Punished for Being Beautiful

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I smile at her, and the words fall from my lips effortlessly.

“You are so beautiful. You always have been.”

Her eyes roll and she snorts in contempt at the compliment.

“You are such a liar.”

I knew she would react this way. She can never accept the way that I see her, or believe that she is a truly beautiful woman.

“I mean it! For once would you just accept the bloody compliment?”

She won’t. And rather than arguing about it, she decides to provoke me instead. A hard slap to my cheek, and she takes off running, daring me to give chase. And I do.

I growl and give chase after her and grab her roughly, pulling her down across my lap right there on the floor, wrestling her pants and underwear down as she struggles against me, and then delivering a hard spank to her ass that makes her cry out in shock and surprise at the intensity of the blow. Then as she writhes and resists me, I spank her perfect ass till her cheeks glow fiery red and her gasps have turned to sweet pained moans of pleasure.

She squirms as she lies across my lap, then twists suddenly and sinks her sharp teeth into my leg. She kicks and screams as she resists me with all her might.

I gasp at the sudden pain and grip her hair to pull her head back, making her cry out, as I hiss my displeasure.

“That wasn’t very nice of you my Love. And now I am going to have to be more creative in punishing you”

I push her to the floor and pin her hands in the small of her back as I rid her of her pants entirely. As one hand holds her wrists, I reach between her kicking legs to find her pussy with my deft fingers. Her arousal betrays her show of defiance, and my fingers slip effortlessly into her soaking wet hole. They thrust into her, and I see her eyes widen as she tries to ignore the pleasure of feeling me inside her.

She grits her teeth and lies completely still, absolutely ignoring my attempts to punish her. I smile and start working my fingers in and out of her wetness, dipping down to graze her clit and send sensation coursing through her body. Every now and then my hand kızılay escort slips from between her legs to spank that perfect ass again, never quite letting the red glow fade from her smooth skin, before my fingers dip back down into her incredible wetness.

Despite her best efforts, small movements and writhing of her hips show me that she is not as disinterested as she are trying to appear. She bites her lip and shuts her eyes tightly as she shivers at my touch.

I thrust slow and deep inside her pussy with two of my long fingers, and they caress her intimately before slipping out again, soaked with her wetness. They trail up from her pussy and she feels them caress the tight ring of her ass, covering it with her own wetness. Then as my fingers resume their rubbing of her sensitive clit, she feels me lean in and lap at the tight ring of her ass with my warm tongue, slowly, deviantly, caressing her as she stiffens at my touch.

“Fuck. You know I can’t ignore that! You prick!”

I smile at her exclamation and tease my tongue into her ass gently, lapping at her quivering flesh as my fingers stroke small maddening circles around her clit. I keep her wrists pinned so that she is still unable to get away from me, while I focus on giving her pleasure as potent as the pain of the spanking.

She growls her frustration.


She pulls at the grip I have on her wrists.

“I will NOT succumb to your so called punishments!!”

I growl at her attempts to free herself, and straddles her thighs, pinning her legs down. I smile as I decide to indulge myself, and one hand rapidly undoes my belt. I use the supple leather to bind her wrists together, and then strip my pants off. I straddle her thighs again, only this time with throbbing cock in hand. I lean over her back, close enough to whisper in your ear…

“Oh yes you will”

…before I straighten slightly, find her wetness with the soft tip of my shaft, and drive my cock deep inside her bound perfection. This is not sex for her pleasure. It isn’t to fulfill her desire. This is me taking my pleasure etlik escort from her whether she wants to give it to me or not. As she struggles and tries to get free I keep thrusting into her, gripping her body to allow me to pull harder into her. I speed up my thrusts from being deep and slow inside her, till they are hard, fast and rough, till she is screaming aloud at the sensations of my cock ravishing her. Her wrists strain against the leather belt, hands clenched into fists, as she still tries to resist me. But I reach up, grip her hair, and pull her head back as I fuck her deeply.

She can’t help it. Her body betrays her. As she screams in outrage at its loss of control, I feel her body shudder and quake in orgasm as she cums beneath the relentless pounding of my cock into her tight pussy. Then again, almost before the last shivers of her previous orgasm have died away. Helpless, bound, simply existing as an incredibly tight pussy for me to fuck, her punishment is getting her off like never before. A hard spank to her right ass cheek makes her cum so hard, that her inner muscles make me cry out as they grip me so tightly.

I slip out of her pussy, roll her onto her back before she can react, and as she lies atop her bound hands, her eyes flash up to meet mine, and she sees the look in my eyes, and the dominance in them thrills her with anticipation. I grip her legs, hold them open, and drive my cock back inside her as she lies there helplessly.

She screams in ecstasy, my absolute favorite sound in the entire world.

I lock eyes with hers and don’t break contact as my cock hammers into her tight pussy without mercy, stretching her roughly. She is soaking wet and dripping down the curves of her ass as my cock thrusts into her.

I grip her thighs in my hands and use them to pull her onto my cock with every thrust, driving balls deep inside her. Her screams are so beautiful to hear, she begs for more, for mercy, to cum, and I only listen to the first and last of her requests. She cums again for me and so hard that she squirts, wetness soaking my demetevler escort cock and dripping down off my balls.

I can feel that I am growing even more impossibly hard inside her, my cock filling her up utterly till there is no room left between us. I need her now, punishment forgotten, and I fuck her with wild abandon. She can see the feral glint in my eyes and knows that my inner wolf has taken over. There will be no stopping till He has had His fill of her.

She screams in anger and frustration at not being able to touch Her wolf. At not being able to claw and bite me.

I see the rage in her eyes and don’t stop dominating her, showing her that she is Mine, to punish or pleasure, and that I will do both as I choose. I force her to cum again, even as her hands strain to be free, wanting to either claw at my skin in pleasure or tear at it in frustration.

She tries to push herself up off the ground. To get to me in any way possible.

I won’t have any of it. From my position above her, I reach down and firmly grip her soft throat, pinning her in place. In a voice so full of lust and dominance I almost don’t recognize it as my own, I say

“You are Mine! Now stay still!”

I don’t move my hand away, and I feel her nervous swallow against my palm. This is more dominant than she has ever seen me, more primal and animalistic. I fuck her with a total abandon of niceties or gentleness. I FUCK her, and she loves it, even as she arches beneath me and cums again.

She’s lost track of her orgasms by now. I’m aching within the grip of her inner muscles as I thrust into her. I need her, I have to have her, and I can’t stop without taking my pleasure from her body. I give in to mindless lust, both hands wrapped around her soft neck now, an unbreakable collar of warm flesh and dominance. I fuck her so hard it borders on vicious until she hears me gasp and shudder between her thighs, squeezing her throat tightly, and then with a roar of release, she feels me cum inside her, feeling all the lust boil up from inside me and spill into her with jet after jet of cum. The sensations brings her to a silent but intense orgasm, and as she collapses back to the ground, I fall down to cover her body with mine, my lips finding hers for a passionate kiss of release.

That is the punishment she receives for being beautiful…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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