Pam Gets Some On-the-Job Training

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It was about 6 months before Pam’s wedding and she was busy making preparations. Her fiancé Ron was an engineer for a construction company and was busy on the road trying to wrap up a project before the big day. Although they weren’t living together Pam and Ron had a pretty active sex life.

Pam was a 32 year old petite blue eyed blonde, 5-2, 110 lbs, beautiful legs; small but perky boobs, curvy hips, tiny waistline and looked great in anything she wore. As the inventory manager for a large auto parts distributor in Atlanta, there were days when she was required to leave her office and go into the vast warehouses on the company’s 20 acre campus to troubleshoot discrepancies in her books.

The guys in the warehouse loved Pam’s “warehouse” days because she was a beautiful site to behold walking through the rows of inventory with her clipboard. Her well fitting business suits highlighted her cute round ass and gorgeous legs along with her various dark pattered thigh-high hose and high-heeled pumps. A native of Alabama, her voice had the hottest, sultriest, yet innocent southern charm twangs that just drove the men wild every time she spoke. It was music to everyone’s ears when they could hear the pop of Pam’s heels coming as she would walk the concrete warehouse floor on her inventory days.

On top of her beautiful physique, Pam was a friend to all and was a very caring person. All the employees loved Pam because she got along with everyone from the top executives, all the way down to the guys who swept the warehouse floors. She treated everybody the same.

One of the employees who ended up getting to know Pam quite well was Willie, the Transportation Manager for the company. He could always be found in the warehouse coordinating inbound and outbound shipments. He was a large, handsome, stocky black man who had been divorced and enjoyed the social life of “playing the field”. He loved white women and at 51 had quite a bit of experience in the swing lifestyle but was very discreet about his escapades. Further, he too, was a friend to all and very easy to get along with.

When the company implemented a new inventory system he was put on a task force with Pam and they started working together on a weekly basis verifying shipping orders and testing out the new software. While it was a mundane and boring task, Willie didn’t mind it as long as the project brought Pam out to his office at least twice a week. This allowed him the opportunity to get to know her better and take in the scenery of her shapely legs tucked under her short skirt as she would squirm in her seat for new positions as they would pour over their data assignments for the week.

As they got to know each other better, the talk would gradually get more and more casual. Willie and Pam were such easy going people, they were very comfortable with each other and they became good friends. Looking at their age difference, he was 19 years old when she was born, but that didn’t matter 32 years later as they found they had much in common; he at 51, she at 32.

The opportunities for spending time together expanded when some new hardware wasn’t working right and Willie and Pam were required to spend many Saturday’s together in Willie’s remote warehouse office having to babysit the program updates and call in any system crashes to their software vendors. By doing so their vendors could fix the problems before Monday. Even on a causal Saturday, Pam would still be decked out in a snug sweater, tight jeans, high heeled boots and full make up.

One Saturday, after a tiring session of troubleshooting some data, Pam looked at Willie straight in the eye and said, “I know this might be a shock to you, but I NEED a cigarette! I don’t smoke in the office and most people don’t even know this about me, but I do have this one vice that I’ve been trying to cut back on, but muğla escort to no avail. Would you mind if I go out back and light one up so I don’t smoke up your office?”

Willie, having been a smoker himself who kicked the habit years before readily replied, “Please go right ahead and smoke in here.”

Upon hearing that Pam brought a long slender cigarette to her soft, luscious lipstick coated lips and grinned while lighting up.

Willie continued, “It’s out of the no smoking zone anyway and I’ve been known to light up once or twice myself.”

He then watched Pam take that first drag and just about fell out of his seat because her expression of her inhale and exhale was almost like an immediate orgasm to her as she closed her eyes, raised her chin looking straight up into nowhere and moaned in relief with smoke tricking out of her mouth and nostrils right after that first exhale.

She then looked at him and said, “That’s almost better than sex; then burst into a loud but jovial laugh with that southern twang accent”.

Suddenly, his large black cock perked up to the point where he had to sit a notepad in his lap so Pam couldn’t see the tent he was raising thanks to watching her nurse that cigarette.

He almost blew his load when Pam rolled her office chair right next to him and said, “Would you like a drag?” as she moved the lit cigarette towards him with her lipstick coated filter just inches from him.

