Ride and Meet

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My mind was telling me that if he cancelled or failed to show up, I wouldn’t try again. But my heart was saying otherwise. I have wanted this for years. It didn’t matter that we weren’t meeting in a hotel room, it only mattered that I could touch him again. I changed the names for obvious reasons.

It seemed like the time passed slow. I was to meet him on a dirt road in an area that I ride horses often. At first, I was supposed to just meet up in our vehicles, but I knew that would draw attention. So being I was off on Fridays and usually ride a few hours, I decided to ride until we met up. Besides, there’s nothing like the saddle rubbing my crotch to get me in the mood. As I saddled up, I placed a rolled up blanket in my saddle bag just in case. I also packed a few beers. The beers would help calm me down and put me in a hornier mood also. I had timed my arrival to give me about an hour ride. That was plenty of time to finish a couple of beers before Greg arrived. It also gave me time to find an old road he could pull his truck onto. I wasn’t sure if he would have enough time, but my mind swirling with ideas.

Over the years he had made many promises of what he wanted to do, WELL I had also for that matter. The weather was great for an early spring day. For the majority of the ride, my mind teased me with Greg. My visions were to feel his embrace, his soft kisses, his passion and his throbbing erection. Would he have time to back up his words? Would he still be interested? I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around the head of his large cock and look in his eyes. To lick and take the shaft deep in my mouth until my tongue touched the base. I wanted to feel the head swell and throb. I wanted his moans to reach a peak never before heard. Then taste his cum as he filled my mouth. The fantasy of him shooting his warm cum in my mouth has always stayed with me.

It was all these thoughts that had me in a trance. Before I realized it, a half hour had passed and I had reached a fairly remote area. I found an old and followed it a short distance, but found it inadequate. I rode on and the main road some more until I found another grown up trail that appeared would handle a truck. I took the trail for a couple hundred feet and came upon an area large enough to turn a vehicle around. It also had a small grassy area for my horse. I took advantage of the time and dismounted for a quick bathroom break. I tied Trigger up and found a safe clearing to drop my pants. Just as I finished, my phone began to ring. I jumped because this is an area normally without service. I opened it to find the caller as Greg. He was on his way but may be another 30 minutes. I told him about where I was at and would be looking for him. I told him my wet pussy needed some attention, if he had time. He said we would have at least an hour, maybe two. He teasing said he couldn’t wait to taste what he wanted to fuck. I was panting by the time we hung up.

The anticipation was driving me mad and wet. As I wiped and cleaned my pussy, a finger sent chills up my spine. How was I going to wait 30 more minutes? As I rubbed my wet hole, my pussy sucked at my hand. Before I realized it, I had two fingers buried and I was still squatted. I knew I to stand or else. As I stood to pull my pants up, I grinned knowing I had failed to tell grag I wasn’t wearing any. It had been a long time since he had touched my pussy and even then I had worn panties. I rubbed my wet hole one more time and closed my eyes. I needed to cum now. I waddled over to the saddle bag and pulled out the blanket, stretching it out under the shade of a tree. It wouldn’t take me long for this orgasm. I laid down and pushed my pants past my knees. I tilted my head back as my finger touched my clit. With the right pressure, I was going to soak this blanket quickly. I eased two fingers deep inside as my thoughts went his big throbbing cock grew in my mouth. I wanted his first orgasm to be in my mouth. I knew he loved blowjobs and I wanted him to remember this one. Could he last longer than I just did? I continued rubbing my clit and fingering my hole. Then I pulled my fingers out and licked them clean. My sweet juices were delicious and I thought of how he would enjoy the taste as well.

Then sincan escort I slipped my fingers back inside and continued rubbing my clit. My orgasm was getting nearer. Then I pulled one finger out and rubbed it around my asshole. Just like my pussy, it opened also. As both holes were fucked with a finger, my orgasm came closer to erupting. Within seconds my inner thighs were soaked. It took a whole 5 minutes just to calm down to get dressed. Then anger set in. Why couldn’t I have waited for him? And why did I have to get dressed? If only he had known exactly where I was at. Imagine his surprise to pull up and see me waiting stark naked. It was unbelievable how wet I was.

I finally got dressed and hopped back on my horse, reaching into the saddle bag for a cold beer. I followed the trail back out to the road, making my way to his direction. The cold beer seemed to help in calming my nerves now. I couldn’t wait to see and look up into his eyes. To feel his naked body against mine. To hear his moans. My mind was flooded with ideas and thoughts. I finished my beer and had just tossed the can when I was startled by the sound of a vehicle. I focused on it as it began to slow down. He stopped and I rode up his window. We both smiled and knew that the day had arrived. I told him to follow me if he could. I heard him laugh as I kicked Trigger. Away we went. I began to slow down as we neared the narrow opening of a trail. He followed me the short distance to the opening.

