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Maxwell set early that morning hoping to beat the morning traffic in Vegas and arrived in an hour none the less at the studios. He was supervisor of hopefully a box office hit movie they were busy filming but he first had to meet the understudy for the lead actress if anything were to happen to Briana. As he walked in he was held fixed on the spot as he saw a woman, not tall, short actually about five foot and somewhere in the small inches. She was a sight to behold, fire red hair with blond highlights which looked fresh. She wasn’t slim but she was beautiful. With one look he could tell she wore her heart on her sleeves. He had to tread carefully with this woman.

The lead actress was overweight but didn’t have fire red hair with streaks, oh dear heavens, this beauty was the understudy, oh God. This was going to be very interesting. Up until that point he wasn’t keen on being here but seeing her brought curiosity and a certain overwhelming feeling into him. He wanted to see her face and with that he walked up to her and gently tapped her shoulder, his breath caught as he saw her face, her lips were naturally pouty but only slightly and moist from licking them, he couldn’t take his eyes away but he had to and at that saw electric blue eyes looking at him. He felt his groin stiffen, she was absolutely beautiful.

“Uh, you must be the understudy for Briana, right?” He held his hand out. He noticed her looking down, noticing his out-stretched hand and shook his hand. She had a firm grip.

“Morning, the name’s Julia Kerens and yes, I am Briana’s understudy,” she replied smiling. Even though she had a firm grip her skin was smooth and cool to the touch. He hoped her lips were as smooth and soft. She realised he had been looking at her smiling for quite some time and it felt good to have a man smile at her. She smiled and felt his hand relax in hers realising they hadn’t let go from their hand shake and thinking better of getting involved with Maxwell Hart, since he had a reputation of dating a line of women. The single life, the bachelors life, how fun it must be, she thought. Don’t get involved Jules, she told herself but something told her it wasn’t possible, he was absolutely the sexiest man she had ever seen.

Tall, dark hair and dark eyes that were captivating yet daring her to move. He must be working out she thought as she saw his reflection of the sets bedroom mirror and saw him walk over to her, how his shirt pulled slightly over his torso, a distinct six pack was there. What was he packing down there? She thought and caught it before it went any further but his lips looked so delicious and now watching him part those lips of his, she wanted to reach up and kiss him. Oh snap, stop it, stop it, just damn stop. It was other women who he wanted, not fat girls like her that got lucky to be pulled off from the street to be somebody’s understudy. Julia worked a day job at a restaurant and a night job as a barmaid, trying to pay her flat rent and car rent.

She had a poor life growing up, forcing her mother to carry two jobs like Julia was doing and looking after Julia and her brother Tristan, was difficult on her mother, she could see that. She had always wanted to become an actress but never got the opportunity to go to acting school and she grew, not taller but wider. She knew her dreams were shattered but deep down she had to fight for what she wanted. Two days ago she was pulled from her barmaid job, more like quit when a woman showed up and asked for her help, explained to Julia that the film that was soon going to start filming needed an understudy and she fit the character perfectly and was asked to come to the studios in two days’ time. So here she was and was just looking around when she saw Maxwell enter.

She actually wanted to make a run for it because from rumours, he was very intimidating and she didn’t want to be in his path but found she couldn’t move, as if he had paralysed her with just his eyes. Ok, maybe she was like other women that would flock to him but she didn’t, she just felt like she was about to melt if he kissed her. She had to stop thinking like that, she was not, going to fill her head with the idea that he would look at her like he looked at other women, never going to happen she thought. But his lips, she sighed. He pulled his thoughts away from that direction and pulled his hand back from hers.

He found himself talking with her about the movie but as she mentioned her wig fitting he asked if he could come and watch. He hoped she would say no because if people left them alone he would not be sorry if something happened, this woman was making him hard, he anyway needed to sit so nobody could see what she was doing to him.

“Sure, if you really want to sit and watch them fit a wig on my head.” She had said smiling and turned to walk away.

“Don’t, I want to go speak with the director. Surely we don’t need a wig on her beau — head,” he caught curious glances his way and was up and out of her room. He found the director.

