New Horizons Ch. 16

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This part of Samantha’s story only has a couple more chapters to go. “New Horizon’s Las Vegas” is in the works but not for a while. thanks to all my loyal readers. You’re the best.

It had been difficult to say good bye to the petite bundle of sexual energy known as Jan, but she assured me in our final moments together that she was going to make my arrival in Las Vegas a special event.

Now it was time to concentrate on the situation at hand. I had less than a week to go before our first training session in Las Vegas. Two highly sexual events were to take place in that week on top of all the meetings and hour of preparation necessary for the successful launch of Totally Woman Las Vegas, and we were determined that it would go so smoothly that other locations would be lining up for franchise approval. Already, Laurie and Wendy had made several trips to mysterious locations to meet with interested groups.

The next event, and a very important one indeed, would be Danni’s orientation. It was important in that it represented a new level of success in recovering members that had rejected our offers. At the same time, no matter how hard I tried to just relax and accept whatever it was that Beth had planned for me, there was a level of concern that kept waking me in the middle of the night for some reason. I knew that she would never allow anything harmful or extremely painful to happen, yet the feeling of foreboding persisted.

I’d made several attempts to contact Beth, Jillian or Heather, but they were successfully avoiding me and when I tried to get information from Laurie or Wendy, they simply said that it had nothing to do with them, which I knew was just a way to blow me off.

The day before the orientation, I received a call from Beth, but when I answered, she simply said to check my email frequently for more information, and she was gone.

I started checking it about every fifteen minutes and about an hour later I received an unsigned email in which I was advised to be at the orientation a half hour early. I was also reminded that as a member of the ceremony group, I would be required to be nude for the entire ceremony. Her last words were the ones I heard the loudest. “Due to some changes in the format, and the apparatus being used, the ceremony is expected to last longer than normal. Changes? What kind of changes? Apparatus???? Oh wait now!

A little later on, there was a second email which was on a standard memo form, again unsigned. It simply announced that “Due to an unusually high level of interest in tomorrow’s orientation, the location has been changed.” The next line gave the location and directions but on my copy, it was blacked out and typed in below it were the words, “see special instructions to follow.”

Minutes later, another message was received. “Dear Samantha, due to logistics problems and other considerations, I have arranged for you to be picked up at your home at five-thirty tomorrow evening. Please be ready to go at that time. You will be returned to your home at the conclusion of that activities. It was signed by someone named Collette, who I’d never heard of.

What logistical problems could there possibly be? I was getting more and more confused and concerned. At some point later, Beth sent me an email which helped explain things, but by that point my paranoia had reached fever pitch.

“Samantha,” it said. “I know that by this time, you are wondering what is going on and why the secrecy. As a member of the management team, you know how important secrecy is in making the ceremonies as meaningful and memorable as possible. As with all orientation, the host chapter was randomly selected and it is they who choose whether to follow the standard format or apply for permission to vary in any way from that format. When you requested permission to monitor Danni’s orientation, it was they who had to accept or reject your request.

On presentation of your request, they rejected the request as presented. The catching point was your presence in a not-participatory roll. The would, however, enthusiastically approve, with one provision. They requested the right to modify the ceremony, subject to approval, to more deeply involve you in the actual ceremony. The committee took their plan under advisement and approved the request as long as it was presented in its final form and approved by the committee five days prior to the ceremony.

To ensure its prompt approval and expedite the approval process, two advisors from the committee were recruited to follow the process through step by step. The end result is a completely revised ceremony for this specific occasion. A lot of planning and preparation went into the ceremony, Samantha. To show Danni your level of commitment to her safety and well being, you will be intimately involved in portions of her orientation and induction. At the end of her ceremony, there will be a second ceremony which will be conducted by a separate group. This ceremony will be in honor of your promotion, and to induct Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort you into the management family of Totally Woman. During this ceremony, certain basic apparatus will be used, which has been approved by the ceremonial steering committee.

