My Orc Master Ch. 01

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Author notes:

This story is about a younger elf boy falling in love with his abusive orc owner.

This chapter contains spanking and fellacio.

I hope you enjoy the story


I have lost count of the days since our forest was burned. They separated me from my mother, killed all the powerful elves in the village and took the rest of us hostage. I’m only eighteen and unfit to fight. I was never fit for anything unlike my peers.

They came for our mana, they were power hungry, ruthless and pure evil. Human sorcerers, Wretched human sorcerers … I never thought it possible that they could best our kind in magic. It came as a surprise to all of us. Our elders were unprepared.

I’m half human. I have the weak body of an elf and the weak magic of a human. The sorceress said that my magic is too weak, too useless. They took what I had and sold me into slavery. And so, for the past few months I’ve been sold from slaver to slaver, shipped across the sea, transported across mountains and foreign lands. My body is unfit for hard labor. I’m not a strong man like the other slaves I came across. Everywhere they send my I’m the only elf slave around. An exotic novelty. This is why the slavers spared me thus far.

Today however is different however. It’s the first time I’m being shipped with female slaves. I found myself in the hands of an orc slaver. along with eight other young women, some dark skinned, some light skinned but all of them young and beautiful. We were bound on our ankles and wrists, sitting uncomfortably inside a wagon being carried by two horses.

Our spirits were down and the slaver kept making demeaning comments about us the entire journey. He knows I’m a boy and he didn’t spare me. I wouldn’t blame him, I look more natural in a group of sex slaves than in a group of male slaves.. I had creamy white skin with no single hair on it. I had delicate hands, small feet and short stature. My hair was of the darkest brown, teetering on black. It was thick and girly despite being short. My pouty lips are faintly pink and my nose is small. I haven’t a single masculine feature on my face. We were made to wear revealing clothes. The only thing covering me from the cold winds were long open sided blue rags.

He took us to Atlug. An orc border city, famous for its illegal trades. Me and the girls were chained together through our collars. We walked in a line through Atlug’s busy streets. The orc men were absolutely disgusting. They were huge, fat, ugly, green…. I remember my mother teaching me about the races. She told me that orcs are the most beastly savage kind and that they hated us elves. My slightly pointy ears gave me away. I can see the contempt on their faces. Some passers by even spat on me. Whatever did I do to deserve all this torment?

We were then handed over to some an obese merchant then put inside separate metal cages. Many have come gawking, some have come haggling over the prices but only two have made a purchase. As for me, I felt relieved. All my potential buyers turn disinterested once they learn about my gender.

It’s now noon and I’m waiting inside my metal cage, waiting for this day to be over and to be sent away from the orc city. I would rather die in a labor camp than be sold in this market. I’m facing away from the street with my eyes closed. I can’t bare to look at one more ugly orc face.

“Get up whore!” the merchant says as he rattles my cage.

I turn around to see that my cage is unlocked. The merchant reaches his hand and grabs a handful of my hair. He violently pulls me out and throws me, back first, on a table overlooking the street. He pulls the rags off of me. I struggle and try to get back on my feet, I move left and right frantically but the fat orc’s disgusting hands are pinning me on the table, holding my hands above my head.

“Are you sure you want this one? It’s not trained like the other girls… Stop moving you whore!”

I realize that there’s this other huge orc besides me, looking down on me. Our eyes meet and something in my heart jumps. He was extremely tall, he had the broadest shoulders I have ever seen on a creature. His muscles were straining against his brown leather armor. His skin was darker than the orcs I’ve seen so far. The handle of his broadsword protected my eyes from the sun. I could clearly see his piercing eyes, his fearsome tusks, his chiseled jaw and his braided goatee and his charcoal hair. We stare into each other. I feel caught off guard, I can’t look away. His expression was bland yet his eyes alone made me stop struggling. All I can think of is that This man, this orc… He looks so handsome.

“It’s also a boy.” The merchant spreads my legs and releases my arms. “The only thing it has going for it is the fact that it’s an elf. Inspect it yourself, traveler..”

He’s still looking at me… I turn my head the other way, red cheeked. I could see some of the girls gawking and laughing. My face flushes Pendik Olgun Escort red as I realize my nakedness in front of this hulking orc. I feel so exposed and vulnerable. What’s going on? Something strange stirs inside me. I feel paralyzed not by tiredness, nor by the bounds but by that … look.

