New Neighbor Jenny Ch. 02

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Jenny ran into me and the guys the next day after we’d had our way with her albeit, in disguise under the guise of a random home break in.

“Oh! Hey guys! Hey, did you happen to hear anything last night? Or, you know, did anyone try to get into your apartment last night?”

We all looked at each other, trying not to break out into giggles.

“Nope, nuh uh. We didn’t hear a thing Jenny. Why?” I asked.

“Oh, some jerks broke into my apartment last night and…well, never mind.”

“Really? That’s terrible! Are you okay?” Benji asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine.” It was a lie. She was sore as hell after the all night fuck fest. “I filed a police report though, just to be safe, ya know?”

We had never thought about that possibility. The thought of jail made us all shiver.

“So, uh, so, what’d they, uh, say?” Harold asked nervously.

“Oh, you know. They said the place looked ransacked. When I told them that’s how it always looks, they said they’d file a report but not to get my hopes up.”

We all let out a collective sigh.

“Well, I certainly hope they get to the bottom of it. We don’t want that kind of rif raf in the building,” Sam said, trying to act concerned, which wasn’t his strong suit.

Jenny shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah, well…Hey, I could really use some company tonight! Do you guys know how to play poker?”

Harold puffed out his chest. “Do we know how to play poker? Does the Hadron Collider smash atoms?” Everyone chuckled at the comment except for Jenny.

“Yeah, whatever. Yes or no?”

Harold shrank at her tone. “Yes. Yes, we know how to play poker.”

“Great! Say 7 o’clock tonight? You bring the food, I’ll bring the wine.”

Jenny was determined to get even with me and the guys for having our way with her. She was a bit of a card shark. She thought if nothing else, she could take our money. She talked with her co-worker, Brenda, about alternatives.

“Well, you know how to really hurt a guy? Ridicule his manhood. Embarrass him in front of his friends,” Brenda said with a devilish smile in her nasally voice. Brenda was a cute little pixie of a woman with long blonde hair. She often wore glasses and clothes befitting a grandmother. But they couldn’t hide the 36-inch chest underneath. Her large breasts looked even bigger on her tiny frame.

“Right! But how would I do that? I mean, I think they get a hard on just being around a woman. And, trust me, those nerds have some really impressive equipment.”

Brenda, being a bit of a nerd herself, found herself attracted to other nerds anyway. Knowing that they have raging boners peaked her interest. “I may have a solution. I’m interning at a drug company. I’ll bet I can get my hands on something that might soften them up a bit.”


The guys gathered in Sam and I’s apartment before the big poker match.

“Okay guys, I think Jenny’s planning something,” Harold said in a hushed tone, even though it was only us guys.

“Really? What makes you think that?” I asked.

“I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who works with Jenny. You know, Brenda, the one with the big hooters.” We all nodded. We all knew who he was talking about without saying her name. “Well, apparently she asked for some kind of drug that would give a guy limp dick syndrome. She asked for four doses.” He let that sink in.

Benji shrugged his shoulders. “So we just don’t drink anything she gives us.”

Harold shook his head. “Nuh uh, that would be too suspicious. I picked these little beauties up.” He held up two vials of liquid smiling like the cat who’d just caught the canary. He shook the blue vial. “This one makes Viagra look like candy.” He shook the pink vial. “A couple drops of this one will make her horny as a teenager at prom.” We all howled with laughter.

“Oh, that’s good! That’s very good!” Benji said through his laughter.

Harold handed each one of us a vial. “Bottoms up, boys. Here’s to another night of fucking Jenny’s brains out!”

Sam knocked on Jenny’s door promptly at 7 o’clock. “Jenny”. Knock knock knock. “Jenny”. Knock knock knock. “Jenny”. Knock knock knock.

The door swung open. Much to their surprise, Brenda opened the door.

“Hello, boys,” she said with a glint her eyes.

“Oh! Uh, hey, Brenda,” I said surprised. “So, uh, so what’re you doing here?”

“Jenny said you boys were coming over for poker. I love poker! So she asked me to join in.”

Harold leaned into Benji. “I’ve got plenty for her, too.”

Benji giggled and rubbed his hand together. “Oh goodie! I can’t wait to see those boobies!”

“Fuck that. I can’t wait to introduce those boobies to my johnson.”


What the girls didn’t know was that Harold was a bit of a magician. His specialty was slight of hand. And he was especially good with cards. Of course, he volunteered to be the dealer. He made sure that the girls were winning most of those hands.

Eventually, after winning another hand, Jenny spoke up. “Say, you all want to make this a escort ankara little more interesting? How about we bump this up to some strip poker? I mean, since Brenda and I have taken most of your money,” she said snidely.

“Gee, I don’t know, Jenny. You’re pretty good,” I said, trying to hide my rush to start.

“Oh, come on, ya big babies. It’ll be fun,” Brenda squeaked.

