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A single shaft of waning moonlight picked out the tangle of sweaty limbs. A warm, masculine hand cupped the sweet curve of feminine breast, and slick thighs pressed to equally slick groins. Their sated breaths mingled and filled the air with a slow and sultry rhythm. They were simply beautiful in their expression of love and… lust.

Low, murmuring voices spoke of dreams and desires as fingers explored – almost casually. In all the time they had been together, their love had only grown stronger and deeper.

A twist of her body sent her straddling the width of strong thighs, and she grinned down at him. “Hey you.” Serena’s voice had dropped an octave lower, and the sound was filled with the husky growl of sex and lingering hunger that never seemed to disappear.

“Hey you…” Jack’s voice rose up to tickle at her ears and the hunger began swirling in her belly at the husky sound.

“Damnit, Jack… you always do that little purr thingy with your voice and it’s all I can do not to attack you. I’ve got to go to worrrkkkk.” Her voice sounded exactly as she felt – like she’d much rather stay at home and spend the day moaning and writhing beneath the tall form currently beneath… her.

Laughing, he twisted, and ended up on top – straddling the not so little vixen, before nipping at the tip of her nose and swatting playfully at the flare of exposed hip. “Off to the shower, you. I’ve got to go too, and there’s time aplenty for… attacks later tonight.” Amusement danced in his tone as he rose and escaped to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee while Serena soaped up in the warm running water of the shower.


Serena snatched up the phone with a distracted “yes?” and had to force the frustration from her voice as the design project just wasn’t going as she wanted. The voice on the other end of the line chuckled and then… purred.

Ah, fuck… it was Jack, and here she sounded like a fishwife on steroids. “Jack? Um… hi, honey?” it was like nothing at work really mattered anymore, and she felt like a teenager with her first crush. She’d never get tired of the little rush of pleasure merely from hearing his voice.

“Hey, darlin’, I just had a minute, and was thinking about you. Thought I’d invite Jason and his lady over for dinner. Whatcha think? Think we could scare up something to feed ’em?” The amusement was clear in his voice, he knew very well that she’d figure something out – Serena was good like that.

“Uh… sure, babe. About 6ish?” her mind was racing as she did a mental inventory of what they already had, and what was needed. “Do you think you could drop by the house on your patrol and pull out some chicken breasts?”

Their ankara eryaman escortlar conversation was pretty mundane, but Serena’s fingers were twisting the phone cord around one digit, and the simple sound of his voice was doing marvelous things between her legs.

“Hmm, dunno, but I’ll try. Gotta go, baby… see you later.” Before she even had time to respond, the phone went dead, and she felt that immediate clench in her belly that always happened when she thought about the danger in his job. Being a cop was usually no more dangerous than any other profession, but there were definitely times that it could be… deadly.


The morning seemed to drag on at first, until Serena suddenly found herself in a zone as the entire design of the site she’d been struggling with came clear. It was half past noon when she sat back in her chair and grinned to herself. Finished.

Laughing, she dropped the newly cut CD onto her boss’s desk and gave her a wink. “Okay… there. I’ve been fighting with this damned thing for weeks, and if Kevin doesn’t like it – tough.” Karen lifted her head with a grin and clucked under her breath.

“That’s… tough, Serena? You’re really sure about that?”

With a groaning laugh, Serena shook her head. “Well… at least right now I am. Can’t speak for later. I’m going to run home for lunch, Karen… have people coming over for dinner and I doubt Jack will be able to get things ready. See you in a couple of hours.”


Walking into the kitchen, Serena noticed that Jack had not been by, and the chicken was still neatly stacked in the freezer. Chuckling under her breath, she pulled it out and bent to look into the bowels of the refrigerator in search of things to make the chicken cacciatore for the impromptu dinner party. Crouched down with the vegetable bin open, Serena was happily humming under her breath as she carefully pinched tomatoes and mushrooms to test for ripeness.

She never heard the door open, or Jack’s steady footsteps behind her.

Suddenly, firm hands grasped her hips and his body leaned into hers, his scent playing through the air. Grinding against her, she could feel the thick erection even through his loose uniform pants and her own suede skirt.

“Mmmm… well, hello there.” A low rumble of pleasure crept through the sound of her greeting as Jack’s hands lifted to cup her breasts and toy with surprisingly hard nipples.

“Hello yourself, sexy. How do you look so damned edible in the middle of the day, hmm? Makes me… hungry.” Little bites trailed the back and sides of her throat as she leaned back contentedly escort etimesgut – not even caring that the refrigerator door stood wide open.

Soon enough, all thoughts were completely gone as Jack laid her back on the cold tile of the kitchen and slid his hands under the suede hem of her skirt to find the already moist crotch of panties and… tug.

