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In all of my previous writing I’ve told largely biographical tales, although, I do admit that I sometimes embellished the truth a little, and I always telescoped time frames, otherwise my readers would have died of boredom! In the tale I’m about to relate, however, the whole thing is complete fantasy, developed from some thoughts I had when I was driving back from visiting my mother. I was bored and feeling horny, and as I drove, my hand slipped up my skirt, and started to play with my pussy while I drove in the endless road works on the M1 towards my home in London.

What I fantasised about was, I suppose, linked to the upcoming referendum on our membership of the EU. I just imagined that the referendum was, instead, on the establishment of a women only government, as a result of women’s frustration with all the reports of rapes, sexual assaults and so on, dating back years and ignored by the authorities, at the time. In my fantasy I glossed over the mechanism by which women politicians had managed to get agreement that such a referendum should take place, and that only women would be eligible to vote.

Anyway, the referendum, not surprisingly, produced a massive majority in favour of women only politicians in the commons, and women only peers in the upper house. As a result of the referendum the government had to resign immediately, and all the male MPs, and they were mostly male, had to resign and elections held with women only candidates. The upper house could only be appointed once a government was formed and a Prime Minister appointed.

The various groups of women who had been active in the referendum campaign quickly settled themselves into two groups which coalesced around two basic beliefs or philosophies towards men. The first group, which called themselves the Liberals, were basically of the belief that men were basically good, with a few bad apples ruining everything for the rest of their sex, and that all that was needed was for women to take control and have some rules and regulations about their behaviour, and control the money, armies, policies, budgets etc.

The other party, taking the name Dominance, believed that all men were basically dangerous, war mongering rapists who must be kept under very strict control, especially sexually, and that women should assert their superiority and dominance in the strongest possible ways.

I’m not going to tell you, dear readers, which party I intended to vote for, because you can guess, but I told my husband, who I love dearly, that I would vote for the Liberals.

In the various election debates and public question and answer sessions, and in the opinion polls, it seemed as if the two parties were neck and neck, and, if anything, the Liberals were slightly ahead, but on the morning after the election, the Doms had won a landslide victory. It became obvious that women didn’t want to admit that they actually wanted to get revenge on the entire male population, for centuries of oppression, but, in a secret vote, they all went for the party who intended to subjugate the male population to a role quite close to slavery.

Accordingly, the Dominant Party gained a convincing majority in parliament, enabling them to put their plan into action, beginning with the appointment of an upper house who were of the same view regarding how men should be treated in this new utopia for women.

With their control secured, the new government proceeded to appoint Betturkey ministers from their own ranks, which gave them total control of the police, education, the economy, the law, and all other areas of life, and most women watched with baited breath to see how their new world would develop, and men watched with trepidation, fearing that their comfortable lives were about to end.

It quickly became apparent that a lot of planning had been done ahead by the Dominace Party, as all of the ministers hit the ground running, presenting bills for approval by the house of commons within days of their appointments. In a break from normal practice, the bills presented weren’t scrutinised or debated in any way, but were passed automatically, and referred to the upper house for ratification. The upper house, renamed The House of Ladies, also passed the bills within hours of receiving them, and passed them back to the lower house for confirmation and implementation, so that, within a week of the election a whole raft of new laws were put in place. Here are just a few of them.

The Education Minister banned all education for males of any age, on the basis that men were too stupid to learn anything, and, in addition, all males working in the education service were to be given notice with immediate effect. The minister spoke enthusiastically about the money saved by no longer employing males, or educating them.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer banned men from having bank accounts, and gave them twenty four hours to transfer any money from their bank accounts to a female of their choice, and instructing the banks to close any accounts after that deadline, and any money still in the accounts should be transferred to the government.

The Minister for Health announced that masturbation was extremely injurious to male health, both physical and mental, and that the government were therefore introducing mandatory chastity for all males, whether married or not. The new, all female Police Force would have control of the devices, however, wives could, if they chose, apply for control of their husband’s chastity devices. She suggested that wives should not feel obliged to take control of their husbands if they had no use for their penises, but rather could leave them permanently locked.

The Home Secretary, confirmed that the police would keep all men chaste, unless their wives or girlfriends requested control, and added that a new offence was being created making it illegal for any male to be in public with his penis unlocked, and furthermore making it a severe offence for any male to touch, let alone hold, a chastity device key. The above provisions were all to take immediate effect, and many women queried where all these devices were to be obtained, but, yet again, it became clear that a lot of planning had been going on behind the scenes as town halls turned out to have massive stocks of devices available for issue free, on request. The very next day there were huge queues of women outside the town halls clutching little scraps of paper with intimate measurements of their husband’s equipment.

The result of these new laws was pandemonium, with banks trying to keep up with transfers of funds from male’s accounts before the deadline. All male police were automatically fired, which could have led to chaos and widespread crime, except that thousands of women volunteered to be Special Constables, Betturkey Giriş and the Home Secretary announced that they were to be armed, and furthermore that any male found on the streets with his ‘tackle’ hanging free would be arrested and taken to a medical centre for castration.

At first most men treated these pronouncements with disdain, but when the evening news showed pictures of the new ‘Specials’ arresting men for refusing to drop their trousers and pants to confirm that they were chastised, men decided that the risk was too great, and stayed indoors. To reinforce the point, the Specials were given substantial bonuses for each man they took for castration.