I yelp as I feel a large hand take and pull my ear.

A thumb penetrates my ear and plays with my elvish lobes. He’s toying with his prey…

“It really is an elf. Grogarr, finally you’ve brought us something interesting.” he says as he moves his hands away from my ear and slowly drags his palms down my neck towards my chest. His touch feels so gentle and has my body reacting, its warmth pulls me closer to his hand. I’m sure he’s feeling my crazy heartbeats right now.

“Such soft skin”

He continues to descend, now at my belly. I feel a sensational energy building up. He teases my belly button with his index finger. It feels so uncomfortable, I grit my teeth and bare it.

“such submissive nature.” He keeps going down… His voice is deep and clear, his words …Humiliating?

“And yet.” Suddenly he grabs my groin and squeezes it. “It’s a boy.”

I stifle an embarrassing moan and say “Please, no. D-don’t touch me there…” I grab his arms and try to pull him away. Immediately he uses his other hand and pins my bound wrists above my head. He squeezes them together so roughly it hurts more than my bounds.

“Just let me go, please it hurts.” I plea.

“Tell me, Grogarr, why does a boy cost more than your other whores?”

I try to push him away with my thighs and knees but he won’t budge. I feel myself … grow inside his hand.

“Hahahahaha. Find me another untouched elf in this entire market and I will half the price. Until then It’s twenty eight gold pieces, not lower.”

I can’t believe they’re conversing casually while I’m in such embarrassing pain. It all adds to the burning humiliation I feel.

“I do like this catch, Grogarr. It reacts well.” I squirm under his hand.

He squeezes even harder. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Please let me gooo. Let me gooo.”

“I am glad you’re enjoying the goods traveler. But perhaps you should play with your toy after you make the purchase.”

“I am not done inspecting Grogarr!” He releases me. I sigh, cover my embarrassed face with my hands and hide my groin with my thighs.

“Untouched, huh?. I must see for myself.” He flips me around on my stomach “Don’t move, elf. Ass up.” It’s the first time he addresses me. My heart skips a beat.

He grabs a handful of my ass cheek then gives it a firm slap. “AHHH” I cry out. my voice sounds so high pitched against his.

“Ass up I said.”

I put my ass up with my head still glued to the table. He spreads my cheeks apart and spits right in the middle. He grabs a handful of my now red cheek again and he presses his thumb on my behind. I was never touched like that, not even by myself. The pressure he put on my behind keeps building, my toes curl. His thumb is invading me. A strange energy keeps building all over my penis and ass. The pressure turns into pain as he pushes it in, his entire thick thumb up my bum. “Ahhhhhh” I moan… It embarrasses me to know that this is all still happening in public.

“So tight… Definitely untouched. It’s a deal, Grogarr.” He removes his thumb and wipes it on my back.

I hear a bag of gold crash into the table. “My pleasure, traveler. Do enjoy yourself.”

My new ‘owner’ unties the bounds on my ankles and wrists. He helps me to stand up. And there I was completely naked, next to him. I feel so small, so weak, so … feminine.

He grabs my chin and makes me look into his eyes. I look back like a prey refusing its own fate. My biggest fear has come to pass and all I can think of is this strange desire burning inside me, I must not let him know, I must not show him. I try my best to give a face of defiance.

He closes the gap between our bodies and gently touches my face. His hands then move all over my back and ass, mine on his chest, futilely pushing him away. He leans in, his heavy breath rains down on my face. His orcish smell is so strong up close… I can’t step back, I can’t look away. My stupid body betrays me and stands on the tip of my toes. My face gets closer to his and then … Our lips meet… He kisses me. I don’t kiss back, I don’t open my mouth. I simply can’t give him the satisfaction. He suddenly smacks my ass, much harder than before. I cry into his mouth and his tongue invades. It feels broad and slimy. It tastes of exotic orc food and mead. He pulls my hair violently, my head tilts up even more. I moan inside his mouth as saliva flows into mine. His arms feel so large on my naked body. I am somehow swooned.

“What’s your name?” He pulls back and I immediately turn away, completely red faced. I cover my penis and stay silent. Reality suddenly hit me. I am an elf in a strange orcish city, completely naked and turned on, I was just sold to a large intimidating Pendik Sarışın Escort orc as a sex slave. I look around and see slaves of every kind being abused, beaten, put in cages. All the fear and anxiety came rushing back. How did I let this happen? How will I survive this?

