My Sweet Friend , Stuffed Animal

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Big Dicks

Like every girl I collected stuffed animals from friends and family as gifts and quite honestly I had a bed full, well, a room full of all kinds that I slept with.

I remember the first time I realized just what a great gift a stuffed animals was!! I was 18 and to this day it was my favorite toy, hands down! Now my favorite toy is my wand massager. But if I could find another snake, well who says you can’t go back?!

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with where this toy came from. This took place during the summer, right after high school graduation.

A bunch of friends and I decided to take a ride down the shore one night and hang out on the boardwalk. We all enjoyed the rides and I especially enjoyed the beach. It was my favorite fantasy setting and still is to this day!!

We went down in two cars, in case someone wanted to leave before the others. Parking was a nightmare but we found a couple of spots and walked the 2 blocks to the amusement pier. We laughed and flirted with the guys behind the concession stands and eventually wound up making out for a while in the private area for employees only.

We all got lucky that night. With all of the young, horny guys working for the summer, and us, six, 18 year olds just out of high school. Hell, it was the perfect setting.

It was easy to tell we were all worked up and the hormones were raging. It did not take long to feel hands on bare tits and eager fingers wrapped around obvious bulges!!

It was getting hot listening to each other moan as the guys copped a feel and dry humped us until they had to go back to work. No one got fucked, well not literally anyway.

They winked as they told us to come play the games. I mean after all the tit massages and cocks rubs, we were guaranteed winners!!

We said we would be back and headed down to the beach to see if we could find any shells in the dark to take home. We laughed knowing the guys all had stiff cocks and had to go back to work.

Some of us were still breathing fast from the experience. I could tell I wasn’t the only one ready for some relief. By that time, I was so worked up I knew I had to make an excuse to find a place to satisfy my craving for a real orgasm.

So excusing myself to pee I told my friends I would catch up with them shortly.

I was not happy when my friend Amanda, (Andie) chimed in, “Me too I gotta piss really bad.”

Yeah well there went my idea. But my pussy was not going to take no for an answer and I knew I would need to make myself come, somehow.

We walked to a dark area among the pilings and I said, “This looks hidden enough, are you going to be embarrassed about peeing in front of me?”

Andie had a deep tone sound to her voice and replied, “Not at all sweetie, are you?”

I could hear something in her tone that sent chills down my spine and right up and around until they stopped at my wet pussy for some reason.

Shame out the window, we dropped our pants and panties as we proceeded to squat down and relieve ourselves.

I tried to massage my pussy after I peed without being obvious about it.

I thought I was being quiet but the wet sound as I rubbed my clit must have been audible to Andie.

She whispered,”Are you playing with your pussy Nommi?” Nommi was short for Naomi.

Startled I said, “No, what makes you say that? I was just trying to wipe myself off.”

She giggled and replied, “Well even if you were, its okay I have to admit, this is one of my favorite things to do when I come down the shore.” “I love to pee and play with my pussy under the boardwalk. It’s the biggest turn for me!”

I thought I would damn near pass out at that point and before I knew it, I was telling her how much it would turn me on, and what I would like to do and how and where. She started to laugh and at that point I did too. But it was so fucking hot to know there was someone else like me, out there.

She told me I could finish, as long as she could watch and play too. I thought adiosbet yeni giriş to myself, “hell yeah it was okay, in fact it was perfect!”

We slowly positioned ourselves into an area with enough light filtering through the boards over head so we could see each others bodies. Pants came down with panties following. Shirts were raised enough to show bare breasts as we pulled nipples in excitement.

We wanted to face each other and watch as fingers moved across clits and slid into wet pussies as we could feel the pleasure building. It was over the top watching her as I finger fucked my own cunt.

I could see she was as turned on as I was and it did not take long to explode all over my hand as my juices gushed from between my pussy lips. Andie let out this low guttural sound as she came and I watched her squirt all over her hand and the sand and I wanted to lay her down, spread her legs and taste her right then and there!!

I wanted to spend all night licking her pussy and making her beg me for more. In a matter of seconds, I saw the scene play out in my mind and made myself come again.

I would push her to the sand, spread her long legs wide open and suck on her lips, tongue fucking her sweet wet cunt.

I would lick her clit until it got hard and then I would suckle it like a nipple, gently biting her inner lips as they swelled under my hungry anxious tongue. She would taste so fucking sweet and creamy and I would swallow ever drop of her pussy milk, lapping at her cunt until she pushed me away.