My fantasy next switched to a more personal perspective as I pondered how these new laws might impact my life with my adoring husband Rob. Regular readers will know that we had already played with chastity, so we had a suitable device, but I wasn’t sure how the prospect of the harsh new regime would go down with my almost perfect husband. I resolved to have a serious conversation with him to work out how we should proceed.

“Hi sweet, where are you?” I asked when he answered his mobile.

“I’m at home my love, with all the news I’ve been following I thought it would be safer to stay indoors. When will you be home?”

“In about an hour, the roads are pretty quiet. Please stay in until I get there my darling, the streets aren’t safe for men at the moment.”

“Will do, I’ll make some dinner, see you soon.”

“Love you.” I finished, relieved that he was safe and secure at home.

Fifty minutes later, I pulled into our drive, and let myself into our house. Rob was busy in the kitchen, preparing something which smelt delicious.

“That smells good darling, what is it?” I asked, taking Rob into my arms and kissing him passionately.

“Bouef Bourguignon,” he answered, “I know you like it.”

“Brilliant, I’ll go and change, then we can eat. After dinner we need to talk about everything that’s going on.”

“Yes, good, shall I poor you some Prosecco?” He asked.

“Of course, you can bring it up to me.” I answered, sweeping out of the room.

I climbed the stairs and stripped out of my clothes and got into the shower. I heard Rob deliver my glass of fizz, and then disappear back downstairs to finish the dinner. I enjoyed the feeling of the hot water cascading over my body, stimulating my nipples as it splashed past, and applied the liquid soap generously all over, lingering as I washed my breasts, and then between my legs.

I left the shower and towelled myself dry, and started to drink my cold Prosecco, enjoying being naked, and anticipating the selfish sex that I was planning to enjoy after dinner. I slipped on a gown and slippers and padded down the stairs ready for a delicious dinner. I didn’t offer to help, I never do, but sat myself at the head of the table and waited for my husband to top up my wine and serve my dinner.

“No rush Rob, I’m quite happy to sit here all night.” I scolded sarcastically.

“Sorry my darling, I’m here now.” He replied, rushing in with two plates of steaming French food. He placed mine in front of me, put his own on his mat, then poured me some more Prosecco.

I started eating and after a slight pause he started as well. The food was, as always, sensational, but I didn’t compliment him, even though he is an excellent cook, because I think it’s bad policy. He would know that it must be really, really good, otherwise I would complain, or at least suggest some way it could be improved, but I honestly couldn’t think of any way it could be better, so I talked about something else.

“Are you wearing your chastity cage darling?” I enquired innocently.

“No my love, I didn’t think I needed to as I’m not going out.” He explained, sounding worried, as well he might be.

“You must always wear it from now on, which I would have thought was pretty obvious, given the political situation. Go and get it and let me see you put it on and lock it.”

He scurried off to the bedroom as I continued to eat the excellent meal. A couple of minutes later he was back carrying the cage, and, when he got to the table he dropped his trousers and pants and fitted the cage then snapped the lock shut. He got dressed again and sat down and resumed his meal.

“Now, in future, you must wear the cage at all times. If I want to unlock you I will, but that will be rare from now on, we must get with the spirit of the new laws, don’t you think?”

“If you say so my love.” He answered a little grudgingly, I thought.

“I do say so, in future sex is for women to enjoy, and men’s role is to provide that enjoyment and accept, with good grace, that they no longer get sexual relief. Would you describe your response as being ‘with good grace’?”

“Um, I suppose not, sorry darling.” He answered, still sounding grumpy.

“You will be sorry. Throw your dinner in the bin, strip naked, fetch the cane and stand in the corner until I’m ready to correct your attitude.” I instructed, loving the look of horror on his face.

“Now!!” I shouted.

After I’d eaten, I relaxed on the sofa watching TV for a while, and I also finished the bottle of Prosecco. I always like to punish Rob when I’ve had a few drinks, it makes me much less concerned about the pain I inflict. I attacked his naked bum and the backs of his legs with the vicious cane for over half an hour which had him in floods of tears. To finish I had him kneel on the floor with his legs apart and had some fun kicking his balls.

Later, further measures were announced on the news .

Wives were invited to transfer their marriage contract into a contract of ownership, so that husbands would become owned slaves.

All males were to be re-classified as ‘non-human’ in the eyes of the law, and would no longer qualify for any human rights. Wives were warned that they should keep their property, that is, their men, secured at all times.

All males were to be bar coded on their arses, so that ownership could be registered, and the buying and selling of male slaves would commence immediately. The new female CEO of E Bay confirmed that there would be a male slave section within twenty four hours to facilitate the buying and selling of males. Un-married males were deemed to be the property of their mothers, although the situation with girlfriends seemed to be a bit of a grey area.

I resolved to register Rob as my slave the very next day, and to go and buy some security equipment, so I could lock him up if we went out shopping or whatever.

Once Rob had stopped bawling, I had him kneel between my legs and lick me to a series of lovely orgasms, before sending him to sleep at the foot of my bed.

Unfortunately, at that point I arrived home, and my fantasy had to end. I pulled into our drive, and got out of the car, still feeling really horny. I entered the house and could smell cooking, bouef bourguignon I thought to myself. Perhaps something from my fantasy could be rescued after all.

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