“Nick, how nice to see you. How are you? Listen, I want to run something by you. kartal escort The understudy, Julia, would a wig really do? I mean her hair is very thick and long, no way could we get a wig on her head,” he drew a breath.

“I was thinking that Briana could’ve ‘changed’ her hair colour for the movie,” he concluded, hoping Nick would at least consider this.

“Max, I’ll agree with you on Jules’s thick hair, oh what the hell, alright, no wig. Briana changes her hair colour but it’s only for the movie. Luckily Jules still needs the face mask so she can look like Briana,” Nick replied. Maxwell felt a smile play across his own features and as he turned around saw that everyone was staring and wide mouthed at them and saw Julia smiling. He nodded and pointed towards the drinks table.

“Thank you very much Maxwell that was very kind of you. I myself wasn’t keen on wearing a wig. You have a good eye about my hair being thick,” she said, she was about to carry on speaking but Briana came in and Maxwell along with others saw her in a wheelchair.

“I’m sorry to let all of you down but I need to tell you why I haven’t been in for a week or so. I was in a car accident and wished that no one but my close family know. I thought it was a simple surgery but I need another two operations as my leg has been crushed. I’m sorry but I’m giving my movie over to whoever my understudy is,” she said with a tremble in her voice and was soon gone.

“Well that does it, no Briana, no movie, simple as that,” said Nick. “No, what if somebody had a dream to become an actress all her life, we could surely give that woman a chance at her dream, couldn’t we Nick?” Maxwell asked. He looked down at Julia knowing what little she told him about always becoming an actress since the age of nine.

“I’ll consider it but tell me Max, who do you have in mind? Is that person here or still out there? We used up money on this damn movie idea and now we have nobody to make a movie with, it’s a God damn balls up. Let’s wrap up and forget, shall we?” Maxwell could see frustration on Nick’s face.

“Why can’t we use Julia? Make her famous, after all everybody dreams of becoming an actor Nick. This doesn’t have to be balls up just because of Briana; we have an actress right here waiting for her dream to come true.” He prayed that Nick would say yes, for Julia’s sake. Nick asked if she has ever acted and Max shook his head, not knowing.

“No sir. I have never acted before and neither have I gone to acting school. It has always been my dream. Although they used me in a lot of plays in my school days, wouldn’t that count as something? Please sir, I would like a chance,” she pleaded and then looked up at Max and he saw a tear course down her cheek and he wiped it away with his thumb.

“You would be stupid if you rejected her Nick. She might not have official experience at acting but she has a slight know-how,” Max was about to carry on when Nick held his hand up.

“Very well, although, school plays and movies are entirely different things but fine. We’ll give you a chance Julia. Formally, welcome to the team,” Nick said, turned and walked off outside, to have a smoke no doubt thought Max. When was he going to quit? He thought to himself without realising he said it out aloud. She was excited, no wig, no face mask to look like somebody else, she could pretend to be a character but could look like herself. She was thrilled, excited but also nervous. This was it, her chance, she was going to shine and she could feel lady lucks presence around her.

Now if everything went through the way it should, she could also have Maxwell in her life, whoa, where the hell did that come from? She asked herself smiling. Her smile was cut when she heard Max ask something. She looked up at him.

“Excuse me?” she asked, thinking he asked her something.

“Sorry, thinking out aloud. Always was concerned about Nicks smoking. We’ve been friends for over five years and even before we became friends he had been smoking,” looked at her lips and back to her eyes.

“Congratulations Jules, your dream has come true. You and I need to celebrate. We can meet up here tonight, say six thirty so we can celebrate,” he asked smiling. She could see his eyes smiling too but he seemed sincere so she nodded and walked off giving a little jump of excitement. She was in and tonight she was going to be alone with Maxwell Hart. The sexy bachelor who used women, at that she wanted to turn back and tell him that she had changed her mind but then she was stopped by Nick when she reached her car.

“Jules, I wish you the best of luck. I hope you can act. Come with me-” her darned phone, she scratched inside her handbag.

“Sorry Nick, I have to take this, it could be my brother. Hello?” as she answered her cell phone, lifting one finger to Nick who nodded and walked a little while talking to her brother.

“Sorry about that Nick, it was my brother. He finally got into the police academy, so I told him my news. You were saying?” she asked.