His first dirty thought was, “I’ll take ANYTHING that has had your lips wrapped around it so lovingly baby.” Then he snapped out of his brief fantasy and said, “Sure!”

Willie was so taken back by this intimate gesture, his hand was shaking, so Pam said, “Here let me help you” and put the cigarette in Willie’s mouth, held on to it and said, “Suck it in baby!” and had another laughter outburst , while Willie took in the erotic moment and enjoyed the smoke at the same time.

After this joyous puff, Willie was a smoker again; at least temporarily! In fact, every time Pam lit up she would always offer him a drag of hers.

The phallic symbolism went to another level when the next Saturday in Willie’s office he said, “Pam, if you like those cigarettes, let me offer you something of mine.”

Pam’s eyes lit up in amazement and grinned at the same time, looked over her glasses and said, “What did you have in mind?” That look and remark spiked another hard-on with Willie and he had to grab his notepad again while he fumbled around in his desk drawer.

Willie soon found his prize, and asked, “Have you ever tried a good cigar?”

Pam, said laughingly, “Once at my sorority in college and I got sick as a dog!”

He said, “You probably just rushed into it. Let’s try one of these.”

He then brought out a 10 inch dark brown 4-inch diameter Cuban special, clipped it off at the end like a true connoisseur, and began toasting it as he prepared it for entry into Pam’s waiting mouth.

Pam innocently placed the lit stogie in her mouth and took the first slow drag, coughed a bit and said, “Wow, that’s strong; but not bad at all.”

Each puff she took continued to be more fluent and soon she looked like a real pro at handling her new smoking delight.

Of course Willie could hardly contain himself watching her stretch her lips around this long dark object and giving the same orgasmic look on each puff. Then they started passing it back and forth to each other smoking up the room and getting a little high off of the strong tobacco blend in Willie’s Cuban special. It became almost intoxicating for Pam as she began laughing more and getting into the moment.

Chuckling she said, “Ron, my fiancé doesn’t think I’m that good with something like this in my mouth and that I need some practice!”

She then burst out laughing again muş escort in that sexy southern dialect. By now, Willie was laughing with her, but trying to contain his uncontrollable hard-on that was raging as he watched this petite blonde cutie wrap her lips around this big dark cigar and lovingly suck on it for the next puff.

Pam then pulled the cigar out of her mouth, held it up over her head as if she was examining it for defects and commented again about Ron’s obvious criticism of her oral sex skills, and said, “Oh, he wishes he was this big!” and started laughing again, this time slapping Willie on his thigh, just inches from his extremely uncomfortable hard-on confined under his kaki pants.

Growing up in a small Alabama town, Pam wasn’t that exposed to a lot of “street education” on sex and pleasure and usually just learned the same awkward way with her boyfriends in high school.

She looked at Willie again and said, “I guess I’ll have to hone my oral sex skills the hard way” laughing out loud again at her bad, but comical joke and play on words as she took another drag on her cigar.

Since no one else was usually on the premises on a Saturday and Willie’s office was so far from the next group of offices, he usually kept some cold beers in a refrigerator and offered one to Pam.

Pam said, “Now you’re talking! I could use a good cold beer right about now!”

Willie had 2 cases of Budweiser in the long neck brown bottles and started popping the tops.

For the next 4 hours, Pam and Willie shared some cigars and enjoyed each others company as the beer kept flowing. Both getting a little giddy, Pam opened another bottle of beer in front of Willie while holding a lit cigar and it started overflowing. She instinctly and quickly lowered her head over the bottle’s opening engulfing it trying to catch all of the beer before it spilled on Willie’s desk, of course to no avail, and beer began squirting from the edges of her mouth as she appeared to be deep throating her beer bottle.

She then fell back in her chair again laughing and said, “Now that was a smooth move, wasn’t it?”

Willie replied, “Hey, I liked it! I could look at that again and again!”

Realizing what her clean-up skills must have looked like, Pam said, “Willie, you naughty boy!” with that jovial spirit that was almost contagious.

As their conversation continued, the subject matter got deeper and deeper into sex particularly Pam’s earlier comments on oral skills.

Willie, seeing this as a chance to “feel out” Pam on the subject, he said, “I consider myself a real expert on receiving oral sex from the ladies. Do you have any questions for me?” as he grinned. “I mean, you’re six months away from getting married and I know you want to please your future husband; maybe I can help?”

