Nisha’s Husband Swap Ch. 02 – New Year

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Nisha loved people-watching and had deliberately chosen to sit at a table which afforded her an unobstructed view of the people eating and drinking in the busy bar below. She knew Meenakshi would be late for their lunch date and her phone was on red so Nisha had decided to just sit back, relax, and watch the world go by. With a bottle of Prosecco chilling in a bucket on the table and a few quiet moments to herself she was able to forget about cooking, tidying the house for visitors and all the other stresses of the festive period and just chill for a while.

She watched as groups of attractive young women with designer shopping bags sat chatting excitedly over lunch, regaining their strength before returning to the chaos of the Oxford Street stores before Christmas. Inwardly, Nisha congratulated herself on having completed her shopping weeks before the shops began to get busy. In the middle of the room stood a group of rowdy football supporters enjoying a pre-match beer before heading to whichever of the many London stadia their team were playing at today. She imagined their wives taking advantage of their absence to spend the afternoon with their secret lovers before their husbands returned, pissed and stinking of curry, in time for Match of the Day.

Nisha most liked to watch the attractive young couples, remembering the excitement, innocence and sexual discovery of her own early relationships. She would watch with amusement and a pang of jealousy as the handsome young men flirted and showed off, desperately trying to impress the beautiful women whose company they shared. When she was feeling horny Nisha would imagine them having sex, wondering how each liked to be pleasured and what kinks they might be into.

Today her attention was drawn to a young couple arguing on a sofa near the door. The woman was obviously upset with her boyfriend who was failing in his attempts to adequately excuse whatever it was he had done wrong. Nisha was too far away to hear what the argument was about but she felt sorry for the guy as he tried in vain to apologise and make things right again. She knew that later, once the woman had eventually forgiven him, they would have the intense sex that always follows an argument: the urgent fucking that comes from a renewed appreciation of your partner and relief that the argument is over. She imagined his head between her legs, his tongue having much more success in making her happy than it currently was. And the woman astride him, furiously riding him to completion before melting into his arms. It turned her on to think of them “forgiveness fucking” that evening and she wished she could be there to watch.

Nisha wondered: if somebody in the bar secretly observed her in the way she observed others how would they imagine her sex life? Would they picture her as the submissive, suburban Indian wife of stereotype; surrendering to her husband’s demands for sex but having little desire of her own? Certainly the relaxed fit, elderflower dress she was wearing was slightly conservative and not overtly sassy, even if its V-neck revealed a moderate amount of cleavage and Nisha’s curves gave it a sexiness most other women couldn’t. And it was true that her husband, Chris, would sometimes pull her skirt up, move her panties to one side and fuck her where she stood – something she loved. But could they possibly imagine the truth; that behind the demure, respectable exterior Nisha hid an altogether sluttier side? Could they guess that she was in the pub to make arrangements to swap husbands with her best friend for the second time and that she did so purely for the satisfaction of feeling her friend’s husband’s thirteen inches of cock spilling sperm into her bumhole? She hoped not. After all, everyone should have their secrets.

Bored, she looked away from the crowds and looked at the architecture of the pub. It had clearly once been a cinema or theatre but Nisha remembered it from its time as a music venue in the 80s and 90s. She had been a few times with friends while at university to see some long-forgotten heavy metal bands. She tried to imagine her twenty-one year old self in the darkened venue amongst all the leather and long hair; the smell of smoke, Jack Daniel’s and patchouli oil heavy in the air. The view of the band from where she now sat, on what had once been the upstairs gallery, would have been amazing then, but what had once been the stage was now occupied not by a rock group with screaming guitars but by a group of old men and a couple with a screaming toddler. She was sure there must be a metaphor for her life there but struggled to work out what it was.

Nisha’s reflections were brought to an abrupt end when she spotted Meenakshi making her way across the room below her towards the stairs. It wasn’t difficult to pick her out in the crowd; tall, slim and with an impeccable mane of glossy, raven hair, Meenakshi cut an imposing figure as she strode confidently past the busy tables, the sound of her boot-heels on the laminate floor audible even from Nisha’s vantage point high above.