“I think you need to kartal escort bayan go home to celebrate with your brother, we can talk again soon Jules,” said Nick and walked off past her brushing his arm against hers. She had a feeling something was going to go wrong where Nick was concerned but brushed the feeling away as she got into her car and drove off to get home to see Tristan. Finally home, she ran inside and found her brother in the kitchen and hugged him tightly.

“I’m so proud of you. I knew you would get in.” She thought she squealed but what the hell, she was very proud of her brother.

“As I’m proud of you sis, you finally got your wish. I’m busy with lunch. Grilled steaks, why not make us a salad oh fiery one and I’ll pour us a glass of wine so long,” he replied. He arrived promptly at six thirty and saw her standing at the entrance of the studio. He pulled up in front of her, got out and walked to the trunk where he took out a picnic basket before locking his car and walking over to the door where he unlocked it and showed her in first.

“Now before we start celebrating with wine and food, I thought we could celebrate something else,” he bent and kissed her, full on the lips, he thought he would get drunk, that was how intoxicating this kiss could get, he tested and slid his tongue on her bottom lip and finally let his tongue rest against her lips and with a sigh from her parted lips he slipped his tongue into her mouth, she didn’t open her mouth completely and with entering her warm mouth could feel her lips brush against his tongue. God in heaven, he was getting hard. He lifted his hands to her waist but felt something on him, her hands on his chest.

He pulled away to see her trembling hands pull his shirt free from the waistband and soon slid her hands up his torso. Her warm hands and saw her rise, guessing on tip toes, reached up to him and he bent his head again and kissed her once again. It was different, it was hungry, it was fierce and he had never felt this way before with any women before, and he had had a line of them. He couldn’t think straight throughout the entire day and now that they were here, no, he wanted to take things slow with her. He took her hand from under his shirt and pushed her gently.

“Jules, you’re something amazing but I’m not going to do this to you. I know what is being said about me, I know of the reputation I have and I don’t care but I do care about what could happen between us. I want you to enjoy this; I want you to enjoy us. I don’t want a fling but I don’t want a mistress either. I want you to be my girlfriend and balls to my rep, let them think what they want to think -” he saw her hand and wasn’t sure but now that she had placed a finger on his lips.

“Max, thank you for being honest and thank you for willingly seeing us as a ‘us’, I can’t tell you how much I loved hearing that but right now, I’m, uh, well, I don’t know how to say it, restless. I want you, please,” she asked and he could see nervousness in her face. She was like an open book for anyone to see. He kissed her but pulled back sensing she would get carried away again so he took her by the hand and went to her dressing room where he closed and locked her door. When he turned around he was surprised to see her pants slide down her legs, already topless, nearly, just the bra. His groin so very hard, he undressed and stepped closer to her.

“You’re beautiful Jules. Are you sure?” he asked in a husky voice. She nodded. He unclipped her bra, bent down and kissed both nipples and started suckling on one, flicking his tongue over her erect nipple. He felt her hand on the back of his head and slide down his nape and back. He slid his free hand lower and soon was caressing her thigh where he inched up and moved her cotton knickers aside and traced his middle finger over her clit which. Mine he thought. He lowered his finger still and found her wet, damn it, she was ready, warm and so inviting.

Pushing his middle finger inside of her slowly and stroked the inside of her. He heard her moan and suckled a little longer on her nipples before kissing her stomach and further where he parted her lips and started suckling, licking, kissing and nipping at her clit. He let his tongue trail to where she was wet and slipped his tongue inside her where his fingers had been and started rubbing her clit. He could feel her hands holding onto his head urging him not to stop, to carry on. He felt her body stiffen slightly before he heard her moaning and felt her hot creaminess pour into his mouth, drinking her in as if she were life’s nectar. He kissed her abdomen, her stomach and trailed his kisses to her nipples again; he was obsessed with her breasts.

He moved away and kissed her earlobe whispering how much he thought she was beautiful and pushed up from her to look down at her to prove his point and smiled when he looked into her eyes. He got his wallet where he took out a condom and looked at her after unwrapping it from the foil package. Spreading her legs wider, he guided his erection escort kartal inside her and realised as he saw her wince that he was her first. Oh hell, he withdrew. He saw tears well up inside her but her tears didn’t stop her from lifting her hands to him. He ignored her hands but took her in his arms.

