Rick Rims Rita

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Rick had been friends with Benny since 8th grade thus it was no surprise that when Benny married Rita he became close to her as well.

Rick had always been mesmerized by his best friend’s wife Rita. She had a body to die for. She was pleasantly plump not obese mind you but perhaps twenty pounds heavier than she would like to be but a gorgeous woman nonetheless. Rita was a fairly tall woman five feet nine inches with long flowing blond hair, sweet blue eyes, full red lips and long luscious legs. She carried her extra weight well such that while she knew she could afford to lose weight it was difficult for anyone besides her husband to know unless they saw her naked. Her extra weight was carried in small love handles at her waistline, full breasts, and a little on her hips. Her legs were lean and long with no extra weight carried there.

One lazy Saturday evening Rick was visiting Benny and Rita at their house in the suburbs when Rita suggested they enjoy the evening by relaxing in their outdoor hot tub. The hot tub was in their spacious back yard which was luxuriously landscaped and the entire yard surrounded by a privacy fence. Rita went inside to don her swim suit as Benny prepared a pitcher of Margaritas to sip on as they lounged in the water.

When Rita returned in her bikini, Rick stood spellbound. She was beautiful.

When Benny saw his lovely wife, he asked Rick “Rick, now you tell me. Do you think that bikini makes Rita looks big? She is always telling me that she is a little shy about wearing it for fear that it reveals too much flesh.”

“Oh no, Rita”, Rick replied, “In fact that suit is very becoming on you! I don’t think you could have a found a suit which accentuates your figure better.”

“Thank You, Rick. Coming from you that is quite a compliment because I know that you are always truthful and honest with me.”

The three friend stepped in the tub and Benny poured each of them a margarita.

They drank the delicious libations and conversation ranged over a variety of topics ranging from work, politics, weather and yes as the alcohol began to lower erotik film izle their inhibitions even to sex.

Rita looked at Rick and smiling she asked, “Rick can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure go right ahead. We’re all friends and adults here!” Rick replied.

“Well for as long as I can remember I have had an unusual desire to have my asshole licked but Benny here has had a mental block about doing it. He thinks there is something perverted about it and refuses to do it.”

Rick looked over at Benny and kind of smirked but admitted “Well I guess that’s the way to put it but I just can’t get my mind around the idea.” Benny stated.

“Have you ever done that with any of your girlfriends, Rick?” Benny quizzed Rick.

“Well as matter of fact,” Rick said, “I have. And because you seem to feel it is perverted I’m almost ashamed to admit that I rather enjoy it. There are things a woman can do to ensure the experience is enjoyable. One is what we are doing now to have a few drinks to help “let your hair down so to speak”. Another is to make sure the anus is squeaky clean.” Rick winked.

Benny confessed, “Well I’m very open and want to do my absolute best to fulfill Rita’s wishes and desires but that’s one I just have trouble a lot of trouble with. How would you feel about making Rita’s rimming wish come true? If I were to choose anyone to do it for her, you would be the one with whom I would feel most comfortable.”

Rita was visible surprised at her husbands offer to Rick. Rita looked at him and asked, “Are you kidding, Benny? You wouldn’t have a problem with Rick licking my ass?”

It was like Rick was watching a tennis match he gaze going from Benny to Rita and now back to Benny.

“Well Rita. I’ve known Rick a long time and trust him implicitly and if it will make you happy, I’m okay with it provided of course you still wasnt to try it.”

“I must say I’m a little surprised at your suggestion but by all means I’m up for it!!!!” Rita beamed excitedly.

With Rita and Benny’s approval, Rick asked” How about right here. You can just kneel film izle on the seat here.”

“okay.” Rita replies as she stood amid the bubbly hot water and removed her bikini bottoms. Benny stood and as he began to remove her top he stated, “We might as well all get comfortable.” Rick’s cock swelled to a full erection as he viewed Rita’s sexy naked body.

Bennhy and Rick both removed their shorts and tossed them on the deck.

Rita leaned over the edge of the hot tub with her luscious ass upturned and ready for Rick. She could hardly believe her dream was about to come true.

Rick took his place behind her kneeling on the seat behind her. He began by gripping Rita’s waist in his hands and kissing her at her beltline. His lips began to trace their way downward. Rita sipped her margarita as she felt Rick’s lips moving down her butt cheeks. Rick nibbled her tasty ass flesh gently while simutaneously kneading her supple ass.

Rick placed his fingers on each side of her ass and pulled her cheeks apart to expose her wrinkled rosebud. His ass kisses grew closer to Rita’s target of desire. “Oh this is so lewd, Benny! I love it!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

Rick took his fingertip and slowly drew tiny circles around her tight and quivering orifice.

Benny sat stroking his own hard cock as he watched his best friend focused intently on his wife’s sweet ass.

“Come here, Benny!” Rita summoned Benny with a lusty smile on her lips. “No reason you shouldn’t have a little fun too.”

Rita took her husbands shaft in hand and leisurely stroked it’s length as Rick began to finger probe Rita’s tight anus. Rita took Benny’s cockhead in her mouth and swirled her tongue rapidly around the bulbous mushroom shaped even sinding the opening in the head and dabbing it with the tip of her tongue. Benny took his wife’s head in his hands and his fingers interwined in her long hair as she began to take more of his hard cock in her mouth.

Rick removed his probing finger from Rita’s asshole with a pointed tongue began to draw circles Rita’s around and around Rita’s luscious anus. seks filmi izle Rita removed Benny’s cock from her mouth and looking over her shoulder at Rick dining at her musky orifice she uttred, “Ohhhhh Rick! Ohhhhh Yes! Mmmmmmm Baby that feels soooo good! Lick my asshole for me!!! Lick it good!”

That was incentive enough for Rick. Rita parted he legs a bit more as Rick reached between her thighs to massage her throbbing clit while his tongue continued to lick her asshole.

Benny began slowly thrusting his swollen cock in and out of his wife’s willing mouth as Rick delighted in eating her ass.

Rick was really into it now and Rita was beside herself as she felt Rick’s pointed tongue began to probe her anus. She relaxed her sphincter as much as possible as Rick extended his tongue to the maximum extent possible and thust it in her into her rectum! “Mmmmmm! Oh My!!! Oh Yes! That feeeels good!” Rita cried out at the sensations her asshole experienced.

Rick began to wiggle his tongue in Rita’s rectum as she swallowed her husbands cock to the hilt. Rita was close to an orgasm now due to Rick’s ministrations on her clit and his hot wet tongue probing her tight asshole.

Rita cradled Benny’s heavy scrotum in her warm wet hands as Benny pumped his cock in her mouth.

Rick was now intent om making Rita cum as planted his lips aroung her asshole and thrust his tongue deeper and deeper in her musky asshole while frigging her clit. Rita began moaning as she felt the throes of an intense orgasm approaching. Her deep gutteral moans created vibrations on Benny’s cock and suddenly he was spewing his load deep down his wife’s lovely throat. Rita took aech drop not wasting any even as her body began to quake with a powerful orgasm of her own. Rick felt her sphincter quiver around his asshole taking a life of it’s own. “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Rita cried loudly as she dropped to the top of the hot tub’s rim to relish in the orgasm. It seemed like an eternity that Benny and Rita climaxed together.

As their orgasms subsided, Benny and Rita bot sat in the hot tub to bask in the afterglow.

“WOW!” Rita said simply.

“Ditto!” Benny added.

With a lusty grin on her face, Rita said, “Your turn next Rick. You’ve earned an orgasm today!”

But that’s another story!

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