Nisha afyon escort couldn’t help but be impressed as the throng of thirsty men queueing by the bar opened up in front of Meenakshi to allow her past. She watched as the men noticed her approach, immediately drew back to let her through then checked out her bum as she passed them by. Levis were very kind to shapely women, Nisha had always thought. Meenakshi was the ultimate Indian MILF and Nisha had always considered her husband, Rishi, a very lucky guy. Meenakshi began to climb the stairs to the mezzanine. Clocking Nisha, she waved and flashed her big, white smile. Nisha felt the gaze of a dozen men shift in a moment from Meenakshi towards her.

Lunch with Meenakshi was always good for Nisha’s ego. Even at fifty-one, Nisha was quite capable of attracting the attention of men when in bars on her own, but when she and Meenakshi got together the level of attention they both received was much, much greater. Occasionally, they would flirt back if the men looked capable of sustaining an interesting conversation but there was never any temptation to be unfaithful. Both women loved their husbands and fucking random guys was never an attractive proposition for either of them.

Nisha stood up to greet her friend, kissing her on both cheeks as they hugged one another excitedly. The damp December weather clung to Meenakshi’s black leather jacket and her face was ice cold against Nisha’s cheek but she was too excited to care. She had missed Meenakshi in the two months since they had last met.

“God, it’s freezing out there!” Meenakshi said as she removed her jacket, making an exaggerated shivering action to accentuate her point. “I know it’s December but fucking hell!” Nisha took Meenakshi’s jacket and hung it over the back of a chair to dry as Meenakshi blew on her freezing hands, rubbing them together briskly in an attempt to get some feeling back. “Sorry I’m late by the way; the bus was going nowhere fast and the traffic was diverted due to some protest march going on.”

Nisha loved Meenakshi’s excuses and couldn’t help teasing her friend. “Twelve thirty for a twelve o’clock meet? That’s early by your standards, Meenakshi – well done!” The friends laughed; Meenakshi’s adherence to “Indian time” was legendary and sometimes it could be really irritating, but today Nisha had expected nothing else and had quite enjoyed the time alone.

Nisha poured a glass of Prosecco for Meenakshi and topped up her own as the pair sat down. “So how have you been?” Meenakshi asked. “It seems like ages! It’s just been so busy, what with our trip to India and Christmas only a week away. And the kids need to be driven to parties or netball matches every second day it seems.”

“I know! It’s been crazy with us too,” Nisha replied. “But tell me, how was India? Did the funeral go okay?”

“God, you wouldn’t recognise Delhi, Nisha. Every time I go back it seems to have changed beyond recognition. But it was amazing – very hot – and yes, the funeral went okay. Rishi was upset of course – it was his favourite uncle and his death came as such a shock – but he’s getting over it now. I try to cheer him up to take his mind off things and that seems to work,” a wink from Meenakshi confirmed that the sort of “cheering up” Nisha had imagined was correct. “But he hasn’t really been himself since we got back; he’s been a bit moody and demanding. I’m hoping that our weekend away at New Year will help.”

The weekend they had planned in the Lake District had been the reason Meenakshi and Nisha were meeting. Although the cottage had been booked months earlier there was still much to plan and it wasn’t only the travel arrangements that required attention. “But are you sure Rishi will want to… you know… swap again? If he’s still grieving he might not be in the mood. Chris and I will totally understand if you want to postpone or cancel. We can go in the summer if that’s better for Rishi.”

It was a question Nisha had been afraid to ask since she had heard about Rishi’s uncle’s death. The trip to the Lake District had been planned in order to give the two women a chance to further explore their new-found interest in swinging with each other’s husbands. Some time away from London, family and work had seemed like a good idea when they had booked but with the changed circumstances, Nisha had been concerned that Meenakshi and Rishi might want to delay.

“Nisha, if there’s one thing that will make Rishi feel better it’s a weekend away with you guys. He was so excited in September when I told him we’d booked it and I know he’s been looking forward to…” Meenakshi leaned in, looking around to check nobody could hear, “…fucking your arse again. I know you must be desperate for his huge cock in your arse by now too. Chris and I have our own plans, as you know. So yes, I’m sure Rishi will be up for it. There’s no way we’re going to cancel.”