“You should have at least told me,” he said feeling her hot tears against his chest.

“I was afraid that if you found out that you would pretend that you never said that you wanted to be with me. I’m sorry Max.” He held her close and soon relaxed her back down onto her back and slid his length back inside of her, he stayed there unmoving but not long when she nodded and at that started pulling out and thrusting back in, over and over until they soon found a rhythm. He felt her fingers on his back and started pushing harder into her but he wasn’t close to her like he would love to be, so he moved his legs slightly under her and lifted her hips towards him where he could thrust deeper inside of her and knew this was home. He felt like he was losing himself in this beautiful woman that deserves to be loved by him and by God, he was going to love her, with all his heart, he was.

He soon found a faster rhythm and soon felt her muscles tighten around his member. He tried to control himself but failed, they both cried out their orgasms in sheer ectasy. He bent down to kiss her and relax; he rushed to the bathroom across from her dressing room and came back with a wet cloth, wiped her face and wiped her between her legs, lying the cloth aside he bent down and he placed his tongue on her clit and his tongue slid further and surprised to taste she had come again so soon. It felt like a vacuum sucking the very life out of her, his tongue, his lips and my God, his teeth that nibbled on her, it felt so good. She felt him ease up where she locked her arms around his neck to keep him on top of her.

She felt his limp member against her abdomen but it didn’t bother her. She lifted her head a little and kissed his neck, nipping him and watched as a slight mark started to appear, she heard about love bites and now that she gave him one knew that nothing was going to come between them. She felt him nip at her neck and realised he had just given her a love bite too, a mark of each other’s love or at least a start for them to start loving each other. She was happy, a dream job for her, her brother had his dream job and now she had the most wonderful man in her life what more could she ask for. He had soon helped her in a sitting position where they ate the food he had in the basket and drank wine, talking of their childhood days, about their families and about the jobs that would soon be upon them.

She looked at him and from the corner of her eye saw the reflection of his now growing hard on. She felt a stirring between her thighs and as if he knew she was getting hot bent down to take her nipple between his teeth. She pushed him away and smiled, she wanted this.

“Teach me,” she said kissing his chest and looking at him again saw him smile before she carried on kissing his chest. She felt his hands either side of her face.

“You already are pleasing me. Take it at your pace darling and please don’t be shy, okay?” he said smiling and at that went on her own. She started kissing his nipples and what he done to her nipples she done to his and soon she kissed over his chest, stomach and abdomen and reaching his now very hard shaft kissed the head but wanted to go a little lower and nipped, licked, kissed and sucked on his balls. She licked him from base to head before parting her lips and lowering her head until his whole length was inside her mouth and as she pulled his length out she let her teeth rake along his shaft and she felt him twitch inside her mouth.

“You’re killing me Jules, come up here you vixen,” she heard him say, pushed away and rose above him. He had another unwrapped condom in his hand and gave it to her where she slid it on his member. He placed his hands on her hips and she shook her head.

“Don’t worry my love, your weight won’t be a problem, I promise. Come here,” and at that pulled her right above his member and lowered her until she felt the tip of his shaft probe her and so she sank down of her own accord and felt him go even deeper than before. She felt him lifting his hips and plunging into her as well. She started moving her hips back and forth, his hands still on her hips and soon she felt him move her hips faster. She lifted herself from his thighs, feeling his hard cock slide out, to the tip before coming back down hard, she heard him groan yet no complaints. She smiled and did it again and again and on the fourth thrust back down onto his lap he moved his hands to her hips again and stilled her.

She was gently pushed off of him and turned, hands on the back-rest of the sofa and knees spread wide apart where he bent down and let his tongue roam where she was wet and ready. He couldn’t get enough of her wetness but decided against sucking her lifeless, he wanted a release and he knew she wanted a release just as much. Placing a knee on the sofa gave one thrust into her. He didn’t have much to do as he would soon come, so he slid a hand over her skin, down to the front and rubbed her clit hard and fast, feeling her muscles tighten around his member and the moans that escaped her mouth were blissful. They collapsed onto the sofa breathless.

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