“What have we here, hmm? Already wet, sugar?” Jack’s voice held that luscious purr and it was all Serena could do not to groan.

Instead, she simply reached for the thick erection pushing against his slacks – and stroked. Stormy sea locked to clear hazel as her hand tightened and used the friction of the material to best advantage – stroking and gripping. She was rewarded by the half grunt of pleasure and sudden clench of neatly trimmed cunt.

Two long fingers made their way under the tight elastic at inner thigh, and simply stroked deep and fast. “Oh yeah, definitely wet.” Jack laughed suddenly and began to pull his fingers from the hungry clutch of strong cunt, and pushed her skirt higher, until the rich milk chocolate suede bunched around her waist. The dark stain of her arousal was clear against the damp crotch of sky blue panties. “My, my…”

His voice trailed off before he bent closer and started nibbling again. Sharp nips to the slowly quivering bottom lip as Serena arched and pressed tight to his body. “Ah God, yessssss…” sibilant hiss, heated breath.

Frantic fingers tugged at the thick black belt, and yanked it open to allow the spring of cock – deep red and nearly twitching, while a glove soft hand reached for the exposed flesh to continue the deep, firm strokes.

Somehow, she ended up twisted on the floor and seeking the silky flesh with pursed lips. When the first brush to her cheek came, the hunger inside of her rose – enveloping her completely. Flickering tongue, warm breath. Jack’s hand settled into the mass of loose waves as he pulled her even closer. He wanted more of the sweet suckle and kiss that sent his blood boiling.

His hips rose and gently thrust forward as her hands explored and finally played along the deep crevice of his ass before sliding forward to cup the heavy sack of his balls… squeezing gently even as the heat of her mouth slid downward.

Deeply, she suckled – tongue working, stroking and dancing along the length of pulsing shaft. The throb of her heart roared in her head as every nerve ending jangled. She wanted him; wanted him so bad the ache flashed through belly and settled in a throbbing heat between her thighs.

Serena didn’t even realize that she was rocking on the floor – all her concentration was on the thick shaft moving faster and deeper into her mouth.

When batıkent escort it became clear that if she didn’t stop, he would explode into mouth and throat, Serena groaned and pulled away. Fire in her eyes… clenching cunt.

Half growled, her voice nearly shot into the air… betraying the excitement that had been stroked to a fevered pitch. “Fuck me?”

Jack laughed, a low sound, nearly a growl as he simply turned her fully onto her back and settled between her thighs. Deeply, he stared into her eyes, before pulling the sodden panties down quivering thighs.

“Fuck you? Oh yes, baby… I’m going to fuck you alright.” Each sound sent a shockwave of molten lust dancing through her veins as he hovered over her body. The deep red crown of his cock felt swollen and hot against the slick skin just begging to surround him.

Jack bent and took her mouth hungrily. The kiss stole the last of her senses, and with a deep and sharp lunge, buried himself within the slick glove of wet velvet and gripping muscle.

Serena’s piercing cry seemed to echo through the air and only increase with each driving plunge. There was no gentle teasing – the hunger was too great in both of them. Again and again the wet sounds of flesh to flesh exploded into the air as she took him deep inside and thrust up to meet the steep crash of his body with a power that left them both breathless.

Animal need, feral hunger.

Emotions tumbled through her mind and found home in the battering of her heart as the two were caught in the vortex of demand and pleasure. Eyes rolling… neck arched sharply as her body quivered and jerked with the power of his body meeting hers.

The sheen of sweat built over faces and dampened the clothes both still wore as time suspended and the world consisted of solid grunts and cries.

She felt it coming. Felt the lurch in her belly and the tingle that spread clear down to her toes. There was no holding back, and Jack watched her tighten. Long nails dug sharply into his shoulders as her entire body stiffened and arched. Eyes glassy, Serena could no more hold back the lift of her soul as the world swam and she hovered on the edge.

His name burst sharply from the straining throat and finally… she succumbed. The quiver and jerk of her body was simply too much and Jack roared out his own release and with a deep and strong thrust, emptied himself into the gripping, convulsing muscles.

It seemed to last a lifetime. Time seemed to stop… before the rush of air once more danced over both of them. Bodies straining against each other, hot lips seeking… sucking… licking frantically as unintelligible words tumbled unheard.

And finally, Jack dropped against her. Serena wasn’t even aware of the tears sliding from the corners of her eyes until his warm lips kissed them away.

Shuddering breaths eased slowly as they laid together on the cold, hard floor while fingertips brushed and finally weaved together. Slowly, Serena turned her head to meet his eyes… slow smile, gentle whisper: “Hey you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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