The “plans” Meenakshi mentioned had been discussed immediately after she and Chris had fucked during the first husband afyon escort bayan swap. He had satisfied Meenakshi’s need for anal pleasure – for the time being at least – but there were other things Meenakshi wanted to try that would work better outside her marriage and domination was one of them. Rishi was too naturally dominant a character to make a willing submissive, and the dynamics of his relationship with Meenakshi would make a femdom scenario between the two of them seem false and unconvincing. But with Chris Meenakshi felt she could explore her inner dominatrix much more satisfactorily and he had seemed to welcome her suggestion enthusiastically. Since Nisha and Meenakshi had few secrets, the plan had been shared in full with Nisha shortly afterwards.

“So you still want to do the domination thing with Chris?” Nisha asked. “I know he would enjoy it. He’s tried to get me to do domination and humiliation with him before but it doesn’t really float my boat. I guess we’re both naturally a bit submissive and humiliating my husband doesn’t seem right, even if it is just play.”

“I know what you mean,” Meenakshi replied. “That’s partly why it wouldn’t work if I did it with Rishi, or at least when it’s only the two of us. But yes, I’ve been planning what I’ll do with Chris since he first agreed to it. And that’s why I suggested meeting you here. Once we’ve had lunch I thought I might take you shopping in Soho. There are some shops I want to visit and some… items… I want to buy, and I would value your opinion.”

Soho, London’s renowned sex district, was just around the corner from the bar in which the women sat. The area was packed with adult shops, ranging from book and video stores through to seedy sex toy shops and niche gay clothing outlets. Meenakshi would undoubtedly be spoiled for choice whatever it was she wanted to buy.

“So will you come shopping with me?” Meenakshi asked. “Is there anything you need to buy for your next time with Rishi?”

“Of course I’ll come,” Nisha replied excitedly, ” …although I hope nobody sees us going into the shops. Imagine if I bump into a work colleague or something!”

“Oh, don’t worry. Just pull your scarf around your face. And anyway, if you meet a work colleague you might just as well ask them what they are doing in a sex shop!” They laughed.

“True,” Nisha reasoned. “But I’m not sure if I need to buy anything. As you know, Rishi’s request for next time was that we all fuck in the same room: you said he gets turned on by the idea of watching and being watched, so we can certainly do that. I know he wants to watch Chris fuck your arse and it will appeal to his dominant alpha male side to have Chris watch as he fucks me too, but I’m not sure I need to buy anything in particular for that. I’ll keep an eye open for something that might spice things up even more though.”

Meenakshi ordered lunch and another bottle of Prosecco and by the time she and Nisha left the pub, both were a little tipsy and any inhibitions or embarrassment they had about visiting Soho’s sex shops quickly disappeared. As they merged with the crowds on Old Compton Street they felt anonymous and safe, and besides, most other passers-by were equally fascinated by the displays of lingerie and bondage gear in the shop fronts, enticing people in to investigate the more explicit items hidden from public view.

In an attempt at discretion, Nisha and Meenakshi visited a shop which, while ostensibly a regular bookshop, advertised an adult store on a sign above the door. Making their way inside, the girls were disappointed: the whole floor just seemed to be filled with unappealing non-fiction books and calendars with dogs on. But then Meenakshi noticed a staircase to the basement. Half way down the stairs was a neon sign indicating that this was the way to the sex shop.

As casually as possible, the girls made their way down the stairs. Although both women had visited sex shops before neither felt particularly comfortable as they reached the bottom step and made their way inside the room. The basement was dark and musty and what little light there was seemed to come primarily from lurid neon signs flickering in the darkness. It took their eyes a moment to adjust to the gloom and make out the full extent of the treasure trove they had discovered.

“Oh my God,” Nisha whispered as they tentatively made their way into the room. “Look at this shit!” Both girls were wide eyed and incredulous. The room was much bigger than they had anticipated and the range of items was impressive. Every wall was packed from floor to ceiling with all manner of clothing and sex toys, some of which were easy to identify, others utterly baffling. An old man sat by a cash register in the corner reading a foreign newspaper. He nodded to acknowledge the women’s arrival before returning to his newspaper. Apart from the old man they were alone. They slowly started to browse the room.

“So what are you looking for, Meenakshi?” Nisha whispered. “What do you have in mind for Chris?”

“Well, escort afyon I have a few ideas around clothing,” Meenakshi replied. “I’m thinking of a latex cat-suit or something similar, but I want it to be quite revealing and accessible too – I don’t want to have to take it off to get fucked. And maybe stilettos of some sort; I’m not sure if the ones I have at home will do. I’ll need to choose my outfit and then decide.”