I found a good location to tie Trigger and hopped down. I grabbed us both a beer and met Greg walking toward me. He had a smile on his face pointing toward the blanket. I looked and turned red as I had forgotten the blanket. I opened both cans and handed him the beer. He took a swallow and stepped into me. I was looking into his eyes when our lips touched. His kiss was soft at first. Taking his time to nibble my lips and pull my tongue gently. The passion took over. I felt his tongue search deep inside and moved in closer to him. I pushed so hard, I was sure my wet jeans would leave a juicy spot against his crotch.

We broke this kiss long enough to finish out beer. Tossing the can aside, he took my face again. Kissing me as he reached up for my tits, squeezing my tits brought a moan from us both. Then he broke the kiss and moved to my neck and shoulders, all the while his hands gripped my large breast and erect nipples. With his other hand he unclasps my bra and lifts up the front of my shirt. I push his head in the direction of my tits and he opens his mouth wide. My other hand reaches for his pants. I feel his cock stiffening through the tight material. Then his hand reaches for my pants. His palm rubs my crotch as my lips swell. I feel my cunt getting wetter and body getting weaker . He presses his body closer. He can tell I’m becoming unstable standing and stops long enough to back up to his truck. He releases me long enough to lower the tailgate. As he turns to face me, I take control. I lift his shirt and pull it over his head. I began soft kisses on his chest and nipples. I move from one to the other and work my way lower until I’m on my knees. With one hand I rub the outline of his massive cock and with the other I undo his belt.

I unzip his jeans and reach in for my prize, and a prize it is. I start by stroking the shaft and kissing the head. I followed the outline of the head, shaft and balls with my tongue. His balls were larger than I remember. As I began deep throating his stiff dick, I pushed his pants down. We worked together to remove his shoes in order to get his tight pants off. I was so hungry and thirsty for him. I was determined to back up my talk of taking his entire cock in my mouth. My desire soon had me sucking his shaft and his moans intensified. I lifted his balls with one hand and sucked those into my mouth also. I had his shaft and balls dripping wet with my saliva. I have to admit that he was longer than I remembered and was having trouble taking it all. This just caused me to be more determined.

I took my hand and jerked him off as I sucked the head. I knew he was getting closer because of the intensity of the moans. I wasn’t stopping until I was rewarded with a load of hot jism. It had been a ankara escort long time since I had swallowed a hot wad. I knew he was getting much closer when he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. His pace increased as we both moaned louder. Then suddenly I realized that I had been taking his whole cock deep inside. This was a huge turn on. His fingers were entangled in my hair as he pulled me to meet his thrust. I heard him gasp and looked up to see his face contorted and gasping for air. Then the majic words escaped. I’M CUMMINNNN. I grabbed his ass and held him deep inside. The first blast was warm but it was the other blasts that held my attention. He must have shot at least a dozen spurts. Each felt warmer and larger. I could feel my mouth getting full and took a deep gulp to swallow. I had to swallow a couple more times to finish. My hands were resting on his thighs and I felt them quiver. I looked up and he took my hands to pull me up. We smiled as I wiped my mouth. Reaching into his cooler, It’s time for another beer before I start on you, he said.

As we drank our beer, he said he would be right back. I watched him walk over to retrieve the blanket. As he turned and headed back, I could almost swear his cock was still leaking fluid. I wanted more of that. He stretched the blanket out in the truckbed. We drank our beer and made small talk for a few minutes. As I tilted my head back to finish my can, I felt his body move to my neck. His breath was warm as he kissed his way around my neck and shoulders again. Then he moved up and we kissed passionately again. My breath was suddenly taken when I felt his hand touch my zipper and snap. With ease the air had reached my pussy. One hand was pushing my tight jeans down and the other was rubbing my bald wet pussy. As my jeans touched my ankles, he lifted my body and set me on the tailgate. Then he looked me in the eyes and removed my shoes. I gave him something to look at as I slipped a finger into my wet hole and then licked it clean. Once my shoes and pants were on the ground, I spread my legs for him to stand between. I felt his cock against my thighs and wanted him in me so bad.

I felt him slide a finger along my labia and then deep inside. The movement was touching my g-spot and bringing be near an orgasm. He pulled the finger out and held it between our mouths. We both licked and cleaned the finger, moaning out loud. With one last kiss, he knelt down and started licking my pussy. His tongue focused on my lips and then clit. My body relaxed and I laid back. My pussy is so wet, I feel my juices draining down to the crack of my ass. The assault on my pussy continues when he adds a finger. His mouth licks the juices from deep inside my hole and off the finger as it slides in and out. I feel his body shift and felt him add another finger as he stands and kisses my stomach. The pace of of his fingers were driving me crazy. Then he dropped down again and held my clit with his lips. This felt so good and had my toes curled. My clit was tingling, swollen and throbbing already, but then I felt a bolt of electricity go through my body. His tongue slipped down and rimmed my asshole. Then his head bobbed the opening of my ass.

