My Working Friend

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My name is Kate, I’m 22 and I have long brown hair. I have decent B-cup rack, so I like to think I’m sexy. At least enough to make a woman think about switching teams. Although, I never thought I might actually do that. I had been working at a video store for two years by then, and there I had a casual friend, named Elizabeth. She was 23 and a brunette too. I never saw her outside of work, but we got along great during working hours. We had become a little closer, because we frequently teamed up to put all the movies away, at the end of the day. The video store we worked at, had an ‘adult’ section there. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of porn, but we had quite a few movies to put away over there.

It was closing time on one Friday night, and we knew what we had to do. We both went in the room, and I immediately sighed.

“Oh, come on, it’s just porn,” Elizabeth said.

“I know, it’s just porn, I guess,” I replied as we began putting them back on the shelves.

“Have you never seen one before?” Elizabeth asked.

I just blushed a bit, and she had her answer.

“Seriously? No shit, is there a DVD player in here?” Elizabeth asked.

“No,” I replied with a stern tone.

She got the feeling she might have struck a nerve.

“OK, I get it. Porn is not for everyone. It’s not really realistic either, I mean look at this one: Office Girls. As if chicks in the office just love to eat each other’s pussies all the time. Guys just get off on all that shit,” Elizabeth said.

“I know, I just don’t care for it, I guess,” I replied.

“Well, I definitely think you should try one out sometime,” Elizabeth said.

I looked through a few of the DVDs in the cart, and I saw a lot of lesbian DVDs. I definitely didn’t see the appeal over that. I didn’t think of myself as a prude, but it had me wondering.

“OK, let’s put this on in the player out there,” I said as I had one of the lesbian DVDs in my hand.

She seemed gitty to get that in the player. So, she ran out of there, and I followed. She went directly to the player, and I turned on the TV sets. She started the player and after the FBI warning and everything else came up, the title showed up on the menu.

“Oh, Kittens and their MILF,” I said.

It was one where younger ladies, and older ladies had sex. I still didn’t get the appeal, but it seemed that Elizabeth did though. She pressed play, and it was show time. It had a small story that went with it, but before long, they were both naked and fucking each other. I seemed to like a little more than I thought, but Elizabeth was drolling.

“Elizabeth, you look like a kid on Christmas day,” I said.

That didn’t seem to stop her from drooling. She just stared at one of the TV sets, and eventually, her left hand went down her panties. I wasn’t sure what to think about that, I just let her have her moment. As she masturbated, I checked out the DVD myself. I found myself getting a little interested after a couple minutes. I started to walk closer and closer to one of the TV sets. I got a close look at a very sexy MILF, eating out a younger twenty-something nişantaşı escort year old lady. Maybe Elizabeth was under the spell. If she was, then it was definitely happening to me too. I looked back over at Elizabeth, and she slid her shorts down a bit, exposing her panties. I wasn’t sure what to make of that either, but I found myself not being repulsed.

Being with another woman most definitely never entered my mind before, but I seemed to like the sight of the DVD and her. I turned back to the TV set, and I saw the MILF beginning to fuck the younger lady with a strap on. I viewed it, and I envied the younger woman. I wanted to be pounded like that, just not by a woman with a strap on. I felt my lips getting wet, as I began licking them a bit. My fists began to clinch slightly, and eventually I was under the spell. I saw the MILF’s boobs flopping around, and it was sexy. A couple mesmerizing moments later, I felt Elizabeth’s hand on my left shoulder. I turned my head, and she had some lusty eyes.

“Would you mind if I kissed you?” Elizabeth asked.

She didn’t even wait for an answer, she just immediately leaned forward to kiss me. It lasted for about 30 seconds or so, and it was one hell of a kiss. Even though it was unexpected, I liked it. She leaned her head back slightly, and it didn’t seem to be awkward. In fact, it was the exact opposite of that. We both seemed to like it, so then we both wrapped our arms around each other, and began making out. If there was gonna be anyone making a late night rental, they were gonna get a show to watch that wasn’t on a TV set. We made out for about five minutes, and then her hands went down to the bottom of my shirt. She pulled it off me quickly and got down onto her knees. She pulled down my shorts, leaving me in just my bra and panties. She stood up, and stripped herself to her bra and panties too. I certainly liked what I saw in front of me.

“We should at least go back to the ‘adult’ section, people shouldn’t get a show they didn’t pay for,” Elizabeth said.

We left our clothes out there, and we both quickly went back over to the ‘adult’ section. She took me to the very back wall, where there was a small space that wasn’t occupied by shelves. She took off her bra, and brought me close to her. She took off my bra too, and dropped them both. Our boobs pressed up against each other quite firmly. We both had B-cup boobs, and they seemed to be a perfect match together. Truth be told, I felt more excitement than confusion, but I was still a little confused. I guess by our feelings, and how we were just doing it all of the sudden. With absolutely no past talk about it, none whatsoever, we were doing lesbian things. I leaned my head back on the wall, and she began kissing and licking my shoulders.

This was all new to me, so I was in for a treat it seemed. All I could go by, was that DVD that was still playing out there. After about five minutes of her kissing my chest and neck, she moved down a little further. She began kissing the tops of my boobs, and I felt the connection. Whether or not we were lesbians, both of us kağıthane escort were really enjoying ourselves. She went down just a little bit more, and began licking my right nipple. I never thought of having a woman licking my nipples before, but as if it happened, it felt absolutely wonderful. My pussy moistened quite a bit, and her right hand found it’s way to my stomach. She rubbed it very slowly, and eventually got down to my wet pussy.