But not knowing how the other felt about that idea, my fantasy, (and hers I found out later) was not to be. We got ourselves together and went to wash our hands in the ocean before rejoining our friends for some games.

We caught up the others and decided it was time to win some stuffed animals. Like there was any chance we wouldn’t!! So I put my money down and amazingly the first win was mine! I was told I could choose any one of the stuffed animals I wanted, if I promised to come back later when the booth was closed.

“Sure I will” I said, knowing it was bullshit. But right then and there I saw this 8 foot multicolored snake hanging over me and said, “That one.” I had enough teddy bears and stuffed dogs and, well you name it. I never had a snake and it was unusual.

Of course the response was, “I got a snake for you, right here baby.”

I was so pleased with myself and couldn’t wait to see where in my room it would have the “place of honor.” I mean I had never won anything in my life and I was thrilled. Hey, rigged game or not it was still a big thrill!

All the girls who had let the guys feel them up “won” their choice of prizes. We all promised to come back later when the games closed down and walked off in search of shaved ice and pizza. We looked like we had just robbed a toy store!!

Anyway, Andie and I kept exchanging looks and winks all night and I knew once I got home the first thing I was going to do was rub my pussy and remember our little “play time.”

We walked around some more, avoiding the concession stand we cleared out earlier. It was getting late and we were all tired and decided to leave for home in the two cars we brought. Amanda, (Andie), Kristen and I rode in her car and Alyece, Kelsey and Denise rode in the other.

I was hoping to talk to Andie and maybe even see how agreeable she was to stopping somewhere along the way and continuing our little “play time” but with another girl in the car we did not bring the subject up.

She did reach over to run her hand along my thigh up to my crotch and told me she would call after she dropped off Kristen and got home. She said, “I need to talk about something later, you know the whole guy episode?” I told her ok and she laughed and told me, “You know I really wanted that snake but you were just too fast for me.” “You lucky bitch.”

“Oh well, I would say I am sorry but, I’m not,” and all three of us laughed and listened to the radio the rest of the ride adiosbet giriş home.

I got out of the car, stuffed snake wrapped around my body and said goodbye. I went inside to a quiet house since my parents were out of town for the weekend and I was by myself. Which was great because I could play anywhere in the house for as long as I wanted and I could walk around completely naked the entire time!!

About 30 minutes later I was in my room, thinking about what happened earlier and couldn’t help but finger my clit when my phone rang. I reluctantly picked it up heard Andie’s voice and my mood changed immediately. She had gotten home and went immediately to her room to call me like she had said earlier.

“Are you awake Nommi?”

“Sure Andie, what’s up?” Andie was her nickname.

“Well I wanted to talk earlier to you about what happened but couldn’t obviously and I was wondering if you were ok with what we did?”

“Oh yeah I’m really fine with it..You?” I asked.

“Oh I am more than ok, I am fingering my pussy just thinking about it!”

Just hearing her breathy voice was making me wet and while she talked, I played with my pussy, hoping the sound would not go through the phone.

“Really?” I asked.

With a soft deep voice she whispered into the phone, “I was hoping we could play more on the phone.”

I told her what I was doing and could have sworn she had an orgasm. I just kept playing and running my fingers inside my swollen pussy lips wanting to come, but wanting to hold off because it was feeling intense. I knew it would be good when it happened!

I slowly described in detail my fantasy as I watched her pee and play with her cunt earlier tonight. When she admitted to me she wanted that to happen, I pushed my fingers deep into my hot little pussy.

She described how delicious it would be to see my head between her thighs and how she would love to rock on my mouth as she climbed atop my face. She told me how her hands would be on either side of my face as she fucked her “pussy toy” as she called my mouth.

Oh fuck me, what a picture I had in my head seeing her straddle my mouth and lower her spread swollen cunt lips down onto my waiting lips. I could see the shiny drops of her juices as they dripped onto my waiting and hungry tongue. I could feel her entire weight as she humped my hungry mouth and I reached up to grab her tits and pinch her stiff nipples!!

I would make her beg me to go down on her and give her orgasms as she coated my face with her pussy milk. I would own that cunt and she would gladly give it to me any time, anywhere I wanted it.

What an orgasm I had when she called me her bitch lover!! She moaned as she came, “Here it comes Naomi, suck me, suck my cunt”, and almost cried as she begged me to come lick her clean. I liked that she used my real name. It made it hotter for me knowing she wanted me to be the one pleasuring her.

