she stroked my arse cheeks and then set the shower going.

She stood behind me and lathered up her hands then not only washed but tenderly massaged my neck and shoulders. She applied more lather and washed my back then her soapy fingers roamed all over my arse cheeks. She turned me slightly and rinsed off some of the lather then kissed and licked my ass cheeks while her hands washed my legs down to my toes and back up to my thighs.

“Turn around my sweet pumpkin.” She said as she stood and then she kissed my nose, my cheeks and my lips. Her soapy hands cupped my breasts and massaged the nipples until they were fully erect, then one hand slid down my belly and tenderly washed between my legs.

Slowly she knelt and kissed my soapy belly then she let her tongue drag down through my small tuft of pubic hair until it was pressing then lapping between my puffy lips.

“Ah what an exquisite vagina with such beautiful suckable lips and a delightful clitoris for me to tease, truly one of gods great works of art. By the way I have already showered but I am available if you need to wash me again.” She said as she stood and handed me the hair shampoo then knelt in front of me again and put her hands around my bum.

I let the shower water play down on her soft silky head of dark hair before I squeezed shampoo on her head then I very slowly rubbed it into her hair while her talented tongue licked my clit. Her hands gently parted my legs then one rubbed up and down my crack while the other came in from the front and teased my pussy.

Unconsciously I was falling deeper and deeper under her spell as I squeezed my butt cheeks and slowly pushed into her face. I could feel the pleasure fındıkzade escort volcano deep inside me getting restless and knew that I was about to erupt. My legs started to tremble and my breathing became very heavy until I finally erupted and then I held her soapy head tightly against me as I rode the wave.

“Mmmm my sweet Sue with the juicy vagina, can you finish my hair now?” She said softly.

I gently raked my fingers through her hair before she stood and wrapped her arms around me then we kissed very passionately while the suds ran off her hair. We continued kissing until we were thoroughly rinsed of any lather on our bodies then she turned off the tap and we stepped out onto a thick plush rug.

She brought a towel around my shoulders then she briefly took my nipple in her mouth as she dabbed the towel down my back and all the way down to my feet.

“Kneel down, my precious.” She said as she gently toweled my hair and brought my mouth to her pussy. I tenderly licked and kissed her pussy lips for a few moments.

“Come with me, now we play.” She said as she took my hand and led me to her bedroom where I laid on the soft sheets. She knelt at the bottom of the bed and took one foot at a time in her hands then parted my toes and gently sucked on each individual digit until I couldn’t stand the tingles that were running up and down my spine.

She came up the bed and our arms locked around each other in a tight embrace that made our breasts and nipples touch.

The desire became overwhelming to grind our pubic areas against each other and our moist lips and tongues met with a deep desire to please.

The tenderness gave way to an almost breathless frenzied free for all to see who could pleasure the other the most.

We frantically turned into the 69 position with fingers and thumbs in vaginas and anus. We devoured each other like animals to produce orgasm after orgasm until our vaginal cum juices were running down our very chins.

Then with most of our energy spent we just laid there sweating profusely and clinging to each other until that special after sex relaxation came upon us both and we drifted away.


I was the first to awake and slid out of bed then caught a whiff of my body, which was already dried of female cum juices and reeked of sweat.

I wasn’t adverse to the smell but it was definitely a female odor and I wasn’t sure if I should shower before I left, but knowing that it could well lead to another session I chose not to shower. I knew that if I hurried I might just make it home in time to shower before Dad got home.

It took a few minutes to locate my scattered clothes and then to get dressed but I didn’t leave until I had bent over to kiss her cheek. I stroked her slim smooth butt cheeks before I pulled a thin sheet over the open legs of her still sleeping body before I left.


To be continued…

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