Research and Analysis – Crossover 01

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(Note to the reader: Please also read my story, “Women Study, Crossover”)

My sexual horizons were expanding. Decker and I were an informal Friends with Benefits item; Nobody really new about him, even his frat boys, and we kept our trysts irregularly infrequent enough to keep them fresh.

I still hadn’t gotten into a new lesbian relationship nor had I made much headway into exploring multi-partner sex. But things began to look up when, as I mentioned, I met “Tanya” on what I would call an upscale lesbian dating site.

Membership on the site was expensive, even for my pocketbook–and I make pretty fair money–but it promised to preserve my anonymity and had numerous checks in place to monitor the quality of the women seeking partners. This was no sleazy hook-up site. I had to submit my application, possess some minimum qualification criteria, and clear authentication of my bona fides, part of which was verification of my vital statistics. I did all of that, as I knew I would, and began searching for a partner, or partners.

Asian-American female, 5’6″ (1.7m)–I know I’m tall for someone of Asian extraction– and all of 120lbs (about 55kg), no boob size to speak of–technically, I would suppose that I am like a 34AA –if there is any smaller cup size, then that would be me. I am 39 years old and decidedly not glamorous, but engaging. I’m seeking lesbian companionship with the potential of a long term relationship, though not necessarily an exclusive one. I am looking for someone in my age group, preferably a stable professional.

I received several “hits” but there were only three that really interested me:

Bella, age 44, 5’4″ (1.6m), 150lbs (68kg), 36D Cup size, professional artist, fluent in Japanese, interested in meeting an Asian woman, for sexual and cultural enrichment. (This one appealed because of her artistic talents and interest in an Asian woman, however being neither being of Japanese heritage nor speaking the language, I decided to pass. Also, she seemed to be as chubby as I was slender which didn’t seem to work toward a physical match)

Dorinda, age 55, 5’1″ (1.55m), 110lbs, (50k) professional care giver (RN), recently widowed, seeking the lesbian relationship I’ve always wanted, I prefer a younger woman of a slender body type. (Well, younger and slender worked for me but the “recently widowed” factor made me cautious. Emotional problems, maybe? It was “iffy” in my mind.)

Tanya, age 52, 5’10” (1.77m), 145lbs (66kg) Owner/CEO of a small firm, seeking a relationship with a mature lesbian woman which may become long term, though that is not a requirement, for sexual adventures, possibly to include multiple partners. a bi-sexual woman might be considered depending on her interests and preferences. (This one sounded like it hit the nail on the head…I followed up)

I contacted Tanya through the dating web site’s private message–and confidential–message service. I liked the tenor of Tanya’s texts from the start. She was open and positive with a sly sense of humor. She was candid about her sexual history concerning both men and women.

She was matter-of-fact without bragging or embarrassment. She also said that, while she had a loving relationship with another woman, they both agreed that having a broader pool of women for varied sexual was by-and-large healthy for them and any relationship Tanya and I might undertake would be known to her “other”. Tanya was also truthful about her still being married to her husband of more than 30 years. She assured me that there was nothing in that relationship that would inhibit her from embarking on an affair with and woman, ME!

I was as open with her as she was with me. I gave her the rundown about my failed marriage, my troubled long term lesbian relationship, and my past several years partner less sex. She seem intrigued with my casual sex relationship with my college boy.

We decided to meet in person. I knew the instant I saw her that I wanted to have sex with her. My goodness! Here was this tall, statuesque, blonde woman, with fabulous looking boobs, and a body with all of the other curves in the right places, and energetic, and enthusiastic, and….well, she simply swept me off my feet.

Or meeting was prosaic, a few general, and really unimportant questions –except the important about confidentiality– when she sprang the big one on me: “Do you want to have sex with me?” I paused, not because I was trying to decide yes/no, but because I was thrilled and speechless that she would not ask me so soon but ask me like THAT, plainly, and to the point! Of course, I said “YES”!

We proceeded to have a night of lovemaking that was memorable in itself, and not just because I hadn’t had sex with a woman for three years, the reality of it was that I had NEVER had sex with a woman THAT good EVER. You know the old saying, “Once you’ve hand steak, you’ll never go back to hamburger”? Tanya was the steak! I would have asked her to marry me then and there, if I hadn’t known that she was already and committed to at least two people. I’m getting wet just remembering that night.