“Okay, ya, sure, why not?” Benji replied.

“Yes, that’s a great idea. It’s not as if we’ve taken something to enhance ourselves or anything so foolish,” Sam said flatly. “Ow!” He barked after I kicked him in the shin. The girls just looked at him and thought nothing of it. Sam was always saying odd things, this was just another.

“Okay, great! Let me refresh those glasses before we start,” Jenny said with a smirk as she began to gather our glasses.

“Let me help,” Brenda said with a smirk of her own, gathered the rest of our glasses, and joined Jenny in the kitchen.

“Quick! Quick!” I whispered to Harold.

Harold hurriedly pulled the pink vial out of his pants pocket, opened the top, and held it over Jenny and Brenda’s glasses. However, his shaking hand put more than the “couple of drops” into each glass.

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “Oopsie. This should be fun!”

Jenny and Brenda stood hip to hip in the kitchen giggling as they poured the contents of the concoction Brenda had supplied into our glasses.

“Oh my gosh! This is going to be so funny! And cruel! I love it!” Brenda squeaked.

“I know, right! This is so fucking mean. And brilliant!” She poured the wine into the drug infused glasses and tried to hide her glee as she brought them back to the table, along with the bottle itself, with which she topped off her own and Brenda’s glasses. She held her glass over the table. “Here’s to a revealing game of strip poker! Drink up boys!” Everyone clinked their glasses and took a swig.

Harold began dealing the cards once again. This time, the girls weren’t winning so much. Harold made sure it stayed fairly even at the beginning.

Not only were the girls beginning to worry about the rate at which their clothes were leaving them, within five minutes of their first drink of their refreshed glasses they felt a very familiar heat begin to rise within them. With each piece of clothing removed around the table, and each sip of wine, the hotter it got.

It finally got to the point of the game where everyone was sitting around the table in their underwear. Each of the guys had raging boners under the table. The girls were visibly red with heat. They could feel their panties growing wetter by the second. Their headlights were on high beam.

Jenny won the next hand. “Ha!” she shouted when she laid her cards down. “Okay, Mark. C’mon, big boy, let’s have ’em.” She held out her hand, waiting for me to hand her my Superman briefs and reveal my wilted flower.

I threw my cards down and did my best to seem defeated. “Oh, doggone it! Fine, you won, fair and square.” I scooted my chair back and stood up. Both girls jaws dropped when they saw the massive bulge in my shorts. I peeled them off and handed them to a wide-eyed Jenny. “There you go. I guess I’m out.”

“Sweet Jesus!” Brenda exclaimed. The girls looked at each other with “what the fuck” looks.

Jenny was practically drooling. “Holy crap on a cracker,” she moaned. Her vaginal muscles began to spasm. She was on the verge of having an orgasm right there on the spot. She bit her lip and fought the urge to swat her aching clit.

“You’re too good for me. I’m out!” Harold announced. He slid his chair back, stood, and peeled off his leopard print underwear, revealing and impressive hard on. Both girls gasped.

Benji slammed his cards on the table. “Shoot! I’m out, too!” He stood, slipped off his boxers covered with hearts, and revealed a thick, bouncing prod. The girls couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Sam looked around. “Oh, are we quitting now?” We all gave him a sideways glance. He laid his cards on the table. “Oh! Yes. I have been soundly beaten by your far superior card skills. I shall withdraw from the game, as well.” He stood, deliberately dropped his tighty whities, and revealed a long, thin rod.

Jenny looked around the table in shock and awe. “Oh balls,” she moaned.

“Dear heavenly father,” Brenda sighed.

Jenny looked up at me with her big green eyes. I shivered when she wrapped her hand around my hot rod and pulled me closer. “C’mere, big boy. You can watch me rub one off real quick, then we’ll take care of you.” I shivered when she wrapped her long, soft fingers around me and pulled me closer. She gasped when I grabbed a globe through her black sports bra. Finally, mercifully, she jammed her hand into her frilly boy panties. “Oh FUCK!” she howled at the first swat to her raised kernel. It was like someone had touch it with an electric cattle prod. Her grip on my manhood tightened. Two more swats and she was howling, “Oh fuuuuuck! Cumming! Cumming! Fuuuuuuuuck!” We all watched ankara escortlar in amazement as her body shuddered with wave after wave of orgasm. She finally slumped in her chair. But she was aching for more. She knew exactly what she needed to scratch that itch. “Sam, lie down on the couch. Now!” she said as she much to my chagrin released me from her grip and stood.

“Excuse me?” Sam asked.

She pointed at the couch. “Lie on the couch. Now!”

“Your tone frightens me. Why do you want me to lay on your couch which hasn’t been cleaned in God knows how long.”

She black sports bra flew over her head and her soaked panties crashed to the floor. “Because you’re going to fuck me with that long fucking cock of yours. Now lay down!”

