My Sister in Law and some fun Part 2

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Bbc Whore

After that morning Giesela and I became closer than ever before, we would spend time together and have sex more than I was fucking my wife.

It had been a few months since we first fucked in the bathroom and we found more places to do with my wife only a room or two away. It was the tiime of my life, fucking Giesela than later that night let my wife suck my dick and taste her sister’s pussy juice all over my cock. One thing that my wife could do is suck dick. The rest was only a favor to her as she had let herself go since the kids were born. She weighed over 240 pounds and had an ass that was about half of that. The other thing that she had over Giesela wass the size of her tits, She had 46 DD compared to Giesela’s 36 C’s. I love tits and that was one thing my wife had Tits and a big fat ass!

My sex life with my wife is a completely differnet story that maybe I will tell later. Right now I will focus in on her sister and me.

Aftr a couple of months I ws getting more and more bold about fucking Giesela with my wife around, and Giesle was become uncompfortable with it. I told her not to worry my wife never suspected a thing. (Which she didn’t at least not with Giesela)

One night I got into a fight with Sabine and left the house. I was driving around and thought I’d go over to another freind of mine’s. When my phone rang and I saw it was Giesela I answered and she asked where I was I told her I ws headed to Katja’s place to have some time to cool off. Giesela talked and told me that I should go back home and not over to Katja’s. I told her that I was already there and Katja was waiting on me to come in.

Katja was one of my best friends since I started having real problems with my wife. She and I were like brother and sister. She was a few years younger than me. She stood about 5 foot tall with a very nice ass and great body. I always tried to get her in bed but she always refused saying she didn’t want to lose our friendship.

Katja and I talked for hours drinking and having a good time just watching TV and talking. About midnight my phone rang again and it was Giesela. She said that she was lookign for hours for me and had finally found where I was. kocaeli escort bayan I looked out the window and there she stood. I explained to Katja that she was there and Katja went and invited her in. Giesela came right over to me and gave me a kiss that only lovers exchange. Katja gave me a look like ok what the hell is going on here.

Giesela told her that we we’re lovers and that it ws the best thing that had happened to her in suh a long time that she didn’t care that I was her sister’s husband. She only knew that I had a good big hard dick that gave her some much pleasure. Katja was dumbfounded and just looked at me in a different light. She asked if my wife knew and we both replied nope.

The three of us sat there and continue to drink wine and talk, while this was going on Giesela was stroking up and down my leg giving me one huge hard-on. Katja didn’t know what to do or say watching this going on. I could tell she was interested in my cock by the way she was just watching Giesela stroke my leg and play with me. Her eyes were mostly fixated on the bulge in my pants. Giesela had no problem sitting there and making me hard with Katja watching. She looked up at Katja and Asked if she wanted to play too. At first Katja said no and then Giesela just said Ok that means this big dick is all for me tonight. I only came over here because I thought Frank was fucking you too, or maybe getting a blowjob frome you. Katja told her I ahd tried and she kept turning the chances down. Giesela replied she didn’t know what she was missing.

I turned to Giesela and asked her if your so afraid someone else is giving me a blowjob why don’t you make sure that I have no reason to get it some where else. Giesela looked at me like I had hurt her deeply. She said I knew that she had never givien a blowjob to anyone and she didn’t really know how to. I knew Katja loved oral before penetration since this was one subject we always had conversations about. She knew that my wife would suck my dick but as far as more oral, like me eating her pussy was out of the question. This is were I always tied to get Katja in the mood for some good oral sex, but she always turned it away.

Giesela asked Katja kocaeli sınırsız escort if she gave blowjobs before and Katja said yes she loved to suck dick and get eaten out and that she especially liked it when she would make a man cum n her mouth and could swallow it all. Then Giesela did me the second favor in the past few months. She asked Katja if she would show her how to suck my dick! With all the wine we had drank and her watching Giesela stroke me hard she said sure why not.

This was like a big bell going off in my head I was going to get to have sex with Katja and Giesela was going to suck my dick all in the same night.

Giesela started stroking my cock directly and it ws ready to pop out of my pants. She undid my pants and pulled them to the floor. Katja said maybe we should go into her bedroom it would be more comfortable there. When we all went in there Katja wsa the first completely naked, and my god she had a body! My eyes damm near popped out of my head. Giesela and I were both naked by now and Giesela wsa kissing me and stroking my dick with her hand, she whispered to me and said ” I told you I’d get her in bed with you” I layed down on the bed and Katja ws just staring at my dick with big eyes. She said ” Frank I didn’t know that it was so big before tonight I would have goten in bed with you long before tonight.”

Giesela asked Katja what she shuld do first and Katja slowly lower her head down to my cock, and started licking the head, She told Giesela first tease him like this. Slowly she licked the head of my dick and started licking up and down the shaft. She slowly put her mouth ovet the head and started running her tongue around tickling my dick wiht her tongue. Then Giesela did the smae thing, fisrt the licccking of the head and then the shaft then for the first time she let my dick go into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and felt so good around my dick that I almost blew my load right then, but Katja sensing this quickly reache down and squeezed by balls gently and the feeling went away.

Katja then took my dick back in to her mouth and started going up and down slowly, She was trying to get the whole thing in her izmit anal yapan escort mouth but at first was unable to because the nie inches wer more than she could handle at this time. She startd bobbing up and down on my dick slowly at first but picking up speed driving me crazy. While she ws on my dick I had Giesela kissing me and I was playing wiht her little tits, slowly sucking on one than the other.

Katja Stopped and came up and kissed me and pushed Gieselas head down to my waiting cock. She took the back of her head and started pumping it up and down slowly until Gieslea picked up the motion on her own. Katja then looked at me and said time to eat my pussy big guy. I said bring it on over here. She laid down wiht her pussy by my face and I just went to town licking her lovely tasty pussy. She ws so sweet I found her clit and started sucking on it and flicking my tongue over it unitl she had her first orgasm. She was screaming loudly for me not to stop. Giesela was down givng me a excellent head for her first time and Katja cumming all over my face ws almost more than I coulld handle.

This being Gieselas first time giving head I Didn’t want to fill her mouth full of cum so I told them to switch places I wanted to eat Giesela out and make her cum like Katja just did.

the two switched and now I had Gieselas tasty little pussy on my tongue and Katja ws going to town on my cock. I found Gieselas clit in no time and went to work rolling my tongue in circles around it and pumping my fingers in and out of her count till she started maoning and screaming ‘ More more dont stop’ I drove my tongue as deep into her wetness and rolled it inside her drenched pussy and made her cum hard. Katja ws going as far down my dick as she could and ahd almost all of it in her mouth. I could feel my dick in the back of her throat and she continued to work in in and out. I could not hold back any longer and she had my dick deep in her throat I eruped a load of cum into her mouth. My cock was jerking a good five times empting my balls deep into Katja’s mouth. She cam up and had cum leaking out of her mouth and went straight to Giesela and kissed her deeply sharing my cum with her. They both swallowed what they had in the mouths and just lay there. I was in seventh heaven. My sister in law and my best friend in bed.

The rest of the night with the two of them taking turns riding my until the morning will come later

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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