Oddly, though–though not ardahan escort so odd knowing what I know now–the morning after we our monumental, one-for-the-books sex, Tanya brought up the confidentiality issue again, reinforcing the importance of it not just for her but for her constant lesbian love mate. It seems that this woman, Gladys as I later found out, was what one might call a “personage” for whom anonymity and confidentiality were essential. To Tanya, ensuring those things for her lover was paramount. Tanya and I reached an agreement.

I agreed to meet with Tanya’s lover to find out if she, Gladys, Tanya and I might make compatible partners for a lesbian threesome. It we hit it off, it might become more or less a regular thing. If we didn’t hit it off as a “team”, so to speak. Tanya and I were free to pursue our own one-on-one sexual relationship, no-harm/no-foul. Tanya told me that she her lover’s buy-in on this. I was a bit skeptical but said I would go along with it. Anything that gave me a chance at having more sex with Tanya was a chance worth taking in my book.

Tanya and I met with her lover, Gladys, who wore a balaclava mask throughout the evening. I’m not going to go into what was said, or who Gladys might be because, a) I don’t really have the slightest idea and, b) even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell because I believe in the sanctity of our confidentiality agreement and, c) I would never betray Tanya–or Gladys, for that matter. I love them both.

I must tell though, the first night the three of us met turned into a sex-fest the likes of which I’d never experienced. If you think my account of the first time I had sex with Tanya was hyperbole, just add to that sex with a magnificent lover like Gladys to the equation and you have an experience for the Millennium! I can easily see now why Tanya is so committed to Gladys. What a pair they are and what a thrill it was for me to be part of their love!


“Don’t tell me Dar-Lin,” Gar was singing now, “don’t tell meeee, Dar-Lin, you’ve found luuuuuv and it is heeeer to staaay, every daaay, come what maaaay, todaaaaay!”

“GAR! Would puhlese, PUHLESE, stop it?” I hoped the tone of my voice would convince Gar that my exasperation was beginning to have a limit.

“I think you should be happy that I’m happy for you,” Gar’s voice was jovial but teasing, “aren’t you happy? Huh? Did Mr. Dickher do his magic? Again? For the…how many?…times?”

“It’s DECKER, Gar, you know THAT,” I said trying to regain my composure, “and what makes you think he is, or has done, anything at all, let alone anything ‘to’ me?”

“Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know,” Gar was doing his best to imitate an old time singer, “I know, I know….You are way too happy, Dar-Lin, for something not to have happened, I know, I know….!”

“I would be much happier if you just piped down and got some work done,” I tried my stern voice, “and, besides, who says anybody, man or woman, has done anything, anything at all, to anybody, especially ME?”

Gar did pipe down and got semi-serious, which is serious as far as Gar is concerned. Gar said, “I can tell, Dar-Lin, there is something about you lately. You seem happier, loose, and easier to get along with…. the only thing I can think of is that you are…heh, heh, heh, ‘getting some.”

I had to put a stop to this so I jumped in, “Gar, do you know what would really make me happier, more relaxed and easier to get along with? It would be you getting back to work and not trying to wheedle out of me the details of my personal life…that’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Gar turned back to his array of computer displays, “O.K., I’ll do that but,” under his breath, Gar went on, “I know, I know, I know….”

Well, Gar was right, I just wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of finding out why. Yes, my sex play with Decker helped start things off but it was my spectacular evening with Tanya and Gladys that gave me my escape velocity from my depression. It made me wonder whether the afterglow of my Friday orgasms carried all the way to Monday. I shouldn’t wonder, as great as they were.

My cell buzzed at me. My screen read “Novelties Inc” that meant Decker was calling. I wasn’t about to put Decker’s name in my phone so Gar could jump on it when he saw it on my phone. I put in my ear bud.

“Hello, yes this is Lin,” my telephone business voice was practiced, “….you want to know about my order”

On the other end of the line Decker said, “Lin! you can’t talk now…right?”

“Yes, that’s right….six pieces…yes SIX!” That was my code for 6:00PM

“You should be working for MI6,” Decker teased me, “or Get Smart, either one!”

“Well you could deliver them to me at home,” I said, being rather obvious in my code, “….no I need to be there…”

Decker, now decided to have fun, “So, are you thinking ‘goods’ or ‘services’? Really, the only thing I have 6 of for you is kisses, unless you want to try for 6 serial orgasms. That’s a tall order but I’d be willing to try!”

“Oh, THAT’s impossible,” my exasperation was rising ardahan escort bayan again, this time at Decker, so I said, “what part of ‘I need six and I will be at home to sign for them’, don’t you understand? Yes…oh…yes… I’ll be there at six. G’bye!”