So relax and stop worrying your pretty face into those ugly frown lines. Just go along with everything, enjoy the evening, and know that I am jealous of you. I wish it were me that was going to be there for Danni. We’ll be there for you though.”

I took two sleeping pills and went to bed.

I awoke with a fuzzy mouth to find my bedding wrapped around me like a long lost lover. The shower felt wonderful so I stayed in until the hot water was completely gone. An hour later, my hair was brushed out, smooth and soft, and I sat naked on the couch, with my coffee and a bagel. The thought of food did nothing for me but I knew I’d need to eat something.

I paced the floor all day long, getting nothing accomplished at all, just working off nervous energy that threatened to get me committed. At four, I threw on a skirt and pullover since I I knew they would be coming off in a short time anyway. A pair of loafers that I could kick off easily was all I added and I was ready.

At exactly five-thirty, a car came to get me, driven by the same girl that had picked me up for my orientation. “Hi there,” she said, brightly. “Isn’t it exciting? I mean it’s going to be something brand new and all, and so many people are coming. It’s like opening night at the theater.”

“You only say that because you aren’t the main course on the menu,” I replied.

“You’ll have fun,” she said. “You always have such a great time. I’m too shy to let anyone do anything like this to me.”

“Anything like what?” I asked, hoping to learn something.

She giggled. “Beth told me that you would try to get me tell all, but I won’t. It would ruin the surprises.”


We drove to Windward and pulled up in front of the ball room, a massive room with crystal chandeliers, multi-levels with polished mahogany railing. When I exited the car, she gave me a kiss and hugged me. “You don’t have to worry, Samantha. It’s going to be a memorable evening. I’ll be in the gallery with my chapter and if you want, we can talk on the way home.”

“If I can talk at all,” I replied, only half joking.

I was met at the door and steered to a small room off the main ball room where I was told to strip. A member of the team would be by to get me in a few minutes. About ten minutes later, a woman of about 32 or 33 stepped into the room. She was already naked and looked good enough to…oh hell, like I didn’t have more on my plate than I could handle already.

She smiled and held out her arms for the traditional greeting. Her nipples were so hard, they were almost painful against mine. “We’re glad you let us host this orientation session, Samantha. I hope we came up with something that you and Danni will remember for a long time as a very happy and satisfying event..”

She took my hands in hers and looked into my face. “I know you have some reservations and concerns about the use of apparatus,” she said, “so let me explain a bit about it. First of all, nothing is changed in the portion of the program involving Danni that will involve any apparatus. The group that is doing your portion of the ceremony has received permission to use some basic apparatus only to position you in a better, more suitable way to enhance your enjoyment and pleasure. You don’t have to worry about unusual stress or anything like that. In fact, we did a run-through using one of our members as your stand-in and she is more than willing to take your place tonight.

Let me tell you what to expect. We’ll start out the same as always, with the candidate being escorted in, stripped, fondled and aroused. At that point, I think you should let her know that you are in the room with her just so she knows for sure. She’ll be placed on the bed and the usual processes will be gone through. I should have asked you before but the chapter members have chosen to allow you to do the anal penetration.

“That’s not necessary,” I replied. “She just wanted me to be in the room with her, especially when we get to the anal part.”

“I understand,” she replied. “We decided it would be more meaningful and tolerated better if she knew that you were the one. Are you all right with that?”

“I guess,” I replied.

“Ok,” she replied. “I just wanted to be on the same page with you. After she is penetrated and has a couple orgasms from that, we will be taking a break. At that point, the ceremony changes. The candidate will be taken to another area where she will be allowed to rest and given some water if she wants it. She will then be allowed to join the other spectators to observe the rest of the program with us.

The ceremony team will then return to the ready room where a guide will meet you to escort you to another room where you will be prepared for your induction ceremony. During this time, the apparatus will be set up for the rest of the ceremony, which will take about ten minutes. During that time, you will remain nude. Before you leave the room, you will be blindfolded, then escorted out to the area. The team will place you and prepare you for the next step at that time. I promise that you will be experiencing some intensive, but satisfying sex, and your memories will be good ones.”

