Office Girl Ch. 03

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I did everything I could to avoid her after that. I didn’t go back to the hole, and made certain that none of my paths led me anywhere close to her desk. At one point I even skipped into a side door when I saw her coming my way. I don’t know what it was, but having a face with that name, and the sudden, inexplicable power over her, made me run like a coward.

For the next couple of weeks my life at work was one nervous moment after another as I tried to figure out what I was doing. It seemed ludicrous that I should be avoiding her at all. I was the one in control. I was the one who knew the dangerous secret, the type of secret that if it got out, could follow a woman’s career for years. Yet, there I was, allowing her to get the better of me.

It wasn’t until one Tuesday evening that I found myself hiding in the parking garage within earshot of the stairs. Right on queue I heard the faint clicking of heels descending. When they stopped, the door didn’t open. I waited ten more minutes, then made my way into the room where a couple of guys had already arrived.

I don’t know why my heart was racing like it was, or why I was sweating. As I took my turn and stepped up to the hole, I wondered if I would even be able to get it up, considering the nervous adrenaline pumping through my body. Nevertheless, I sucked it up and moved into position. I put my hand into the hole, without any money this time. I could sense the hesitation, and thought I had lost my opportunity to exploit the situation when I suddenly felt her warm, wet lips wrap around my finger and suck on them lightly. That answered both my fears as the free opening was offered, and my cock sprang to life inside my pants.

I wasted no time in dropping my pants and shoving my cock into the hole. She sucked me with every bit of enthusiasm that she had all the times before. Having gone without for a couple of weeks, I didn’t last long under her expert care, and soon shot my load into her hungry mouth. I waited for the telltale sounds of swallowing before pulling up my pants and hurrying away.

I saw her once the next day, but avoided her. It was as much for her sake as it was mine this time. I did not want to risk anyone piecing together why I was suddenly talking to the hot office girl when I had never done so before. The next night I got caught in a late meeting, and rushed down to the room only to find it empty. I put my hand into the hole, but to no avail. I went home that night to satisfy myself, more than a little dismayed that I would have no more of her until the following week.

Friday afternoon, however, lucked smiled on me. Walking back from the bathroom, I glanced down one of the narrow side hallways and spotted Tara out of the corner of my eye. She was holding a piece of paper, and didn’t notice me watching her as she unlocked and entered the small stationary room. Taking a quick look around to make certain all was clear, I moved down the hall. The self-locking door was open an inch. I looked around again and hurried inside, shutting the door tight behind me.

Tara looked up at me, only half seeing me before making a double take. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, but whatever she was about to say caught in her throat.

”Hello,” I said quietly as I took a few steps forward.

”What are you doing in here?” she asked quickly as she looked passed me to the door. She seemed to sigh when she saw it was closed tight.

”No one saw me come in after you.”

”What do you want?” Her eyes narrowed as I idly ran my hand over the shelves.

”I want to discuss our arrangement. You know, for me keeping quiet.” I tried to sound as ballsy as I could.

”I’m sucking you for free,” Tara snapped, and bit her lip when she realized that she had said it rather loudly. I couldn’t help but smile. “And I gave you a fuck,” she said quietly.

She was agitated, there was no doubt about that. As I faced her off, her dark complexioned, pretty face scowling back at me, all I could see were her dark eyes and full, sexy lips. The feel of that body under her conservative clothes was still very fresh in my mind, as was her willingness to fuck me so readily in that stairway. I decided it would be worth the chance and push my luck.

”And now I want to fuck again.” My cock throbbed at my brazenness. She hesitated, as if considering her options. “Just remember what I know,” I warned, putting an edge in my voice. Her eyes narrowed at my threat.

”Alright,” she said finally. “But quickly. I have to be back with the stationary soon.” I smirked at her as much to myself. She was such an utter slut. I made certain that she followed my line of sight as I stepped forward and looked at her wedding ring. She didn’t even try to hide it or move it from my sight.

