Nasty Fun on a Boat

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Needing a break from things, I treated myself to a weekend in a luxury hotel on the coast. Arriving on Friday afternoon, I showered and dressed and went down to the lounge. It was quiet. Looking for company and some holiday fun, I left the hotel and strolled down the main street of the town, enjoying the warm evening air. There was music coming from a run-down looking pub and I went in. The bar was crowded and there was a band playing in the lounge. This was more like it. I had barely settled in a booth with a drink when two hunky guys came over and struck up a conversation. They were well-scrubbed and in clean t-shirts and shorts, were open featured and weathered, and both bore tattoos on their upper arms. They introduced themselves as Mario and Pete and told me they were down for the weekend to go fishing. They co-owned a roofing business in the city and co-owned a boat. They were both good dancers and over the next three or four hours we spent most of the time on the dance floor, moving real close on the slow numbers. I could feel myself unwind.

Although it wasn’t late, I’d had a hard week and was fading fast. The guys insisted on walking me back to my hotel, Mario with his arm around my waist and Pete touching my forearm as he talked and joked. Before we parted they asked if I wanted to go out on their boat the next day, try my hand at fishing. I allowed them to persuade me and went up to my room feeling in a holiday mood. As I lay in bed drifting off to sleep I thought about their strong lean bodies, their hands on my lower back as we danced, taut thighs pressing against mine, their manly smells……

Pete met me the next morning and we drove down to the marina. The boat was 9 metres long (they proudly told me) and had a canopy over the front area. Mario helped me aboard and I was relieved to see that it was neat and comfortable. The guys fussed around me for a few minutes and then we headed out to sea, going quite fast. It was a beautiful hot day and the sea was calm. I had dressed carefully – a brief red thong bikini beneath tight shorts and a crop top. Over the crop top I had a loose shirt, open down the front and tied at the waist so that enough of my midriff was revealed and the silver barbell in my belly button gleamed. I had a red basketball cap on and dark sunglasses. I’d tied my hair up in a ponytail and had it pulled through the back of the cap. My lipstick was the same shade red as my bikini and cap and I’d made my dark eyes darker with a subtle amount of shadow.

As we cut across the deep blue water the guys relaxed a bit and took off their t-shirts. I was glad of the sunglasses because I could ogle their hard workmen’s bodies as much as I liked. And I did like! Mario was olive skinned and tanned so deeply that the tattoos on his arms and shoulder blades were almost obscured. He had a nicely haired chest and his stomach rippled as he tested fishing rods and did boat things. I looked at the trail of wispy hairs that led down his belly and disappeared into the waistband of his shorts, imagining the treasure it led to. Pete was also well tanned, but was a reddish honey colour and his tattoos showed out nicely, especially a unicorn on the left slab of his chest. His blue eyes were crinkly with good humour and he talked almost constantly as he steered, joking or pointing out things. I admired their compact movements and obvious comfort with their physical skills – so different to the guys at the real estate agency where I work.

Mario came back under the canopy, reached past me into a locker and hefted out an icebox, his biceps bulging nicely. Although it wasn’t even 11 am we all opened a beer. I was grateful for the cool drink and the guys discussed the best spot and began to tell me their fishing exploits.

We were on our second beer by the time we stopped. The quiet rocking of the boat on the gentle swell was a sudden contrast to the high speed of our journey out. The guys were busy for a while, organising rods and bait, then casting the lines and fixing the rods into holders, testing that everything was to their satisfaction. Mario organised a rod for me and the two guys explained every detail of what I had to do. It wasn’t that they thought I was dumb – they just wanted to keep talking. I said I needed to work on my tan and coyly asked the guys if it was OK to strip down to my bathers. They’d been ogling me from the moment we set out, Pete staring down my cleavage as he steered and talked, and Mario smoulderingly looking along my legs to my thighs as he coiled ropes and moved about. It was all very good for a girl’s ego and, what with the balmy weather, I was hot in more ways than one.