“I assume that I’m not to speak.” I said.

“I don’t think that is essential during Danni’s orientation, Samantha, but once you are blindfolded, you will be advised that you are not allowed to speak. After your ceremony, you will be taken to a reception area where you will meet the team that presented your induction.”

When we went into the room, I stood behind the chapter as Danni was escorted into the room. I could see that she was clenching and unclenching her hands to relieve some of the stress but I’d been there and I knew that things change rapidly. When she was placed on the bed, I went over to crouch down next to her and place my hand over hers.

“I’m right here,” I whispered. I could literally see the stress go out of her body when I said that and she smiled.

She did fine until the dildo head was placed against her. It was substantially larger than anything she’d had so I gripped her hand a little tighter. When it went in, she gave a sharp grunt and I could feel the muscles in her forearm tense hard. When the final thrust inward was made, she once again stifled a cry and tensed, but once the steady rhythm was established, she settled down in an almost constant moan until she came and when the second orgasm drew her body taut, she had difficulty in stifling a scream. She gasped and fought the restraints with each spasm until the calm began with slow, steady strokes that were about half the original depth.

As her restraints were being removed. I bent to whisper to her. “I’m going do the rest of your orientation, Danni. I think you know what’s going to happen but you know me and you know that I will be gentle and caring. Just relax and remember what I told you.” She nodded as she was lifted to her feet to be guided to the table where I was to test her ability to stand the anal experience. All I could think about was the size of the dildo used in this activity.

When she was properly situated, I slipped into the harness as the others went through the process of caressing her and making the initial inroads into her first penetration by the fingers of group members. She only jerked once when she yelped at the insertion of the second finger. I then massaged her back, leaning over to tell her to just relax and remember when to push.

I moved in behind her and helped lube up the dildo while lube was applied to her anus and the surrounding tissues. Before I attempted the actual penetration, I poured lube into my hand and moved slowly over her crease and anus before moving into her to be sure that lube was inside as well.

I laid the dildo against her crease and she remembered to take a deep breath and force herself to relax. When I began to press into her, everything was going fine, but when the head actually penetrated her sphincter, her face got a shocked look on it and her mouth flew open as though she was going to scream or something but only a slight whimper could be heard. With short, slow strokes, I opened her up and then began going deeper and deeper with each stroke until I was buried in her ass. I then moved to long slow strokes, going deep each time. Placing my hands on her cheeks, I spread her wide and used her body as I began thrusting faster and faster. I could feel her tighten her anus and thigh muscles as her orgasm moved closer and closer and there was no way to prevent the scream she gave when it hit. I kept up with the pace I was using and began to slow as she moved through a second orgasm and then I moved very slowly to ease her down. When she finally began breathing normally again, she was lifted from the table and instead of letting her clean herself, I went over to her and began bathing her battered ass and pussy.

“You did fine,” I whispered. “Now you get to watch what they do to me.”

When the team headed for the room they were using, a young woman I didn’t know came to escort me to a second room where I was give a white robe to wear. My thoughts at that moment were of being a sacrificial lamb. About ten or fifteen minutes later, I was blindfolded and led back into the room.

My robe was removed as someone announced that it was to symbolize the removal of my member status.

Several hands then led me over to walk up some steps onto a platform. The turned me then and had me step down onto a cool surface of some kind.

“Water, purified by the sun, the earth, and the wind, one of nature’s bountiful blessings, cleanse away all traces of sadness, sorrow, stress and pain and set your spirit free to learn, to experience, to live, love and laugh with friends and lovers, old and new.” Someone said, as cool water was poured over me to run over my body and down my legs.

