No Good Deed…..

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*Note* **All characters are 18 years of age or older **

Liam drove slowly down the street out in front of the high school he saw a group bullying one girl, who no matter what they did, all she did was try to leave. Soon he saw she had been pushed to the ground, they wouldn’t let her up. Then someone kicked her, luckily it was deflected by the backpack she had. Without a second thought Liam floored it and hopped the curb, heading straight towards the group of bullies. As he got closer they started to scatter, he cut Chevelle’s wheel and skidded to a stop just in time. He reached over, and flung open the passenger side door yelling,

“Get in, hurry!”

She was on her feet with her things and in the passenger seat in a flash. Just as her foot left the ground he had the car fishtailing away, causing the door to slam shut on it’s own. As they drove away the Bullies were yelling various things and cursing. Final blocks away, with the school far behind them he slowed

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m not hurt, I’m fine! Though who knows what could have happened. It’s never been like that before. Because I dress a little differently I’m a whore? Seriously! Fucking assholes!”

With how quickly everything had happened he never really saw what she looked like. Now that things had calmed, He saw she was a beautiful goth girl. She had an undercut hair style, with the left half of her head shaved, the rest was long, nearly reaching her waist, luscious straight black hair with the ends dyed blue. She had pale green eyes framed by dark eye make-up, her lips were bright red, with snakebite piercings. Her septum was pierced also, her ears had gauged plugs. She wore, knee high Gothic leather boots, with black fishnet stockings under her black and Tartan short skirt. Under her leather jacket the Black and red corset she wore peeked out, along with her ample pale cleavage.

She started to rage. He reach out to comfort her saying

“Hey.. come one your okay now, your safe now.” Liam said pulling to a stop at a red light. “Come on, don’t let them get to you.”

She spoke with fury in her voice, “You’d think I’d be used to it by now, it’s been been going on too long, seven years, it’s amazing how idiots never tire of cruelty. Thank God this is my senior year of High School. I’m so sick of their small mindedness.”

Liam drove around letting her vent, after Gaziantep Escort Reklamları awhile she was quiet.

“Hey thanks for letting me get that out, not to mention saving my life. With all my ranting i never did get your name, I’m Kelsey” she says flattening out her skirt.

“Nice to meet you Kelsey, My names Liam.”

He was a handsome older man in his 30’s fit, with black hair, stunning brown eyes, he gave off this relaxed, but virile energy. Looking him over she said,

“Well nice to meet, thanks again for saving me handsome. My Hero!”

“Oh my God!’ she thought, have I lost my mind? She scooted over next to him. She reached across him with her right arm and slid herself against him. Her right leg moved forward partly on his lap as she hugged him tightly. He smelled so good she thought, shock ran through her as she noticed she was getting wet. Meaning to break her contact with him she backed away and looked up at him, without meaning to she moved in to kiss him on the cheek, but he moved to say something to her causing her to kiss him on the lips. It felt so wonderful Kelsey was in awe, and fell headlong into his kiss. His vision impaired as it was he hit a pot hole, making them bounce in the seat.

With the way Kelsey had been sitting, she had bounced into his lap more. Where to her surprise she could feel his hardening cock through his pants. So many thoughts stampeded through her head, foremost that an older guy was attracted to her, she may have dressed provocatively, but deep inside she felt like she would never find a guy who thought she was beautiful inside and out. And here this man is excited by a kiss from me she thought. Spurred on by the thought of his attraction made her feel bold.

“HMMM! Did I cause this?” she asked rubbing her thigh against it.

“Uhhh! Yeah! you did.” He said a little embarrassed.

Exhilarated by his growing excitement, her boldness grew.

“First you save me, listen to me vent and complain. Your getting an erection from a kiss. Do you really find me that pretty?”

“Your not pretty Kelsey.” he says.

Causing her anger to flare and starts to smolder inside her, when he continues,

“Your Gorgeous, an Angel in the flesh.”

She’s overtaken by the joy to hear him say that. Her anger extinguished replaced with excitement. She feels her lust ignite for him, leaning into his chest she slips her hands in between herself and him and starts to caress his stiffening manhood through the front of his pants. She feels her juices against her wrist, since she isn’t wearing any panties, the feeling of her wrist bumping against her shaved slit.

“I think we should find somewhere secluded pretty fast.”