So I shrugged out of my shirt and carefully lifted off the crop top, making sure my boobs bounced a little and the guys got a good eyeful. I’d taken the little keeper rings out of my nipples that morning and put in heavy silver ones that matched my earrings and the barbell. I heard the intake of breath from both guys as I adjusted my red bikini top, pulling it tight so that the rings showed. I gave them an kurtköy escort innocent smile and picked up my beer, draining the last of it as I looked at them gazing at my chest. I decided to hold out on removing my shorts for a bit and fooled around with my bag, folding away my clothes and such, the guys watching my every move. After a couple of minutes I stood again and hooked my thumbs into the waist of my shorts, swayed my hips and made a big show of wriggling them down. More gasps when my thong was revealed and the tattoo of the little cupid on my left hip aiming his arrow at my love triangle. When I turned to put my shorts in the bag, I swung my hips outrageously and Pete whistled.

I settled back on the rear seat, checking my rod and tackle as they’d showed me. Mario was over like a flash to see that the tension on the line was right and Pete was talking about how good the scenery was! I asked Pete to pass me a cigarette and as I leaned forward for him to light it I knew he could see my nipples down my bikini top.

So we fished for a while and though not much was biting, no-one cared. Pete and Mario talked about their business and, giving me meaningful glances, said they needed a new secretary. I told them about my boring job and how I had to work long hours sometimes. Through my sunglasses I watched them appraising me and made sure they had lots to look at. There was a bit of excitement when I hooked a fish (or rather, it hooked itself), and the guys gave me lots of help reeling it in, Mario standing behind me and his arms going around to help me hold the rod and Pete giving detailed advice. Each time I hauled back, I leant into Mario’s chest and then when I jutted forward and quickly reeled in, my butt was pushed against his groin. By the time we landed the 15 kg trevally, Mario had a hard bulge from banging into my bum and I was all sweaty, especially where my back had been pressing into his chest and where his arms had been crushing the sides of my breasts.

It was a lovely fish and, all proud, I soaked up the guys’ lavish praise and flattery. We recast the rod and opened more beers to celebrate, joking and reliving it all. I decided it was time to step up the pace and got out the sun cream. I tan pretty well, but it had been a long winter and I hadn’t been exposed to the sun for months. I started on my forearms and Pete was immediately by my side insisting that he do my back where I couldn’t reach. He gave my shoulders and neck a lovely massage then my back. He asked me to lean forward and I braced my self on the side of the boat as he thoroughly covered my buttocks and upper thighs and worked the lotion in. I swatted away his hand as he ran a finger inside my bikini, but not too quickly and I’m sure it came away a little damp with my juices. He laughed and suggested I go for an all over tan. Mario said why not, they didn’t mind (as if!) and there wasn’t anyone else in sight. I pretended to give it some thought and Pete added his two cents worth, saying something about not to be bashful on their behalf. I reached back and untied the bikini string, then paused. With my breasts thrust forward and bulging around the skimpy material, I looked up at the guys. Their tongues were just about hanging out in anticipation, and I said in a little girl voice that I’d feel much better about it if they were all naked too.

They looked at each other and then raced to push down their shorts and kick out of them. Mmmm, nice cocks! Mario’s nestled thick and uncircumcised in a bush of dark hair, large balls visibly swaying. Pete was a natural blond and his long dick, also uncircumcised, hung down pale against his tanned thigh. I had to resist from licking my lips and instead peeled away my bikini top revealing what the guys already knew was there. My breasts aren’t over large and sit quite perkily for a 27-year old. The nipples are quite fat and I think that the rings draw the right amount of attention to them. To my satisfaction, the guys looked awestruck and there was visible movement in Pete’s groin. I batted my eyelids at him and, turning my back, asked him to help me off with the thong. He was on his knees in an instant kissing my buttocks as he tugged down the skimpy bottom. As I lifted each leg his nose went into my crack and I could feel his tongue lapping the ridge between my puss and back door. What a buzz! With a shiver I pushed him away and told him not to be so frisky. After all, a gal doesn’t want men to think she’s easy!

So there we were all naked, I’d taken off my dark glasses and were giving the guys a sultry come-on look, they were boning up ready to jump me, when there was a harsh scream as one of the lines tore off. The spell was broken. Instead of leaping for me, they leapt for the fishing rod. For the next fifteen minutes they worked at reeling in a yellow fin tuna while, sulking, I tried to act interested. Then I had an idea. They had the fish pretty much beat and, all boppy and excited, I suggested that I could do the last of the reeling in, improving the technique I’d just learned. I’d be so grateful. malatya escort The guys looked at each other and Mario nodded at me to take the rod. I had to squeeze through his arms to get it, our bodies pressing hotly together.

