Night Adventure in Motel 6

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All characters are 21+


Standing outside, the cold nipped at my legs and my hands as I kept my jacket closed. I was waiting on him to come pick me up for the best night of my life. Five minutes later, his white truck rolled up as he lit a cigarette. I open the door and see my handsome fuck buddy smiling at me. Hopping up into his truck, I give him a quick peck on his lips as I shut the door.

“Where do you wanna go eat?” I asked as he pulled out of the apartment complex.

“Ever tried Japanese before?”

“No but I would love to.”

We looked at each other again and we were both smiling at each other. What joy it brings to us to see each other after a long day. We arrived at the Japanese restaurant and eat whilst talking about our day and where we both grew up. After the bill was paid, I knew that the fun was so close to starting.

We arrive at the hotel and get settled into the room. He leaves to go get us a drink and I slowly start undressing myself. Looking into the mirror, I saw the tanktop cover pendik escort most of my upper body while my light blue thong left little to imagination as a damp spot grew in the crotch. He comes back with alcohol and liters of soda. He opens the door and sees me standing half naked by the bed.

Tony walks over to me and starts grinding himself on me whispering in my ear, “You make me so hard little one”.

Biting my lips I push my against him grinding my ass on his hard on. He kisses me on the shoulder and leads me to the bar where he pours up a few shots of tequila and some coke to throw it back with it. We drown the shots and get into the bed watching friends while we hold hands. He pulls a joint out and lights it taking a few hits. We share the joint and I can feel myself suddenly get so high that the room was spinning. Out of my daze, we lay on our sides as we cuddle up. Not before long I’m moving my hips against him feeling his hard cock in his underwear.

He rubs me through my thong as moans start spilling out of my mouth as tuzla escort I grip the bed sheets. He pulls my brand new thong off and starts prodding my asshole with his wet finger. The barrier gives in and he shoves his long fingers deep into my ass causing me to moan loud enough to make our neighbors bang on the wall to take it down a notch.

He shoves a gag in my mouth as he rams his big dick into my ass. I start to squirm as I get this feeling of being on a very long rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. Drilling deep into my ass, I feel him jerk as he fills my ass up with the first load of the night. We roll off of each other and start watching tv again as we cuddled.

About half an hour later, I wake up out of my daze and I can feel him rubbing himself against my sleeping body. Jutting out my ass, he takes the invitation and starts lubricating my ass with his fingers. For the second time that night, he drilled me in my ass and filled it up with the second load.

About 3 hours later, I can feel him kneel between my legs and kartal escort pull my tampon out. Confused, I ask him whats going on and he doesn’t answer. He starts rubbing my pussy with his fingers and playing with my clit as I arch my back. Without a warning, he slams into me sending chills down my spine. He leans down still fucking my aching pussy and starts kissing me and pinching my nipples as our mouths swallow each others.

I’m at the top of my high when he jerks and cums into the condom. We slept next to each other with the blankets off and the air on.


I wake up and untangle myself from Tony as I head into the bathroom to wash the nights adventure out of my ass and pussy. After I am all cleaned up, I get back into his arms and fall asleep again. We both wake up at 10 am and look into each other’s eyes. I bit my lip and smile as he turns me around and starts fingering my ass again. Bucking my hips, he slides right on into my ass drilling me into another mind numbing orgasm. We fucked one more time then both headed into the shower to get ready for the day. We ate breakfast together and he dropped me off for work. With a quick goodbye make out session, I head into work and smile as I feel my ass beg for more of his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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