The thought of him wanting to probe there was exciting. Then he slipped a finger inside my ass and continued licking both holes. I lifted my ass up he could access it more and felt his fingers rubbing my inner membrane. I wanted to cum this way and pulled his face back to my pussy. His tongue stayed on my lips and clit, while he fingered both holes. My feet were resting on his shoulders now and I’m thrusting against his mouth. Finally my body starts to tighten and pussy begins to erupt. OH YEAHHH, I’m cumin. He pulls out his fingers and licks my flowing juices up.

Then he stood up between my legs and we looked into each other’s eyes, knowing and waiting for the move. He placed his large dick at my opening and stepped forward, pushing just the head in. My orgasm caused my cunt to tighten up. He pulled out and rubbed my juices over the shaft and pushed back in. I was in heaven and wanted more. With each stroke he went deeper. Finally he was all the way in and deeper than any before. His length and girth were stretching etimegut escort me in every way. The cockhead touched bottom a couple times and then he increased the movements. I had waited for this feeling and it felt just as I had fantasized. He quickened the pace and was soon pounding me hard. If he kept this up, I wouldn’t last long. He must have read the look on my face because he held my waist tight and pounded harder. I lifted to meet his thrusts and the familiar feeling took over. OM MY GOD I’M CLOSE, I said. He was relentless and hit the spot harder. I only lasted a couple more strokes before I came hard again.

He pulled out and his cock glistened with moisture from my juices. I leaned up and dropped to ground in front of him to clean my juices. He leaned down and lifted me up and kissed me hard. Our passionate kiss lasted for several minutes until he turned me away from him and bent me over the tailgate. Could this finally be happening, I thought. He slipped his dick in with ease this time and wasted no time in pounding away. The harder he fucked me, the louder his balls slapped my clit. The feeling was a mixture of light pain and intense pleasure. I think he had only stroked me a few times when I felt my pressure building again. This was unreal. I was ready to cum again. I pushed back as he pushed deeper. My pussy opened the floodgates again as I came. I remained leaned over as he pulled out. Then he dropped down and began licking the juices that flowed freely from my pussy. Then he teased my asshole with his probing tongue. He slipped a finger in my pussy and used to lube to slide into my ass. As the finger slid deeper, he guided his still hard cock back into my pussy. Once again he was filling me up in both holes. The more he fucked both holes, the more I wanted. He fucked me like this for several minutes and had them so wet and gaping. Then he started teasing me by pulling all the way out and jamming back in hard. If he kept this up, I would cum again.

I was disappointed when I felt him remove his finger. As I looked over my shoulder, I felt a hand rest on my back. Then I felt the pressure of the head of the cock at my asshole. I started to speak when he slipped a finger in mouth. Then he pushed a little more until the head popped in. He was gentle and even rubbed some more saliva along the shaft. Initially it was almost unbearable. But I took a deep breath and relaxed. He moved his hips back and forth, going deeper each time. As he reached bottom, I pushed back to meet him. I could feel his balls resting against my wet pussy. I moved my ass and in circular motions until he started fucking me back. As he withdrew each stroke, it sent shivers up my back. I had dreamed of this but never thought it would occur. Greg could feel my body tighten and grabbed my waist with authority. He was in control again. He was determined to make me cum by pounding my ass. With one hand on my waist pulling back, the other held my tit and nipple. FUCK ME DAMMIT, I screamed. These words and tone of voice surprised him. Again I yelled out in pleasure. FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE TIL WE CUM. I wanted him to want me again soon, so I held nothing back. FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER. CUM IN MY ASS. SHOVE THAT BIG DICK IN ME HARDER. I was lost in passion now and couldn’t hold back any longer. I gasped for enough air to scream. As on cue, we both gripped and held anything we could. My orgasm came at the same time he moaned loud. I pushed back to take it all and could feel him spurting him load in me. I saw a drop run down my thighs and hit the ground. I turned around quickly to kiss him. He held me tight as we kissed, his cock still semi hard but dripping wet.

We held onto each other for a few minutes as we drank another beer and gathered our composure. We broke the embrace and started searching for our clothes. Once we got dressed, I helped him turn around and head out. We kissed one more time and I watched him drive off. The ride back was exhausted, as I could hardly sit in the saddle. My ass took a pounding and the saddle was not helping. Once I reached the trailer, I grabbed another beer and removed the saddle for the drive home. As I walked into the house, Bobby , my husband, asked me how it went. When I smiled and said I was sore, he realized what had happened and laughed. It seems we had both held up our end of the talk. It was still early in the day and I grabbed a nap to refresh my body and mind for another hard fucking later tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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