As I stood in front of her, I tried to kiss her on the lips, but she turned her head away, so I kissed her cheek and neck instead. She smelled good, like jasmine, and her smooth skin was as soft as I remembered it. My hands slid around her hips Bostancı Ukraynalı Escort and small of her back before squeezing her ass as I pulled her in tight against me. I thrust my hips forward, making certain she felt my hard-on against her hip. I took a moment to kiss and lick the exposed skin down the front of her blouse before reluctantly pulling again. I could feel her anxiety and knew that I needed to get to the dirty business or she might change her mind.

”There,” I said and gestured to a small table. She looked at the table and nodded before walking over to it. She looked fantastic from the rear as well.

Tara didn’t hesitate as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. She grabbed the hem and pulled it up to her waist and slowly bent over, leaning on the desk. It was a glorious sight, staring at her shapely, stocking clad legs and perfect ass. I could make out a hint of her cunt lips as she spread her legs a bit. I had already done this, however, and as I moved behind her, I grabbed her hips and forced her to turn around. She resisted at first, but then seemed to understand. She hopped up on the table and scooted her ass to the edge, careful to adjust her skirt up around her waist.

”Hurry,” she said.

I knew she was worried about being caught, or one of her coworkers coming to look for her. But there was flush to her face and an edge in her voice that made me think she was a little turned on as well. She undid my belt with clumsy, fumbling hands, but managed to get it open and dropped my pants to the floor. I pushed my underwear after them as her warm hand wrapped around my now throbbing hard cock.

”Fuck me,” Tara whispered huskily as she spread her legs and grabbed onto the nearby shelves for support.

I shuffled forward and aimed my cock at her cunt. The table was almost the perfect height, and as I lined my cock up with her slit, I could feel the hot wetness that was already leaking from her. She moaned lightly as I rubbed my cock head up and down her slit before slipping into her opening. I thrust my hips forward and pushed a few inches into her hot, dripping cunt.

”Yessss,” she hissed in my ear as she closed her eyes and threw her head back.

”Fuck” I grunted. I pushed in deeper and felt her cunt muscles clenching about my cock.

As with the previous fuck, I wasted no time in starting to thrust in and out of her with all I was worth. I wanted to grab her blouse and tear it open so I could feast on her tits, but settled for watching them jiggle through her blouse. One of these days, I thought as I pounded into her, I’ll have those tits.

Each thrust was a sensation filled experience as the small room was filled with sounds of fucking; the slapping of skin on skin, the squishing of cock into wet cunt, and the soft mews and grunts of both of us. I usually enjoyed taking my time, exploring a woman and then making love to her at length before the fucking reached this frantic pace. As her cunt worked over cock, however, I found I suddenly did not miss any of the foreplay.

I must have fucked her like that for close to five minutes, enough to start sweating, when I felt my balls start to tighten. I had to curb the impulse to slow down and make it last – this was all about speed after all – when the most unlikely thing I could have imagined happened.

”Fuck,” she squealed in my ear and wrapped her arms around my body. As I continued to thrust into her, her cunt clamped down around me as she came all over my cock.

There is nothing in the world that could have prevented my cock from exploding at that moment and I thrust into her with everything I was worth. The first glob of my cum shot deep inside her, and more quickly followed as I sprayed Tara’s cunt, filling her with our mixed juices.

As my orgasm stopped and my cock started to soften, I was amazed to find her cunt still spasming. I allowed her to hold onto me until her body finally stopped twitching. The heat of her body and the mixed smell of cum and jasmine could have kept me there forever. I slowly pulled out with a plop.

I looked around and found a box of kleenex. Ripping it open, I grabbed a handful and cleaned myself up before handing the box to Tara. She looked down at the cum seeping from her cunt and took it graciously.

”Thanks,” was all I could think to say and started to pull my pants up.

”Yeah,” she mumbled, refusing to look at me. I shrugged as I did up my belt and turned away.

”Guess I will see you tomorrow night,” Tara said before I could leave. Tomorrow night? Oh, the party. I had completely forgotten about.

”I guess you will,” I said with a smile as I looked at her over my shoulder, wondering what tomorrow night would bring. I slowly opened the door and glanced up and down the hall to make certain the way was clear. Looking back to where Tara was quickly cleaning herself up, I wondered what the next person to come for stationary would think of the thick smell of sex Bostancı Üniversiteli Escort in the air.