“And what about toys?” Nisha was intrigued.

“Well that’s where I will really value your opinion,” Meenakshi said. “You have a much better idea about what Chris enjoys. I know you haven’t done much domination and BDSM stuff but you can probably guess what he will like – and also what is likely to turn him off.”

Meenakshi picked up a curved, bulbous vibrator from the discount basket and scrutinised the packaging and price tag. “I desperately need a new one of these,” she said matter-of-factly. “Mine is so old now and the newer ones come with many more features.”

“Look at this! A butt plug for him and a vibrator for her,” Nisha said enthusiastically. “You can control each other’s device from your phone even if you’re on the other side of the world from one another! I’d ask Chris to put the butt plug in while he’s lecturing at the uni and I’m at work – that could be fun!” She looked at the price tag and put it back disappointed.

“Does Chris use a butt plug?” Meenakshi asked. “How comfortable is he about putting things in his arse?”

“Yes, he does,” Nisha replied. “He usually puts one in when we have sex – unless it’s just a quickie. He says it gives him a much stronger orgasm and he cums longer and much more heavily. You can tell how intense it is from his cum-face. Sometimes he looks like a fucking gargoyle when he cums with his plug in!”

Meenakshi laughed loudly but controlled herself when the old guy in the corner looked up disapprovingly. “Okay, well I won’t buy one if he has one already but that gives me food for thought.” She carried on browsing. “Now this is something I definitely want to buy.”

Nisha joined her and looked at the small box Meenakshi held in her hand. At first she couldn’t make out what it was but the picture and wording told her what she needed to know. “Hmmm, a ball divider?”

“Yes,” Meenakshi replied. “It’s just a rubber strap with poppers on but clipped together correctly it forms a figure-of-eight shape around the cock and balls, splitting them apart. I’ve seen it on Lovehoney. Do you think Chris will enjoy some ball play? I know he’s very sensitive down there.”

“Yes, he is. He loves it when I squeeze his balls hard when I’m giving him a hand-job or when he’s fucking me from behind, and he loves it when I suck his balls into my mouth, so yes, it’s definitely something he’ll go for. It’s only ten pounds – go for it.” Meenakshi held onto the box and carried on browsing.

“Have you tried these?” Nisha asked, picking up some anal beads.

“Yes, we tried using them when Rishi was trying to get me to do anal. He thought that because the beads get progressively bigger further down the stem he could gradually open me up enough to take his big cock but even the biggest bead didn’t work – his cock was still too big. Just as well I have your husband to take care of that side of things now.” She winked.

“Hmmm…” Nisha replied, replacing the beads. They didn’t look big enough to satisfy her: Nisha could only get off from anal stimulation when her hole was completely full which was why she loved being fucked by Rishi.

“Oooooh, yes!” Meenakshi said excitedly, striding purposefully into the corner of the room. A mannequin had been dressed up in a five-point restraint; it was lying on its front, its hands pinned behind its back and its ankles drawn back to meet them. It’s neck was also held by the same device, pulling its head backwards towards its tethered limbs. The mannequin looked so helpless, lying on its front and trussed like a roast chicken. “I’m definitely getting one of these! I’m going to enjoy using this on your husband!” She picked up a packaged one from the shelf and read about the features. “You can detach the restraints and use them separately as handcuffs, leg restraints or a dog lead, or you can put them all together, as with the mannequin.” She put the box under her arm determinedly before moving on to the dildo section.

Hearing Meenakshi twice refer to Chris as Nisha’s husband suddenly worried Nisha as the weirdness of the situation struck home. Here she was, in a Soho sex shop with her best friend, shopping for items which Meenakshi would use when fucking her husband. For a fleeting moment Nisha became concerned that the arrangement had gone too far and that it was becoming out of her control, but she quickly put things into perspective.

She figured that they had only swapped husbands once before and that the experience had been mind-blowing for all four of them. Her relationship with Chris had been better than ever since their first husband swap and besides, she wanted more of Rishi’s enormous cock. She knew all four of them were beneficiaries of the arrangement and her moment of concern instead turned to a feeling of great excitement. She decided to look for something that would enhance her pleasure when she next fucked Meenakshi’s husband to even things up.

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