It was the first time I’d seen her naked in the light of day. The sight of her perky, round mounds and shaved slit nearly made me shoot my load right there.

Sam shook his head. “Oh, I hardly think so.”


Sam jumped at her ferociousness. “Fine. But I do it in protest only because I’m in fear of my life.”

“I don’t give a fuck!” she barked. He finally, apprehensively laid flat on the couch. His long, thin mast pointed straight at the ceiling. Jenny straddled and gripped him. “Oh fuck yeah,” she cooed.

His head parted her lips. They cried out in unison, “Oh God!” for different reasons.

The entire slide down, Jenny moaned, “Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck me!” She landed in his lap, then quickly rose and fell twice more. “Oh my fucking God. Cumming! Cumming! Oh fuck! Cummingggggahhh!” The room watched while her body shuddered with a second massive orgasm.

Harold turned to Benji. “I need to start carrying that shit around with me everywhere!”

“Ya, dude! Don’t forget to help out a brotha!”

“Well, that’s not so bad,” Sam observed flatly. “It’s like warm, soft velvet wrapped around my boy part.”

“Yeah, that’s great, Sam. Good to know you like my pussy wrapped around your ‘boy part’,” Jenny panted sarcastically. She wagged her finger at me and bent over until her tits were smashed into Sam’s chest. “Okay, big boy, I’ve got another hole that needs attention,” she grinned as she pulled her ass cheeks apart.

My eyebrows slapped against my hair line. “Seriously?”

“Do I look like I’m fucking kidding?”

I leapt behind her and held myself steady. “Wow, look at that! Your, you know, butthole is already open! Like it’s waiting for me!”

“Yeah, yeah, I love it in the ass, okay? Now quit admiring my whore asshole and fill it!”

“Oh! Right, right!”

She bit her bottom lip when my swollen tip touched her parted rosebud. She grunted when it disappeared inside her. I leaned forward. “Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuck!” she moaned until my entire shaft slid past her sphincter.

“Ohmagawd, Jenny! Your ass is so tight!”

“That’s because you’re so fucking big! Now…now…grrrrrrrr…fuck my ass like you own it!” I gave her three hard pokes. I gave her three long, hard pokes. “Ohmyfuckinggawd! Cumming! Cumming again! Fuuuuuuuck!” Sam and I felt her muscles spasm around us. The feeling was intense.

Everyone was so enamored with Jenny they didn’t realize Brenda had stripped off her frilly white bra and matching g-string.

“How about you, big boy? See anything that interests you?” Brenda said to Harold, bouncing her firm breasts at him.

“Oh! Oh shit! Hell yeah!”

She giggled. “So, what’d you have in mind?”

He waved his wand at her. “Well, the first thing I’d like to do is introduce Big Harold her to those big fuckin’ fun bags of yours.”

She giggled again. “I knew you were a breast man.” She got out of her chair and fell to the floor on her back. Her entire body was on fire like never before. She squeezed her tits together. “Why don’t you bring Big Harold down here? My girls can’t wait to meet him.”

“As you wish!” In a flash he was sitting on her chest. He slapped his meat into her cleavage, which she quickly enveloped by pushing them together. “Oh my God, that’s incredible!” he crooned.

“How about you, Benji? See anything you like?” she asked as she parted her legs, revealing a finely trimmed bush.

“Ya! Do I ever!”

“Why don’t you bring that caramel coated cock over here?”

“Ya, sure!” He quickly landed between her legs. “Holy crap, dude! That…that’s the largest clitoris I’ve ever seen!” PAP! He lightly slapped it.

Brenda nearly came out of her skin. “Oh Holy Mother Mary!” PAP! “Sweet Jesus!” Benji leaned in. Brenda definitely wasn’t expecting the touch of his lips to her own swollen lips. Her bean felt like a vibrating tuning fork under his tongue. He swatted it twice. “Oh dear Lord in heaven!” Swat swat swat. Harold felt like he was riding a bucking bronco. “Oh God! Cumming! Cumming! Aiiiiyyyyeeeeee!” Harold pumped her cleavage while Benji lapped at her still vibrating button. She reached around Harold and pushed at the top of Benji’s head. “Stop! Please stop! I…I want you…to fuck me…please! I’m begging you!”

“Oh! Sure! sincan kaliteli escortlar Absolutely!” He wiped her juices from his chin and slid between her parted legs.

She squeaked when his thick, brown tip touched her sensitive slit. She grunted when it slipped through her folds. Her back arched when he fell in balls deep. “Oh Christ!” she screeched. “Now fuck me, you bastard!”

“With pleasure,” Benji said with a wicked tone. He pulled back and gave her five hard jabs.

“Oh Mother Mary and Joseph! Cumming…again! Oh God! Aaaiiiiiyyyyyeeeeee!”