“What’s your name?” he asks again.

I look at him with disbelief. Terror has paralized my tongue. He just stands there eying me for a few moments but I feel frozen. He then looks away and walks past me into the market. I look around in confusion. He’s walking away? After he bought me? I keep watching him to make sure. He really is walking away. I realize that for the first time in months, I am free of my bounds. Yet I am stuck naked in an orcish city that hates my kind. My life is in danger and I have to act fast. I turn towards the orcish merchant. “Hey please. That orc just left me. C-Can you please send me back.” I ask frantically. He pays me no heed as he was arguing with a haggler. “Please, I will be killed here.”

“You’re no longer my problem whore, get out of my shop.” He pushes me into the street. I look around and see ugly, terrifying orcish faces. The man who just bought me is slipping away into the crowd. I somehow feel that he’s the only thing that can protect me now. I rush towards him and grab his arm “Mr. orc.” he keeps walking. “Mr. orc, please take me with you.” He ignores me. I keep close to him nonetheless, hold him tighter. “M-My name is Lenn…” I stutter.


I followed him. I have no clue where he’s going. Half an hour later, we find ourselves in front of a strange tower building made of stone and wood. The orc knocks on the door and yells “I’m back Umni, open up.”

An old orcish lady with a hunched back and a strange hat greets us “Ah traveler, welcome back.” she peeks behind him to see me. “Oh, how wonderful. Do come in.”

“Thank you.” He replies.

We enter the strange building. The walls are lined with cages containing exotic creatures and herbs. A giant pot dominates the middle of the room.

“I see you made a spectacular choice traveler. I’ve never expected you’d find an elf in these parts.”

“It’s a boy, Umni. That shouldn’t be a problem for the ritual, yes?”

“A boy? We will have to do something different, traveler. But worry not, the preparations will be the same.”

“Good to hear.” His voice is so deep and masculine. Everytime he speaks I feel my body vibrate.

The lady grabs my arms with her decaying creepy fingers and pulls me inside. “Fear not my child, you must clean yourself first. You desperately need a bath.” She’s right, I’m all dirty, I haven’t bathed since I was taken against my will.

She takes me to a room upstairs. It was much cleaner and had a medium sized wooden bath that looks more akin to a barrel. She snaps her fingers and the bath gets instantly filled with boiling water. My eyes widen in surprise. I didn’t know orcs were capable of magic.

“Go on boy, don’t be shy.” she releases my arm and heads back downstairs. I step into the hot water. It was perfectly warm, not too hot, not too cold. I scrub my dirty muddied feet and the rest of my body then I lay my head back and relax. The water was divine. I can hear the lady and the orc discussing something, but their sounds are muffled and I couldn’t make out a word. That man, he’s so strange. He knew I would follow him. And he has something prepared for me here. Something, fishy…

A few moments later the old lady is back, with a fresh towel. She snaps her fingers and all the water disappears. “The ritual is ready, child. Dry yourself and join us downstairs.”

“Ritual?” I hesitantly ask.

“Has your master not explained to you?”

“He barely spoke with me… Please tell me.”

She simply smiles.

“Dry yourself and join us.” she says as she leaves the room.

I step down the stairs, fully dried and covered by the towel. I’m thinking to myself why I’m not thinking about escaping. What is this ‘ritual’? My mind is an utter mess and I can’t even look at the direction of the orc.

“Good. Come now child, drink this.” She gave me a purple elixir.

“What does it do?”

“It will put you to sleep and take away your magical defenses.”

“B-but, I have no magic to speak of. I refuse to drink it.”

She grabs me and rattles me. “Do as you’re told, child. I may be old but I’m not patient.”

I look shyly towards the orc and he nods gently.

“It will not hurt you, drink it all up, at once.” She says viciously.

In my heart I pray for the gods to protect me from whatever is coming. I put it to my lips and drink it. It’s tasteless, warm and smells rotten.

“Such an obedient elf. I can sense the desires welling deep inside you, child.”

I wipe my mouth and say “NO. My only desire is to make it out of this city alive.” I burst in anger. Her comment Pendik Şişman Escort offended me on a deep level. I look towards the orc to see him smirking.

“What happens now?” I ask.