The fish was still fighting and I had a tougher time than I expected. Mario didn’t let go and, as before, our bodies were pressed sweatily together as I hauled back, bent quickly forward to reel in, then hauled back. As before, his cock pressed against my buttocks. I felt it thickening and, what with the demands of fighting the fish, managed to squash back against it a fair amount. His firm chest against my sweaty back and bulging biceps circling my breasts were such a turn on.

By the time the big tuna was thrashing against the side of the boat and Pete was gaffing it, I was ready for action of a different kind. The guys were full of praise as Pete manoeuvred the fish into a big box. I batted my eyelids, looked pointedly at Mario’s hard cock jutting from his bushy groin, and huskily said that I thought I’d earned a reward. Mario was quick on the uptake and took me in his arms. As we kissed, I reached down and gently stroked his thick cock. It was damp with the sweat from my bum crack and hot as the tongue now probing deep in my mouth. Pete was at my side and, still kissing Mario, I pulled his head down to my breasts. God it was nice – being kissed, fondled and licked by two horny guys!. I released Mario’s cock and reached for Pete’s. Within a couple of moments, it too was hard.

I let the guys ease me down onto one of the heavily padded swivel chairs. Pete kissed his way down my stomach, I spread my legs, and he started tonguing my slit. Mario stood before me and I went to work on his tool, licking all my musty butt crack sweat off (yum) and then taking him deep into my mouth (double yum). The guys were good. Pete varied the action skilfully, bringing me along nicely, and Mario whispered encouragement and stroked my face as he thrust between my lips or let me do the work.

By the time Pete stood up and slotted his fat cock head between my puffy labia, I was more than ready for it. He slid deep in one long delicious thrust and I put my legs up and around his waist to hold him there for a minute. Mario shifted like he was going to move, but I sucked harder and put a hand on his backside to keep him in place. I had never before been with two men at once and I wanted to savour every hot second. And I loved it – hard thrusting cocks, slapping balls, breasts and nipples massaged, lean sweaty flesh, panting and gasping.

My hand on Mario’s arse found its way between his sweaty cheeks and deep into the hairy crack. I was watching his face and as I got a finger on his anus he glanced down at me with a surprised enquiring look. I winked and probed at his pucker. A dirty lusty spread across his face and he took hold of my ponytail and pulled my face hard against his groin, his cock going way into the back of my mouth. I fought down the gag reflex and focused on inhaling the arousing male odour of his pubic thatch. Then I wormed my finger in through his back door, making his buttocks clench involuntarily and his cock drive a further half inch into my throat. Then we were away, him fucking my face hard and fast, his grip on my ponytail tight; and me working my finger deeper and reaching for his prostate. He grunted hard when I found the little gland and started jagging back and forth even harder, sweat dripping off him onto my face and shoulders. I couldn’t see Pete’s face but he was obviously watching the action and started speeding up his thrusting.

Mario came first, his anus spasming around my finger as his cock pulsed and jetted. I was hungry for his offering and clamped my lips tighter and moaned in encouragement. His head went back and he bellowed (after all we were bobbing on the empty ocean with no-one else in sight) as he released. I reckon he hadn’t come in a month – there was so much jism and his cock pulsed and jerked at least a dozen times. Finally he staggered back spent and leant against the side of the boat panting, his eyes on mine. I swallowed as he watched then grabbed Pete by the ears, pulling him to me for a hot tongue swirling kiss. He didn’t seem to mind the traces of his partner’s sperm and continued to kiss me as he thrust hard with that beautiful long pale cock.

Another couple of minutes and I was there, panting and gasping into a nice shuddering cum. I followed Mario’s lead and did a bit of yelling and whining as it washed over me and Pete stepped up his pistoning. Pete grunted that he was nearly there and was it safe to cum inside me. I told him he could cum in me, on me, anywhere he liked. He grunted that he wanted to watch me drink it then, with a groan, eased himself out of me and stood. I dove onto his wet bobbing cock, massaging his swinging balls as I sucked. I had barely licked my own juices off the hot shaft when he yelled out yaarrgghh and hot salty splashes of man cum burst into my mouth. I continued to suck him until he went limp then sat back in the kayseri escort swivel chair, arms and legs splayed. The boys were sweating and panting, beautiful bodies glistening in the sunlight.