Harold continued to slide his meat between her cushions.

“Oh my gosh! You’re so big it’s hitting my chin!”

“Ha ha! I know! Let’s fix that!” He reached behind her head and pulled it forward. Now, instead of hitting her chin, it was smacking her lips. She quickly got the hint and began to take his purple head in with each thrust forward.

Jenny continued to slide on top of Sam’s body. “Oh shit! You guys are fucking me so…so good! Oh fuck! I…I don’t believe it! Fuck! Cumming! Cumming again! Fuuuuuuuuckkkk!”

“Look at her, Sam! The slut is cumming again already!” I said to my partner.

“Yes, she has made that quite clear. Is that unusual?” he asked quite calmly.

“Hell yes it’s unusal! Unless you’re a cock loving slut!”

“Oh God yes!” she cried out while fireworks continued to shoot through her body. “I’m a cock loving slut! Give it to me! Oh my God, give it to me!”

Brenda’s body tensed. “Sweet baby Jesus, here I come! Oh God! Not again! Ohmagawd! Aaiiiiyyyyeeeeeeee!” she squealed. Every nerve ending was on fire.

Harold laughed. “Ha ha! Looks like there’s more than one slut in the room! I’m about to give mine a pearl necklace! How about it, slut? would you like a pearl necklace?”

“Yes! Yes! I want it! Yes!”

“Here we go! Ready for launch in 3…2…1!” A stream of white shot out of Harold’s rocket, crashed against the bottom of Brenda’s chin, and spread across and down her throat into her hair. “Ha ha! Fuck yeah! Now for the big finish!” Quite unexpectedly, he lifted out of her cleavage and jammed his fuel rod into her still moaning mouth. She coughed and gagged when he forced himself down her throat and his balls bounced off her chin. “Ha ha! Look at that! Balls deep on the first dive! We’ve got a real sword swallower here! Now suck it good, bitch!” He continued to throat fuck her hard and fast.

My thrusts into Jenny began to stutter. “Oh shit! Your…your ass is so tight! I…I’m gonna cum! Fuck!”

“Oooo yeah, give it to me, big boy! Shoot it up my ass! Fuck yeah!”

My claws dug into her hips. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Cumming! Cumming! Gahhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh shit! I feel it! Oh fuck yeah, I feel it! Oh shit! Oh shit! Fuck! Cumming! Cumming! Fuuuuuuuckkkk!” The hard throbbing in her ass sent her into another roaring orgasm. What the fuck?! Sex has never felt like this?! Fuck! her mind screamed.

Brenda gasped for air when Harold pulled out of her face and jumped to his feet. “Okay, my turn to tap that ass!”

I pulled out. A stream of white leaked out.

“Hey! Hey!” Sam shouted for the first time when he felt the new warmth streak down his shaft. “What…what’s that I feel running across my boy part?” he asked while Jenny continued to use him as a pogo stick.

“Don’t…don’t worry about it, Sweetie. Just…just keep fucking me with that fantastic fucking cock of yours!”

“Do I have a choice?” Sam asked sarcastically.

Jenny’s hair was matted to her head and sweat covered body. “No, you don’t, so just shut up and enjoy the ride!”

“I hope you enjoy sloppy seconds,” I smiled at Harold as we passed.

“Who the fuck cares? I’m tapping Jenny’s ass! That’s all that matters!”

“Bring that rocket over here, big boy! Let’s see what you’ve got,” Jenny purred.

“Coming ma lady!” Harold leapt onto the couch and positioned himself. “Ready for re-entry!”

Jenny’s head snapped back when Harold quite unceremoniously stabbed her backside. “Oh fuck! Fucking bastard!”

“Ha ha! Get ready to ride the rocket, bitch!”

I slapped Benji on his rising and falling hip. “I think this bitch has another hole that needs attention. Let’s roll her over and find out.”

She looked over Benji’s shoulder at my glistening tool. “Oh shit! You’ll split me in half with that thing!”

“Jenny didn’t have any trouble taking it,” I said as Benji rolled her over, never pulling out.

“But…but…Jenny’s a whore! I’m a good Catholic girl!” She failed to note that this good Catholic girl is getting through college with the help of her 36 inchers and college professors glazing them on a regular basis.

“Fuck you, bitch!” Jenny yelled. “Afraid of a little good ol’ fashioned ass fucking? What a whiny bitch!”

“A little ass fucking?! Look at the size of that thing!” Brenda barked as I climbed in behind her.

“And it felt great! Take it or I’ll tell everybody at work what a whiny ass bitch you are! Jesus! Afraid of a little cock up your ass! Jesus!”

“A little cock?!” I touched her gleaming rosebud. “Oh shit! Wait!”

“You’d better relax or this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker,” I hissed. “Maybe if you pulled your ass cheeks apart? You act like you’ve never taken it up the ass before!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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