I could only hope that Decker under stood I’d see him tonight at 6:00PM at my place.

Under my breath, but loud enough for Gar to hear, I said to myself “Simple order, six ice cream filled cupcakes. And…NO…you can’t drop them off. I have to be there or they will fucking MELT!”

I was hoping that would throw Gar off the scent but I heard him in his cubicle…

“I know, I know, I know…I feel GREAT!”

Decker showed up at 6:00 on the dot. I let him in and went into my bedroom to change out of my working clothes. I had my shoes, socks, pants, and shirt off….in other words I was in my panties….reaching for my robe when Decker walked in. His eyes gleamed when they settled on me and he walked over, intercepted me reaching for my robe, and took me in his arms. What followed was the warmest, most tender, deepest, passionate kiss that I had gotten…well….since Friday, really…but certainly from him, certainly. I felt his warmth seeping into my body…Whew!

“I have six of something for you, Lin,” he whispered in my ear, “here are the six I promised you…”

Decker proceeded to my cheeks, both of them, my eyelids, my neck, and again a kiss on my lips. I sighed…what girl wouldn’t?…and went a little limp….what girl wouldn’t? He waltzed me over to my bed. He leaned me back and as limp as I was feeling I couldn’t prevent myself from plopping down on the bed on my back. He knelt down and teased my panties off over my legs and gazed at my exposed vagina. He gently blew a puff of air toward the sparse hair between my legs. That made me shiver…what girl wouldn’t?

I laid back, closed my eyes, and visualized what came next. With his hands on my inner thighs, he spread my legs farther apart, raised them until they were almost straight up, and leaned forward to my now easily accessible vagina. I felt another puff of air on my labia that ruffled my pubic hair, and then a soft kiss to them, and a tiny flick of his tongue against them. Ohhh, another shiver for me…and another followed his next kiss there. Ohhhh!

He pressed his face full onto my vagina his tongue seeking my clitoris nestled there…He knew where to find it, he had found it so many times these last few weeks. He knew where it was and he knew what to do with it. A flick of his tongue…zing…a kiss…zing…his lips around it….zing…suction on it…zing, zing…the tiny button in his mouth…more suction..ZING..sucking and licking, licking and sucking…ZingZingZingZing….and finally, when I was beginning to think I couldn’t stand it anymore….heaver and faster his tongue and lips and that flood that is my orgasm hit me..and him…ZIIIIIINNNNGGGG! and it was a “zing” that didn’t stop it just kept going and going just like his tongue and lips kept going and going,

Finally, I had to cry…OOOhhhOOOOO! Enough! You can’t keep this up!

NoNOnoNOOOO! OOOHHH! But he did keep it up..and faster and harder went his tongue, stronger and heaver he pressed his lips. I threw my arms out to my sides, arched my back, and the spasm shot through my whole body…I came…that luscious liquid in me spurted out on Decker’s lips…I relaxed and Decker licked my pussy clean, gently. My aftershocks occurred, strong and frequent at first but milder and farther apart as the moments passed…and soon I settled my back on the bed utterly spent…OOOHHH!

“That’s one of six, Ms. Lin,” Decker teased in his mellow voice, “when would you like me to deliver the other five?”

“You’re a devil, Mr. Decker,” I cooed, “I don’t think I can survive another one tonight. How about tomorrow?”

“Done!” Decker said with enthusiasm.


After my orgasm I felt like I was floating. I floated into the my kitchen where Decker was fixing each of us a cup of tea. Soothing, he said, as if I needed any more ‘soothing’.

Sitting at the table sipping my tea with Decker, I said tentatively, “I don’t know if it is right, after all that wonderful sex, but I need to tell you something.”

Decker straightened in his chair and looked at me, “You’ve met somebody? I mean…I thought you might, someday, just not a ‘someday’ so soon.”

I tried to soften blow, “It’s not what you think. I’ve met a woman, we had sex Friday, and she and her girlfriend and I had sex, too, Friday. It was just sex–girls having sex.”

I’m really NOT a good liar. I have ‘tells”. I’m not exactly sure what they are but Decker, even in the short time we’ve known each other knows most of them. He knows when I’m fibbing. But, really, I wasn’t fibbing..technically…I was just not telling him everything. I’m told there’s a Female Rule about that.

Decker continued, solemnly, “I don’t think you’re telling me everything, Lin. What is it you’re not telling me? Something you’re afraid to tell me?’

Well, yes, you know me escort ardahan too well,” I said, a little ashamed, “it was WONDERFUL!”