“Oh, Elizabeth,” I said slowly.

She didn’t answer me, but I got my answer through her actions though. She put three of her fingers onto my pussy, and just gently caressed it slowly. I felt my nerves go up. It was as if, I was on the beginning of a roller coaster, as it was going up really slowly, and it was about to go down really quickly. The anticipation was really high, and we were just fooling around. She brought up her fingers to her face, and I was staring at her. She very slowly put her fingers into her mouth, and sucked off my cum.

“Oh, Kate, you are one sexy woman,” Elizabeth said just before she kissed me.

We made out for about three minutes, and then she slowly made her way down onto her knees. She came towards me, and leaned her head down a little bit as she took off my panties. She began licking my pussy slowly, and I thought I was dreaming. I felt so damn good, it was as if I was losing my virginity all over again. I guess I was in a way, I never had a woman lick my pussy before.

“Oh, that’s good, Elizabeth, don’t stop,” I said.

I had never been so worked up before in my life, and I had a few boyfriends really piss me off before. I felt like I could run a ten mile marathon, and still have energy to spare. She stuck her tongue up into my pussy, and she managed to intensify the pleasure quite greatly. I grabbed onto the edge of a shelf, and I held it tightly. I was having some real trouble keeping my cool. I felt like I just had too much energy after a few minutes. I just wanted to go nuts, and she just wanted to make it worse. She used her fingers to spread out my pussy lips a bit, and I screamed.

“Fuck!!” I screamed.

That didn’t distract her at all. She had her mission, and she seemed to have absolutely no intention of stopping. I was inhaling and exhaling really deeply, and I had no idea how long I could hold on. There was a brand new concept for me, to have a woman eat me out. Whether or not I liked the taste of pussy, I knew I’d definitely have to have a woman fuck me again. I put my other hand onto her head, and she managed to get her tongue up in there a little deeper. I just smiled very widely, and leaned my head back all the way. I just loved the feeling, and I couldn’t get enough. She also began thrusting her fingers in and out of my pussy a bit too. I had sweat going down my back, and that made me just lose it. I fell to the floor, but I just ignored the pain.

She leaned down back towards my pussy again, and went in for more. As her face was buried in my pussy, she still managed to look over at me. I couldn’t see her face, but her eyes said it all. She must have had some girl crush on me, osmanbey escort which flattered me to some extent. It was still a little weird to me though. She put her arms up towards me, and put her hands underneath me. She tried to lift me up a little bit, so I leaned up. I put my hands onto her butt, which was very smooth. I gently caressed her butt, and I realized what I had been missing. Before long, all the pleasure was gonna make me have to make everything flow out, really quickly.

“Shit!!” I screamed.

In about ten seconds, I had her face absolutely drenched, and I laid back down. She slowly climbed up on top of me, and laid her lips onto mine. Our lips did not depart for over ten minutes.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” Elizabeth said.

Truth be told, I didn’t know what to say to that. I just asked her, what I thought she wanted to hear.

“Then why didn’t you?” I asked as I put my hand onto her pussy.

She had a hard time getting out her words then, but she got them out.

“You just struck me as a prude. I mean, like the whole porn thing,” Elizabeth replied.

Well, she had a point, but then I felt like a whole new woman.

“Mind if I give it a whirl?” I asked.

She knew exactly what I was talking about, so I leaned up, and went down towards her pussy. Two hours before, I had no idea that I’d be leaning down towards her pussy, as we were both naked. It was happening though. I saw a little bit of pussy eating in that DVD, so I just went off that, and what she did to me. I stuck in a couple fingers in there, along with my tongue.

“You are a fast learner, my dear friend,” Elizabeth said.

I liked the sound of that. I knew after we fucked each other, we’d most definitely be closer friends. I heard her moan a bit, so I knew she liked what she was feeling. I looked over at her, and she was cheesing, as if she had a million dollar winning lottery ticket in her hand. My face was drenched, and I liked it. I was definitely considering trying to eat pussy again too. She put her hands onto my head as well, I guess she wanted more from her new best friend. I began thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy even quicker. She laid down, flat one her back, and put her hands onto her boobs. She tried to cope with the pleasure, the very sweet pleasure she seemed to really crave.

“Oh, yes, just like that, Kate. Use your tongue,” Elizabeth said.

I used my tongue on her sweet pussy, and got all the sweet pussy juice that I could get.

“Come on, Elizabeth, shove out your pussy juice for me, do it for your best friend,” I said.

She just went with that, and I guessed she agreed. That I was in fact her best friend. So, as her best friend, she unloaded all of her lady juice all over my face. I’m not too sure it could have been hotter. I climbed up on top of her too, but we just made out for a minute.

“So, how was your first time?” Elizabeth asked.

“Nice, to be honest with you,” I replied.

“We’ll see if we turn ‘nice’ into ‘amazing’,” Elizabeth said.

She made sure of that, we had sex quite a few times at work, before we started fucking at one of our houses. A few weeks into my first lesbian relationship, she turned ‘nice’ into ‘amazing’. Once she did that, she convinced me to move in with her, and now I’m really working on my pussy eating skills.

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