By now, Pam is feeling no pain and said, “Well, I’m not that good at explaining it.”

Willie then walked over to door in his office, pulled the shade, locked the door, moved over to his sofa, hoping Pam would follow, and began unbuckling his pants.

He then said, “Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe a model of the real thing has to be worth at least a million” and smiled.

He then dropped his pants, pulled down his underwear and exposed the biggest blackest, hardest cock that Pam had ever seen in her life. She was still sitting across the room in her rolling office chair and her jaw dropped wide open with amazement.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like that SO BIG!”

Willie said, “Well come check it out for yourself. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but I’m here for you to practice on if you wish. Just consider me your tool.”

With that being said, he sat down on his couch and kept his legs spread so Pam could get a nevşehir escort good look. She was so mesmerized she walked over, dropped to her knees in front of him and began licking the large dark head of Willie’s cock. She then attempted to engulf his dick head and began taking in his 10 long lasting inches down her throat.

He said to her as she began to gag a little, “Take it slow baby and the main thing you have to do is watch your teeth. That’s a sensitive area you know” and both burst out laughing again.

She then tried again and after several attempts began learning the technique with Willie’s patient and instructional coaching.

After a while, Willie exclaimed, “You got it now baby! Now take it to the next level.”

Upon hearing that Pam began negotiating Willie’s long black snake deep in her throat as she kept her eyes upon him, sometimes almost popping out of her head as she was exploring her new territory.

Willie, softly said, “Breath through your nose and take it slow, but go as deep as you can.”

Pam would push and push and push struggling to get the tip of her nose close to Willie’s thick patch of pubic hair at the base of his cock. She got pretty good at it and after a while Willie just leaned his head back, lit up a cigar and began enjoying the moment as Pam’s bobbing head hypnotized him into another level of euphoria. By now it’s Saturday afternoon and Pam was in “the zone”. She was slurping her way up and down Willie’s member while planting loving kisses on the underside of his shaft.

She then turned her attention to his large balls and Willie laughingly said, “OK baby, new territory, have at it, but leav’em in the bag!” Pam carefully but aggressively licked each of Willie’s balls covering every square inch with her saliva as she attempted to get each one in her mouth and rolled it around a few seconds before releasing and resuming her new oral foreplay.

Her breathing was getting heavier and louder as she began making more pleasing whimpers and grunts as her mouth remained full from her exploration. At this point Willie is totally intoxicated, partially by the beer but mostly by Pam’s new found skills and loved every minute of it.

He whispered, “Baby, I know you must be getting warm so feel free to make yourself more comfortable” which Pam readily did.

To his surprise, Pam then commanded him to lie back on the sofa the long way which raised his legs in the air and she went right to work licking the underside of his nut sack.

Willie then said, “Good, baby, good. While you’re at it, keep heading further south.”

Pam followed his orders and licked her way to his asshole using her tongue as a small probe and forcing entry through Willie’s opening. She began rimming him hard to where it felt like he was going through a power car wash and was about to totally explode.

Willie then said, “OK, baby that is GREAT! But, I’m about to cum so let’s get ready.”

Pam then engulfed his cock deep in her throat.

He looked down at her loving mouth and squinted eyes deep in concentration and said, “Remember the beer bottle Pam?”

Still looking up she grunted, “Umm-hmm” and with that Willie shot his load deep in her throat as her swallowing tried to keep pace with his warm, steady streams, but just as the beer overflowed, so did his cum.

When he was spent, she sat up grinning from ear to ear, cum dripping down the sides of her mouth. In a fake English accent, she said with a smile, “By Jove, I think I’ve Got it!”

As she began cleaning herself up and putting her clothes back on, she said, “Let’s see what Ron says next I give him a blow job! He should be very pleased!”

Willie, said, “Baby you get an A+. Anything else you wish to go over today?”

Pam looked at her watch and said, “Oh my, I’ve got to go! I’m supposed to meet some girl friends from college at the White Oak Restaurant in 20 minutes, but thanks for the tutorial and the practice” and then giggled.

She then scurried out the door and said, “See you Monday!”

Willie said, “I’m looking forward to it! I wish it were here already!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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