She would describe how wet she was and how good it felt. I would tell her everything I was doing until we both came over and over again and laid there panting on the phone.

We made a promise to keep this between ourselves and said our good nights and hung up. I am sure that if I was still fingering my pussy she was too.

I knew this would not be the last time something like this happened and who knows, maybe next time it would be in person.

I don’t remember falling asleep but I do remember having this wild dream that night!

I remember being back on the beach, under the boardwalk with Andie peeing and playing like we were earlier. The dream was so vivid and the feelings so real. I could feel the knot in my stomach building as I continued to watch Andie as she was playing with her pussy.

I could feel myself getting up and going over to her. Reaching down to feel her piss on my hand while I ran my finger up to her clit between her wet pussy lips. It was as if it were actually happening. I could see her face, hear her moans of desire, feel her wetness and I adiosbet güvenilirmi could feel my fingers slide into her wet and hungry cunt.

I could feel my pussy getting close to an orgasm. I could feel my clit getting rubbed and I didn’t give a fuck how! I just knew it was feeling incredible at that point.

I saw myself kneeling down in my dream to lick her pussy and just as I stuck out my tongue, I felt myself gush and woke up to find my stuffed snake nestled between my pussy lips. I couldn’t stop my hips from humping it and I could feel my own pussy milk all over my legs!!!

I didn’t want to stop riding the tail, it was feeling so fucking good and I wanted to come again and again like that. I shoved more of the tail tip into my pussy slowly. I was getting hotter and closer. It was the perfect size and texture and I could rub my clit with the rest of the tail as I fucked my wet cunt again and again.

I closed my eyes and imagined Andie lying on top of me as I begged her to fuck me harder and faster to make me come. I promised to make her feel good and suck her pussy, if she would just bring me to another orgasm like that again.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck my pussy with your cock.” “Oh Andie”, I cried out. “I want to taste your pussy; I want to make you come.” “Make me squirt and I will lap at your cunt until you scream my name and beg me to stop!” “Let me suck your pussy all night and I will make you feel so fucking good!”

I stuck out my tongue in search of her wet lips but had to satisfy my craving by sucking my own juice covered fingers. I imagined it was her pussy milk all over my hand. The smell of pussy was sweet and I lapped at my fingers like a hungry dog after a bitch in heat. I could feel my orgasm building. One more little nudge and I would explode again.

So I closed my eyes, rolled over on my snake’s tail, shoved it further into my cunt. I fantasized I was fucking Andie’s open pussy hard and fast. Humping like never before I imagined her lying there, in my bed. She was spreading her legs for me only and begging, “Yes Naomi, fuck me, fuck me harder, make me come!” “That’s it, shove it in, make me beg for more, make me your cunt’s little fuck toy!”

A little more I thought, just a little longer.

And then I could hear her scream as she shoved my face between her legs, “Oh fuck yes, lick my pussy juice and tongue fuck my cunt you fucking pussy loving bitch!”

That was all I needed to hear and I came like a tidal wave, one after the other after the other!!!!!!! I soaked my bed, my snake, my legs and felt the tail lightly touch my sensitive clit as it slid out of my pussy, making a slurping sound as it did.

I laid there for about 15 minutes trying to catch my breath, the whole time thinking I really needed to get something to drink; my mouth was so damn dry at that point. But my legs were shaking and I knew I would fall on my face if I tried to get up too soon.

I waited and finally got up and walked naked into the kitchen looking for some juice. It felt like I had been in the desert for days.

My juices were running down my legs and I knew I should get cleaned up, but the way the warm liquid felt and the smell of my own pussy was just too sweet to my senses.

I ran my finger inside my lips, coated my fingers and licked them as I went to see what kind of mess I would have to clean up in my room.

I put a towel down on the sheets; hand washed my snakes’ tail and made a mental note to remind myself to wash my sheets in the morning! I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about why Amanda called me a “lucky bitch for choosing the snake.” She was right, how lucky can you get!!!

I had that damn snake and kept it hidden even after I met my future husband. For a while Amanda and I kept our Friday night pussy play going but even that came to end when we both got married.

I wonder Andie, do you still fantasize about you and me? I know I think about you and you still have the power to bring me over the edge.

Between you and I though, and I hope the hubby never finds out, sometimes, I close my eyes and imagine her fucking me with a cock strapped to her soft round hips. My “own bitch lover.”

And I can almost taste the sweet nectar she has deep inside that soft tight pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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