* * *

The company parties were semi-annual events that the execs put on to try and help boost company morale. Problem was they were always held on Saturday evenings, which virtually kills the weekend, they didn’t splurge for anything fancier than the building’s conference hall, and attendance was mandatory. The only good part was that the food was decent and the alcohol was free, which meant out of the one hundred and fifty or so employees and their spouses or dates, at least a few people were likely to make total asses of themselves. This time, it seemed, there would be an added bonus for me as I walked into the hall alone; Tara would be there, and she made a point of mentioning it to me.

For the first couple of hours I found a table with some work buddies, and then did the mandatory mingling and smoozing that would be required of me. I also indulged in some food and a few drinks. Might as well make the most of it. By the third hour, I made a point of looking for Tara in the mass of people and music.

By 9:00, a lot of people were feeling pretty good, and I noticed the dance floor was beginning to fill up. I spotted Tara at last. She was stunning, in a black, one piece, strapless dress that somehow clung onto her large tits and ended right around the knee. It was simple, but clung to her curvy figure, and showed plenty of that cleavage I so wanted to explore. She was walking out hand in hand with some guy. With such a brazen public display, it had to be her husband. He was a stiff suit, older than her by probably ten years or more, but by the look of his suit he seemed to have lots of money. Maybe that was the trick. She married a rich, older man who couldn’t satisfy her, so she gets what she wants on the side.

I watched them on and off for an hour. They danced only a couple of slow songs before Tara’s husband led her off and obviously refused to go back on. I also noticed that every time I saw her, Tara seemed to finishing off a glass of liquor. Shortly after they returned to their table, a woman joined them. I recognized her, though I didn’t know her name. She worked in the same area as Tara, and was a little younger. She was a tall, slim brunette, not much in the way of the tit department, but she was real pretty. Dressed in a red velvet shirt and black pants, her trim figure was accented as much as her pale, delicate skin.

The two women chatted and Tara’s husband got up and moved into the group of our company execs. He must have been real important. I’ve never seen our VP invite an outsider into their private circle so readily. When I turned back to Tara, my eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets. They were kissing. It was not a long, sensuous kiss, but it was more than just a friendly peck on the cheek. And I swear I saw the other girl’s hand briefly cup Tara’s left tit. Tara whispered something in her ear, and with a quick glance to her husband, the two giggle and got up from the table. To my shock and near terror, Tara guided them my way. They were walking hand in hand, and Tara was stumbling just a little. As they passed, Tara only glanced at me and raised her eyebrows before the pair slipped out of the hall into the reception area.

I wasn’t sure what to think. I was convinced they were just going to the bathroom together, but for the way she raised her eyebrows at me. No, it couldn’t have meant anything. Her raised eyebrows were just a subtle hello and all she could afford in our secretive world. But they did leave the hall, and the bathrooms were accessible only from inside the hall. It took me about thirty seconds to decide to follow.

I carefully wove my way out, giving polite, unsuspicious greetings as I passed acquaintances and coworkers and tried to keep myself from running out after the pair. There was only two ways they could have gone. Left towards the elevators, or right towards a bunch of side rooms and small halls. If they took an elevator, I would never be able to find them, so I turned right and hurried down the hall.

All of the rooms I passed were either dark or locked, and I was beginning to think my imagination was playing with my penis when I turned a corner and saw faint light coming from a partially opened door. Looking around, I slowly poked my head inside. The conference room itself was still dark, but at the far end of the room light was filtering in from another door. I carefully closed the first one behind me and crept forward. The second door was open about three inches, and led into a small lounge. It seemed my eyes were determined to leave my head that night and I had to shake my head and look away before looking back.

The two women were locked in an embrace as they kissed each other deeply. I could hear the sounds of slurping as their tongues attacked one another. It was every man’s fantasy come to life right before my eyes. I swallowed hard and grabbed my twitching cock Bostancı Vip Escort through my pants as I watched the scene unfold.

They continued to kiss for several more minutes as their hands roamed each others’ backs and asses, and briefly across the front to fondle tits. It was simply an amazing sight to my ever increasingly opened eyes.