“We cleanse away all unpleasant memories to make room for beautiful memories of things yet to be,” They said and several hands began to bathe me with warm bath sponges and a scented gel of some kind. I was told to put my feet on some platforms that were about three inches higher and spaced so far apart that I was spread open. They then thoroughly scrubbed my nipples and clit enough to bring me close to tears. They then had me step down and spread my arms out as they poured cool water over me before being toweled dry, a processes that further irritated my already tender nipples and clit. They then had me step down and wait

I could hear the sound of metal on metal, and the whine of an electrical or hydraulic device. For quite some time, I was just kept there, standing idly as the adjustments were completed. Then I was led over to the apparatus.

Several hands then guided me over to put me face up on a padded surface, similar to Wendy’s tables. When they had me placed where they needed me, my hips were raised up , my wrists were restrained over my head and my knees were pulled up even with my chest, and restrained there with my ankles restrained high in the air. A soft whirring sound and my legs were spread wide…so wide as to put some strain on my groin, but then they were moved just enough closer to take the stress away. In case you haven’t figured this out yet, it was the perfect position for frontal penetration of both pussy and ass, which just confirmed my original thoughts as to their intent.

What happened next surprised me since I was expecting something anal. Several tongues began to lick at my breasts and sensitive nipples while other women kissed me and fondled me. My nipples were sucked on, licked over, tongued, and nipped at while I nearly screamed. At the same time, others began to lick, kiss and suck on my thighs and mons. Oh god, how I wanted to come. I tried to twist and turn my body into them in hopes of gaining release but they just continued in their efforts to drive me insane. I fought the restraints, bit my lip to keep from begging, everything I could think of to have an orgasm. I’d get so close and then something would happen to quench the fires, the flames that were eating me up from the inside. When someone slowly slid a finger into me, I felt my pussy clench and at it, and my pussy began to flutter. It was a sure sign of an impending orgasm but I couldn’t do it. Oh my god, I needed to come.

I decided that I was trying too hard and tried to force myself to relax but even that didn’t work and then they just stopped. Just like that, they STOPPED!!! At that point I wouldn’t have stopped them from doing whatever they wanted to my ass or my pussy so long as I could have my orgasm.

I felt something against my anus and welcomed it but it was just held there with the slightest bit of pressure against me. I could feel them twisting it back and forth while lube was drizzled down over me and the toy. Fingers grasped my cheeks and spread hard and wide as I felt the pressure begin to build. Good god, that thing was huge and round, not conical. I tried not to scream as I felt my sphincter fighting to keep it out. Two hands spanked me hard on both cheeks and I yelped , then cried out as the thing penetrated my ass. It felt as big as a baseball, but in reality, it was more likely the size of a golf ball or a ping pong ball. Still, it hurt and as it popped through, I realized that it was some kind of ball, perhaps like ben-wah balls or something, only larger than I’d ever seen or felt.

Once it was in, I felt a tongue begin to glide over my already sensitized pussy lips several times before the tip of it was curled to move up and into me. I felt the first contact with my clit and jumped. Just a few more strokes, I thought, just a little more contact and I’d jump over the cliff.

There was more pressure at my anus and I knew another ball was going to be pushed in. Once again, I was spanked hard as it was forced through. It didn’t hurt as much but damn, it still hurt, and now my cheeks were starting to burn.

Several fingers took hold of my labia and began to stretch me open wide, wider than I’d ever been spread before. Lips slid over my clit and sucked on it while the finger was once again slipped in, stroked a few times and pulled out. I was so close I felt my thigh muscles begin to quiver and my body felt like it was vibrating. Her tongue lapped at my clit and all around it, noisily slurping at it and I felt the fires of sexual release begin to build. Almost, almost, just a little bit more and…and she stopped. Just as I thought I was to be denied again, she pursed her lips and blew into my pussy like she was playing a trumpet or something. It was loud, and it was almost embarrassing but I shot over the top like a space shot. I screamed, I cried, I moaned, I groaned, I cursed, and I nearly passed out from the strain on my body. My back was arched high into the air, or at least as high as I could get it. My hands were clenched so hard my nails drew blood from my palms.

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