I feel my legs getting weak. The orcish holds my arm and guides me towards another room. My mind is getting numb. I can barely make out what’s inside this room. I close my eyes and hear her chant in foreign tongue. My stomach feels light and all my senses stop working… I faint.


I wake up being carried on the orc’s broad shoulder. We’re outside the city gates. It’s dusk… I was out for hours. His large hand is holding my calves together and my bubbly ass is jiggling next to his face with every heavy step.

“Take me down you brute. What did you do to me? You’re such an asshole. I trusted you. Put me down!” I punch his shoulders and kick his ribs. Nothing happens, he’s such an immovable wall.

“You don’t want to anger me, elf.” He said. He tightened his grip on my calves

“What did you do to me? Tell me!” I cry.

“I will tell you, but not when you’re misbehaving.”

“Can you atleast put me down. It’s embarrassing being carried naked like this.”

“You have no shoes. I want you completely clean for tonight.”

“What? N-N-NO. I’m a man, You know what that makes you?”

“HHAHAHAHAHA.” Such booming laughter. “You are amusing.”

He smacks my ass so hard I almost fell behind him.

“AHHHH. You Brute!” It’s the third time he does that. My feet rub together in response to the pain.

“I’m taking you home. Stay silent until then.” He orders.

My nostrils flare. I punch his back in anger. How come this orc stirs within me unusual emotions? My mind keeps drifting back to that kiss. Everything about him makes me feel so conflicted. I need to run away from him. We’re outside the city walls. The odds are in my favor. I notice that his pocket knife is within my reach. For now I’ll bide my time until the perfect moment.

It’s getting darker and darker as the sun sets. There aren’t any orcs nearby and the cover of night is to my advantage. My eyes are glued to that knife and my courage is high. This is my chance to escape. I reach for the knife and take it out. I use all my force to plunge it into his side, where his liver is. I can’t stand the sight of blood so I close my eyes and give a high pitched battle scream. I feel the impact. The orc stops, then continues walking.

“I have warned you, elf. You do not want to anger me. But now, you did.”

I open my eyes to see that his knife barely penetrated his leather armor. I drop it in disbelief. How can I be so weak and stupid? Of course the armor! I can feel he is angry with me, his pattern of breath changed.

“Good timing. We’re home.”

I turn around, still on his shoulders, to see a large covered carriage behind three impressive oxens. It’s wider and longer than any carriage I’ve seen. It has a =door in the back and many bags hung on its sides… Is this really where he lives?

The orc steps inside and throws me off his shoulder and into the dusty hardwood floor. He closes the door behind him and lights a lantern. The inside seems so cramped. Barrels and chests occupy the corners. The walls are lined with weapons; a large axe, exotic swords, spears, knives and a crossbow. On one side is a bed large enough for one orc of his size and on the other was a small desk and a chair. The inside was all dusty and damp. I expected his home to be cleaner.

Somehow his abode stirs some excitement inside me. Yet I did not forget the fact that I am now alone in a room with the orc I just attempted to stab. I get on my knees and plead as he was taking off his armor and shoes “Please Mr. Orc. I just want to live. Please forgive me and let me g-.”

A single slap across the face was enough to shut me up. He grabs by the hair and throws me on the bed with such ease.

“The only way to start with you is with a good beating, so that you know your place.”

“No, Please!” I scream. “Forgive me! I’ll do anyth-.” SLAP. I put my hand on my face, eyes teary.

He sits beside me on the bed and looks deep into my eyes. Whenever our eyes meet it feels magical. Despite my fear, anger and frustration, his calm dark eyes sedate me and lure me. I can see within them his lust for me, his aggression towards my race, his dominance. I can’t tell what he sees within mine but somehow I know he is pleased. Which makes me feel so conflicted.

He grabs my hair again and violently pulls me on his lap in a spanking position.

“You’ll do anything?”

“…Yes. I’ll do anything. Please forgive me.”

“Then, You’ll take this punishment for the disrespect you showed me thus far. Understood?”

“… “

He raises his hand.

“No. Plea-“

A thunderous slap claps my cheeks. “AGHHHHH.”

“Whenever I ask you something, you must answer!.” His deep voice is getting angrier.

Another slap followed. “AWWW.” He is in no way being gentle. I’m at his complete mercy and somehow it makes it feel even more shameful.

“You WILL arch your back as I’m punishing you.”

Another slap followed. “PLEASEE.” I bury my face into the pillow and wheeze into it as I raise my ass further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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