Tara was the first to make a move. She broke the kiss and grabbed the bottom of the other woman’s shirt. In one shift pull, Tara yanked it over her head and exposed the other woman’s lean torso and small, bra-clad breasts. Tara steered the woman around and pushed her backwards as she undid the bra and tossed it away. When they bumped into a sofa, they both giggled and Tara went to work on the woman’s pants. When they were undone and pushed to her knees, Tara helped her sit down. I had an almost perfect side view of the couple.

Pulling the pants off of her, Tara grabbed hold of the thong panties. She lifted her hips and allowed Tara to pull those off as well before watching Tara stand. My cock was aching as I mimicked Tara’s stare and took in the sexiness of the slim woman who was now dressed only her high heels. She smiled up at Tara with dreamy eyes and spread her legs, invitingly exposing her shaved cunt. I had always loved the sight of a nice cunt, and I had to admit that this woman’s tight slit was one of the most delicious I have ever seen. Tara sighed in admiration of the beauty before her as well, and dropped to her knees between the open legs.

Tara leaned in and kissed the woman’s lips again, and the two lingered in a sloppy make-out for several moments before she moved downward. I was rubbing myself through my pants with more pressure now, doing my best to remain quiet, but unable to stop myself as Tara sucked on the small tits and perfect nipples. The woman moaned and let her arms go limp at her sides as Tara took total control. She was obviously in a hurry to move to a specific area as she paid far less attention to those tits than I would have, and kissed her way down the flat stomach and down one thigh.

The woman’s moans became louder as I watched Tara lick and nip at the her inner thighs. She looked up into the woman’s eyes and smiled, before lowering her head. I had to stop my hand or I would have cum in my pants as Tara’s mouth sucked around the woman’s delicious looking cunt. The woman’s legs swung around Tara’s shoulder’s, tightening her thighs around the head that was pleasuring her.

It occurred to me then, as I slowly rubbed myself again, that there was no way these two could not have done this before. They had not spoken a word since I was there, yet moved so smoothly and naturally together. I wondered how many of other woman at the office she was sleeping with.

My thoughts were pushed away as I was captured by the scene before me. I knew first hand the talent of Tara’s mouth. She had one hand on the woman’s left breasts and she squeezed it tightly as her other hand stroked her leg. The slurping sounds of Tara’s sucking were soon as loud as the woman’s moans and incoherent babbling. The pleasure coursing through her was obvious as she thrashed and writhed on the couch. It was no surprised to me when moments later she grabbed Tara’s head and screeched into the air, her eyes tightly shut. I had to stop myself again and concentrated on listening to the sounds of Tara’s lapping up the woman’s juices as she continued to thrash and cry in pleasure.

Tara continued to gently lick the woman’s cunt as her body slowly stilled. Satisfied she was done, Tara kissed her way back up the lean body, lingering a few moments on her belly and tits, before kissing her on the lips and sharing a taste of her own juices. They kissed for a long time, at least in my mind that was hungry for more, before they both climbed to their feet. Kissing some more, the woman slid her hands up Tara’s waist and over her large breasts before grabbing the top of her dress and pulling it down. The soft material gave way and she continued to pull until the whole thing dropped and pooled on the floor around her feet.

I only just caught myself from gasping aloud. Now wearing only a thong and her own high heels, Tara stood mostly naked in front of the other woman. Though I had felt them through shirts and bras on more than one occasion, it was the first time I have ever seen Tara’s tits bared. They were spectacular, the size of honey dews melons, still firm and ripe. The two women embraced as they renewed their kissing, grinding their tits against each other. Looking at them then, it would have been hard for me to tell which was the sexier. Tara’s dark skin and curvy body contrasted the other woman’s slim, paler form. Both had their own merits, and I don’t think my cock was throbbing so hard for only one of them specifically.

The woman’s hands crept down to Tara’s panties and she pushed them down her thighs before maneuvering her against the couch and helping her sit down. Tara slumped down and eagerly lifted her legs to allow her panties to be completely pulled free. The woman seemed less concerned with time or with getting caught (I’m pretty certain her husband wasn’t just down the hall), as she lingered and enjoyed Tara’s body. From Tara’s glazed-eyed stare, I could tell it was more than just the buzz of alcohol that was spinning her brain.

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