“There’s nothing wrong with having wonderful sex, Lin,” Deck was a little more cheerful, “I mean tonight? QED?”

“You’re silly, Decker, but you’re right! Sex with you and sex with them was wonderful both times but…you know….different…you know?” My voice was brighter, too.

Decker thought for a minute and said, “You know, when I was a little boy, and I was eating a strawberry ice cream cone, my mother asked me what was my favorite ice cream and I said, STRAWBERRY! Another time when I was eating a chocolate ice cream cone she asked what my favorite ice cream was and I said, CHOCOLATE! If it had been a vanilla cone, I would have said VANILLA! I loved ice cream, not matter the flavor…they were all WONDERFUL. I am glad you enjoy sex the way I do ice cream!”

Deck leaned over the table, gave me the sweetest kiss, and asked, “What do you think about my sleeping over tonight? I’m really fatigued.”

I nodded and, since I was both mellow and tired, we went to bed early. No more sex tonight, just cuddling and precious sleep!


I woke up at 5:00AM, wide awake. I didn’t need to get up and get ready for work until 7:00AM and I didn’t feel like going for a jog so I just sat in bed trying to collect my thoughts, put some things together.

Sex and Tanya and Gladys was magnificent but, as Decker suggested, as good as sex with him, it was just different. But sex with the women was a give and take proposition; sex with Decker was usually a “take” proposition. He relished going down on me but I couldn’t exactly say the same about my going down on him. Fucking him was out of the question, or at least, it was out of the question for me. I’m sure he would enjoy it but would I? Strap-on dildo fucking with the women was different–a tool was just a tool, like a vibrator, or my fingers, for that matter. I could get an orgasm using those things, in fact quite a good orgasm, because I had control over them.

Having a live penis in me, on the other hand, bore no attraction for me. Was it Nawel that caused that? He liked to fuck me whenever he wanted to and it didn’t make any difference if I was ready or not. My lack of lubrication made the process painful and Nawel either didn’t understand or just didn’t care that my vagina needed lubrication. Paradoxically, though, I did not like the sensation of his slippery cum in my pussy; it seemed so dirty…icky… to me.

On top of that, I didn’t want to get pregnant at all really, but especially with Nawel. He detested condoms and refused to let me use alternative birth control. And he fucked me so much that the odds of my getting pregnant were high; it is a statistical miracle that I didn’t get pregnant. I know that all of that goes into my distaste of male/female fucking. In a way, I wish it didn’t. It might be nice to fuck Decker but…no!

I looked over at Decker sleeping naked in my bed. He did that, only occasionally–sleeping over, that is. He said he enjoyed it but didn’t want to make a habit of it. We weren’t really in a relationship, he said; friends with benefits is how he termed it. It was comforting for me to having in bed with me; I felt safer somehow and…well…loved too, I suppose.

I wondered who else’s bed he might be sleeping in. Was he having sex with other women? Was he fucking them because I wouldn’t let him fuck me? Do they give him blowjobs all the time? I only do it every so often, even though I surprised myself when I sucked his cock that first time. I have to admit, it did make me feel good, not necessarily having his cock in my mouth or swallowing his cum down my throat: but having that feeling of providing him some pleasure–that felt good to me. I guess that’s what he feels when goes down on me and gives me an orgasm. Decker, Decker, Decker–what am I going to do?

It had been a warm evening and we had been sleeping nude. I looked down at him lying on his back, his hairy chest, his limp penis not as imposing as when it gets hard. When was the last time I sucked him off? Weeks ago?

Just out of curiosity, I reached down and touched his cock, I suppose to see how sensitive it was, whether he would wake him up. He didn’t stir but his cock did, it twitched just a bit. I nudged it again with my finger, it twitched again, a little more this time. Decker himself did not stir an inch. I wondered: does a man’s penis have a life of its own? Some guys act like it does; they are always talking about their “Johnson” making their decisions for them. I reached down and caressed his cock this time. It responded with more than a twitch.

Now I had a problem on my hands, literally. My attentions to Decker’s cock had caused some clear liquid to form on its tip. I knew what that was…”pre-cum”..not really semen but the start of the lubrication of his reproductive tract to make way for the real thing. I tested it with the tip my finger… yes it was slippery. I moved my finger to my nose…no aroma whatsoever…it was a clear odorless liquid. I tasted what was on my finger…no taste. Clear, colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid. How odd, I thought, considering his cum was thick, milky, and aromatic, with an unusual–hard to describe–flavor. I know. I had tasted it. Tasted it? No I’ve swallowed it! And more than once…but not recently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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