“ugh… okay. I have a place in mind.”

She starts to slow jerk him off through his pants. But she finds it frustrating and growls.

“GGGrrr! Lose the pants Liam, I guess I’m a hands on kind of girl.” she says.

As she throws herself back over to the passenger seat. She unzips her skirt and wiggles out of it and tosses it into the back seat along with her bag, and leather jacket. She lays down across the front seat saying that’s better. She captures Liam’s cock with her hand and strokes it slowly, as she frees her double D breasts from her corset. Reveling her shaved pussy and pierced clitoral hood, and nipples. With her free hand she starts rubbing her pussy and twisting her piercing.

Lost in the moment, She rolls on her side and in one smooth motion she completely swallows Liam cock down her throat and bobs up and down him rapidly, soon she’s is emitting noises.

“Gulk!…Gulk!…Gulk!…Gulk!…Gulk!…MMMmmmmmm” is all the sound she can make. “UUUggghhhh!” she groans around the cock as she plunges 4 fingers into her pussy and frenziedly rubs her clit. Liam looks down at her breasts, and he fondles them one handed, pinching and twisting her long fat nipples and piercings making her moan and grunt more. “UUUGGghhh! MMMmmmm!!!! OOOOooooo! Gulk!…Gulk!…Gulk!…Gulk!…Gulk!…” her hips buck against her hands . pulling her head off of his cock rapidly She cries “oooohhhh fuck, I need that in me now. Sorry about this Liam, I need this bad.”

Before he can do anything she moves lithely and impales her body around his cock. “Gggggguuuuhhhh! that’s more like it! Do you like how my virgin pussy feels Liam? OoooOoooo! Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh! Yessssss! Ooooooo!” with ever “Uuuggghhh!” Kelsey cries slamming herself down on Liam’s girthy member.

“Ooooohhhh! My hero, you saved me, from the close-minded mob, of fools, who thought I was a whore and slayed my virginity. A cursed I thought would never be lifted. Quite poetic I think.” she said with aa grin.

Liam kissed her neck near her ear and whispered to her “Well my sexy, pale goth Goddess, I’m glad I could help you in your time of need.”

With her arms wrapped under his she squeezed herself to him, only her lower body moves. “fffuuuccckkkkk! Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh! make me cum!!!! God please let me cuuuummmmm!” she begs. “Aaaahhhhhhh! Uuuggghhh!!Uuuggghhh! Fuck me Liam! Cum inside me! Uuuggghhh!Uuuggghhh!….. NnnnnnNnnnn!” she squealing,

Liam unleashes a flood of semen deep inside her.

“OOOooooo! that’s the stuff big boy. Holy shit that was amazing. I don’t want to move.”

Liam chuckles, “That’s okay, we are in my garage, no need to rush. I figured since we were close maybe we could make it, have sex in my bed. Well you seemed to need it badly so, I just let you get yours.” Sure enough as she looked up they were inside a garage with the garage door shut. She never even noticed they stopped, let alone the door closing. Sheepishly she slid out of his lap onto the passenger seat.

Liam getting out saying “Let’s go inside and get washed up, then I can really take care of you the right way.” Kelsey reached for her things but before she could grab anything Liam said “just leave it and come on in, I live alone, and I’d prefer to see you as you are if it’s all the same gorgeous.”

She blushed “You really think so?”

“I sure do.”

Feeling more confident than ever she stepped out of the car, walking with all the confidence of a model or an actress on the red carpet. She was thriller standing there her ass bare, in fishnets, garter and boots, with her tits hanging out of her corset. Knowing that Liam was watching her every move, she strutted as sexy as she could manage, towards the only door in the garage. It made her whole body tingle giving her such a rush, she couldn’t wait to get clean up, just so she could get all sweaty and nasty doing it all over again. Talk about an exercise in futility, it turned her on just thinking about it. Making her rub her sensitive pussy, but she forced herself to stop, Time enough for that later.

Liam watched this sexy young woman walk with purpose towards the door leading into his home, and marveled at is luck. This beauty just fell into his lap, literally! Two sayings popped to mind just the “No Good deed goes unrewarded.” and the other side of that coin. “No Good deed goes unpunished.” Which ever out come came from him saving this girl from that mob of classmates he would accept it, he also accepted this “relationship” for whatever it would be for as long as it lasted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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