We moved into the shade and opened beers. I told them how great they were and what a buzz it was to have two lusty guys at once. It turned out that it was a first for all of us and the guys agreed it was pretty fantastic, giving me lots of nice compliments. Mario went to check the rods and Pete sidled close and confided he’d never before met a chick who liked having a man cum in her mouth, let alone swallow. I gave him a sultry look and, in a husky voice said they don’t know what they’re missing. He gulped then smiled hugely, making me laugh.

Actually, I don’t much like the taste of semen. But I do like the way a penis pulses and throbs as it gushes forth, and I really like the way guys get all out of control and are at my absolute mercy during those moments. Not to mention their puppy-like gratitude when they see you swallow their offering.

The boys did boat things and rod things and fussed about while I flicked through a magazine, keeping an eye on the lean naked bods. Eventually Mario announced that nothing much was happening and that if it was still quiet after lunch, we’d move on to another spot he’d heard about. Pete lugged another esky out from the bow compartment and took out rolls and salad. More beers went round and they guys munched away watching as I poked in the salad, choosing a lettuce leaf, some tomato halves, avocado. I love an audience and as the guys watched I managed to splash mayo on one breast (ooops), drip tomato down my chin and into my cleavage (tee hee), and smear avocado around a nipple then down across my stomach (what the hell). I finished the meal by taking a huge swig from the beer and dribbling most of it down my chin and over my breasts. The guys were open mouthed watching and, in a little girl voice and batting my eyelids, I said ooohh, I’ve made a mess! Who’s going to help me clean up?

Mario has that dirty lusty grin again and says well, he could think of three ways to clean me up. They could dunk me over the side (big down-turned mouth and pathetic puppy eyes from me); or they could lick me clean (big up-turned mouth and sparkling eyes from me); or, and here he hefts his cock and balls lewdly, they could hose me down (huge grin, girlish squeal and excited clapping from messy girl).

Pete and Mario swig down the last of their beers then stand either side of me. I spread my legs and tilt my head back. The first hot streams hit my breasts and for long seconds I thrill as the guys aim at my hard puckered nipples then hose across my front, their pale yellow piss splashing off my skin. The smell of urine is not very strong – all the beer, I guess – but is enough to fill me with a wanton arousal. I love golden showers, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a playmate – let alone two! They are still going strong and Pete directs his stream down my belly till he is soaking my trimmed bush. I spread my labia and shudder as my clit emerges from its hood and gets a shower. Mario watches then begins to go the other way. I give him a smouldering look as his soaks my neck. His eyes narrow in response and I open my mouth. His piss splashes on my chin then lips before he gets it straight into my maw. It is warm and salty, a bit acrid, and oh so nasty! My spare hand goes to my breasts and I massage them hornily as the piss pools and froths in my mouth.

Mario’s stream is weakening now, but he has enough to fill my mouth a couple of times. The first I let dribble down my front and the second I swallow. I then lean forward and take his cock between my lips, drinking the last trickles and tonguing the piss slit to get every drop.

Although I can feel Mario’s cock begin to thicken a little, I let it plop out and turn to Pete. He is still drenching my splayed snatch and I reach for his dick. He halts the flow until I aim it at my mouth, then releases and I get a hot splash along my tongue followed by a nice stream. He is fading now and steps closer so I can take his the bulbous head of his pale lanky schlong between my lips. I drink and suck until his bladder is empty. He staggers back and leans next to Mario.

I lick my lips and bat my eye lids. Pete looks a bit bewildered, but Mario has that dirty grin back – he’s definitely my type of guy. I rub my belly and say I’m so full, what with all that beer and cum and piss, I really need to go pee pee! Mario grins and asks if I need a hand. I nod dumbly, a finger between my lips, and lift my legs. He steps forward and hooks one leg around his waist. I look at Pete and he does likewise. They are standing side by side with my legs around them, my sex open to them. Mario reaches down and runs a finger down my labia and into my snatch. I sign, relax and open my bladder. A thick stream arches up and splatters against the guys’ waists. Pete flinches, but Mario grins and rubs my twat. I piss and piss and piss, much longer than the men. Mario occasionally cups his hand and feeds me some of it, or tastes it himself. Pete gets into it a bit, splashing the stream over my tits and tugging at my rings. I go ooohh and aahhh a lot, encouraging them to do what they like.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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